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Top of the most beautiful public spaces in the ...

BusinessInsider has made the top of the worlds most beautiful public spaces. These include an amphitheater set in a red sandstone natural structure and the largest reading room in read more »

St. Petersburg. Russia’s most European city

The most beautiful city in northeast Europe, the pearl of the former Tsarist empire, welcomes its tourists with a vast offer of palaces with an architecturally and remarkable interior read more »

Argentina honeymoon: best experiences

Planning a honeymoon can be something fun, entertaining, and challenging at the same time, particularly if the chosen destination is a remote place, on the other side of the world. read more »

Top of the most visited museums in the EU

The European Group on Museum Statistics published the list of the most visited museums in the European Union. More than nine million people crossed the threshold last year to the read more »

Full length swimsuits are this summer trends

This summer, the silhouette does not matter so much! Swimsuits in trends are so varied, from cuts and materials to prints, that choosing the most suitable piece will be difficult read more »

Less known travel icons included in UNESCO heri...

In recent years, UNESCO has expanded the catalog to include more examples of traditional cultures around the world. It includes fascinating and remarkable places, recommended to be visited in 2017. read more »

Suggestions for a cultural holiday in Europe

With the arrival of the summer, we begin counting the remaining days until the holidays. Coastal, mountain, or delta holidays are very popular during this period. However, if you are read more »

Extravagant requirements of stars on board of p...

Celebrities sometimes abuse privileges and go everything ridiculously. This is also the case for celebrities traveling with private airplanes, which often have scandalous demands. Would L.A. be better off without read more »

Cities with most cultural attractions

The British newspaper Business Insider published the top cities in the world by most popular attractions culutrale. They were taken into account the number of theaters, concert halls, museums, read more »

French capital launched the most ambitious proj...

Paris has launched the most ambitious project of modernization of the developed 150 years ago by Georges-Eugène Haussmann, which replaced the medieval buildings in the center of the French read more »

Mount Athos hosts one of the oldest monastic co...

Mount Athos hosts one of the oldest monastic communities on Earth, is inhabited continuously for over 1,800 years by those choosing to break away from the world and live isolated in prayer. There are at least 20 Orthodox monasteries, currently and over 2000 monks on [...] read more »

The 7 wonders of Oxford University City

As the oldest University in the  English speaking world, Oxford is a unique and historic institution. Tradition plays a great role in Oxford. The architecture in the University City testifies its great haritage. Oxford lives and breaths education. Oxford is a unique institution which [...] read more »

The first ice library in the world

On the edge of Lake Baikal, in Russia, it was installed first ice library in the world. Made on a structure labyrinth of over 200 tons of ice blocks, its walls were engraved with dreams of over a thousand people across the planet. Siberian [...] read more »

What can you buy with £ 100 in major tourist ci...

If Mexico tourists can buy 100 pounds no less than 102 liters of beer in London, the same amount will buy only 22 liters. Top Tourist Cities of the World, Reviews Deals Find the list of popular tourist cities in the world on the basis of traveler reviews recommendations, hotel deals, vacation packages [] read more »

Vienna, the city that you fall in love in less ...

Stay a few days before Christmas in Vienna is an opportunity to infuse your soul and mind the spirit of the winter holidays in a beautiful city, full of charm and special places. Weekend Truth shows you how the atmosphere of holidays in the Austrian capital and what goals are worth visiting.  Before being able to live the dream of seeing Vienna, the city truly magical holiday of Austria, However, fatigue road nearly a thousand kilometers suddenly disappears as soon as you go to Vienna to watch the evenin... read more »

The most beautiful Christmas Markets in Europe

Dozens of types of sweets and traditional products, aromas of mulled wine, Christmas carols and Santas cheerfully have already started winter holidays with the opening of some of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Europe. 8 best Christmas markets in Europe London Evening Standard Nov 18, 2016 If youre feeling a bit of a Scrooge but want to regain that Christmas spirit, visiting one, or several, of the great Christmas markets in Europe will  Great Christmas markets in Europe are a blend of traditi... read more »

