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Max announces latest Denim and Activewear colle...

Max, the largest value fashion brand in the region, has announced the launch of its latest Denim and Activewear collection The post Max announces latest Denim and Activewear collections appeared first on BUZZINGTALES . read more »

Wish list del nuovo anno su SheIn

Anno nuovo, armadio nuovo!Questo sarà il mio mantra per il 2017, così voglio dare il benvenuto a questo nuovo anno con una frizzantissima wish list sempre firmata SheIn, approfittando di sconti imperdibili che vanno dal 40% al 50%. Inizio da questo morbidissimo maglione con scollo a barca e inserti in pizzo, disponibile in bianco e nero, per dare un tocco di malizia e raffinatezza anche con temperature rigide. Da abbinare sotto questa giacca in eco-pelliccia degradé bianca e nera, così calda ed avvolge... read more »

Women's Denim Printed Leggings By SwagLAMode

I came across the denim printed legging by SwagLAMode. The denim jeans are offered with thirteen different prints. Designs are made in the USA, but the leggings are imported. materials use to make these are 40% Viscose, 50% Polyester and 10 % Spandex. Sizes available are S-XL. Also in Plus sizes. I chose the denim jeans covered in roses. As roses are one of my favorite flowers. When the jeans arrived, I got them out of the box to look at. I thought there is no way these jeans are going to fit. They lo... read more »

Saldi invernali 2016, la mia wish list su Dress...

La primavera è quasi alle porte, le passerelle delle sfilate ci mostrano in anteprima le prossime tendenze primavera/estate 2016 e i saldi invernali impazzano in un delirio di occasioni imperdibili su Dresslink. Qui troverete tutti i capi più hot e di tendenza di questo autunno inverno, come il cappotto a uovo, i maxi cardigan di lana, le frange che trasformano in boho il vostro outfit, le gonne a tubo, longuette e a vita alta, i mini abiti anni '60 e tanto altro. Eccovi la mia personale wish list di fi... read more »


Melbourne, 29 June, 2015 Australia’s most iconic and trusted denim experts, Just Jeans, are thrilled to announce Australian born model Ashley Hart as their new brand ambassador. With a strong history of supporting Australian talent, Ashley Hart joins the... The post JUST JEANS ANNOUNCES ASHLEY HART AS NEW BRAND AMBASSADOR appeared first on The Bag Investigator. read more »

L'estate è denim

Tra i vari trend di questa primavera/estate 2015 il mio preferito è il denim; cool in tutte le versioni abbraccia non solo jeans, borse e scarpe ma anche bracciali e orecchini. Il denim si reinventa sotto forma di pizzi e ricami à jour o si copre di cristalli e borchie, per un look casual ma molto chic. Capo denim per eccellenza i pantaloni in jeans, che siano a zampa di elefante, a sigaretta, a vita alta o bassa, con o senza risvolti.Abbinare il denim ad altri tessuti non è davvero un problema, anche s... read more »

Forever Comfort

Сколько себя помню, никогда не могла пройти мимо витрины обувного магазина. Еще совсем недавно я не могла жить без каблуков, маниакально скупая понравившиеся (очередные) туфельки. Причем многие из них я так по сей день и не обула. Сейчас мой фетиш - это кроссовки и кеды и это не старостьдань моде. Я просто выбираю комфорт. И вобще как то в последнее время я разлюбила наряжаться( Мне просто нравится чувствовать себя уверенно на протяжении дня, а не постоянно волноваться не смялась ли моя шелковая юбка. Та... read more »

Embrace Your Flaws

(Shirt from HM, shorts from Next, shoes from Memorata CLN, pearls from Avon Accessories, hoop earrings from F21) Photographed by Kimberly Anne Baylon Hi, everyone! How are you today? Feeling great? Feeling awesome? Feeling sexy? Feeling down? Feeling awkward? Or just the plain Feeling IDK? Well, this post is for everyone!We all have our own flaws and imperfections, right? From the smallest mole to the biggest scar..But who cares?! We are who we are and we don't need everyone's approval. :) I h... read more »


Не смотря на мою маниакальную любовь к головным уборам, это первая шляпа в моем гардеробе. Когда я все же решилась на такую покупку передо мной стал очень тяжелый выбор, какая шляпа мне все таки нужна. И из всего изобилия цветов и форм я выбрала черную классику, решив, что первая шляпа должна быть именно такой. Она удачно комбинируется практически со всеми моими образами. И теперь, сроднившись с этой шляпой, я уже начинаю поглядывать на другие цвета и понимать, что они мне просто жизненно необходимы. Так... read more »

