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Мошенники на ebay

В последнее время думаю поменять свой Ipad Air 2 на Pro версию, правда пока не определился, надо ли брать 12.9 дюймов или достаточно 9.7 как у Air. А как вы думаете, смысл есть в большом экране?Так как благодаря ЦБ РФ и лично президенту Путину ( спасибо спасибо! ) у нас сейчас смешной курс доллара, стало снова выгодно таскать все из за бугра. Особенно технику.У меня опыт в этом гигантский и поэтому я озаботился поисками Ipad на ebay. А вдруг таки решу купить? Сравните сами. Не самый дорогой какой то лаба... read more »

Review coppia di dischi per bilanciere CAPITAL ...

L'home fitness è un'alternativa valida ed economica alla palestra, in quanto ci permette di dedicare tempo alla cura del nostro corpo nella comodità di casa nostra.Evitando i problemi di sovraffollamento e ahimé a volte di scarsa igiene delle sale fitness, senza doversi spostare da un posto ad un altro, tra una faccenda domestica e un'altra, fare ginnastica a tempo di musica, risparmiando anche tanti soldini è proprio il massimo!Per allestire la mia palestra personale ho scelto pochi attrezzi che mi perm... read more »

Review Auna MC-120 Impianto Stereo Hi-Fi compatto

Manca circa un mese a Natale e tra qualche giorno partirà ufficialmente la stressante corsa ai regali, che non conosce crisi!Se siete a corto di idee e anche di soldini, oggi vi presento un'idea regalo moderna, compatta e soprattutto economica, come questo mini Hi-Fi Auna all-in-one. Disponibile nei colori panna, rosa e rosso, diventerà un complemento d'arredo stiloso per la camera dei ragazzi, darà un tocco di colore al vostro salotto, accompagnando le vostre attività con le note calde e suadenti del... read more »

Vuelven los 90 con los "chokers".

Allá por los 90 se puso de moda llevar las míticas gargantillas ajustadas al cuello de color negro que triunfaron y ahora vuelven pisando fuerte. A no ser que hayáis estado viviendo debajo de una roca, habréis notado que uno de los accesorios clave de este otoño/invierno van a ser ellos, "los chokers"!! Estuve hace poco de compras y observé que en tiendas como Zara y Stradivarius estaban presentes en cada rincón y la verdad es que llaman mucho la atención. Sobretodo, para todos aquellos que seáis de los... read more »

Palex GmbH Freudenberg erweitert die Produktpal...

Neue Produkte für den europäischen Markt. Palex GmbH präsentiert neue Produkte. Insbesondere Elektro-Kleingeräte und Unterhaltungselektronik mit modernen WLAN und Bluetooth-Systemen. read more »

¿Cómo comprar en Internet sin usar tu tarjeta d...

Tras meses y meses obsesionada con las fundas para mi movil, pasarme horas mirando y buscando, encontrando las fundas máááás bonitas y demás, os traigo la solución para realizar vuestras compras en internet sin usar vuestra tarjeta habitual de crédito o si en cambio no disponeis de tarjeta. No se la cantidad de tiempo que [] read more »

BGH zu Schadensersatzansprüchen beim vorzeitige...

Neben den in den AGB von Ebay vorgesehenen Gründen berechtigen nur Umstände, die einem gesetzlichen Grund für ein Lösen vom Vertrag entsprechen, zur Rücknahme eines Auktionsangebots. read more »

Back To Class | Outfit

That time of year again when i run from work to class. Since i go straight after work and don't really have time to get changed i'm normally in whatever i wore for work that day. This alien t-shirt has quickly become one of my favourites and i'm in love with it. It's adorable! Of course no autumn outfit would be complete without a flannel. | Outfit: | Flannel - Blue Rinse | Top - Etsy | Dress - HM | Sunglasses - Ebay | Creepers - Undeground | read more »

My New Denim Skirt

I bought myself a new skirt from eBay. I dont usually wear skirt like this but I used to own one,and I left it in the Philippines and I kinda missing wearing it,but I know its gonna be a while before Ill be able to wear this one because the weather is getting chilly each [...] read more »

Neue spezialisierte Onlineplattform für Reifen,...

