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Scopriamo i poteri della digito pressione con CRAB

Normal 0 14 false false false IT X-NONE X-NONE Ciao, con voi voglio scoprire la digito pressione. La digitopressione usa gli stessi principi dell’ agopuntura. Obiettivo è garantire relax, benessere psicofisico e salute emotiva. Nell’occidente è identificata come una terapia alternativa che si avvale della pressione su determinati p... read more »

Fabulous Sri Lankan dishes at Kaema Sutra in Co...

So Ive recently returned from Sri Lanka. I know, lucky me, another chance to visit somewhere exotic with an exciting, different culture to absorb. Its an amazing country with a wide mix of influences which you can read more about in... read more »

Crab Bite Recipe

Last night I was in the mood to make something. Since I still have not replace the heating element in my oven. I knew I couldn’t use that. I still wanted to bake something. I immediately grabbed my Babycakes maker. Sure everything looks likemuffins, but the Babycakes maker allows me to get baking out of my system. Plus, I don’t have to worry about heating up the entire house. One thing I realized with the Babycakes making. I can make anything in a mini version, I want to bake in the oven. For April ... read more »

Cheesy Cornbread Casserole Recipe

My boyfriend, teenagers and I are seafood lovers. We normally eat fish. Every so often we eat crab. Even less often lobster when we visit Red Lobster on a special occasion. Serving crab at a meal is a special treat for my family. I do on occasion. I made a sunflower crunch salad. It was one of those bagged salads already prepared in a bag. You open bag, dump ingredients in a bowl and mix. Easy to do. Salad was colorful and delicious. The crab was easy to prepare. All I had to do was place in a pan to ... read more »

CHIMES – Addictive Far Eastern Cuisine & Sea Food

If you are a food lover in Dubai and haven’t been to Chimes, you have certainly been missing something amazing. The post CHIMES Addictive Far Eastern Cuisine Sea Food appeared first on Buzzingtales. read more »

A Seafood and A Chicken Dinner

Ah! Two really delicious, although somewhat different, dinners. A differently delicious chicken and dumpling dinner all done in a skillet by Chef Ron Lock, Skillet and Chicken Dumplings and a delicious variation to crab cakes, crab fritters! Crab Fritters. Both recipes and dinners are well worth a try. If you dont like [] read more »

Good Event at “Tastings” in Boise

Good wine tasting last night, September 5, at Tastings Wine Bar in Boise with Winemakers Bill Murray from the Canoe Ridge Vineyard in Washington and Meredith Smith from Sawtooth Winery in Idaho. So now, I guess, youre going to ask which winery was better. Well, its like this. The 2012 Sawtooth Classic Fly Series Reserve [] read more »

Mee Ketam KL @ Jalan Keramat, Dato Keramat

Price Range: Mid-range Cuisine: Noodles Seafood Recommended For: When table etiquette is completely out the window Catphobia-Friendly?: Surprisingly, yes! =D So the last time we were here, we were on the Life Times Fabulous Food Hunt. Since time was of the essence, Jules was to gulp down the steaming bowl of crab noodles as inhumanely quickly as possible (we didn't win the race anyway hahaha!). Despite the quick guzzles of the bowlful, the incredible flavours still shone through and we made a men... read more »

Going Crazy Over Crabs: Crazy Crab Restaurant

Ever since I could remember, I always enjoyed eating crabs even as a kid. Aside from the fact that I seldom get to eat them, once their meat is cooked, I voluntarily surrender to indulge myself in a gastronomic experience. The aroma of cooked crab meat is veryenticing, and will make you grab a plate full of it! Crazy Crab, located in Gaisano Country Mall (right across UC-Banilad, Northgate Center, and PDI Condominium) offers a variety of cooked crabs that is easy for your budget. For as low as Php 17... read more »

It’s summer crab time

Yes boys and girls its time t o go a hunting the elusive wild dungeness crab. I get asked a lot where to go  for dungees in this area. Heres the deal. If you check out this map on Google maps you will see an area in Quartermaster Harbor that I like to crab but [...] read more »

Don’t forget your winter crab card!!!!

Ok, so I totally suck at this WDFW two cards for crab thing. And, honestly I think it is a setup. WDFW figures if they can make it complicated enough lots of people will forget and next year they can get an extra $10 out of them. So much for my conspiracy theory. I am [...] read more »

Christmas Crabs

WDFW gave us a little Christmas gift and opened crabbing in area 11. It will remain open until the end of December. In the last couple weeks we have caught good numbers of fat, hard shelled dungeness. The bodies on these winter crab are are jammed full of meat where in the summer a lot [...] read more »

Winter Pig

I dont know if others experience this but I seem to have a lot of smarty pants type people around me. I was supposed to go crabbing with my friend YT (pronounced whitee) on Sunday but I worked a little overtime so I didnt get the boat back in the water. We were going to [...] read more »

Crab Opening 2011

As opening day of crab season approached I was feeling a little tentative. I have heard the tribes hit my favorite spot, Quartermaster Harbor, pretty hard so I was afraid it was going to be slim pickens if you know what I mean. As we arrived Friday morning there were tons of boats around and [...] read more »

Shrimp Seminar at Outdoor Emporium Saturday


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