Denim on Denim on Denim

(Next, Forever 21, Primadonna, Avon Accessories) Photographed by Christelle Ira Inocencio It's been weeks since my last entry and I apologize for that. I've been very busy with my OJT in POEA and school works are really driving me insane. I've got tons of paperwork in the office and tons of researches and requirements to do at school. Well, I guess that's what it is when you're week from your big day, GRADUATION DAY!Even though it's weeks from now, I'm already receiving a lot of job offers from di... read more »

When I get bored.....#new #shopping

WhenIgettiredofshopping,Ijustsitandtryonsomeshoes...ButbadthingiswhenItryshoes,Iusuallyendupwithnewshoes....Mynewadds-oninthecloset!It'salmostspringandtimeforsomefreshcolors:) AndIamf*ckingcrazy!.....:)Thosewerejust"musthave",Icouldn'tresist!AndnowIjustcan'twaitforthesummertocomesoIcanwearthem.Becool,beclassy:) read more »

~ alexa in denim ~

She has been the ultimate fashionista Her style has been an inspiration for thousands of girls She has recently designed her own denim collection for AG brand and shares with us some hot tips on how to choose the right pieces for our wardrobe. You can find them on Alexa Chung for your eyes [] read more »

Лошади, осень и приятные моменты

На прошлой неделе я побывала в прекрасном месте. Раньше здесь был частный зоопарк со львами, пеликанами, верблюдами и другими экзотическими животными. И все это в окружении элитных загородных ресторанных комплексов. Поэтому однажды приехали добры молодцы на волшебном бульдозере и снесли все до основания. К счастью хозяева не отчаялись, выиграли суд и сохранили половину животных. Теперь они своими силами пытаются возобновить то, что имели раньше. Но по законам суровой реальности все очень не просто и окол... read more »

What I Wear in a Day: Just Chillin' in My Cuffe...

The other day when I did my article and off-the-cuff tutorial (no pun intended curvy divas) on how to roll the best cuff on your jeans, I had not actually gone out with my denim rolled up. That... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] read more »

How to Cuff Your Jeans

Would you believe curvy divas that I used to deliberately go out and buy denim with cuffs because they used to be oh so fashionable several fashion years ago. I know, who does that? Well, I... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] read more »

You Choose the Shoes Week 16

Hello friends, well last weeks contest proved one thing you CAN wear too much denim, the votes were overwhelmingly in favor of the wedge heels.  Not that you didnt like the denim shoes, it was just that they were too much with the maxi denim dress. I now need to find an appropriate outfit Continue reading The post You Choose the Shoes Week 16 appeared first on Fashion and Fun after Fifty. read more »

You Choose The Shoes | Week 15

Hello friends, I hope all is well in your world. Welcome to Week 15 of You Choose The Shoes, I am glad that so many of you look forward to this weekly feature just as much as I enjoy posting it. Last weeks contenders were fun and the votes for each were coming in fast and furious but Continue reading The post You Choose The Shoes | Week 15 appeared first on Fashion and Fun after Fifty. read more »

Onion Print

Недавно у меня появилось новое хобби - шитье. И теперь когда я хожу по магазинам тканей, у меня прямо ноги подкашиваются при виде необычных принтов. Когда я увидела эти луковички, я сразу поняла, что они должны быть моими! Я долго думала что это будет, платье, юбка, костюм... и тп. Но в один миг было решено, что может быть красивее и женственее летящей юбки миди. И вуаля! Два часа старания и завистливые взгляды модниц на десерт) /юбка Made by Me/куртка Boohoo/босоножки и аксессуары Centro/ read more »

Sleep Dress

Что вы делаете когда на улице холодно и идет дождь? Мы с мужем прыгаем в машину и часами катаемся по городу. Это так романтично вдвоем промокнуть под проливным дождем, то и дело прячась в укромных уголках от ледяных капель. Держась за руки бежать по лужам, не обращая внимания на то, что на ногах любимые босоножки. Вдохновившись романтикой дождливого дня и стилем Кэри Брэдшоу, я в нежном платье-комбинации, дополненном денимом, дефилирую по мокрому асфальту. И хочу, что бы этот дождливый день не заканчива... read more »

Casual Chic

Вы когда нибудь встречали человека, который знает вас лучше вас самих? С самого утра знает какое у вас настроение, лучше любого фотографа раскроет ваш внутренний мир. Потому, что знает. Знает вас до единой мысли, до единого желания. Когда вам плохо, а на улице проливной дождь, принесет вам из магазина именно то печенье.Почему же не все встречают таких людей? Или может они не понимают,что это тот человек. Потому что не ценят его, хотят чего то большего сами не понимая чего.У меня к счастью есть такой чело... read more »

MOM'S Jeans

Сегодня, девочки, хочу поделиться больюопытом по поводу mom's jeans. Мне безумно нравилась эта модель джинс на моделях с asos и знаменитых блогерах. Я обошла наверное все магазины масс-маркета в поисках "своих" джинс, но как бы горько не было, мне не подошло абсолютно ничего. Так как к сожалению или к счастью я не обладаю модельными параметрами, джинсы смотрелись на мне просто ужасно и выдавали все недостатки фигуры. Я уже совсем оставила эту затею, как вдруг, зайдя в гости к маме обнаружила у нее в шкаф... read more »