Die Zeit in der es kompliziert und kostenintensiv war Reifen, Felgen und Kompletträder zu verkaufen oder zu kaufen ist endlich vorbei! read more »

Pentagram Skirt | Outfit

I wore this for work one day when the weather was a little nicer. I found this skirt in the Ark sale. I hate to wear shirts but i can't wear shorts at work so i put up with the annoying things. I also got my shoes in the footlocker sale, remind me to never buy converse that are a size to small again, they killed my feet. My own fault though. | Outfit: | White top - Primark | Black top - Ebay | Skirt - Motel | Shoes - Converse | Bag - Mii | read more »

The Unstoppable Life | Outfit

Finally got around to posting this outfit that I've been in love with since i wore it. This is a band t-shirt for Dir en Grey who are Japanese. Unfortunately i didn't get to see them live yet. But someone brought me back a t-shirt from their concert. The few colours along with the eye make this t-shirt stand out. I wanted the t-shirt to be the main focus so I went with an all back outfit.Adding some little touches with the socks over tights and the bow clip.| Outfit: | Top - Tour | Cardigan - HM | Shorts... read more »

Back To Black | Outfit

All black outfit i wore to work one day. I looked for a while for a black denim shirt with no luck, so when i found this in HM i knew i had to buy it. It will be perfect for carrying around in the summer time, to throw on at night time when it gets a bit cooler. As it's black it's sure to go with everything. I'll post more work outfits eventually, if i get to shoot them. | Outfit: | Top - HM | Dress - Asos | Sunglasses - Primark | Bag - Ebay | Creepers - Barretts | read more »

Taza – Objetivo ( Nueva sección )

Hola a todos, hoy os traigo un regalo que he echo ha una amiga amante de la fotografía, el regalo consiste en una Taza o Termo en forma de Objetivo de cámara reflex, lo encontré en unos de mis viajes profundos a eBay, ( ese rincón en el que te puedes perder durante horas pensando [] read more »


I have always enjoyed pushing the boundaries when it comes to fashion, and I think as my life goes in a new direction, I enjoy pushing it even more. For me, fashion is an expression of who I am. As I embark on something new, something uncertain, I want my fashion to represent this. You see, I don't have a definitive style, I just like to experiment. One moment I will be extremely girly, the next edgy! It is all fun and games, a creative way to show the different dimensions of me.A couple of years ago, I ... read more »

Oversized Leather | Outfit

This oversized leather jacket will never go out of style for me, it's easy to throw on over outfits and is super warm. When it was bought it wasn't supposed to be this big but i came to love it being oversized. Spring is upon us and layers is needed, so cold out there with the wind. Flannels come in handy for layering. I'm playing on the playground again because i will always be a big kid! | Outfit: | Leather Jacket - Gift | Tee - HM | Flannel - Mum's | Leggings - NewLook | Creepers - Barretts | Bean... read more »

Eye Cry | Outfit

Silly me thought it would be a good idea to go out one day in these tights, now it's still not warm enough for these but it was sunny so i couldn't help it. I have finally however got around to wear this jacket which is from the men's section. It's very warm actually, warmer than i thought it was going to be.I decided for this jacket to keep it pretty much all black as it's a weird blue to style with other colours. To keep it from been to basic though i through of the eye tights and a beanie to elevate i... read more »

I need Air Max Rehab

I bought a pair of sneakers via Ebay this week. I buy mostly everything from the internet. I find shopping in stores a loathe some task and avoid it at all costs. I purchased the Air Max 2014. I have had my eye on the 2013 since 2012 when they arrived. I am a sneaker [] read more »

Evil Twin Tee | Outfit

Happy New Year!I haven't posted since Christmas day since I've been a bit busy and had stuff to do and people to see haha. Eventually i got around to wearing this t-shirt again after such a long time. The same with my shoes really, I've not styled them with much yet but i probably will soon, now that I've noticed how comfy they actually are, but I've just gotten some new vans so i might live in them for a few months.Hope you all had a good new years, i myself went to Fab Cafe in Leeds with some people i ... read more »

Christmas Outfit!

Merry Christmas Everyone! メリークリスマス! Hope you are all having a good day :) I decided to post this on Christmas day since i had nothing else for this day. This is what i am calling my Christmas outfit this year, i was this to the last class of uni for this year. I might wear these leggings on Christmas day, as I'm writing this in advance i don't know. I had to have the Christmas borders and effects because it's Christmas and nothing more. Besides this is kind of a boring outfit and needed jazzing up with... read more »

Red Terror | Outfit

I wore this a little while ago when it wasn't so cold. I'm still in love with this scarf since it has rips and holes towards the ends. It just adds a little something to what would be a basic boring scarf. It's not quite clear that i actually have legwarmers on, i will add them to my instagram with filters so you can see. I might have some other ideas for outfits with my legwarmers, but I'm not sure yet. | Outfit: | Coat - Asos | Scarf - Ebay | T-shirt - Primark | Shoes - NewLook | Hat - StyleNanda | ... read more »

