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Next | Travels to Australia

Travel Post by Blog With Love: Next Travels to Australia holiday... The post Next | Travels to Australia appeared first on Pick A Blogger Elites. read more »

Итальянская диета. 45 кг шеф-повар сбросил съед...

Когда шеф-повар из Италии переехал в США , то довольно быстро набрал лишний вес. Для того чтобы похудеть, он решил использовать свою оригинальную диету: на обед каждый день итальянец ел пиццу. И у него получилось! Он за 12 месяцев скинул целых 45 килограмм и , что не удивительно, он не собирается на этом останавливаться.Когда в 2011 году Паскуале Коццолино переехал в Нью-Йорк, чтобы там работать шеф-поваром, его вес составлял 115 килограмм. Да цифра звучит конечно же впечатляюще, но на самом деле Паскуал... read more »

High Schooler Dieting

We have the most astounding high school and adolescence heftiness rates today than at whatever other point on the planet's long history. A great part of the fault for this is on the fast food, low vitality society that we have gotten to be. Awfully frequently we feel that it is more secure to keep our youngsters inside our homes as opposed to out on the town in nature. The things we are accomplishing for the security of our youngsters are really adverse to the soundness of our kids. There are things howe... read more »

3 Key Weight Loss For Ultimate Weight Loss Success

So youve made the resolution that THIS is the year youre going to lose weight and get in the best shape of your life.  Youre not going to settle for second best youre going to achieve that dream body youve always wanted. Great news this is actually the best time to make that [] The post 3 Key Weight Loss For Ultimate Weight Loss Success appeared first on Well Fit News Spot. read more »

Polycystic Ovaries Syndrome and Me

Hello Beauties, I don't often write personal blog posts such as this one but I thought I would tell you a little more about myself. I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) in my early teens after going to see my doctor constantly. I had so many tests and the doctors thought it was endometriosis so was treating me for that and sending me for tests to see if endometriosis was the condition that I had. When the blood tests came back that I didn't have endometriosis I had various tests for othe... read more »

Do You Struggle With Weight Loss?

The Weight Loss Patch Perhaps the most appealing benefit of using a patch to lose weight is that it is so easy to use.   No pills to remember to take, no special diets, no required exercise routine.   Naturally, sticking to a healthy diet and exercise program is best for your overall health, but if [] The post Do You Struggle With Weight Loss? appeared first on Well Fit News Spot. read more »

Top tips to improve your diet

We all know the importance of eating healthily and are always looking for ways to make it easier. But why wait until 1 January to embark on a new regime. It is only October, so by making changes now, you... read more »

Barilla – Delicious & Healthy Pasta Magicians

Buzzingtaless review pack for Barilla, the world’s leading pasta brand,  arrived along with a recipe booklet and Barilla sauces. Pasta at Buzz The post Barilla Delicious Healthy Pasta Magicians appeared first on BUZZINGTALES in Dubai. read more »

4 X 4 Diet – Book Review

4 X 4 Diet The 4 X 4 Diet is a book that anyone could use but I would say it is most suitable for beginners. Erin Oprea does a great job of breaking The post 4 X 4 Diet Book Review appeared first on Concierge Librarian. read more »

Punca Kegemukan Yang Jarang Diketahui

Punca Kegemukan Yang Jarang Diketahui Pertambahan berat badan tidak selalu berasal dari apa yang anda makan. Ada banyak faktor-faktor penyebab kegemukan lain yang tidak terduga.Berat badan umumnya bertambah ketika kalori yang dibakar tubuh saat bekerja lebih sedikit daripada kalori yang masuk dari makanan yang dimakan. Namun selain makanan, ada banyak faktor yang juga mempengaruhi metabolisme dan berat badan tubuh. Kenali faktor-faktor tersebut. stresKetika anda stres, tubuh akan menjadi tegang dan meng... read more »

Diet Cepat Atau Diet Sihat?

Diet Cepat Atau Diet Sihat?Jika anda ingin mengurangkan berat badan, setengah hingga satu kilogram per minggu adalah berat sihat yang disarankan untuk dihilangkan.Perubahan pola makan secara mendadak untuk menurunkan berat badan secara cepat berisiko membuat anda mengalami gangguan kesihatan. Usaha keras yang tidak sihat ini juga tidak membolehkan perubahan gaya hidup yang berterusan yang bertujuan untuk menjaga kestabilan berat badan ideal dalam jangka panjang.Setengah hingga satu kilogram per minggu ad... read more »

Choose Rice or Potatoes To Diet?