Let's Rock

Наверное каждый из нас хоть раз посещал рок клубы или концерты и представлял себя крутым рокером на шикарном байке. И хотя у большинства эти мысли не переросли в стиль жизни, можно хотя бы поиграть в рокера, примеряв кожаную куртку, немного железа и расставив красные акценты. So everybody let's rock. /куртка Zara/топ Bershka/джинсы Aliexpress/кепкаAliexpress/туфли Centro/ read more »

Boho Chic

Привет всем! Вот пролетели все праздники, все шашлыки сьедены, все костры потушены. Эти размеренные, романтические выходные наедине с мужем закончились. Я наконец смогла почувствовать себя по настоящему расслабленной. В честь этого я примеряла на себя один из моих любимых в этом сезоне стилей - boho chiс. За городом так хочется одевать летящие, воздушные вещи. Чувствовать каждое дуновение ветерка на коже, мне кажется, что свободные брюки палаццо с актуальным цветочным принтом и нежная шифоновая блуза вып... read more »


As we settle in to the new year 2014, it's easy to get into the mindset that an entirely new wardrobe is necessary. After all denims and sandals are no longer going to cut it. But there are probably lots of items you have just waiting to be re-imagined for this year.Take for example, All Star Converse sneakers - also known as Chucks. They are arguably the most recognizable footwear in the world. Though they seem like the least exciting footwear option you own, they can actually transform just about any l... read more »

Точенная фигурка

Красиво одеваться не запретишь. Для некоторых, это является смыслом жизни. Но и для остального большинства населения, это является важной составляющей жизнедеятельности. Большинство девушек и женщин хотят одеваться именно красиво, потому что в этом состоит суть женщин. Различные веяния моды нацелены на развитие коммерческой сферы моды,. Глаза разбегаются всё попробовать и не всегда это получается успешно.Ведь быть стильным – значит из всего красивого выбирать то, что может собой украсить и вас. Дизайнеры... read more »

Comfort Fashion

Denim Top: SM GTW (Doll House) || Leggings: SM GTW (Shopaholic) Shoes Watch: Random (Tiangge at Edsa Central)) Okay so I posted on Instagram (@roviedear) that I was supposed to write a make-up review but because my husband and my cousin is playing NBA on the desktop I couldn't do my usual editing so i ended up posting my #nofilter set of OOTDs using Paolo's laptop. So let me tell you about my outfit. Lately, I have been wearing flat shoes for comfort. I initially thought that to look fashionable, o... read more »

Soak Up The Sun

Denim Vest: SM GTW (True Love) Bikini: Boracay (Random) | Skirt: Pretty Munchkin Sandals: Random | Sunnies: Rayban Its been weeks since I got married and came back from Boracay but I still have tons of photos and stories to share. Currently I am not feeling well as I'm advised by the doctor to take tons of rest. So I will not make this really long as I still need to go back to bed and go back to sleep (like what I've been doing for many days now). Anyways my post is so summery despite the start of th... read more »

Basic Skinny

Jeans: SM GTW (Dollhouse) || Top: Random Too dDon aring for a comeback? I'm sure most of you guys are probably getting sick of my wedding and boracay posts (for those who still haven't seen our SDE, you could check on my previous post) so let me give you a breather by sharing you these set of lovely photos taken by Don Micheal of Happy Fingers. Before my 3 week hiatus, I've shared to you that I had a sexy, laidback (very rouge-ish) photoshoot with Don and here is one of the four layouts we've done. Don ... read more »

Forever Summer

Top: True Love (SM GTW) || Skirt: Betty (SM GTW) Watch: ODM || Shoes: Trunkshow || Bag: Coach I never thought I'd fall in love with denim pieces until I discovered the beautiful pieces in SM GTW's True Love and Dollhouse. As I've said earlier in my previous blog post, it took me a lot of courage to wear denims for I had an awkward fashion sense growing up. Anyways, decided to pair my denim top with this super colorful skirt from Betty, (another SM GTW brand) to add color in my outfit. Colorful and girl... read more »

90's Kid

Dress: SM GTW (True Love) Shoes: HM || Hat: SM Accessories Like you, denims remind me of the 90's. Honestly growing up, my my fashion sense was a little awkward and I wore a lot of denims when I was young. Vests (I call them chaleco back then!), baggy pants, palda shorts, jumpers, name it I wore it. I looked a little weird when I was young so I decided not to wear denim now that I'm older. It took me a lot of courage to finally wear denim again now that the trend is back. Glad that one of SM GTW brand... read more »