Support Your Local Bookshop – If You Can Find One

Support Your Local Bookshop If You Can Find One   There are no Bookshops at all Within Walking Distance of My Home. There certainly have not been any hereabouts for the last 15 years, which is coincidentally the length of time that I have been living in this part of Manchester. If there ever were any they have gone, they have given up the ghost, they are kaput, they are in fact ex-book shops. Just to be clear, I am talking about local independent shops, but there are no chains within walking distance ei... read more »

Boney Mickey | Outfit

Ummm... So i now have to wear coats. I'm so glad i bought this one last year as it has a load of buckles which makes it look a little edgy for a winter coat. It's been keeping me warm, I've only been wearing t-shirts and cardigans under it, which is unusual for me as i normally have more layers on. Guess it's not as cold this year. Also how emo do i look in this outfit? This is nothing new me for me is it? Well i do love this t-shirt. I tried adding some cuteness with the socks... | Outfit: | Coat - ... read more »

Not Like You | Outfit

So i wore this a few days ago and i was cold. I underestimated just how cold it has gotten lately. I am not ready for winter at all, i just want the warmer weather back, i don't even want summer just Autumn.Strangely i never seem to actually wear my denim jacket in the summer like most people, i bring it out around spring and autumn times. I had to add something cute to this otherwise basic outfit, and that comes in the form of my cute ear hoodie. I have a few hoodies with ears because they're cute and i... read more »


Hat-Topman (similar here) Top-Primark Skirt- C/o Warehouse Wedges-Ebay Glasses-ASOS Bag-Primark Flats-New Look Photographer- Jade Jenna (see our other shoots here and here) I've never been afraid of colour or patterns, when it came to my outfit choices. Just like many of you out there, I love to showcase the essence of who I am through my clothing, especially when I find it difficult to through my voice. So what would this outfit say about me? I'd hope that I was representing my bubbly persona... read more »

Dancing In The Dark | Outfit

The title is from one of Tokio Hotel's new songs. As was Feel It All. I've been a fan for years and i'm happy they're are back even if i don't love all their new songs. Now onto the outfit, i wore this a while ago but forgot about this photos, i'm still loving this outfit though as it's so simple but makes an impact with those tights. I had been after some mock suspender tights for quite a while and i found this on ebay for less than £2 and they're good quality. Since autumn is now here if i want to we... read more »

CONTEST! Win Prizes This Month! Ebay is Having ...

Ebay is giving away prizes! All you have to do is play their 'silly' little games (something that you, most likely, already do if you surf on, or use, ebay) to earn points ... buying, selling, doing their weekly challenges, etc. So, if you already use ebay ... hey, I say why not give it a go. Anyone, that is not registered on ebay, already; can sign up, and, then, play. This promotion started on October 1st, and ends on October 31st. I just read my emails, that posted, then. Good Luck! See, I play fair! ... read more »

CTMH Close to My Heart Bodacious Bolds Valentin...

Check out my listing on @eBay: #BearyAmazing #ebay read more »

Take A Pizza My Heart | Outfit

When i saw this t-shirt in TopShop i knew i had to have it. Oversized t-shirt dress with a cool print which is pizza, there was no doubt it was a very me item of clothing. It's by the brand Tee and Cake, they have some awesome tops but I'd never bought one before, this might be the start of a collection. I knew instantly how to style it, creepers and a hat is a good combination for this top.| Outfit | Hat - Ebay | Top - Tee and Cake | Creepers - Barretts | read more »

Dark Days | Outfit

After a long time of wanting some kind of mesh shirt i finally got one, and it was a bargin too. I found it on ebay for less than £3. I think i'm going to have so much fun styling this, i just hope the summer stays around for a little while longer so i can get more outfits with it. If you follow me on instagram you've probably already seen this outfit without the mesh top. It got really warm and i had to take it off. | Outfit: | Top - Ebay | Crop Vest - River Island | Shorts - River Island | Chocker -... read more »

Obey | Outfit

I kind of love this outfit. It just works so well and looks good. The strips with the wolf print just woke very well together. Also when i wore this i had so many people looking at me. I'm back to these kind of photos because my camera just isn't as good and he lives in London. There will be more photos of my last outfit eventually though, so they're so good. | Outfit: | Cardigan - River Island | Top - Obey | Shorts - Primark | Boots - Ebay | read more »

