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A hot Jupiter with titanium skies

Even if it were possible to reach the planet known as WASP-19b – which it isn’t, being 800 light years away – it would be most unpleasant place to visit. An artist’s impression of WASP-19b.some of the reasons for this are obvious. WASP-19b is a “hot Jupiter”, large and so close to its parent star that a single orbit takes just 19 hours. Measurements taken by the European Southern Observatory (ESO) in Germany have established its atmospheric temperature at 2000 degrees Celsius.Three years of analysis b... read more »

NASA is funding an ultra-thin way to deal with ...

NASA has its eyes set on an ultra-thin way to deal with all the junk floating around space. The space agency awarded a second round of funding to the Brane Craft, a thin ‘sheet’ of sorts from Aerospace Corporation that works by wrapping around junk, driving it down through the atmosphere so that it’ll eventually burn up, solving the waste problem. Humans are highly capable of getting stuff to space, but we’re not quite there yet when it comes to efficiently retrieving it. For this reason, space is full ... read more »

These futuristic NASA vehicle concepts may be u...

NASA has unveiled some probe concepts for spacecraft that may one day explore Venus, of which there are more than two dozen proposals. The concepts are for spacecraft and various types of probes that look different than what we’ve thus far sent into space, utilizing things like an ‘origami’ design to unfold robotic systems as necessary based on landscapes. All of these proposals are still in an early stage, according to NASA, which recently showcased them at the NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts sympos... read more »

HEAT waves will keep a third of aircrafts from ...

Frequent heat waves and rising temperatures due to global warming could keep the ground up to one third of the planes around the world in the coming decades, and some read more »

Mount Athos hosts one of the oldest monastic co...

Mount Athos hosts one of the oldest monastic communities on Earth, is inhabited continuously for over 1,800 years by those choosing to break away from the world and live isolated in prayer. There are at least 20 Orthodox monasteries, currently and over 2000 monks on [...] read more »

Journeys of 2015

Each year begins with a series of resolutions, plans and desires that can range from personal ambition in career goals and, why not, in our travel bucket list added. For 2015 Pound Travelcomes with a list of proposed travel list that will continue throughout the year for those who need inspiration. Today we ride the train through the Swiss mountains, then we relax in the thermal waterfalls MaIn Jordan moved on to conquer South America. The last stop we had in Raja Ampat in Indonesia paradise. The Best ... read more »

In the future, we could travel to Mars in just ...

The idea belongs to NASA specialist Philip Lubin. The main problem facing researchers in aerospace, when it comes to exploring new areas of the universe, is the slow speed that can move cosmic shuttles.NASA claims that specialist Philip Lubin can solve this problem because it has already started to work on designing a vehicle that will carry astronauts to Mars in just 3 days. How Long Does it Take to Get to Mars? YouTube May 8, 2013 Have you ever wondered how long it takes for spacecraft to travel from... read more »

Do Not Read This Article From A So-Called Culti...

The origin of man on earth is not by any accident. It is according to the universal plans of the Almighty God. But it happened neither by a magical act of creation by God, nor by any seeding of life by aliens visiting earth in the past and its subsequent development by the process of evolution. In reality, origin of life and its subsequent development to intelligent human life on earth is both by the divinely controlled acts of creation and evolution. Divine controls from time to time do happen in thes... read more »

"Earth Evolution", HKU

"Earth Evolution" is one of subject in "Stephen Hui Geological Museum", James Hsioung Lee Science Building, HKU (The University of Hong Kong), Western District, Hong Kong. read more »

Asteroids and Potential for Collision With Earth

Asteroids and Potential for Collision With Earth By Will Urbano Asteroids and Earth The universe we live in is an absolutely unimaginably The post Asteroids and Potential for Collision With Earth appeared first on The News Channel. read more »

The Finished Runes, The Elder Futhark And Meanings

With the Runes finished in the The Elder Futhark, the oldest form of the runic alphabet, used by the Germanic tribes, it is a composite of the runic symbols most commonly used in northern Europe. The names of the runes of the Elder Futhark are speculative recreations of what linguists call proto-Germanic, which stems from proto-Indo-European.   There are many versions of the runic alphabets. Each has variations in names, shapes, esoteric meanings and magical uses. One should not mix futharks, or the i... read more »

The Green Man and Gaia

The Green Man has been a presence associated with male energy for hundreds of years. The counterpart to the Green Man has often been linked to Gaia -- or the living and breathing earth. This pair has been linked through science, art and myth.James Lovelock, scientist and environmentalist (see: written volumes on the interdependence of our Earth and how we treat her. His treatises state that our Earth is a single, living organism. His theories are controvers... read more »

