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GamingPrint's Wochenrückblick Nr. 10

Nachdem letzten Sonntag aufgrund von Zeitmangel der Wochenrückblick ausfallen musste, sagen wir euch heute wie gewohnt was die Woche über passiert ist und lassen noch den ein oder anderen Kommentar zur letzten Woche fallen ;-) Hier gibts die komplette Woche im Überblick: Am MontagDie GamesCom 2014 in Köln geht zu EndeDie GamesCom 2014 fand vom 13. - zum 17. August 2014 statt, dabei war die GamesCom zum ersten Mal seit entstehen komplett ausverkauft und Viele, die zuvor keine Karte besaßen mussten dra... read more »

Rootsweb southern African mailing lists still down

On 16 June 2014 there was a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack on, which hosts the Rootsweb mailing lists. These mailing lists are still down after a week, and there's been no information about when they will be working again.This has affected some of the lists dealing with parts of Africa, especially the southern African ones.Until they are working again, people who are feeling cut off are welcome to post things in the general African genealogy list, which is not hosted by Rootsweb... read more », Mundia, Find-a-Grave, DDoS attack...

Over the last few days it has been difficult to get into some genealogy sites, including, Find-a-Grave, Mundia and others. Rumours and conflicting reports have abounded. One story was that there was a DDod (Distributed Denial of Service) attack on the servers. It's not clear why anyone should attack generalogy sites, but perhaps they did.Another story is that are planning to retire some of their services -- see here Genea-Musings: BIG News from - Announcing Retireme... read more »

How the City of Toronto DDOS's itself.

I'm a firm believer that most people who don't understand something just haven't had it explained to them in a way they understand. The Internet is such an item that frquently causes people to not understand certain aspects, and especially a thing like DDOS ("Distributed Denial Of Service") attacks - often just shortened to "Denial of Service" attacks.This morning I witnessed the Toronto Parks and Rec registration process - where thousands of frustrated people are coordinated to hit the limited city reso... read more »

Ru-center ( ddos-ят

Последнее время начал замечать проблемы с доступностью некоторых своих ресурсов. В частности с 18:00 вчерашнего дня я наблюдаю проблемы с доступностью до корпоративного сайта. Причина, как говорят в службе технической поддержки одного из ведущих российских хостинг-провайдеров RU-CENTER, ddos-атаки, которым подвергается dns-сервер. Читать далее...|Комментировать read more »

DDoS атака на блог

В момент написания этого поста на мой второй блог происходит DDoS атака. Выдержки из общения с техподдержкой хостинга: Время: 28.08.2009 21:37:59 (Перевел в Московское) Здравствуйте, аккаунт... (c) http://www.administrating.rur read more »

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