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Recent blog posts on Credit Cards

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What you have to do before you go on holiday to...

Before you go on vacation, you may be so focused on packing all the things you need on vacation and forget to take all the necessary steps to leave the read more »

Another security worry at CIBC...

Today I was a confused CIBC customer because I have a letter telling me I "still have time" to activate my Visa credit card. What do you mean "still"? The slightly more paranoid side of my brain tells me that the bank is implying that they have previously asked me to activate a new card. Just to royally mess with my head, there's a new card sitting in front of me with the word "Visa" on it... Naturally, that one is not a credit card because now CIBC debit cards have "Visa" on them too... You know, just t... read more »

Visa Credit Card Security

It's becoming increasingly more common that when you ask people about the security policies and what they think is secure or not, everything security related becomes someone elses problem. Last week, I posed a loaded security question to Visa Canada where I asked whether something was considered secure given a scenario where something clearly goes wrong in the hypothetical situation.Given what I was asking, I had an expectation that someone would either a) think, that maybe it was worth looking into the ... read more »

Plastic Jungle: Which Credit Cards Are Best For...

Cash back, frequent flyer miles, pointsso many different types of credit cards. With many loyalty program credit cards and options available, it might be tough to decide which is the best option for you. Before we discuss some helpful tools you Read more read more »

Aiming To Own a Credit Card? Read This First

courtesy of Google images It has been known that time will come our economy will turn into a cashless society and the main countries are already working it out. In fact there are already countries who do not accept cash in exchange of goods. Well, this may sound convenient for individuals who prefers to go shopping with their credit cards. I am pretty sure you are fully aware or if not have already heard about the positive and negative reasons in using such thing. It may really sound convenient but i... read more »

The Real Benefits Of a 0% APR Credit Cards

A 0% APR credit card is a prospect for you to cash in on a decent lot of capitals across the board. If you are like many, you are understanding that this could be a considerable way to appreciate actual advantages from a credit card without having to pay a lot for it. However, there is a lot more to understand about these 0% APR credit cards. You must grab the time needed to come upon the true possibilities for your special desires. In numerous occasions, this is a considerable choice if used in the corr... read more »

Suggestions And Advantages For Instant Approval...

It's constantly excellent to know that you just have added dollars lying close to somewhere if you have to have them specifically for the organization. Regrettably although, money on hand for your organization can from time to time be pretty difficult to arrive by and 1 with the most powerful ways to add far more money for a business is while using utilization of instant approval business credit cards.Like any other ordinary personalized credit cards, instant approval business credit cards are incredibly... read more »

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