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E3 2017 já tem data

E3 2017 será na terça-feira, 13 de Junho a quinta-feira, 15 junho no Centro de Convenções de Los Angeles, pelo que a Entertainment Software Association anunciou.  A organização anunciou que... Leia Mais read more »

The Hymn Of Axciom

Today, I was looking again at another runaway data leak, which I am pretty sure originates within Bell Canada, but in order to know that for certain, I have been tracing the source of the data through many different links in the chain through the usual methods of poking privacy departments, legal teams, etc, for the better part of the last month.Today, that chain exited Canada as the last privacy team handed over the name of the next team I would be talking to. This turned out into Axciom, in North Littl... read more »

Industry Standards

As you might guess, I spend a lot of time looking at specifications and requirements. A phrase I see very frequently in these is "industry standards" - usually attached to requirements in sentences like "We would like security to meet industry standards" or "this widget needs to behave according to whatever the industry standards are".There's something that bothers me about this: People often think that Industry Standards are a good thing or that Industry Standards mean high quality. I think this is actu... read more »

CIBC Customer Communications Fails After Data B...

The news over recent years has become increasingly peppered with stories about large scale data breaches. Notable examples include: Adobe - 152,000,000 records. EBay - 145,000,000 records. Target - 70,000,000 records. JCPenny/Dow Jones/JeyBlue/etc - 160,000 records. Sony PSN - 77,000,000 records. Heartland Payments - 130,000,000 records. TJ / TK Maxx - 94,000,000 records. AOL (2014) - 2,400,000 records. AOL (2006) - 20,000,000 records. AOL (2005) - 92,000,000 records. As you can see, these aren't small ... read more »

Vodaphone acknowledges access to its data

Vodaphone has done something no one expected. As the second largest mobile phone provider in the world, this information is huge. Vodaphone has acknowledged that countries and their intelligence services have had access directly into their data centers now for quite some time. Since they operate in 29 countries, it is fair to say most, [] read more »

Vodaphone acknowledges access to it’s data

Vodaphone has done something no one expected. As the second largest mobile phone provider in the world, this information is huge. Vodaphone has acknowledged that countries and their intelligence services have had access directly into their data centers now for quite some time. Since they operate in 29 countries, it is fair to say most, [] read more »

2 data recovery tools to try out

Data Recovery is Important when it comes to losing your Data in fact you should do it immediately after losing it, Losing your data is the last thing you need to happen if you end up having a bad day at the office or home. when it does happen you end up doing 2 things. [] The post 2 data recovery tools to try out appeared first on The Cheapsters Blog. read more »

Spring Cleaning and IT

Now that spring is almost here, it’s time to do spring cleaning. What does this mean from an IT standpoint? Depending on what areas of IT you’re in, this could mean anything from cleaning physical hardware like grungy keyboards and screens, to finding files that no longer have to be kept around for compliancy reasons. Cleaning hardware is easy. There’s a myriad of solutions from dust blowers and vacuums to solutions, so it doesn’t take long to find out what needs to be done for each individual piece o... read more »


DATA, INFORMATION AND KNOWLEDGE  Data is raw material with which we start and information is the finished product. For example, look at the following links: 1234           5000.00 2345           7000.00 3456           4500.00 2571           8000.00 You would agree that the above lines contain data. But in the present form, the above data is useless. Let me now put the data in the read more »

Advanced and/or Simple Easy Timesheets.

Apart from user information, user tasks and other user data, the database that is used with practically all Xpress Software products also stores and dispatches your license keys, the sequence of numbers and letters generated to activate your software and prevent any type of illicit use. One database can have a multitude of different license [] read more »

Big Data Breaches And The Status Quo

Last night I was doing what I often do; checking that I'm not caught up in a data leak/breach. My attention last night wasn't on Bell Canada or Rogers or any of my usual suspects - it was Adobe.Now, I'm not going to link to the breached data, but anyone that wants to go looking for it will find it easy enough. When I found a way to search it, I went trawling through it looking for my details. What I found was not my details, but one of two distant relatives who have the same name as each other - so this ... read more »

Bell Canada and Yellow Pages Data Issue Is Fixed!