The best and opulent airline in the world

Not everyone can travel first class by plane. Emirates offers one of the most luxurious treatments for those traveling in first class. One such passenger fortunate have documented a trip to the best and opulent airline in the world. Best First Class Airline [...] read more »

Two Canadians slept in Dracula’s castle

Canadian brothers were guests of Count Dracula. They won a contest and the prize was a night Bran Castle, where one has not slept in seven decades. BRAN CASTLE The Official Website We invite you to experience the history, the myth, the intrigue and the magic of this wonderful place of Transylvania, the Bran Castlecommonly known as  Nobody slept Bran Castle 70 years Canadian brothers lived the adventure of life. They just come to Romania to spend Halloween night in Bran Castle in Transylvania. It was the... read more »

TripAdvisor has named the best museum in the wo...

Using an algorithm that took into account the number of visitors and assessments made by them in the last 12 months,, the largest travel site in the world, conducted among the best museums in 2016., the largest travel site in the world has [...] read more »

The most impressive underground stations in the...

In civilized countries there metro stations which can easily be mistaken for real museums. Among the most striking are transport stations under a globe, inspired by the speech of Stalin or station under the Huangpu River stunning audio-visual effects. Londons Underground Stations: A Social and [...] read more »

Seven cities in the world where people are paye...

Few people know that there are places in the world where, for some reason, people are paying to dwell. In these places there is a shortage in the number of inhabitants and try to attract them with money. Detroit, Michigan, USA Paris of the West [...] read more »

15 million project which attracted 55,000 visitors

Thousands of people have tested a pontoon day of three kilometers installed on Lake Iseo in northern Italy. The project called Floating docks cost 15 million euros and consists of cubes covered with waterproof fabric polystyrene. More than 55,000 people tried last week the latest [...] read more »

An entire city under one roof

Somewhere in Alaska, Whittier small town living its little joys and dramas like any other settlement in the world. But something is different. The entire population lives under the same roof. Buckner Building the largest buildings in Alaska, often being referred to as the city under one [...] read more »

The seventh wonder of the modern world

was inaugurated on 6 May 1994 and is considered one of the seven wonders of the modern world, with a length of 50 kilometers with 39 kilometers underwater. Work began in 1988 on the two ends, and the first junction between the two galleries, French [...] read more »

Most beautiful cities in Portugal

most beautiful cities in Portugal. Portugal is a beautiful country with hospitable people, lovely music and delicious food. A paradise for tourists should not limit their visit to the capital Lisbon, because other cities are available and they will remain in the soul. List of cities in Portugal Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia This is [] read more »

Boeing 747-8, turned into a “flying palace”

For most readers, Gulfstream G650 private planes and 65 million dollars or Bombardier Global Series is the definition of luxury flights. A very rich client preferred to buy a customized Boeing 747-8 aircraft, which has occupied the company Greenpoint Technologies in Kirkland, Washington. Luxury aircraft provides a space of 445 square meters, equipped with several [] read more »

Cities covered in floating aromas like beer and...

Each city with his scent. Here is a top of the most interesting spices existing in different cities of the world have already become characteristic odor respective city. Wine Producer : Domaine Christophe NEWMAN Côte de Beaune jam / Palate : finely woven silky texture belies the density of this wine – a [] read more »

Champions League final raised the prices of tou...

Airlines have raised ticket prices on the route Madrid-Milan by 17%, while hotels in Milan practice the addition of 1,000% for May 27-28. A package for the Champions League final starts at 944 euros. Match tickets cost between 70 and 440 euros. 2016 UEFA Champions League Final Wikipedia, the free The 2016 [] read more »

Prince William and Kate Middleton, refused at a...

The announcement of the presence of three members of the British royal family to the celebration of 100 years since the beginning of the Battle of the Somme causing great inconvenience to the French Foreign Ministry, after the owner of a five-star hotel, the only area where you big event, refused to make available beds, according Welcome to the official website of the British Monarchy The official website of the British Monarchy. Information on the history of the Monarchy, todays royal family a... read more »

A castle in Romania is one of 14 most impressiv...

