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Source : NRI BrethrenIt is a humble request to all of you, stop being a part of the political brigade.Pls come to your motherland, spend good time, and if possible, stay back to improve the system. If you only donate money and dont contribute with your presence, sorry to say, but there would be no difference in 5 yearly monsoon politicians and you, who want to control the system, but dont want to contribute for it.I can understa... read more »

MY VOTE ........... MY DUTY

MY VOTE ........... MY DUTY The most easy question in each election is, "Whom shall i vote for" And we decide in a blink of an eye, who is the right one. I feel, i strongly feel that Something is not right here. I have a duty to vote for the candidate, who should go and represent me, my constituency, my area and shall become my voice. And am i fulfilling my duty rightly by choosing the party, at times, irrespective of the candidate i know ? In my case, choosing a candidate is not a matter of a simpl... read more »

Running for Congress––Seriously!

You may have noticed that I’ve been posting less frequently than usual. I hate to use the “I’ve been busy” excuse––but it’s true! I was nominated by the Libertarian Party to run for the 1st District congressional seat in Maine. I am honored and humbled––and I’m embracing this adventure enthusiastically. I teach leadership. I write [] read more »

When America Changes its Political Mind

by J. Andrew Zalucky With the recent ruling by the Supreme Court concerning state recognition of same-sex marriage, a lot has been made about the speed at which America changes its mind. Take this Bloomberg article for instance, where Alex Tribou and Keith Collins detail how opinions on various issues change. Social change in the [] read more »


Is the theocracy of b.o. actually in trouble? Is it really possible that majority of the populace have become disillusioned with obama-the-messiah? If the liberals had swept the mid-terms the way that the Republicans just did, b.o. would have called it a ‘mandate’ and validation of his policies. Instead, he will try to find a [...]r read more »

Jesus Has A Plan For That

I watched and read of the votes, waking up to a changed political landscape. But I ask you…is it really changed? I long ago began to feel that their world (Meaning politics) is not my world. I could give you all the information on why that is so , but I will not. On the [] read more »

Who Is In The Office?

Today, all across our great nation, men and women will step up to a voting booth and vote their heart for the man or woman they deem best suited for a specific office. I always find it to be an interesting time. All the debates, campaign letters and political ads. There was a time in [] read more »

Democracy 3.0

Total supremacy of People There have been many articles written especially in the last 4 years on Failing Democracy, Evolution of Democracy, Political structures etc. Most have compelling reasons to believe Democracy in its current form is failing and unless there is a new method of involving People, we may see an Autocrat sort of regime resurging, starting from parliamentary constitutional monarchies. I have often joined voices that believe current democratic set up is a failure but I also reject t... read more »

Music: StarBoy Feat. Wizkid & Shaydee – Number ...

Number One Lover is the title given to the new song by Wizkid and Shaydee. Enjoy the track below. Download Number One Lover ft Wizkid Shaydee read more »

If My People Pray 2012 by Julie Arduini

About six weeks ago I posted my love of political news. With the election less than a month away, I thought Id share an update of sorts. There is a movement called If My People Pray 2012 where Christian leaders participate in a short video praying over a topic that lines up with 2 Chronicles [...] read more »

No! Not again . . .

What is this now? Not again.. . This thing, that they are calling tribal groupings? GEMA, KAMATUSA. . . Nonot again. Watching news yester night got my mind racing into the morrow andyet not forgetting what happened to my country several years back. With a few of my friends(from different communities mind you - Kikuyus, luos, Luyia, Kamba, Meru) wehad voted wisely and as the rest of the country was waiting for the results, wehad decided also to wait and hear but this time at my friend’s home in Karachuo... read more »

In Meg's Own Words

"There is a clear choice in this election. California is in crisis. And we certainly cannot save California's future by repeating the failures of the past." - Meg Whitman, Candidate for California Governor Self-awareness is one of the foundational components of outstanding communication. Know who you are and know with whom you are speaking. Billionaire businessperson Meg Whitman made the hair on the back of my neck stand on end because her statement about repeating the failures of the past made me reali... read more »

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