The problem of weight is a problem most of the young women in the World. Even those who have the ideal body weight is still often view themselves fat. This is why the diet culture to be a trend for teenagers.There are various kinds of diets can be an option, the most common pattern is to manage your diet by changing the main source of carbohydrates and exercising. The main source of carbohydrates such communities in Indonesia is rice, but for those who want to lose weight, rice is believed to be the main... read more »

What is Pescatarianism?

Pescatarianism (also spelled pescetarianism) is the practice of following a diet that includes fish or other seafood, but not the flesh of other animals. Most pescatarians maintain a lacto-ovo vegetarian diet with the addition of fish and shellfish.EtymologyPescatarian is a neologism formed as a portmanteau of the Spanish and Portuguese word pescado ("fish as food") and the English word "vegetarian". The alternative spelling, pescetarian, is influenced by the Italian word pesce ("fish"). The English pron... read more »

The Stone Age Diet Solution

The dietary habits adopted by developed countries over the last centuries are largely responsible for many of the chronic diseases that are now commonplace in Western society.Diseases such as coronary heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and cancer of the colon are virtually unheard of among the few hunter-gatherer populations still remaining in the world.The stone age diet is based on the foods that our hunter-gatherer ancestors would have eaten before they became farmers. Even over the last ... read more »

The Fastest Way To Lose Weight In 3 Weeks

Losing weight in a short space of time has always been thought of as a near impossible task. For years, doctors and dietitians have told the public that it takes months and sometimes even years of hard work to see any progress with weight loss, or to sculpt the perfect body. But that is simply ... Continue reading The Fastest Way To Lose Weight In 3 Weeks read more »

Almost Back in Shape

Swimsuit: Sassa || Sunnies: SPRINTO || Coverup: Gift So there you go! I started working out and dieting when Leon turned 10 months. 6 months after my decision, I am now weighing 120lbs from 10lbs. Still a bit far from my 2013 body (108 lbs) but I'm currently struggling to lose more weight. If you have noticed, my tummy, legs and thighs are still heavy while my arms and face are shrinking. Its probably the carbs and the sweets that I still cannot let go. I hope you liked my post! :) Much Love, TBD read more »

Day 2: Journey to kurus

Pengertian makanan seimbang Sebelum kita nak kurus ni kita haruslah ada ilmu buat sesuatu kalau tak ada ilmu tak jadi jangan main redah. Macam kita nak hadapi peperiksaan lah kena baca dan faham barulah kita boleh jawab. Jadi kita kena faham konsep makan seimbang atau diet seimbang. Key words nya senang saja nak kurus kena jaga makan. Kalau makan kurus mana-mana pun memang kena jaga makan. Selain tu, kita juga kena exercise. Kena ikut nisbah 80:20, 80% jaga makan dan 20% lagi exercise. Pemakanan seim... read more »

Фигура как у топ-модели Марты Хант: тренировки,...

Редактор Self magazine узнала, что происходит, когда вы следуете тренировке Марты Хант за два дня до шоу Victoria's Secret. Да, шоу. После Дня благодарения моя мотивация к тренировке переходит в овердрайв. В ожидании этого я отправила Марте Хант email, которая любезно предложила мне поучаствовать в одной из её тренировок в рамках подготовки к Victoria Secret Fashion Show. Мы договорились встретиться в субботу, за два дня до шоу VSX и столько же после праздника Дня благодарения. Мы встретились в Modelf... read more »

Health & Fitness Update and Why I Hate BMI

I've decided to be less methodical with my postings and focus more on my emotions along with my triumphs.It's been a funny week or two, my emotions have been controlling me a little more than I'd like when it comes to what I eat which has led me to want to be more open. I have been busy this summer but I've also been somewhat heartbroken. I was dating someone and we split at the end of July, we hadn't been dating long but it was intense and I had strong feelings for him but circumstances got in the way a... read more »

Want a fit and healthy body? Take ATC’s Reducin...

Fit Body, Fit Life A clear indication of a fit life is having a fit body. It does not just show how well you take care of yourself, it is also self-satisfying to have a slender and sexy physique. We all know that keeping a fit body can be hard. With all the hustle Read More The post Want a fit and healthy body? Take ATCs Reducin now! appeared first on The satastefied Chef. read more »

PURE 5:2 Transformation In 21 Days - Ebook

PURE 5:2 Transformation In 21 Days - EbookIf you are looking for a guide to follow to start eating cleaner and live a healthy life then this book is for you. It's FULL of amazing advice and so much more. This book will help you create a new outlook on what you are feeding your body. Great ways to transition from junk to healthy food and lifestyle. I found this to be a super easy read and I was captivated and felt like the author was writing just for me ( I maybe crazy)It's hard to transition to a healthy... read more »