4 Lithographs Not Created by Calder You Should ...

by Joseph K. Levene4 Lithographs Calder Did Not CreateThe Alexander Calder Foundation presents Color Lithographs misattributed to Alexander Calder often sold by auctionhouses and art sellers.Put another way, these four misappropriated works are Counterfeit and have no value.Because the Works are overt counterfeits, we would encourage any buyer who has beenduped todemand a refund if the Counterfeit Work waspurchased within the last four years from a United States Seller. Color Lithographs Deceptively S... read more »

Comprando en EBAY ^^

Aquí esta mi lista de vendedores (buenos o malos) que venden por ebay y les he comprado algo: Al principio pongo mi puntacion (ej: 8-10, ocho de diez puntos), la nota puede cambiar si compro más cosas y no estoy contenta. (9-10) UYCSTORE : vendedor Chino. 99% votos positivo, de 3139 votos.Opinión: Aldíasiguiente de pagarenvióel paquete ( y cuando me llego el paquete loponíaen lafechadeenvió) me llego variosdíasdespuésde lo que ellos me dijeron. Pero seguro que fue a causa deCorreos. Me llegaron 1 mesdesp... read more »

Review: eBay/ Jessup brushes

Ati vazut vreodata diferenta intre un perete vopsit cu o bidinea si unul cu trafaletul? Daca nu, atunci va spun eu: in primul caz avem dare inestetice, iar culoarea nu este uniforma, iar in cea de-a doua situatie peretele este acoperit perfect. Sunt convinsa ca asa este si in pictura: intr-un fel colorezi cu pensula...Continue reading read more »

Garden Outfit

Super lazy outfit i threw on just to sit in the garden. Yes i didn't go anywhere outside at all. But it was too hot to stay in PJ's. There isn't much more i can say about this really. So i hope you are all enjoying the sunshine and if any of you know any god drug store moisturisers for dry skin please do let me know. | Outfit: | Hat - StyleNanda | Top - Ebay | Shorts - Tesco | read more »


Hallo nochmal! Wir möchten noch kurz eine Neuerung in unserem Weblog bekanntgeben! Wir haben unseren Ebay-Shop nun auch eingebunden, so daß Sie ab sofort auch einige Artikel, als echte... präsentiert read more »

Cheap Monday | Outfit

Such an easy and comfy outfit. I love wearing my oversized t-shirts this way as it looks a little like a dress. Of course i had shorts under it. I had been loving wearing my denim shirt, i don't wear it a lot as i don't find much to wear it with. But i think i may have figured out some more outfits with it for the future. I added the socks to this outfit just so it wasn't as boring, i think it takes the outfit up a notch. Of course that's not a real tattoo, i haven't got one yet. | Outfit: | Denim Shirt ... read more »

Cat Dress | Outfit

One of my favourite items of clothing that i don't wear enough. It's just so cute and bold i think. I have a thing for clothes with cats printed on them. You'd think i'd be a cat person but no, i'm a dog person and i love my squishy dog. There is just something about cats that look good on clothes. I wore this a few weeks ago when it was still a little cold. I figured i'd post it now since it's not as warm today. | Outfit: | Cardigan - Primark | Dress - Ebay | Jelly Shoes - Primark | read more »

Skulls and Pugs | Outfit

I finally got around to wearing my pug tights, they're just so adorable! I like how pug faces landed on my knees, sometimes with lights the image doesn't sit the same place it does in photos on the shops website. They are a little long and i did have to keep pulling them up, but that doesn't really matter much to me. For me this is quite a bright outfit, just because there isn't really a lot of black. Which in case you didn't know most of my wardrobe is black. It just suits me so well. Thankfully it's wa... read more »

No Good Very Bad Always Evil | Outfit

I love this t-shirt a lot! I should wear it a lot more. It's a perfect length so i can wear it with leggings or throw some shorts under it and wear it as a dress, which is kind of what i did here. It's an easy and simple outfit but still looks nice. I finally got to wear my jelly shoes. They transport me back to my childhood. The art work behind me is amazing! How cute is it? After my friend showed me this i had to have my outfit photos with this as the background. Can i have it painted on my walls? Th... read more »

Gifts for Grads: A Gift Guide and A Contest!