Orange I'm Glad

Yes I'm glad! I really apologize for my lack of posts this week, I have been very busy with work, workouts and wedding stuff (wow, that's a lot of Ws!). However, I am now very glad that I finally got a chance to update my blog and share you this outfit I wore exactly a week ago. Ironically, I wore a very summery outfit despite the rainy weather we have been experiencing for weeks. Don't worry, I was wearing blazer the whole day I was wearing this ensemble and only removed it for #OOTD purposes. Thats how... read more »

Party Fail

Finally! I'm back after the hiatus. I apologize guys for not having enough time to update my blog as I've been through a rough time the past few days (which was really apparent on my previous blog post). But as we always say, we have to face the consequences and move on. Since the past couple of weeks was very stressful for me, Paolo and I decided to chilllast night to cap release the bad vibes. I was initially invited to Ke$ha's Wild Wicked party at URBN with Paolo last night but because URBN closed the... read more »

I Love You, Bella!

I am still overflowing with happiness as I write this post. The Creative People surprised me yesterday by giving me a BTS video of our pre-nup pictorial last month with Nice Print. I feel so lucky to have met these guys (Bella Morcen, Louielyn Mata and Kevin King) for they gave a lot of effort for our prenup. They did our shoot, our video way more passinately than Nice Print. I love how they were able to show our "fun side," on how happy and comfortable we are to each other. I know I've talked about this... read more »


На вулиці стало прохолодніше. Останніми днями небо було затягнуте сірими хмарами, а вчора майже весь день без перестану йшов дощ. Сьогодні ж навпаки, небо роз'яснилося та виглянуло сонце. Вулиці ніби й були наповнені сонячним світлом, стало набагато тепліше, але все ж якось, відчуття, що зараз літо десь пропало... Тому й одягатися я стала тепліше. Мій стиль ділиться на дві частини. Але вони не рівні. Більша частина мене схильна до класичного, романтичного такого жіночного та елегантного стилю. Я люблю ... read more »

That Denim Again

Yes I'm wearing the similar denim polo I wore in my CRAZY KIDS post. I never realized how versatile denim polos are until I pupurchased one from SM GTW / True love. Even with a slight effort in styling, denim pieces are stylish enough to make a statement. Thus, on lazy days like this, I can just wear my denim as blazer and look stylish in an instant. Shorts: Random Top: Pink Pretty Fly | Watch: Rudy Project Necklace: Simone Fashion ClosetWearing it closed is also a good alternative. Expect this denim... read more »

Crazy Kids

The whistle on Ke$ha's latest song, Crazy Kidsis stuck in my head as I write this post. Well, its fitting enough for my blog cause this is probably one of my craziest outfit I've ever worn -- inside a mall! They say when you have it flaunt it.Since I've been working real hard lately for my Project Sexy honeymoon body, why not wear cropped / midribs? I'm partly grateful that Paolo did not took these outfit photos cause if it was him behind the lens, these photos won't be captured. But don't worry, I was ... read more »

Denim & Cropped

When I went to the #GreatNorthernSale yesterday at SM City North Edsa, my outfit was actually coordinated with my baby girl, Rhea Bue. If you have noticed, Rhea and I were wearing the same cropped top! This is actually a collaboration where we are wearing the same top but styled differently. Top: SM GTW / BETTY Bag: Coach Shorts: SM GTW / DOLLHOUSE The last 2 photos are a bit sexy, and I'm not quite comfortable with this posing. Would like to commend Rhea for actually teaching me this pose. Haha I ... read more »

Denim Love

Im currently finalizing details for my entourage dresses as I write this outfit post. Earlier this morning, my family and I canvassed for entourage dresses suppliers and luckily we've booked one that is fit to my budget. I remember telling to my lola how tiring it was to bargain to the supplier. I couldn't believe I spent more than 2 hours at the bridal shop to just settle the price, design and all other knitty gritty details. I literally had a headache after the transaction where I begged my folks to ... read more »

summer's in your hair and heaven's in your eyes

My exams are finished and I am on half term at last! I have been celebrating at a Muse concert at the Emirates stadium last night and by seeing the Great Gatsby today which I absolutely loved - so artistic and aesthetically gorgeous! I will definitely be channeling the 20's jazz age this week! I am wearing a new jacket from Rokit Vintage, it's too adorable for me to fathom and I can't wait to wear it every day of my life >.< My bag is Accessorize and my sunglasses are also Rokit vintage - they have an... read more »

Fly Away Before Dawn

I never knew shooting outfits outside could be fun at the same time embarrassing. Fun because you try to use the background as a canvas and embarrassing because neighbors tend to look at what you are doing. But this will not be the last time I will shoot outside, I just love the natural light! It makes your skin instantly flawless and colors will pop out more.I wore this outfit about two weeks ago when I was working for my dad as a part time employee. One of the advantages working for your family busines... read more »

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