A Short Post on the Future

Some of my writing is available free on a great site called Readwave. It's a place that hosts short - 2-3 minute - pieces of fiction, opinion and fact. There are currently half a dozen pieces of mine on the site. This morning I posted one relating to our future. That's 'our' in the sense of the human race, and looks at what we might do to ensure we maintain a presence on this wonderful world of ours. Please visit the site, read the 3 minute piece, and, if you feel so inclined, give the post a 'like' - Yo... read more »

Pick A Place. Location, Location, Location

Continuing on with the garden series. Thank you so much for the comments and thought process you have shared. To read others, simply click the garden category at the top. I have talked about the God, who had an idea in a previous article. Not just any idea, but the idea for a garden. An [] read more »

A small piece of Heaven on Earth

in Italy! Este fin de semana he estado en un pequeño lugar en el norte de Italia un espacio mágico creado por los Sres. Becchetti Binkert. Han restaurado una hacienda construida en el 1654 cuando esta parte de Italia fue conquistada por España. Han prestado atención e importancia hasta al detalle más pequeño [] read more »


The Pentacle: Is a five pointed star, encircled. It signifies variously the circle of the earth. The five pointed pertain to the 5 sacred elements Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Spirit. It is worn around the neck in the same fashion with the single point facing upwards. When it is pointed downwards means the two points upside, its a banishing symbol used basically by the worshiper of the Satan.The pentacle is the most common symbol that's used by Wiccan, Pagans and Neo- Pagans in there practices and rituals... read more »

Can Technology Save the Earth?

Humans as a species are obsessed with finding cures or fixes for our problems, but rarely ever address the underlying ills. It’s like taking Tylenol every time you have a headache and ignoring the contributory conditions that set off the headache in the first place. How much Tylenol can you take? How much toxicity can your body process before reaching an impasse? Meanwhile, has Tylenol helped change the underlying condition at all? Technology is like Tylenol. It’s cheap, convenient and scalable, and s... read more »

The Cleansing – Earth Haven 1 REVIEW

The Cleansing by Sam Kates (Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads)Series: Earth Haven #1 Published by Smithcraft Press on 22 Dec 2013 Genres: Apocalyptic, Dystopian Fiction, Science Fiction Pages: 301 Format: Paperback Source: Goodreads First Reads Buy Amazon UK Kindle edition • Buy Amazon US Kindle edition • Amazon UK •Amazon US •Waterstones• Apocalypse unleashed, the Cleansing begins. Relentless. Survival, uncertain. Seven billion people inhabit this world, unaware our destruction is at hand. Death arrives unhe... read more »

Crystalline Visions I

Ive always held a moderate interest in gemstones. I dont ever remember being fascinated by any of them and certainly was never the type to pour over them in jewellery stores. I like my birthstone: Aquamarine, but have been more drawn to other stronger looking gems like Sapphire, Emerald, and Turquoise. In fact, Turquoise has [] read more »

Книга "Собирайтесь дети в кучу - я вам Google о...

Искусство путешествовать — это не талант. Это стиль жизни! Я люблю путешествовать. Но перед каждым туром я сижу в Google Earth и Google Maps. Это обязательно – чем лучше ты будешь готов к туру географически тем больше ты увидишь на месте. Проверено! Поэтому хотел бы поделится своим опытом работы в таких сервисах в деталях. Раскрыть секреты нестандартного использования картографии от Google. Об этом моя новая книжка. Встречайте - "Собирайтесь дети в кучу - я вамGoogle отчебучу" Вперед, от теории ... read more »

Movie Maker в Google Earth Pro

Всем привет! Всегда хотел узнать что же может штатный Movie Maker в Google Earth Pro. Пару лет назад у меня были эксперименты по созданию фильмов из видео-туров вGoogle Earth. Тогда мне пришлось выкручиваться своими силами. Не все мне понравилось. Но вот предоставилась возможность (в рамках ознакомительного периода) использовать для этого делаGoogle Earth версию Pro. А в нее входитMovie Maker, не путать с WindowsMovie Maker! Ну что вам сказать? Ожидалось большего. Я понимаю что за 399 баксов я покупа... read more »

Дена Браун и его Inferno в Google Maps

После прочтения очередной саги профессора Ленгдона от Дена Брауна «Инферно» решил глянуть в Google Maps на маршрут его приключений. Если вы следите за моим блогом то помните мою заметку про работу с этим инструментом Google. Оказалось что в этом году Google несколько переиначил работу в google maps. Теперь для этого предлагается движок Google Maps Engine Lite который стал доступен всем желающим. При помощи сервиса Google Maps Engine Lite пользователи смогут загружать таблицы с гео-данными и визуализиро... read more »

