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Asha Bhosle to celebrate her birthday – Asha’s ...

Dine at Asha’s and win a chance to meet global icon Asha Bhosle  from September 1st to October 15th 2016 The post Asha Bhosle to celebrate her birthday Ashas invites diners to tea with legendary singer appeared first on BUZZINGTALES in Dubai. read more »

Al Nafoorah Delectable Gourmet Style UAE Mother...

Buzzingtales was invited to a very special gourmet at Al Nafoorah, Emirates Tower, on 17th MArch 2016 to preview the The post Al Nafoorah Delectable Gourmet Style UAE Mothers Day Celebration appeared first on Buzzingtales. read more »

FOOD: Tuna Pesto

The stingy person that I am, I decided to cook my lunch from now on. And my first is Tuna Pesto ala Maria. =)) Heres the ingredients to my ever delicious Tuna Pesto. You can buy the ingredients from your favorite local supermarket (bought mine in Hypermart 😀 ) Spaghetti (any read more »

FOOD: Tuna Pesto ala Maria

The stingy person that I am, I decided to cook my lunch from now on. And my first is Tuna Pesto ala Maria. =)) Heres the ingredients to my ever delicious Tuna Pesto. You can buy the ingredients from your favorite local supermarket (bought mine in Hypermart 😀 ) Spaghetti (any read more »

Peanut Butter Everything!

National Peanut Butter Cookie Day is coming up - it's June 12!I'm ahugepeanut butter fan, so I will happily celebrate any and all peanut-related food holidays. I know how I will celebrate National Peanut Butter Cookie Day - by baking Halfway to Heaven Peanut Butter Cookies!If you aren't a big fan of peanut butter cookies, these still might change your mind - they're like even better Fluffernutters or Girl Scout Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies! If you're convinced that peanut butter cookies aren't for you,... read more »

Mini tort raw-vegan cu zmeura si ciocolata

Buna dragilor ! Din titlul postarii cred ca va dati seama ca urmeaza a va povesti despre un desert delicios !  Una peste alta este sanatos , satios , nu contine lapte , unt , oua sau zahar , deci ce am putea sa ne mai dorim de la un desert decat sa fie atat [] read more »

The Best Acai Bowls in Hawaii!

Summer, and summer break for those on an academic calendar, is rapidly approaching. Its the perfect time for a cyber getaway - to Hawaii! I had the most amazing vacation of my life this past fall. I went to Hawaii (a split stay between Oahu and Kauai) for ten days with my (then) boyfriend! It was expensive, but so worth it. Hawaii is the frickin BEST. Hawaii is stunning, fun, peaceful, relaxing, multicultural, rich in biodiversity, and also incredibly delicious! I highly recommend saving up and going s... read more »

Life Kitchen Presents Healthy, Artisan Granola!

I love, love, love, love granola! It's perfect on everything and with everything! Well, maybe not sauerkraut... But yogurt and granola? It's a beautiful (food) love story. Unfortunately, granola can be a poorly disguised bag of crumbled oatmeal cookies and eating that for breakfast is unlikely to provide a busy girl (or really, anyone) with the long lasting energy we want and need to accomplish everything that we want to! Here is a new granola that I've discovered that lives up to the nutritiona... read more »

Adventures in Cooking // Cake Mix Cookies

I make these semi-regularly because they are easy and they taste so good and everyone loves them. Also you can customize them for the holiday, or whatever, because sprinkles exist. What you'll need: 1 package of white cake mix 2 eggs 1/2 cup vegetable oil Preheat the oven to 350º F. Mix ingredients in a large bowl. The texture should look like it does below, but it'll be really malleable and gooey to the touch. Rollsmall pinches of cookie dough into balls and place on an un-greased cookie sheet.... read more »

Best Thanksgiving Desserts of 2014

Potluck style Thanksgiving dinners are the best for a number of reasons.It's fair division of labor, so everyone has some fun cooking, but no one's completely exhausted by dinner time.It's fair division of costs, since everyone ends up buying some ingredients, but no one is saddled with the cost of creating an entire multi-course Thanksgiving dinner for X number of people.It's a fair division of effort, so everyone has time to sleep in and take it easy on Thanksgiving morning, and no one is forced to get... read more »

