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Photo Session With Rascal For Wordless Wednesday

Oh picture time!! Time to pose!! I am looking at the camera mom! Standing tall - Is this better? Nope, I am not going to look Rascal was born almost completely white. he had a little bit of brown on his. Now he has brown spots, where it was white. Have you seen spotted Chihuahua before? Photobomb - Mom I want my picture taken too. Photos ©SandyKs aka rusty2rusty read more »

Weekend Follow Up #1

This is a follow up of all the blog posts I have created for the past week in case you missed one. I would like to do this weekly. I write on a variety of subjects. As I have three places I currently write at. Obviously, one place is on this blog Rusty2rusty's Chatter. Second place is my blog called Food With A Plan. The third place I write at is Niume. Here are my posts from 1/29/2017 through 2/4/2017 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1. Three Ingredient Cherry Goodness Sharing a recipe of with three ingredients... read more »

Rascal And Moose Visit The Independence Dam

Yesterday, I had another chance to work with Rascal to get him closer to a large body of water. A couple days ago I wrote about Rascal having aquaphobia. It means he is afraid of water. I have decided to slowly work with him to overcome his fear. Or at least work with him to the point he doesn't freak out walking next to it. The first thing I did was drive to the local Petco. As Rascal and Moose needed to be fit for a new harness. Rascal was shaking in the store. However, he did great working with the ... read more »

Wolf Children – Anime Review – Feature Length A...

As of today, Wolf Children is my all-time favorite anime movie (feature length, stand-alone film). I mustve watched it 20 times or more by now. If you love Studio Ghibli films, youve got to check out Wolf Children. Its not a Ghibli film, but it feels like it should be one. It has the same Continue reading Wolf Children Anime Review Feature Length Anime Movie Anime Film Family Film read more »

Tittertastic Saturday – Dogs & Stairs

bethere2day - Tittertastic Saturday - Dogs Stairs - Fun clips of dogs negotiating stairs - Couldn't resist sharing this. Tittertastic Saturday Dogs Stairs read more »

Beautiful Darlings! And A Sweet Reminisce

Little sheltie (shetland sheepdog) so darn cute!!! I could just eat up this pooch! The collie family is one of the most beautiful breed of dog that is within existence. Anyway, I had a great weekend I laughed so hard watching some of my favorite comedy movies. Last week during my off days besides going [] read more »

In Response To: “What I Want For The Holidays!”

diwakar WordPress When we last faith on people naturally we go for fine creatures like puppies which show their gratitude , faithfulness and love towards us. What I Want For The Holidays! 2015/12/20 at 12:09 am misslatoya In reply to diwakar.Everything is not about losing faith within people. Some people in [] read more »

What I Want For The Holidays!

I stopped celebrating Christmas as well as my birthday when I was twelve years of age it was just another day to me just like the other holidays became to me and anyway the holidays arent the same as the way that they use to be years ago. I do not need certain or specific [] read more »

Silly Sunday – A Vet’s Advice

bethere2day - "Silly Sunday is hosted by Sandee at Comedy Plus Sunday is the place to come for weekly laughs. Silly Sunday A Vets Advice read more »

Improve the World: Treat Each Other Like Dogs

Today’s blog is brought to you by a reader who will remain unidentified because I didn’t get her permission to splay her name across cyberspace, and I’ve learned that I can burn through friends quickly by shining the spotlight on them when they think they’re hidden. Anyway, she suggested I write about dogs because their [] read more »

Traveling WIth A Psychiatric Service or Emotion...

Hi everyone! I promised a while back that I'd write this post reviewing my experiences traveling with my little service dog, Lily, when I went to Chicago and back a few weeks ago.Because I am guessing this post might be found by a few non-regular readers who are looking for information about the topic, I will start out by giving you a little bit of info!First of all I should explain the difference between an Emotional Support Animal and a Psychiatric Service Animal. The main difference is that a SERVICE ... read more »

Silly Sunday – Duelling Banjo Dogs

bethere2day - "Silly Sunday is hosted by Sandee at Comedy Plus Sunday is the place to come for weekly laughs. Silly Sunday Duelling Banjo Dogs read more »

Please sign this petition this is basically why you need to sign it if you love your animals and wouldn't want them to be hurt! Like ever!The page states: "MSAW previously known as MSPCA is an organization which has been making the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Ironically MSAW, which is supposed to be an organization for the welfare of animals in Mauritius do the contrary, they catch and kill our best friends mercilessly. Earlier t... read more »