How we can spend the entire holiday visiting or even sleeping in every castle in Europe, here are the 14 most spectacular locations of its kind in the old continent. Following in Draculas Footsteps Bran Castle is the number one tourist destination in Romania as well as a minor disappointment if youre looking for vampire stereotypes. Its scary-looking enough from the outside as it rises on a jagged cliff, but its interior is, well, less than According to the site, among the most impressive... read more »

Places to visit in Dobrogea. Beautiful places n...

Places to visit in Dobrogea. The traveler who arrives in Dobrogea will be amazed by the various forms of relief, the traces of those who once loved and died in Pontos. Dobrogea is not just sea and sand. Wherever you go, the land between the Danube and the Black Sea gives you great places, learned from story books. Places to visit in Dobrogea. Triumphal Monument at Adamclisi If you arrive in Constanta County go visit Triumphal Monument at Adamclisi, in honor of the Roman army victory over the Dacians. The... read more »

Top 10 most beautiful National Parks in Europe

National parks around the world are home to many species of areas where plants and animals which are often likened to true corners of paradise. List of national parks of the United States Wikipedia, the free The United States has 59 protected areas known as national parks that are operated by the National Park Service, an agency of the Department of the Interior. The following are 10 of the most beautiful parks and nature reserves in Europe: Triglav National Park Triglav National Park is the only natio... read more »

Top Four Relaxing Activities for Visitors to So...

‘Picture Perfect!’ That’s what anyone who’s been to the idyllic Sorrento Coast has to say about this popular Italian destination. Located in Southern Italy, this seaside resort is dotted with rolling green hills bursting with the fragrance of flowers and lemons, cobbled pathways and breath-taking views of Mount Vesuvius and the bay of Naples. Small wonder, it was the preferred destination for famous stalwarts such as Dickens, Shelley, Goethe and Nietzsche. Easily accessible by both public and private tra... read more »

Confession of a stewardess

flight attendant With aircrafts that fancy, its no surprise that being an Emirates flight attendant looks like a pretty glamorous gig . The airline hires about 5,500 cabin crew per year, from more than 200,000 applicants who vie for a spot, according to Emirates Potential terrorist on board, passengers racist or incapacitation of action are some of the challenges they may encounter on every flight attendants. Mandy Smith, a stewardess who worked for 12 years for Virgin Atlantic, told how he was thrown f... read more »

Neil Emilfarb’s Dukley Gardens & Marina

Montenegro is a Mediterranean country located in southeastern Europe. It has a coast on the Adriatic Sea. If we had only two words to describe Montenegro, it would certainly be these words: Mountains and Sea. The country is small but has fascinating landscapes, beautiful coastline, the famous history and rich cultural heritage. The turbulent history [] read more »

Top 10 most beautiful stewardesses in the world!

For most of the flight, flight attendants are the incarnation of beauty, elegance and sensuality. Wonderlist has compiled a top ten most attractive flight attendants on airlines worldwide, along with flight through the clouds really is a memorable experience. Caviar in coach class? Heathrow introduces the on-board picnic Fed up with airline food? Here's a way [] read more »

What is the number one attraction in Constanta ...

Over 70,000 people are expected to arrive in the port of Constanta to fall on different cruise ships. Tourists will meet the old city from the Black Sea, but will be able to visit the Danube Delta and the capital. 83 cruise ships are scheduled to arrive this year in Port Con-stamps. Although there are [] read more »

Top 10 things less known about Russians

Every nation has its own peculiarities, and the Russians could not make exceptions. Language, customs and their culture is a real conundrum for those who have contact with them. Airbnb: Teaching Russians to share again A record number of Russians are opening their apartments and cars to strangers to supplement their salaries, helping to lift [] read more »

Countries with most islands in the world

Countries with most islands. Experts find it difficult to decide which is the country that has the most islands in the world, the competition is very tight. Many of these islands are very small and do not appear listed in all counts, so it is difficult to establish an exact top. 10 Most Remote Inhabited [] read more »

The story of Mary, the young PhDs who restores ...

