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Recent blog posts on Disability

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Monday Morning Motivation: No Limbits

If this film doesnt inspire you, then I dont know what will! To learn more about Mark Ormrod, visit his website: read more »

Monday Morning Motivation – John Young

One of the most inspirational triathletes that Ive read about recently is John Young who is a little person (his words). If John can achieve a Boston Qualifying marathon time and complete an Ironman, what excuse do the rest of us have?! If you want to find out about Johns latest adventures, check out [] read more »

Monday Morning Motivation: Julián Molina Shreds...

After a collision with one of the local buses when he was younger, Julian Molina was left with a completely destroyed foot, which later became infected with gangrene, traumatically resulting in the amputation of his entire leg. Most would quit here, but not Julian. Despite his situation, the man has only looked forward and up, [] read more »

Why Special Education Students Shouldn’t have S...

Unintended consequences of having students in Special Education doing “jobs” at school. It’s a common practice and a common belief that we are teaching “life skills” and “job skills” to students with significant disabilities in school by having them do janitorial work. At a training I was conducting a few weeks ago this [] The post Why Special Education Students Shouldnt have School Jobs. appeared first on My Creative Inclusion. read more »

Why And How I Hide One Of My Disabilities

I decided to take one of my own ideas from theSeptember Writing Challenges.To write about ways to make disabilities invisible. When I wrote the idea it wasn't to make people with disabilities go away or hide their disabilities. In case you don't know, I have several disabilities. Some disabilities you can tell right off. Others are obvious without me telling you. I have noticed a few things with my disabilities and others who have disabilities. I struggle to be like everyone else. I struggle to make my... read more »

Monday Morning Motivation – Stare all you like!

One of the most memorable posters in the This Girl Can campaign featured Cassie Cava (@onelegdontcare) In an interview with Marie-Claire, Cassie said: I’m most proud of the fact that I’ve been able to hold onto that unrelenting belief that things would work out and I could embrace the change. Just get out there and [] read more »

Workout Wednesday – No need to be Gentile

Its not really workout related, but I like this video by Zach Anner. If you dont have time to watch the video, just take away the key message of treating people as individuals :-) read more »

You have not a leg to stand on

I was recently sent a copy of D.D. Mayers autobiographical book: You have not a leg to stand on to review. All opinions about this book are my own. I understood that it was an autobiographical account of a mans life following paralysis, but apart from that, I didnt have a lot of information. My [] read more »

Start THIS Year With The Right Mindset For a Gr...

Every year we dream about the future. We reflect on the past and dream about how the upcoming year will be even better. Sometimes if we have had a particularly bad year, it can be really hard to look to the good in the upcoming year. Last year I was in a really bad... Read More The post Start THIS Year With The Right Mindset For a Great Year! appeared first on DIY Farmwife. read more »

Archer nominated for ESPY Award

2012 Paralympic gold medalist Jeff Fabry (Tulare, Calif.) has been nominated for an ESPY Award in the Best Male Athlete With a Disability category. The nomination, announced on JUN 27, 2013, puts Fabry in the running for this prestigious award Continue reading read more »

Classifying and Pigeon-Holing People

I look at objects and situations and categorize, pigeon-hole, and classify pretty much everything I encounter. I'm sure a lot of other people do this too, but probably only a small portion of the population do it to the same extent that I do. From an day-to-day standpoint, this serves me well, it could be orienting myself by observing sun-faded paint on south facing storefronts or looking at low clouds moving or landed seagulls out the window to determine the prevailing wind direction. It could be mak... read more »

Can people with Lupus (and other autoimmune/aut...

This is the first post in a series, answering some of the most common search queries I receive on my blog. Also, let me say that I am not sure whether I have Lupus or possibly an auto-inflammatory disease, but the advice still stands.______________________________________________________________________ The basic answer to the question is yes, however it isn't quite as simple as a yes/no answer. In order to have an assistance dog you must be disabled by your illness. This is an accepted definition of di... read more »

Are You Stuck? Box of Crayons:"Beyond the Timid...

If you haven't noticed, I'm a fan of Box of Crayons.I've posted their videos. Technically, I guess it's a self-help program, but you don't join, and you don't have to buy the books. I really appreciate the creativity put into their programs, both artistically and its condensed presentations. This one, "Beyond the Timid Middle," gives the message, TAKE A STAND. This 2-minute, direct approach will shake you up and leave you plenty of food for thought. As pain patience, it is so easy, especially if we are ... read more »

International Day for Mine Awareness

April 4 is International Day for Mine Awareness. For much of my life, I wasn't even aware of the existence of landmines, much less understand its dreadful consequences. Then in 2001, I just happened to connect with a US based Ugandan organization called People with Disabilities, which was looking for volunteer writers. I decided to join them. My involvement with People with Disabilities exposed to me the challenging, day-to-day existence in mine-infested Uganda. I researched, read, and wrote about di... read more »

ADHD and Disability Tax Credits

One of the sites I often recommend to people is the CADDAC website, especially for information on science based guidelines for diagnosis and treatment of ADHD. It can be found here at : Today I went back to their website to see of there was anything new and found some clear information about Disability Tax Information. For that information you can go directly to: I'm also going to quickly outline some of their information below.About Disability Ta... read more »

Knightley and cupboards, more leash work, holid...

5 months 1 week 5 days old So the pup still has a bad stomach, although it seems to be a little better. He is sure enjoying his rice and chicken meals.... they smell so good I wouldn't mind eating them!! I am using them for his training, and he will do just about anything to get his greedy maw on them, so that is useful. We're doing more work on his cupboard closing skills. Paw there MrKnightley! Bullseye! Yes! Yes!! Have some yummy chicken and ricefor being such a very good boy. B... read more »

Language Defines Reality Too Fearful to Face

From Things You Should Know series I'm listing something from Jenni Prokopy hopefully tonight, on a phrase she uses, to submit to Urban Dictionary. (I can't tell you what it is until it's a sealed deal.) I brought up the idea, the necessity, of developing a full dictionary around pain. While it's ambitious, and a long-term project, the point is that language shapes the perception of what is being discussed. By Following the link, you'll find a recent effort in this direction. This is very true of polit... read more »

Cubital Tunnel Syndrome (Ulnar Nerve Entrapment...

Almost an hour had passed and it seemed an endless process to lie below a huge MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) machine with thirty-six weeks’ baby fetus to share my suffering. While I waited for the report in the lounge, my thoughts took me in a flash back mode. I still have a vivid memory of what happened that day. I was nine years old then and was preparing for my forthcoming exams when suddenly, lights went off making everything dark. I rushed to follow my mother, but stumbled upon a blunt object an... read more »

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