Love at First Sight

I have always wondered what love at first sight looks/feels like, though i kind of didn't believe in it. I thought that was plain infatuation. Until on the 15th of February 2015, a little puppy came into my life. He was about one a half months old i guess. Totally skinny, undernourished, bony, feeble, unclean, smelly, but still i fell in love with this little man. The moment i opened my front door, i saw this little one with those cute puppy eyes glaring at me filled with love and affection and trust. T... read more »

Nat Geo WILD’s BARKFEST Plus Giveaway

It’s time for Nat Geo WILD’s inaugural BARKFEST, a full weekend of programming that celebrates man’s best friend, airing May 15-17. Humans and canines share a social bond unlike any other twospecies on the planet. Dogs are our constant companions and can do almost anything for us. Theyprotect our homes, assist the police, warn [] The post Nat Geo WILDs BARKFEST Plus Giveaway appeared first on Central Minnesota Mom. read more »

4 Awesome Things About Children with Pets (That...

You already know that having a pet teaches children responsibility. What you might not know is that your children could be healthier, calmer and better students, as a direct result of growing up with a family pet. Today I’m talking about four lesser-known benefits that children gain from having pets:1. Children with pets are healthierSeveral studies have proven the health benefits for children in families with pets. Children who grow up around pets have stronger immune systems and less instances of child... read more »

Book Review: Tiny Confessions – Christopher Rozzi

Review of Christopher Rozzi's beautifully illustrated book, Tiny Confessions The post Book Review: Tiny Confessions Christopher Rozzi appeared first on B-Lines and Felines. read more »

WW On A Tuesday – Even Dogs Do It

bethere2day - WW On A Tuesday - Post an image and link up, this weeks post is - Even The Dogs Do It WW On A Tuesday Even Dogs Do It read more »

On a Little Different Note – Introducing the Ne...

Its been well said that when choosing a dog, choose one that matches your lifestyle and personality, right? I find this very interesting since this time my wife chose our puppy, not I! What I find very amusing is that she had me look at two different breeds. If Id half a mind Id say [] read more »

I Just May Be A Cat Person

It has recently come to my attention that my entire attitude involving animals has been completely misguided and wildly incorrect. For as long as I can remember, I have considered myself a dog person. The reasoning behind this was simple: I liked animals that at least pretended to care whether I was alive or not. [] read more »

Dog Xmas Dinner

bethere2day - Dog XMas Dinner ..It's a riot Dog Xmas Dinner read more »

My Home, The Zoo

Ever since I was a kid, I have been a big fan of pets. If there wasn’t some sort of four-legged critter following me around or trying to climb onto my lap, something just didn’t seem right. I wanted as any animals around me as possible. Someday, I thought, I would live in a place [] read more »

Дружба художника c любимым псом сквозь искусство

Художник Рафаэль Мантессо выбрал своего лучшего друга французского терьера по кличке Джимми Чу, главным героем для новой выставки своих работ. Эти работы и представляются к вашему вниманию. No related content found. The post Дружба художника c любимым псом сквозь искусство appeared first on EDC-PATROL. read more »

Silly Sunday – Dogs

bethere2day - Silly Sunday is hosted by Sandee at Comedy Plus, join in the larfs Silly Sunday Dogs read more »

Treating Your Pet With Pet Products

In the past, more than one product was often needed if you wanted to kill both the adult and developing fleas but today, many of the newer flea and tick products that kill adult fleas and ticks also prevent flea eggs and larvae from developing, so only one product is needed. However, there are some [] read more »

Xylitol and Dogs

This is an article that I received from a site calledHealthy Pets. If you're a pet lover this is something you really need to know if you don't already. I never knew how dangerous this would be to my Jesse and will be extremely careful to make sure he never gets into this deadly ingredient.Very Important: Never Let Your Dog Get at Any Product Containing This...Xylitol is a natural sugar alcohol extracted from certain fruits and vegetables. Because of its sweet taste and plaque fighting benefits in humans... read more »

And the Winner is...

Gestern wurde unser #Gewinnspiel zu #WatchDogs beendet. Ob ihr die richtige Zahl getippt habt, erfahrt ihr hier. Eure Chance für Watch Dogs von Ubisoft AmDienstag den 17. Juni 2014 haben wir unser Gewinnspiel zu Watch Dogs gestartet und bis zum 27.06. konntet ihr tippen wie viele Besucher wir gestern um 23:59 Uhr auf unserem Blog haben werden. Natürlich wird es jetzt jeden intressieren, ob er der Glückliche Gewinner ist, dann werden wir euch auch nicht länger auf die Folter spannen... die Glückzahl... read more »