For three decades, an old Soviet plane had lain abandoned in a modest airfield in Siberia. Years of ignorance turned Aeroflot Tupolev Tu-104A aircraft in a wreck. Karmanova Maria, a young history buffs Soviet aviation, and has pledged to restore the disgraced Tupolev. Karmanova, aged 31, holds a doctorate in mathematics and is working on Sobolev Institute [] read more »

Confessions of a Romanian entertainer working o...

The girl who had cut almost all decks work performance had arrived in the country after the jump rope to the largest cruise ship in the world. He had gone to seek fulfillment in other waters. Like other great champions of Romania: away from the country. For a whiter bread, a better future and a [] read more »

Romanian museum wins two awards on TripAdvisor

The largest travel site in the world,, has awarded the National Museum Brukenthal two awards, of which the most important - "Travelers' Choice 2015/2015 Travellers Choice" is received annually by more than 1% tourist destination listed on this website, according to a release sent to Agerpres . Brukenthal, first Romanian museum to be [] read more »

132 years since the inauguration of one of the ...

On October 7, 2015 marks 132 years since the inauguration of Peles Castle, one of the most beautiful and important monuments in Europe, unique in its historical and artistic value. Peles Castle was built at the initiative of Carol I, end of ceasing vast architectural project truly sovereign until his death in 1914. Looking for [] read more »

American companies transform heavy trucks in tr...

US transportation companies trying to fill vacancies at any price and offers drivers a more than generous space for legs and a decent caravan. Firms transport truck manufacturers pay them the heavy machinery to turn into true luxury caravans, equipped with kitchen, LED TV, fridge, bathroom and a comfortable bed. Sky's the limit for luxury [] read more »

Danube legends: the mystery of ancient tunnels ...

Most legends say that the Moldavian boyars had dug a tunnel under the Danube in order to protect the wealth of Turkish and Tatar invasions. Entering the tunnel they are in a sacred place inaccessible "civilians" under the altar of the Virgin historic church on the Danube. Experts reject the idea that there is such [] read more »

Most impressive monuments in the world

Here Are 14 of China's Finest World Monument Replicas But the 2006 artwork is far from the only iconic monument knocked off by Chinese developers. The country can boast more replicas of famous world monuments than Las Vegas, allowing residents to feel like world travelers without ever setting foot outside ... Some of the biggest [] read more »

Change in long-haul flights operated by Lufthansa

Lufthansa has improved its services to 'business class' customers flying long distances, making them available at an offer of restaurant are served by flight attendants, news agency DPA. Lufthansa Check in-Lufthansa Baggage Allowance ... Lufthansa Reservations Phone Number: 1-800-645-3880. Lufthansa Technical Support Hotline Phone Number: 1-866-953-2294. Lufthansa Airlines in India Reservation and Information contact numbers. [] read more »

US couple traveled to 71 countries in four years

A US couple took a surprising decision when he was thousands of kilometers from home, a decision that proved inspired and changed his life. Thus, in 2012, when he was with classmates on holiday in Mozambique, Justin Carmack decided not to return to the US, but to stay on their own, with only $ 400 [] read more »

The love story that revived the old lighthouse

One of the most beautiful buildings on the seafront in Constanta, Genovese Lighthouse, has a story lost in the 1300s historians have not come to a clear conclusion: if the lighthouse was built by the Genoese and his name was given by the Turks, who called Constance Genoese fortress impressed by the way encountered thick [] read more »

These books are often forgotten in airplanes

Bible books from the series Game of Thrones by George R. R Martin, and Fifty shades of Greys by EL James, is among the volumes planes travel frequently forgotten in a hurry, according to Around 500 books and 1,400 eBook readers are left on board the British Airways planes every year.However, diaries, wedding planning [] read more »

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