Health & Fitness Update (Playing Catch-up Part 2)

Another week and I'm playing catch-up. As you can tell my blog posts are still few and far between. This is mainly because I'm so active at the moment, I haven't been on any fabulous holidays, the summer holidays do not mean I have time off with the kids (because I haven't got any), yet I find myself distracted and busy, but in a good way.My life is either work or the gym with walking to and from in-between. Now I usually go to the gym every other day and with swimming in-between or after, I haven't done... read more »

Health & Fitness Update (Playing Catch-up)

Well it has been quite some time since I posted a health and fitness update. There has been a lot of upheaval in my life but it is all okay now. Everything is once again more positive. I'm happy to say that even though I haven't been updating my blog I have been super busy and super active.I'll start with what hasn't changed much, the food. I still have a standard pattern, I eat a little more as I'm doing more activity but in general I'm happy. I eat everything I like in moderation although I can be a li... read more »

Is The Paleo Diet Really Paleo?

Banksy's cavemanLord Jim,CC BYSince starting this blog, I have posted a few articles pros and cons of the Paleo Diet. Many people have claimed success with the Paleolithic ancestor style... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] read more »

Секрет стройной фигуры Тейлор Свифт

Все удивляются, как Тейлор Свифт остается такой стройной и подтянутой. Всякий раз, когда ее спрашивают о режиме питания и привычках, Тейлор всегда начинает разговор с оговоркой, что она любит еду, и что никакая "тощая" идеология в мире не сможет повлиять на ее любовь к вкусной еде. Она следует специфической системе, которую сделала частью своего образа жизни, так как считает, что это принесет ей наибольшую выгоду. Тейлор заявляет, что придерживается жесткого плана тренировок 5-6 дней в неделю. Она сл... read more »

Health & Fitness Update 29/06/2015 to 05/07/2015

I have had a hectic week so I'm keeping this post brief, very brief.Nothing exciting food wise, now James is out of the house I'm struggling to get a proper meal down me in the evening, mainly as when I return my mum is usually just destroying the kitchen meaning it isn't free until 9 which is way too late so I'm concentrating on eating proper meals for breakfast and lunch.Step wise, well I don't actually know, I need to check my Fitbit report as I've been concentrating on exercise more than anything so ... read more »

Health & Fitness Update 22/06/2015 to 28/06/2015

This week started poorly but has ended in a high. I really felt crappy this week, I cant even remember why I felt so bad because there has been a complete upturn in attitude and ability! As I felt so crappy I didn't really push myself but on Thursday some switched and I made an incredibly exciting decision.My food has been okay, yogurt, blueberries and granola for breakfast most days along with the odd cooked breakfast at work, as I don't have meat it isn't too bad, beans, mushrooms, potatoes and eggs ar... read more »

Midweek Health & Fitness Update 08/06/2015 to 2...

Well not only is it not midweek but it has also been an age since I posted, pretty much anything! I did plan on updating on Wednesday but my time is pretty much taken up at the moment but I'm here now which is the main thing. It has been a busy couple of weeks, it's been a busy month with dating added to the mix - something that is very much a positive in my life. Now this is slightly long distance as he is north of Manchester and I am south, so two connections around around 2 hours of public transport... read more »

The Secret of the Traveling Peanut Butter

Its hardly a secret anymore. Peanut butter is great and so is powdered peanut butter. I like to keep both in my kitchen! Here are some of the benefits of powdered peanut butter (the first particularly applies in the summer or anytime a peanut butter lover travels to a place with an uncertain peanut butter supply, like Germany): * TSA-friendly for your carry-on, since its not a liquid or a crea * High in plantbased protein * High in fiber * Lower in fat * Can be used to replace part of the flour in baki... read more »

Midweek Health & Fitness Update 25/05/2015 to 0...

This is two weeks worth of updates as I've been rather busy, which is okay in general but not good for my blog.My diet has been lacking, through being busy I've been eating less and less, now this is okay for losing weight but isn't ideal long term. I don't want to feel exhausted during the day so I need to get back to three square meals rather than two.I have been supplementing my day with diet drinks for a snack, I say diet drinks but its basically a protein drink that is low carb. I have that with a b... read more »

Losing Diet Motivation? This is How to Return it!

Some women feel that weight loss was difficult. Even so many are willing to take pains you know a diet in order to realize a slim body like a model fashion show famous.Well, in addition to abstinence from temptation of fatty foods, diet also need strong motivation to be able to run smoothly and the results are satisfactory. But if your motivation starts to fade, immediately do the following things in order to lose weight the spirit back again.Invite FriendsNeed extra struggle when diet alone. Moreover, i... read more »

Midweek Health & Fitness Update 18/05/2015 to 2...