Graduation season is a super exciting time of year, especially for graduates and those who love them! Hopefully more exciting than that...While graduates are generally just happy to be graduating, it's pretty common for loved ones to give graduates gifts to celebrate their achievement - graduating still really is a huge achievement, even when more Americans than ever are doing it! It still takes a lot of persistence, hard work, and ambition to make it through twelve years (+preschool) of education, fo... read more »

Spring Grab and Go Outfits

Since to me these outfits are slightly boring i figured they would be good as grab and go outfits. Which is basically what i did. Both days i didn't care too much about what i was going to wear, i just wanted to be comfortable since for the first outfit i went to tropical world in. If you live in Leeds or have just been there at all you will know it is VERY hot inside. The second i wore to go to the cinema to see Godzilla. Which was good! So when i have to leave quickly i tend to grab outfits like this... read more »

Change your password – Ebay has been hacked!

Ebay today acknowledged that a major hack and data breach has occurred spanning the last couple of weeks. The data was encrypted according to Ebays corporate people, but how long, if at all, would it take for hackers to decrypt that data. The data includes your name, physical address, email, password, phone number and date [] read more »

Checks and Lace

Oh those windy days, how i hate you so. This is an outfit from before we got the hot hot sunshine, which as of now has disappeared. Come back please! Anyway i love tying a checked shirt around my waist, it just gives new dimension to an outfit. It also gets handy later on when it gets cold since you can just wear it as a shirt. I've been loving these lace shorts and been wearing them a lot recently. So they will be popping up in some more outfits soon. | Outfit: | Top - Forever21 | Shorts - NewLook | S... read more »

Ecografia portatile! Basta file e perdite di te...

(di Mirko De Frassine) File lunghissime e attese ridicole spesso attendono poveri malcapitati che oltre al danno devono subire la beffa! Fare unecografia per una contrattura muscolare richiede tempo e soldi (da 50 euro in su). Il problema è la lunga attesa negli ospedali pubblici che può arrivare anche oltre i 6 mesi (praticamente [hellip The post Ecografia portatile! Basta file e perdite di tempo! appeared first on Dammilvia - news, interviste, video e tanto altro. read more »

Review: Tomatox de TonyMoly.

TOMATOX Tony MolyDespués de estar esperando 18días,por fin me ha llegado mi pedido. La verdad es que me ha pasado volando el tiempoasíque cuando llegó no me lo esperaba.Es mi segunda compra en Ebay, estaba tranquila y segura de que mi paquetellegaríasano ysalvo xD.Aunque el vendedor no es el mismo (las bbcreams que me compre el año pasado era del vendedor: bigclothcraft.). Este vendedor se llamaf2plus1, estoy contenta con esteasíque lo mas seguro es que repita. con el otrotambiénrepetiré,... read more »

Guadagnare con video e foto! Grande portale!

(di Mirko De Frassine) Guadagnare con video e foto! Grande portale! Nel mondo dei social, dei video virali e della condivisione continua di foto lintuizione avuta dai creatori del portale che vi presentiamo è stata davvero azzeccata! Un portale in cui caricare le proprie foto o i video e venderli! Quante persone sono veri [hellip The post Guadagnare con video e foto! Grande portale! appeared first on Dammilvia - news, interviste, video e tanto altro. read more »

Ear Hoodie | Outfit

An outfit from a few weeks ago when my and a friend went on a really long walk. You'd think i wouldn't be warm in this outfit but it actually was. I had a pair of nude tights on so my legs had some warmth from the wind. This has to be the cutest outfit i have worn in ages. I've had this hoodie for years and it always comes back around, i can't part with it at all, just look at the ears. It's too cute.| Outfit: | Hoodie - Ebay | Backpack - Leeds Market | Shoes - ShoeZone | read more »

How Do You Earn With Hubpages

There are many people who join Hubpages everyday without having any idea of how things work there and how exactly the earning system works. New writers come to the forum with their question of "so how can I earn here?" before they even started writing or at least passed the boot camp. See: How To Write For Hubpages So, before you join it might be a good idea to have a little bit of knowledge first of how exactly you can earn by becoming a writer for Hubpages. There are 4 ways to earn but you don'... read more »

Ear Bowler Hat and Crosses

Finally got around to wearing this hat that i bought last year but at the end of summer so i only got to wear it once. I'm in love with it, mainly because it has ears and i like everything with ears. I can't help it, the clothes just look so cute and cool. I've had this jumper in my wardrobe for years, it's actually very warm but not warm enough for winter so i can only wear it at the start of spring/autumn.| Outfit: | Hat - Ebay | Jumper - NewLook | Shoes - NewLook | read more »

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