Sometimes, it's very hard to look back on an experience and be able to draw a solid set of conclusions and lessons from it. This is especially true, after this experience with Bell Canada ("Bell") and Yellow Pages Group ("YPG"). The nutshell of the problem is this: When you have a Bell Canada phone account, the implied act of Bell putting your number in their phone book isn't just what's going to happen, so your data leaves Bell Canada and heads to third parties like YPG, and possibly other places. Aft... read more »

GCHQ Tempora Didn't Help Hollywood or the Music...

There's an irony to the revelation about the GCHQ and how it's "Tempora" program worked, because indirectly it gave Hollywood and the Recording Industry a way to test national surveillance for downloading torrents whilst simultaneously shooting their own arguments in the foot. On the one hand, Hollywood and the Music Industry has been telling us that over half the Internet data is illegal torrents containing their material, and have wanted ways to monitor this. On the other hand, it turned out that GCHQ ... read more »

Watch out for turkeys

Once upon a time there was a little turkey. The turkey lived on a farm. Everyday the farmer would come and fill the feed trough, replace the water in the bowl, and this little turkey and all his friends would eat, drink and be happy. Every day, the same routine. Every day, the same outcome. When the turkey got a bit older, he began to ponder the meaning of life and the patterns that are occurring around him. He noticed that every day, the sun came up. He noticed every day the farmer would put out n... read more »

Free Camouflage - Hiding In Plain Sight

You've all heard the question about if a tree falls in the woods and there's nobody about to witness it, does it make a noise? This question irks me because what I see in daily life is people who are around to witness things, still don't notice stuff. It's like they see only what they want to see. People notice things that are different, which means you can hide a lot of things in plain sight. Example: If you take three cars and park them in a row. The left car is a normal parked car, the middle one ... read more »

Managing research data: hastily scribbled ideas...

What do I do with the small scraps of paper, hastily scribbled ideas and the sticky notes plastered everywhere? This article suggests scanning them with long file names: What do I do with the small scraps of paper, hastily scribbled ideas and the sticky notes plastered everywhere! | Genealogy Circle, and quotes another article, which you can find here. Most of the time, unless there is a very good reason, I will scan my original notes and capture them as a pdf or jpg. That way I can save time by not rety... read more »

Canadian Weather Project - More Data

I have finally finished populating the day names in my weather database. Now, I'm querying it. But something odd has shown up...Here is the air pressure for 1961 to 2000. Things largely don't change, then in 1985 there is a downwards trend until the mid 1990s when it recovers by snapping back in the opposite direction (positive). Now here is whitehorse. It has a slight tendancy to wobble under the 0 mark, but also starts to get worse in the mid 1980s, before snapping back up at the last moment. \ Nex... read more »

The case for better public weather data

This morning, I was pointed by Chris St. Clair (@cstclair1) to an article on the BBC News site. The article pointed out (paraphrasing) that "the Jet Stream is one thing they will consider, though the Jet Stream's position is a symptom and not a cause". This caught my attention because the Jet Stream is of the metrics that I've been looking for in historical data, but it's never recorded anywhere that I can find it at least. The second thing is it's not just the Jet Stream that is missing from our weath... read more »

Metadata, dragnet approaches and the law.

