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The first underwater restaurant in Europe will ...

Europe will soon have its first underwater restaurant. The construction will include a 12 meter wide panoramic window and is designed to become part of the marine environment. The read more »

Air France-imposed flight attendants to cover t...

Airline Air France unions wall is made after that included a requirement that female staff to wear pants and to cover his head during races in Iran or during the plane stationed in Tehran. Air France–KLM Air France–KLM is a Franco-Dutch airline holding company incorporated under French law with its headquarters at Charles de Gaulle [] read more »

British tourists stranded in the Egyptian resor...

At least 20,000 British tourists are stranded in the Egyptian resort of Sharm el-Sheikh and British air forces sent military planes to repatriate them, given that civilian flights were suspended after the collapse of the Russian aircraft that were shot down by terrorists. Flights resume for British travelers in Sharm el-Sheikh, but uncertainty remains But [] read more »

Mr. President here is what you do in Syria

Mr. President, First, you must send strong signals you are no longer supporting Islamic Jihad.  So, you jail your brother from the Muslim Brotherhood. Next you hire someone like me to run your military intervention in the Levant.  You must Continue reading read more »

The story of “ghost planes” that ruin your holiday

Family arrived at Birmingham Airport to find 'ghost Monarch Airlines flight ... Birmingham Airport isn't somewhere you'd normally associate with ghostly goings on - but one family turned up there for a flight they'd had confirmation for that didn't actually exist. It sounds like the plot of a sci-fi movie, but is actually the [] read more »

Egypt will rebuild one of the “seven wonders of...

Supreme Council for Antiquities in Egypt has approved the new project of President Abdel Fattah al-Sissi consisting in rebuilding the famous Lighthouse of Alexandria, inform Egyptian authorities still need the consent of the governor of the region Alexandria just to be able to start construction of a replica of the Lighthouse of Alexandria, considered [] read more »

5 unique experiences you can live if you go to ...

The experience begins on the west bank of the Nile, near the city of Luxor.An air travel at 300 meters altitude, where only the wind will decide whether to see the Colossi of Memnon two stone statues of Pharaoh Amenhotep III Medinet Habu temple, pharaonic necropolis of the Valley of the Kings and [] read more »

stopher's stuff - There and BaCK and Around the...

April 6th is a very special day to me, so Ill take a moment right at the beginning to say Happy Birthday to my sweet pea! Its my daughters birthday, and the excitement in our household is bubbling up like crazy. When I walked down the stairs this morning, there she was at the bottom, jumping up and down, smiling and giggling. Overnight our living room had been transformed to represent her current favorite book film series, The [...] read more »

World War 2

Friends, As I think about the terrible wars in Ukraine, Syria, Libya, Egypt, and many other countries our government does not want US to think about, I think back to WW2. World War 2 was the result of Progressive politics. Continue reading read more »

LOOK OF THE DAY #3: Egypt Never Dies

Si os gusta este look os agradecería un Hype en Este es mi tercer Look Of The Day, me hubiera gustado colgaros algo más está semana pero voy a contrarreloj entre la universidad y otros recados. A este look Continue Reading read more »

How do we get peace in Ukraine?

Friends, How do we get peace in Ukraine? The US State Department gambled bringing wars for democracy to the ME would be good for everyone. I think ISIS in Iraq and Syria and all out war in Libya have shown Continue reading read more »

ISIS murders hundreds of Iraqi soldiers

Friends, Sunday, ISIS slaughtered 400 to 500 Iraqi soldiers at an isolated military base. The ISIS pierced the bases defenses in multiple locations. Several groups of Iraqi soldiers fought their way through the terrorists. About 50% of those soldiers got Continue reading read more »

“Islam is not Islam.”

Friends, Our president is becoming as much of an embarrassment as his VP Biden. How can you say that an Islamic Organization that has been around for almost a hundred years the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria is Continue reading read more »

Pajama Style

В продолжение темы об отдыхе мой пижамный лук чеснок в полном составе. Для меня этот костюм стал просто незаменимой вещью в жаркой стане. Я практически не вылезала из него.В нем не жарко и очень удобно совершать долгие променады по уютным улочкам.Носила то с биркенштоками, то с босоножками на каблуке, то с кедами. Во всех вариантах выглядит ну очень стильно.? read more »

My Arabian Nights part 2

Если вы думаете, что мы просто лежали на пляже и накапливали лишние килограммы, то хочу вас разочаровать. Мы много гуляли по туристическим районам Шарма, катались на квадроциклах по пустыне и каждый день играли в теннис. Поэтому вторую часть своего поста я решила посвятить более активному отдыху. О сафари в Дахабе у меня сложилось какое-то неоднозначное впечатление. С одной стороны невыносимая жара и ожоги на ногах от раскаленного мотора, а с другой невероятные эмоции от бескрайней пустыне, кое где раст... read more »

My Arabian Nights part 1

Ну здравствуй, мой дорогой блог и мои дорогие читатели! Отпуск завершен и я с новыми силами вливаюсь в реальность. Я никогда не возлагала больших надежд на отдых в Египте, но в этот раз сложилось так, что мы попали именно туда) Невыносимая жара, раскаленный песок и теплый бассейн сначала показались мне адом, но через пару дней мое сознание перевернулось. Я узнала столько классных и теплых людей, что все эти вещи стали для меня незаметными. Наша ночная жизнь бурлила и отдых был похож на непрекращающуюся... read more »

رسالة مفتوحة إلى البابا من فلسطيني مسيحي

رسالة مفتوحة إلى البابا من فلسطيني مسيحي بقلم راي حنانيه Open Letter to Pope Francis from a Christian Palestinian Click here to read English Version عزيزي البابا فرنسيس. هل أكون صريحا؟ يعتبرك المسيحيون أحد أهم قادتهم المعترف بهم. لست الوحيد،... Read More read more »

Obama admits ‘twitter’ is used to attack countries

Friends, This is one of those news articles you expect, you wonder why it wasnt reported years ago, and you wonder why our government is involved in so many anti-American activities. BBC Article. The US government developed a software program Continue reading read more »

America land of the free?