Feeding our kid in public - The Battle rages on

Inga just turned 9 months this past Sunday, so she has been eating solid foods for about 3 months now.Who knew that feeding your kid had the potential for such disagreement with other parents. It started out great, just like my previous post had shown, with a great video of her first time eating some banana and just loving it. That continued for a couple weeks. We only had her eat once a day as to not overwhelm her stomach. As you can see from the video it was very telling of what was to come in the nex... read more »

Gewinnt mit Gaming Print Watch Dogs für den PC

Weil jeder was gewinnen möchte und gewinnen Spaß macht, gibs bei uns nun auch ein Gewinnspiel. Eure Chance für Watch Dogs von UbisoftJa, richtig gesehen ab heute bis zum 27.06.2014 kann man bei uns Watch Dogs gewinnen!Was müsst ihr also tun um euch in Aiden Pearce zu verwandeln und Watch Dogs zu bekommen, ganz einfach, da wir uns langsam auf die 100.000 Besucher zu bewegen, möchten wir von euch wissen, wie viele Besucher werden es am Ende des Monats also am 30.06.2014 um 23:59 Uhr wohl genau sein? Der... read more »

Monday Night Froyo Anyone?

Well I thought this week was going to be lax, but I was wrong. New things keep getting added to the calendar but thats life. Thats why I like to enjoy the little things, especially when you dont always have time for the big things.  Things like frozen yogurt trips with your love or friends should be something exciting. Make it in to a big deal! If you think your life is boring, then turn the normal things you like to do in to fun things.  Last night me and Cody went to the frozen yogurt place. Usual... read more »

CIBC Security vs A Labrador Dog

Anyone that follows me will know that I have some long running gripes with one of my banks, CIBC. Normally, I'm just complaining about run-of-the-mill stuff at CIBC, like bad customer service, the odd occasion of lying software, or people at the bank doing stuff they shouldn't with my records (that spawned an investigation, so details are not being made public). All of that stuff, though, pales in comparison to security. I take my security rather seriously. Given how low the customer/bank trust has falle... read more »

Exploring Character and Place in A Seared Sky #3

The 3rd in a series of pieces on characters and places featured in Joinings: A Seared Sky. This is background information, not covered in the book, but intended to enhance the reading experience. For some of my people, there’ll be a character drawing, supplied by Alice Taylor, maybe a video interview, and accompanying script. I may do short pieces of fiction, deepening knowledge of certain minor characters as well. For the places, I’ll use sections of the map, to indicate location, along with a descript... read more »

Entry From A Dog’s Diary, April 11th

Dear diary, So this is how it ends. I have been sitting here in the dark for what seems to be hours. I, of course, have no idea how long it has actually been since it can be very difficult to read a clock in the dark. Not that it would matter seeing as how [] read more »

First Day of Solids and it was Glorious

I don't even really need to write all that much. All I need to do is post the video of Inga eating her very first solid food and you will see the gloriousness of it all. We gave her a spoon for about 3 weeks before she actually ate food and we think that helped out with her not gagging on the spoon and food. Some of the prep we did that seemed to help out was to basically get her naked except for her diaper. That definitely made clean up easier, but she still could have used a bath. Oh! And we had Els... read more »

My Snow dog enters her 14th year – #ROW80 Check...

Our pup Julie is going on 14 years this coming year. The stairs are beginning to bother her along with the cold, but she keeps on going. read more »

On pedigree

Upsetting to see how ignorant we can be about animals and how much we devalue dogs simply because of breed— standards of beauty set for these animals that even they are completely unaware about.There is no less love that an askal can give and no more love that a purebred dog is willing to give you. Sure, a dog’s pedigree may be responsible for certain traits but it does not define that animal, nor does it limit its capacity in any way. Every single dog has his or her own character and temperament which i... read more »

Watch Dogs – Erscheinungstermin auf Anfang 2014...

Was Watch Dogs von Ubisoft zu bieten hat, wie es zur spontanen Verzögerung gekommen ist und warum viele GTA 5 als Auslöser dafür sehen, erfahrt ihr hier. © 2013 Ubisoft. All rights reserved.Völlig überraschend hat Ubisoft heute bekannt gegeben, dass sie für Watch Dogs noch mehr Zeit benötigen als eingeplant, sodass das Spiel nicht wie geplant am 21. November erscheinen kann, sondern noch ins nächste Jahr verschoben werden musste, ein konkretes Datum wurde jedoch noch nicht bekannt gegeben. © 201... read more »

“Paw Prints in the Sand” by Elizabeth Parker

A fictional novella about dogs, "Paw Prints in the Sand" by Elizabeth Parker, is the perfect book for all dog lovers. read more »