Chocolate For A Cure

Wouldn't it be awesome if you could stuff your stocking with something that's crazy delicious, good for you, and does good for the world? Helloooooo, Jojo's Chocolate Hope. It's stevia-sweetened sugar-free dark chocolate that comes in three amazing varieties and 15% of the company's profits go to finding a cure for cancer! I love that they're actually high cacao dark chocolate, because so much dark chocolate is only 45% or 50% cacao.These have 75-79% cacao, which is really quite high! The Smooth Crimin... read more »

Better Brunching: Easy Spinach Quiche Recipe

Brunch is a great social occasion and one of the best meals of the weekend!But it can be pricey. And eating out requires you to get dressed and go out in public. That's generally a good thing, but let's be honest - after a Saturday night of hard partying, the last thing you want to face is the crowded NYC subway or slow LA traffic. You just want food.For Sundays when you'd like to save some money, get your food without leaving your house, or just show off your inner domestic goddess, here's a quick and ... read more »

Fast and Delicious!

Oare fie vorba intre noi? Daca va dezvalui o reteta buna buna si delicioasa .. A .. Si sa nu uit .. Delicioasa si Rapida nu ma certati nu? Bună fetelor ! Stiu ca probabil unele dintre voi sunteti oarecum in cautare de fel si fel de diete iar cand vedeti o reteta a unei [] read more »

A Blast From The Past And Present

Its FRIDAY! YAY! Except the fact that weekends go by faster than sharing popcorn at the movies but they are still awesome. And so is popcorn. YAY my mom got me a Starbucks souvenir. Some seriously awesome coffee and a little coffee measurer. I get so excited over the littlest of things. They are the most precious to me. Things that I can use and enjoy. I havent ate oatmeal in a while it seemed, so I cooked some up with rasps and strawberries with Enjoy Life mini chocolate chips! I love this flavor ... read more »

Dua Residency, Jalan Tun Razak

Have you been to Dua Residency at Jalan Tun Razak? I haven't been there before and I have google and still not sure of this place.I was told that it is better to take LRT to Ampang Park, then take taxi to go there. I will be going to Delicious restaurant.Anyway I am not sure of fee charge by cab. read more »

Dua Residency, KLCC where is it?

I seldom to KL, if I go I will take public transport like LRT. Anyway I have no idea where is the Dua Residency, though it stated Jalan Tun Razak. I have no idea, how to go. I thought near KLCC but my dear say it is far away, it is not walking distance.Do you know how to go Dua Residency from KLCC? read more »

Tips #1 - Make your home smell delicious!

Now I dont know about you but I always worry about what people smell when they come into our house for the first time - or any time for that matter! Maybe its because we have pets, and non-pet owners often comment on doggy smells in pet-owners homes, or because weve all had the experience of walking into someones house and wrinkling up our noses or trying to subtly mouth breathe! Anyway, I spend a small fortune on plug-ins and sprays, scented candles and all the rest of that commercial junk. I really h... read more »

Creamy Leeks

Uncooked leek is crunchy and firm and has the taste of onions.Leeks can be used in a variety of dishes and itmakes a delectable side dish.One of the most popular uses is for adding flavor to stock.The dark green portion is usually used for stir fries and stocks.This scrumptious stems can be used or cooked on it’s own or blended with many other ingredients to bring out the extra flavours.In my home country we eat leeks cooked with variety of ingredients. My children love it when its prepared with sliced o... read more »

STK ta Bay (Paolitos Seafood House)

Click here to view my first blog about STK!There's nothing like home-cooked food! Aside from the fact that it's very delicious, you really feel at home and cozy while dining in STK ta Bay! I've been here for countless times already! Ang sarap talaga ng food nila (Their food really tastes great)! Prices may change without prior notice. Prices may change without prior notice. Prices may change without prior notice. Prices may change without prior notice. Prices may change without prior notic... read more »

Chez Toztar (House of Roasts)

There's a new awesome restaurant in town! Chez Toztar (House of Roasts)is an International and Local Fusion Cuisine restaurant whichopened last June 15, 2012 and is spearheaded by the passionate owner slashproprietorslash restauranteur slash chef, Mr. Willester L. Yap! I was able to talk with him for a few minutes and I was very happy to know that he is enjoying what he loves doing! His passion is cooking. Even if he was a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Nursing and passed the Philippine Nursing L... read more »