Friends, When did the elite 1% progressives change America land of the free into America land of perpetual war? Why are they spying on the citizens, even after they used that threat for a campaign slogan? Why are they overthrowing Continue reading read more »

تضييقات انتخابية جديدة تستهدف أحزاب الأقليات ال...

تضييقات انتخابية جديدة تستهدف أحزاب الأقليات الاسرائيلية بقلم راي حنانيه Israel minorities targeted by new election restrictions سنّت إسرائيل خلال الأسبوع المنصرم قانونا آخر يهدف إلى المزيد من منع اليهود الأولترا أرثودوكس وغير اليهود من التمثيل في الكنيسيت أو البرلمان... Read More read more »

MP3: The Demon$ – This How WE Ride @thedemons21...

This is a hot new track by The Demon$ named This How We Ride (Stick Up) From The Upcoming Mixtape Hell On Earth. Your gonna love the dreamy beat, hellish flows and lyrical content. Be on The Lookout For There Single Sheesh Coming Soon while you check out the new single This how we ride read more »

War?! What is it good for?

Absolutely nothing. Say it again. WAR! Well, I love that song, and I love the lyrics. But, while you and I believe war is worthless, Liberal governments LOVE WAR. NO, not the warmongers on the Right, but the warmongers on Continue reading read more »

Older Than The Pyramids and Still Growing

How old are the oldest living trees?  Bristlecone Pines were growing for 300 years before the pyramids were being built in Egypt.  Adversity promotes long life and these trees live where survival is the most difficult. These multi-trunked trees, are gnarled and twisted by wind whipped sand and ice that scour the dead wood smooth [] The post Older Than The Pyramids and Still Growing appeared first on Retire for the Fun of it. read more »

HAARP, Pole Shifts, And The Syrian Conflict.

HAARP, or the High Frequency Active Aural Research Project, is a government-funded project in which ELF waves, orextremely-low frequencies, are beamed into the upper atmosphere, creating a disturbance in the Earth's ionosphere. This technology is used to study the phenomena, Aurora Borealis, also known as the Northern Lights. When ELF waves create a disturbance in the ionosphere, it has an effect on these auroras. Naturally, the magnetic field of the Earth pulls these lights North, towards Alaska, but m... read more »

Amazing! Rotating Tower To Be Built In Dubai In...

Technology has gone crazy! Dubai is set amaze the world by building the worlds first #RotatingTower. The tower will contain 80 floors with gardens, swimming pools and lifts for cars to park outside apartments. The developer of the project says the project will cost Dh2 billion and each floor will rotate independently. In other words, [] read more »

In Search of Identity, by Anwer el-Sadat, Revie...

I rarely read autobiographies; they tend to be showcases for the subject, with little concern for the truth. However, this one is different. Partly because it’s a mix of personal and political memoir, but mostly because the author was fundamentally honest. That is, he was as honest as any man placed in a position of power and probably more so than most in that situation. For those who are unaware of the man, he was the President of Egypt (for those Americans who believe the world ceases to exist beyond t... read more »

The USS- Universal Studios Singapore

Oooooh. Awesome! My aunt booked tickets to Universal Studios Singapore!!I was thrilled when I got the news. It was actually my second time there, the first one being before the grand opening, in 2010.(ugh. I've got a really nice photo of the globe but I accidentally deleted it and can't manage to recover it. help? :/ sigh )Ticketing:Day pass-S$74 for adults,S$54 for kids (aged 4-12),S$36 for senior citizens (aged 60 and above).Things changed. There are quite some differences between then and now. Some of... read more »

Плануємо відпочинок

Вирішили спланувати відпочинок заздалегідь. Вже тиждень сижу на сайтах туристичних операторів Тезтур, Туртесс, Пегас. Минулого року майже нашару поїхали в травні в Турцію, в Кемер, а ще точніше Чамьюва. За такі смішні гроші я рахую ми просто мега нашару відпочили 7 днів. Цього року вирішив не втрачати такий шанс знову відпочити, але якщо повезе, то не в Турції. Хочеться в Тайланд, Гоа, кілька знайомих радили Південно-Африканську Республіку. ? read more »

美國可以讓任何地方都能上網 ?

據CNN 報導,美國透過美國空軍空降傳播中心(Air Force's airborne broadcasting center)的the Commando Solo計劃來達到這個目的,至於詳細的運作方式不得可知,但是,據相關人士說,其實,有很多方式可以達成,不只有靠衛星而已.... 圖片引用自CNN 同篇報導文章新聞剪自CNN 的U.S. has secret tools to force internet on dictators read more »

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