Starship Conference and Capturing Solar Energy

The latest articles discuss the StarShip Conference that is currently going on in Houston, Texas and the possibility of capturing of solar energy. Latest Articles on Space -Starship Conference in Houston, Texas this upcoming Weekend. Engineers and scientists are going to Houston, Texas this week to discuss future space travel. They have descended on this [] read more »

Snake Robot to Mars and ‘Body on a Chip’

The latest articles discuss an idea of a snake robot on Mars and a how a body on a chip could lead for better drug tests. Latest Articles on Space -Snake Robot wants to be sent to Mars by the European Space Agency. A new type of robot, being developed by the SINTEF Research Institute [] read more »

Weather Satellite and Smart Phone Health Innova...

The latest articles discuss a long delayed weather satellite is on track for a 2015 launch and how smartphones are contributing to the medical industry. Latest Articles on Space -Long delayed space weather satellite on track for 2015 launch. The Deep Space Climate Observatory (DSCOVR) for short, passed a key review that determines its cost [] read more »

Voyager 1 and Lettuce Plants in Space?

Todays articles discuss how Voyager 1 has officially left our solar system and the possibility of growing food such as lettuce in space. Latest Articles on Space -Voyager I has left the solar system, NASA announces. On September, 5th 1977 the Voyager 1 left the Earth. Thirty six years later, NASA officials have announced that [] read more »

NASA Space Exploration Ideas and Rebuilding the...

Todays articles discuss NASAs funding of future space exploration ideas and what the future holds for retooling a human body in the future. Latest Articles on Space -NASA funds six futuristic space technology ideas. NASA has granted funding to six next generation technologies that will hopefully help humans travel through space. Some of the ideas [] read more »

Unique Planet that Rains Glass and Launching Sp...

The latest articles discuss an interesting discovery of a planet that rains molten glass and a moon probe  that is launching from Virginia for the first time ever. Latest Articles on Space -A blue planet that rains molten glass. As I wrote yesterday, astronomers often discover new planets outside of our solar system, hinting at [] read more »

Astronauts Hibernating, Nissan Driveless Car an...

The latest articles discuss the announcement by Nissan of there promise of a drive-less car product and a scientist that used his brain to control another guys finger. Latest Articles on Space -How Astronauts could hibernate on their voyage to Mars. A manned trip to Mars would require astronauts to stay in a small condensed [] read more »

Japan’s Smart Rocket, Apple’s A7 Chip, Regrowin...

The latest articles discuss Apples A7 chip that is rumored to be put into the companys new iPhone and how ocean creatures may give us the blueprint to regrow limbs in the near future. Latest Articles on Space -Japans smart rocket, Epsilon is being prepared for a test launch. Japans innovative smart rocket is set [] read more »

Space Warp Drive and New Imagery of a Possible ...

Todays articles focus on space while discussing the possibility of traveling faster in space and a new video of what NASA thinks of a future asteroid space mission. Latest Articles on Space -Warp Drive could become a reality with Quantum Physics Ive previously written on this subject, but NASA scientists are working with experiments that [] read more »

Google Glass Release Date, Wind Farms, Energy E...

The latest articles discuss news on the Google Glass release date and a new energy efficient shower that tells a person if you are using a lot of water. Latest Articles in Technology -Google Glass release date to be pushed back to 2014, sources say. Earlier projections have suggested that Google Glass was planned for [] read more »

Global Space Exploration Roadmap, Play Station ...

Todays articles discuss NASAs new space exploration plan and information on the Play Station 4 release date. Latest Articles in Space -NASAs global plan for space exploration gets an upgrade. NASA and 11 other space agencies announced today that they are committed to cooperating in deep space exploration. The ultimate goal is to explore to [] read more »

Vertical Wind Powered Turbines and Another Succ...

The video above shows another successful test for SpaceX. The test that was successful was known as the divert test. The rocket flew vertically 250 meters in the air. Then, the rocket moved laterally 100 meters, then moved back to the landing pad. The importance of a reusable rocket is so companies like SpaceX or [] read more »

Starship Congress Meeting and Artificial Leaf T...

Todays articles discuss the new cheap innovated 45 inch touchscreen made by Microsoft and a possible breakthrough in curing the deadly Ebola virus. Latest Articles on Space -Experts meet in Dallas Texas to discuss the challenges of sending humans into deep space. Scientists from around world will descend on Dallas, Texas to meet and discuss [] read more »

What a Mars Colony May Look Like and Samsung’s ...