I've never posted about food before but I'm thinking maybe I should start. If there is one thing I love in this world, it's food. Maybe a little too much. I love it so much that if I had enough money and knew I would be successful business owner, I would drop out of the sciences and open up my own bakery. The muffin, scone, bagel, cupcake type of bakery. But alas, the economy is horrible and I am in no position to start a business nor am I a good enough cook to achieve excellent success.But I do love to ... read more »

It’s all Japanese to me!! Tubed Eggs

This morning I woke up and was extremely hungry.  I mean hungrier than a hippo or Randy Jackson before his stomach stapling surgery. I was searching through my fridge and I came across 2 things. 1. tubed cookie dough (Delicious!) and 2. eggs. I thought to myselfwhat should I eat?  Eggs seem substantial.  Cookie dough [...] read more »


When I first saw this inside the refrigerator, there was a doubt in my mind that it was a great jam. When I offered my friend some biscuits and bread to go with the jam, I asked him how it tasted. He said it was good, so I tried it myself. I was hooked from then on! Hello is a mix of strawberry, apple, fig, and grape. That's why it is delicious. As we speak, only 2 tablespoons of jam are left in the bottle! I would have to go to the Middle East to get another bottle of Hello because this is made in Jorda... read more »

Now THESE are some of THE Cutest Cupcakes EVER!...

Hey y'all, this WAS going to be an April Fools post, but I just looked over at the clock and.... yeh, well. 23 minutes too late for that. lol And then I thought about posting some delightful delish 'Easter' desserts, but realized there are still a few weeks left for those posts... When I spied with my-lil-eye, a fabu photo for this contest I KNEW right then that I wanted to post about it! REASON?? - mainly just because these are so frickin'-frackin' CUTESY Patootsie, lol! and HOW cute you say... ... read more »

Now THESE are Some of the Cutest Cookiecups Eve...

**THE PHOTOGRAPH WAS UNAVAILABLE FOR POST** Hey y'all, this WAS going to be an April Fools post, but I just looked over at the clock and.... yeh, well. 23 minutes too late for that. lol Then I thought about posting some delightful,delectable Easter desserts, but realized there are still a few weeks left for those types of blog posts... When I spied with my-little-eye, ascrumptious lookingphoto that had been posted on the Pillsbury website (from this contest that they have every year) and I KNEW right... read more »

Light & Fluffy Chocolate Soufflé

After a week of vacationing/job searching in San Diego, I am happy to report that I am back home and ready to cook a variety of delectable treats for everyone to enjoy! I decided to kick the recipes off with a bang, and tackled a recipe I have never tried before: Chocolate Souffle. One of [...] read more »

Crispy & Juicy Chinese Pork Dumplings

Ive always loved dumplings, and I owe that pleasure to my mothers delicious cooking. When I was a child, she used to cook home-made dumplings on special occasions, as used to give Chinese cooking lessons. I always used to help her make the dumplings, and I suggest that you tackle this dish with one of your [...] read more »

Smoked Salmon Sandwich with Dill & Caper Sour C...

When I woke up and saw the sun shining in through the blinds, I couldnt wait to kick off my day with a healthy bowl of cereal. When I finished, I wondered Why stop there? So I grabbed my shoes, hat and shades, and hit the streets for a half-hour run around the park. After [...] read more »

Yogurt-Blue Cheese Salad & Quick Pita Pizza

Today I decided to have my lovely co-chef Marie write-up a recipe. She came up with an awesome idea for a quick, healthy and tasty dinner, for those of us who come home late from work and do not want to spend too much energy cooking. Without further ado, I will hand over the keyboard [...] read more »

God Bless a Chickpea & Home-Made Hummus

I had to reference one of my all time favorite TV shows Friends before starting this recipe. George Clooney said it best: God Bless  a Chickpea. Versatile and incredibly flavorful, there is almost no limitation to what you can do with chickpeas. Especially in Turkish cuisine, numerous dishes include chickpeas as a central ingredient. I [...] read more »

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