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Good morning, recession!

There are cycles around the globe and Argentina's economic cycle is quintessential to its economy. Every ten years, it happens the same thing. Since I was born, I have lived 3 economy crisis (1989, 2001 and now). It's like part of Argentina, something that happens every 10 years or so and there's no way you can avoid it. People mentions "el rodrigazo" but I didn't live it through. A few years ago, you could smell recession from afar. It's not easy to explain but we know when things aren't going well a... read more »

Audio: Da Giant – Oga Park Well @ashidavid

There are MCs but when it comes to freestyle, some emcees run away. Da Giant has always proven himself to be the King Of Freestyle, KOF. He is ever ready to flow on any beat by anybody, anyhow, anywhere, anytime. If you doubt Da Giant, invite him to a freestyleRead More... read more »

MP3: Cartier Hugo ” I C YA” – @CartierHugo

Cartier Hugo drops I C YA featuring Legacy and Terror. The dope beat is produced by Blackout and I bet you, if this beat does not make you nod, then it will make you dance. Throw up your problem and dance to this tune then get back at me if it aint worth it. Download read more »

Gold and the current economy

It's no secret that I like gold and silver. In the 15 years (almost) that I've been in Canada, I've watched the dollar devalue about 1/3rd, as what cost $1 in 1998 now costs $1.34. Here's the Bank Of Canada's Inflation Calculator to corroborate this fact. As seen in the media recently, gold has dropped about 35% from an all time high. But what does this mean? An ounce of gold is largely a static item in terms of what you can barter it for. Historically, one ounce of gold should get you a decent sui... read more »

When numbers are no longer meaningful

This morning I saw a headline about how the US budget had exhausted the extra $300bn ceiling that was put on the debt in February. In my mind, I thought that this is a huge amount of money when considering the NASA budget was around $80bn. Then I got corrected when I quickly looked up the budget (to make sure I had the right number), and found it was actually 18 - not 80 - billion dollars in 2011. The 2012 budget was $17.7bn - which makes the exhaustion of the debt ceiling even worse than I'd feared. And... read more »

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