Traditionally, Metadata is descriptive data that is added to data, in order to categorise and identify it. So a database of crime records might be tagged as "shooting" to start with, then extra descriptive data is added to indicate the type of firearms being used. Twitter uses metadata where you have the original data (the tweet) and embedded in it are hashtags to help you categorize that tweet so others can find it. In Facebook, you have status updates and photos that are data in themselves, but you can... read more »

Moving My Own Little Mountain

Last year, I returned to a question that has been bugging me for a number of years with Toronto's weather. The problem was that in order to find the answer, I needed some data - and whilst the data is freely available to answer the question, it's just not in a form that I could easily query. It was very obvious I was going to have to construct something pretty big at home, just so I had all the data in one place in order to query it. So, back in the winter, I wrote a program for the RaspberryPi (http:/... read more »

Bell Canada, Yellow Pages Group And Your Data

I'm now into month four of my ongoing issue with Bell Canada and trying to find out who else they gave my information to besides Yellow Pages, and something interesting just turned up during a double-check of Yellow Pages and their processes. You may remember that Yellow Pages said they wouldn't remove my details because it'd been handed to them by Bell Canada, and therefore Bell Canada would have to request the removal of my details on my behalf… After much ado, Bell Canada put in the request to Yello... read more »

Social Media and The Future Winds of Change

There's two aspects to social media that I want to highlight today. The first is something that some people will already have thought about, especially those with a technically minded outlook on the future. The second is something that likely hasn't shown up on corporate radars yet - but will have to be confronted at some point in the next five years or so. First is Respect and Social Media. To some it may be common sense that corporations need to respect social media. Given that the masses have a vo... read more »

Marketeerul modern

Ce inseamna sa fii un marketing manager in secolul XXi?In anul 2013?Care sunt prioritatile?Care sunt dificultatile?Ce facem cu digitalul?Toate acestea sunt intrebari la care trebuie sa gasim raspunsul.Mi-a placut foarte mult acest articol care sumarizeaza foarte bine challange-urile marketingului in acest mediu dominat de digital si social media. read more »

Data Breaches And Corporate Karma

Today I was doing some basic research to gauge security at the big three telco companies in Canada. The whole point of this research was to gauge whether any of them proactively look for customer data breaches on the Internet and then act on taking them down once they're discovered. I started with Bell Canada. Naturally, as soon as I found a data breach I reported it to Bell Canada - not for their sake, but for the sake of the customer who hasn't been protected. I then added a notch to my count of know... read more »


Anew flight data delivery solution for airlines developed jointly by teams at Boeing subsidiary Jeppesen and Boeing Information Services slashes the time required to deliver and load vital flight data to an airplane. Application Data Enhanced Loading (ADEL) is a solution that reduces overall workload, network bandwidth requirements and costs associated with airline data operations. ADEL supports Boeing and Jeppesen Electronic Flight Bags. "In a challenging business environment where airlines are lookin... read more »

Battling Net Crime

On a sad day in February 2010, a teenager left her house to meet a man whom she had met on social site on the net. Five days later, her parents and the police found them both in a hotel where they had stayed together. What shocking news! She was just 14! This is not fiction told by parents to scare their children; it’s is a real story. What makes it worse that kind of case has happened so many times. You definitely don’t want to experience it yourself, do yo? Read on to find out how to avoid being a vi... read more »

La pioggia di polemiche non spegne il sole di N...

La pioggia ha lavato l’emozione dell’attesa della sfida con la Vecchia Signora, ma con tre competizioni da affrontare agli azzurri non mancherà il lavoro. Da lavare, però, sono anche le polemiche per il rinvio di una partita che, dati metereologici alla mano, non era proprio il caso di disputare rischiando l’incolumità del popolo di tifosi. L’incontro con i bianconeri è solo rinviato e quando il fatidico incontro avrà luogo è bene dimenticare il passato, come recita il detto partenopeo, e concentra... read more »

YouTube Video Feed Slide-Show Gadget With JQuer...

This is the first part in what is going to be a two or three part tutorial dealing with using the YouTube Feed API to create a slide show of videos which you prefer, not some random images but based on the search criteria or playlist or uploaded videos by the user of your choice. Target For This Post Part 1: A java script class which can request a video feed from YouTube based on your selection criteria and then parse the feed returned to you. This will be done without any server-side script. The class... read more »

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