The latest articles discuss Samsungs new television and what a Mars colony may look like. Latest Articles on Space -Living and thriving off the red planet. What would a colony on Mars look like? This article goes into detail on what a colony would use in order to survive. Mars is cold and dry, but [] read more »

Elon Musk’s Project Announcement and iPhone Rumors

Todays articles discuss the announcement that billionaire Elon Musk is revealing about his project and what the movie Elysium can tell us about space colonization. Latest Articles on Space -Ringworld is it possible to build settlements such as those seen in the movie Elysium? This concept of a circular spacecraft was most recently seen [] read more »

Elon Musk’s Project Announcement [Updated] and ...

Todays articles discuss the announcement that billionaire Elon Musk is revealing about his project and what the movie Elysium can tell us about space colonization. Latest Articles on Space -Ringworld is it possible to build settlements such as those seen in the movie Elysium? This concept of a circular spacecraft was most recently seen [] read more »

NASA’s Next Mars Mission and “Dirt Cheap” Solar?

The latest articles discuss a robots that patrols power lines and scout fires. Also, rumors suggest that the next iPhone that will track your every move. Latest Article on Space -NASAs begins plan for the next Mars Mission that will explore Mars atmosphere. The next spacecraft that will go to Mars arrived at the Kennedy [] read more »

IKEA’s Furniture Reality and Anti-Mosquito Patch?

A new virtual reality furniture app and a patch that keeps the mosquitoes off of you are in todays technology news. Latest Articles on Technology -IKEAs augmented reality app puts furniture in that certain room. The IKEA furniture app allows a customer to get a sense of the size of the furniture and type of [] read more »

Curiosity’s One Year On Mars and First Ever Lab...

It has been a year since Curiosity has been on Mars and the first ever meat that came from a lab are the stories that are going around the internet. Latest Articles on Space -Curiosity celebrates its first anniversary on the red planet. After one year of traveling the red planet, Curiositys intended mission of [] read more »

NASA Rocket Passes Test and Can Flying Cars Eve...

Todays articles discuss NASAs rocket passes key design review and a bike that is powered by solar. Latest Articles on Space -NASA mega-rocket passes key test. A rocket that NASA intends to use for missions to Mars and beyond passed a critical design test, officials announced today. This is a crucial step for the NASAs [] read more »

Sony’s Panasonic Disc and Asteroid Exploration ...

The possibility of exploring Jupiters moon, Europa, and finger scanning technology in the next iPhone are stories being tossed around in todays news. Latest Articles on Space -NASA is flooded with Asteroid Exploration ideas. Over 400 proposals have sent into NASA for an asteroid-retrieval mission that may happen in the future. The agency will review [] read more »

Super Computers Solve Our Problems

Super computers have come a long way since the 1960s and they are now contributing by solving humanitys biggest problems. Current giant computers are thousands times powerful than you average desktop computer. Super computers are used from forecasting your weather to modeling the human brain. These computers can also answer questions about the biggest scientific [] read more »

Extreme Reality and NASA’s Cargo Launch

Not much in the news today, but here are a few stories going around. Latest Articles on Space -NASA to launch cargo craft to International Space Station. A piloted cargo craft is scheduled to launch supplies to the International Space Station. The ISS Progress 52 will be launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. (It [] read more »

Next Generation Car Coming Sooner Than You Think

The cars of 2013 are already equipped with innovations they werent even seen 15 years ago. Todays car have accident avoiding lasers and smart parking. In the near future, the average car will have wireless car to car communications and even city wide traffic control. Ray Wert, the former editor-in-chief of the Jalopnik car blog [] read more »

Getting to Mars and Back

A mission planned by Imperial College of London calls for a trip for astronauts to go to Mars and return back to Earth. The space craft would use ice from underneath the planets surface to create fuel for the return trip to our planet. Astronauts would travel in a 30 foot long ship that would [] read more »

Nexus Tablet Announced and Curiosity Update

DARPAs new unmanned underwater drone and the possibility of an Apple product that is incorporated in the average car tops todays latest technology news. Latest Articles on Space -The latest Curiosity update. Curiosity is continuing to make progress up Mount Sharp and traveled farther than every before (about 100 meters) on July 21st. It is [] read more »

Orion Heat Shield and Traveling the Faster Than...

The possibility of traveling at the speed of light and Apple is looking at a bigger screen for its products are creating the latest buzz in the technology world. Latest Articles on Space -Traveling through Space faster than the speed of light? Physicist Harold White, along with a team of experts that work with NASA [] read more »

Moto X Unveiling and Apple Rumors

A machine that can turn sweat into drinkable water and a new device that helps find melanoma are in latest entry of Scienologys. Latest Articles on Technology -Googles Moto X leaked pictures, unveiling coming August 1st. Googles Motorola first ever smartphone is set to be shown off to the public in just a few weeks. [] read more »

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