My first post since my long weekend away, I guess you can guess I've been busy! Last week was busy too but I took the opportunity to keep it together and carry on as normal.This did mean being flat-out busy all week, work, exercise then planning what to pack, packing or shaving!Food has been pretty standard with the usual yoghurt, granola and blueberry breakfast. I have however been having a slightly different lunch, mainly down to being cheap and not bothering to pick up more durum wheat. Instead I've b... read more »

Midweek Health & Fitness Update 11/05/2015 to 1...

Well I returned to work last week after having a week off. After the successful date of the weekend before I was still in a positive mood and was able to continue the good work of the previous week. My steps were up this week although I'm hardly getting close at the weekend. I really find it hard to balance this as I try and get things done that I need to, exercise, but steps are hard to keep up with. I will try but I somewhat find it to be slightly pointless, well, as long as I make sure I workout. I t... read more »

Midweek Health & Fitness Update 04/05/2015 to 1...

Well last week was busy, which is why I posted about nothing else since my last midweek update. Three things were occurring, firstly I was on holiday, secondly it was my dads first proper week from hospital and lastly, I went on a date, yup an actual date!I always knew my steps wouldn't be at their best but I have to say I did do pretty okay for a holiday at home. I made the effort to do more walking on some days and on the other days I made sure I exercised my bum off. Now my date was on Saturday and la... read more »

Midweek Health & Fitness Update 27/04/2015 to 0...

Another week that I'm sticking my midweek update in one day early. I'm actually on holiday, hooray! Just not one that includes actually going away. Dad is back at home so it's nice to be around him, plus I needed a rest from work. Enough about this week, time to discuss last week.Frankly it was fabulous, there is a new positivity in my life that is making the urge to eat less and workout hard a lot easier. I'm full of energy and happiness.Now I only worked Monday to Thursday lunchtime, I never do as many... read more »

Midweek Health & Fitness Update 20/04/2015 to 2...

Well it was a fantastic week, lot's of progress and positivity. I never did get around to sharing the other upheaval that has changed and will changed loads of things so instead I'll mention it now. I split up with my partner of a number of years over a month ago. We're still friends and as we haven't really been romantic for a couple of years things aren't really changing, except they are, and that takes time to adjust to. He is in the process of looking for a new place and once he does move that will c... read more »

Midweek Health & Fitness Update 13/04/2015 to 1...

It's been such a busy week with this and that, I haven't managed to blog much but I have managed to do a little more. I'll start with the steps as I've done so well. I managed to hit over 10,000 steps on three occasions, two by quite a lot more. I'd like to get my five day working week up to 10,000 steps, I know on average I met them but I want a bit more consistency. The weekend started well, I was out with a friend on Saturday doing shopping (I'll be posting about this at the weekend) so I managed to ... read more »

Midweek Health & Fitness Update 06/04/2015 to 1...

This week felt like it went better, I was slightly more positive and made the effort to do more exercise. My daytime diet is getting better, I'm enjoying the change with my breakfast, granola, yoghurt and fruit in the week instead of toast. I find it more filling and healthier, I'm quite smug about it really, lunch is still durum wheat, carrots and cucumber I usually have a little something else with it a long as some fruit but it varies day to day. My tea also varies, I've been eating a little later aga... read more »

Review: Greenlite Vegan Meal Delivery Service!

I recently got to try a new-to-me vegan frozen meal delivery service called Greenlite Meals! The meals arrive in an insulated box inside a cardboard shipping box, with cooler packets inside and the meals all packaged in space-conserving freeze-wrap packages. As you can see, the sides and the entrees are packaged separately. Im actually quite a fan of that style of packaging, because you can mix and match the sides and entrees to create the meals that youre in the mood for! Read more » read more »

Habits, Weight Loss and Healthy Eating

There comes a time when you attempt to put on your favorite jeans and discover extra pounds. Yep the jeans are too snug. I just didn't want to part with my favorite jeans. I'm too busy to shop for a pair that fits exactly as my favorite ones. Well, not really. I just wanted to do other things besides shop for jeans. Instead of shopping I discovered another way I can fit into my favorites and be healthy about it. It's all in the ebook Health Becomes You by Cameron Colter. First I discovered I needed to ... read more »