BCG’s Growth-Share Matrix   BCG’s Portfolio Analysis is based on the premise that majority of the companies carry out multiple business activities in a number of different product-market segments. Together these different businesses form the Business Portfolio which can be characterised by two parameters:  Company’s relative market share for the business, representing the firms read more »

An open question to vehicle manufacturers

Your cars beep when we move without seat belts fastened, as you can detect if there's something or someone on the seats.Your cars can be remotely unlocked by a number of circumstances, including collision, remote keychain, or remote concierge service.Your cars have temperature gauges that tell us in our preferred scale of Celsius or Fahrenheit, what the temperature is inside as well as outside.So, what is it precisely that you are waiting for, which is stopping you from helping to prevent children and do... read more »

Pet Mommy Gets a Tip from Doggie

It’s Mommy’s Day to day, and Blogger Bark wouldn’t want to miss the chance to greet all pet mommies out there a “Happy Mommy’s Day”!But unlike other mommies who will probably get gifts and treats from their babies, a little guy called Toffee gives more than the regular TLC to his mommy. He gives her a “tip” on how to keep him healthy and excited over feeding time. Of course, just like other mommies, Toffee’s pet mom only gives him healthy and nutritious food but every time she does, she always get a hard... read more »

Bark Fun Facts: Top 10 Most Intelligent Dogs

If you ask me, the smartest dog would be my furbabies! But I know deep down inside, they may be smart but not exactly “Einstein-Intelligent”. And they do get a little lazy when it’s training time, and would resort to getting all fuzzy and cuddly just to make me change my mind about training and just play with them. They are that wise… and somehow, I thought that’s just typical of dogs.But then, as I was browsing over the internet, I came across Top 10 most intelligent dogs. There were several articles an... read more »

The Animal Welfare Situation

By Anna Isabel C. Rodriguez The author with just some of her pet dogs on a normal weekend. “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way animals are treated,” Mahatma Gandhi said. The young doktora smiles as she proudly shows this quote. We are in the City Hall, inside the busy Health office. Being interviewed is Dr. Karen Vicencio, City Vet, Parañaque’s one-woman Animal Welfare Division. According to Section 7 of Republic Act 9482 or the Anti-Rabies Act of 2007, local... read more »

Clancy and The Blarney

Top o’ the Day from Roscoe O’Dog and Coco O’Dog! We’re taking over JerseyLil’s computer while she’s busy eating Irish chocolate to wish everyone good cheer on the Feast of St. Patrick! In true Irish tradition, may the celebrating continue throughout the month of March, or until you run out of pints to drink and stories to tell.Dogs are quite fond of St. Patrick. Legend has it that he chased away the snakes from Ireland, and we enjoy chasing reptiles and critters, too.Have you heard the story of the Irish... read more »

Shop Only Natural Pet Store For Your Pet's Needs!

Only Natural Pet Storeis a leading retailer of natural pet supplies for dogs and cats. read more »

Tail Wagging News: Hello 2013!

I just found an cute blog. by via Tail Wagging News: Hello 2013!. If you like dogs take a Continue reading read more »

Stop Crying Little Doggie!

(SOURCE: thing happens when I wake up in the morning and go down the stairs, when I come home from a long trip, or I come home at night… my pug whimpers and cry so bad that it gets annoying. She is totally adorable, don’t get me wrong but I really cannot take it every single day! She cries whenever she catches even a glimpse of me. At first it was kinda cute, but it gets old. So why is my pug becoming this annoying crybaby?First thing to d... read more »

Random IPhotos that prove I'm addicted to my do...

A collection of photos that document my love for these furry friends (fiends). I am bursting with love and cuteness now when I should be studying for more exams. Excuse me as I try to find a doggie to hug. read more »

Dog on the road!

On a road trip to meet with family in this holiday season and I opted for something nice but comfy. And oh, say hi to Choo the dog who came along with us. When we were little, we used to go on long drives every weekend. This is why the family is no stranger to prolonged periods of time inside a very small, closed environment. Being the bored kids we were, my dad would always tell us amusing tales of travel and adventure (and a particular hero named Onyok). And then, we'd sing until our throats were sore... read more »

Dog Tales

This post is dedicated to all the doggies and the doggy-lovers out there. Are you a doggy, a doggy-lover, or a doggy-owner? If yes, this is meant for you. If no, this is still meant for you, assuming that one day you will belong to one of the above mentioned categories. Doggies today constitute an integral fraction of the living population in a society. They have come a long way fighting for their rights, yet they are classified and categorised according to the society's three-stratum model - The ... read more »

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