Midweek Health & Fitness Update 30/3/15 - 04/4/15

It has been a more positive week for me, I've had more get up and got but fortunately not more time. I didn't even manage to recharge my batteries but it did force me to consider having a holiday soon, just one at home but time off to truly do nothing would be great. I always panic about wasting time when I'm off so I try to fit it all in but if I could at least have a couple of days of sleeping for 10 hours, well like would just be a whole lot better.The long weekend was still great, I managed to get my... read more »

Midweek Health & Fitness Update 23/3/15 - 29/3/15

Another week of being topsy turvy so in similar fashion I'll start with the positives.I'm certainly on top of eating early, well, mainly in the week, my weekend was all over the shop but that's a different story, not a terrible one just different. I've found that when I eat earlier in the evening I have smaller portions and I don't end up feeling stuffed. I also actually feel hungry at breakfast time, another positive change. Being hectic at work has meant stuffing food down my neck which hasn't been goo... read more »

Midweek Health & Fitness Update 16/3/15 - 22/3/15

This week was better, it just felt better in general with everything. I'm still tired and sore but there were some positive changes.My steps are on the up, not that I'm hitting my "best steps ever" but I'm building up to it. At least it give me a goal for this week, more steps! Another positive is that I'm starting to eat earlier in the evening. The goal is to change when I eat rather than what I eat as I never truly over-indulge but I have a problem hour when I come home from work hungry, I'll snack an... read more »

Midweek Health & Fitness Update 9/3/15 - 15/3/15

Another mixed week with some positives and some negatives.The main negative was my step count. I feel like I'm slipping further and further away from hitting 10,000 a day (or even averaging 70,000 a week). I'm trying hard when I'm in work where I spend a lot of time walking about anyway, I just make sure I push it a bit further. At the weekends I don't do that much, with dads imminent return home, preparing the house, considering things and knowing that there will be a lot of caring, which is a reason fo... read more »

Warum du trotz Diät nicht abnimmst und wie es s...

Hallo liebe Leute, vor ziemlich genau einem Monat haben mein Freund und ich unser Abnehmprogramm gestartet. Was wir dabei gelernt haben, lest ihr hier: Der Plan Unser bescheidendes Ziel war es jeder in einem Monat 3 kg abzunehmen. Dazu haben wir einen Gesundheitsplan aufgestellt. Er enthielt im wesentlichen 3 Punkte: gesünder essen [] read more »

Fighting colds and flu with food

I'm pretty good at getting through the cold and flu season without being wiped out. I'm not sure if it's because I'm pregnant or because the weather is so miserable this year, but this week I was really suffering with a yucky cold.Being pregnant there isn't much I can take to treat colds from the pharmacy, so I started to look into foods that could help cure my cold.Foods that help fight colds and flu Blueberries- all fresh fruit and veg is good for a cold but blueberries have rhe highest concentration ... read more »

Not Drinking Enough Water - Are you Stupid?

The title of the blog is no pun intended. A study revealed that even a little dehydration can decrease your mental acuity by as much as 30%. That explains a lot of the stupid decisions that I have been making. Seriously,I am not joking.I have been told a zillion times byhealth practioners, trainers, parents friends and tons of people to drink water and keep mysel hydrated. all to deaf ears, that also can be blamed to dehydration cause I have to be stupid not to take up such a simple advice. Back to the... read more »

Homemade Vegan Quest Bars - A Recipe!

I love Quest bars. But guess what I don't love? $2.99 per bar. Really? Are you sure? Is that whey powder or gold powder in there? 'Cause I'm cool with just the whey, thanks. But Quest bars are sweet, healthy, chewy, and great at room temperature, frozen, or (my personal favorite) baked. So how is a girl to fuel her Quest bar addiction without growing a money tree or convincing Donald Trump to be her honorary dad (can that be a thing)? Make your own! And it's easier than you think - and you can e... read more »

Does Sugar Make You Fat?

Sugar, oh it tastes so sweet, but do we really need it? Besides, is that spare tire around your waist, your neck jawlines and upper arm flab caused by eating too much sugar? Research in recent years has shown that your sugar intake can have a definite effect on your body weight, over time. So how much is too much and exactly how does sugar make you fat? Let us take that second question first. Sugar, as well as high fructose corn syrup, is made up of glucose and fructose. You need glucose to live. Your bo... read more »

SquareBars Review

I love protein bars - they're convenient, often tasty (I have a total weakness for chocolate flavored ones), and provide muscle-fueling vegetarian protein! For vegans, howver, there are far fewer good protein bar options. Most bars use whey protein, have milk in their chocolate coating, or both. Luckily for vegans, there's a new all vegan protein bar that's been blowing up in popularity lately. The icing on the cake (coating on the protein bar?) is that part of the profits from the purchase of Squ... read more »

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