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Greetings and welcome!♥We all have demons within us that we have to learn how to minimise them and put them in proper perspective so they aren't a detriment to our being, our character. We can't, however, deal with themif we refuse to first acknowledge their existence. Humans tend to put off dealing with anything that's unpleasant and so, think if unpleasantnessis ignored, it will somehow magically work itself out but nothing ever gets resolved by ignoring it, whatever it may be.♥ PNG url:https://1.bp.b... read more »


Greetings and welcome!♥If only... right?♥ PNG url:"Foresight can be blind,While hindsight's twenty-twenty.If these could be reversed,We'd be spared of pain aplenty."💟 Have a wonderful day! 💟Quote byArtsieladie/Sharon Donnelly©2017-10-20 All rights reserved.You may also want to look over theSitemap.My Main Website:www.artsieladie.comMy B... read more »

Monday Morning Motivation – Courage is already ...

OK, so Ive never seen a Ram Truck (theyre not available in the UK), but I love this inspirational commercial showing strong women breaking stereotypes Have you ever though I could never do that! Have you ever thought, I could never climb a mountain or compete against that! Have you ever thought you just didnt [] read more »

Facing Your Fears

Episode 63: BombedMargaret: [Standing at the operating table] Major, your hands are shaking.Frank: Well, it has nothing to do with the shelling. It’s,uh…my sinus condition.Henry: If anybody’s scared, just let yourself be scared. “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.” Eleanor Roosevelt. The 4077th is pinned down by friendly fire with the compound being bombarded by shelling. The doctors and nurses continue to operate while the OR is shaken by all the explosions a... read more »

Against Fear and Worry

How easy is it to be overwhelmed by the challenges we face, to have our hopes unmet and our fears realized? We all have things we feel called to, yet not all bear the fruit we expected and desired. Continue reading read more »

Against Fear and Worry by Kristen Heitzmann

How easy is it to be overwhelmed by the challenges we face, to have our hopes unmet and our fears realized? We all have things we feel called to, yet not all bear the fruit we expected and desired. Continue reading read more »

A Bantu Knotted Week

Photo by Jaclin Paul There's this issue that has been brewing in my mind for some time now. This issue is on certain African hairstyles, such as, Bantu knots or plaiting (cornrows). Lately I've been noticing that I don't see a lot of women wearing these hairstyles with pride. It seems like the only time we do these hairstyles is when we're either trying to curl, crochet or weave hair in. Bantu knots are known especially for curling the hair, while the plaited hair is used for curling, crochet or weaves... read more »

She’s hiding a secret

Shes hiding a secret A life-long mystery. It lives inside- A part of her history. She was let down Continue reading read more »

“A Heart’s Desire” is released TODAY – Free!

Evelyn wishes to know the exact time and date of meeting with the love of her life. Her heart’s desire Continue reading read more »

“A Heart’s Desire” is released TODAY

Evelyn wishes to know the exact time and date of meeting with the love of her life. Her heart’s desire Continue reading read more »

A Heart’s Desire. First Look

Seven days before the release, here is your first look at A Hearts Desire From her very early Continue reading read more »

Trust me, I’m going to be fine – The Quote and ...

Trust me, Im going to be fine Without the shade That brings another lie. Those toxic accusations, You made them Continue reading read more »

A Heart’s Desire

Evelyn wishes to know the exact time and date of meeting with the love of her life. Her heart’s desire Continue reading read more »

I hear screams in the night, and I wake up

I hear screams in the night, and I wake up It wasnt a dream, so I crawl To the light Continue reading read more »


Somewhere, sometime on this planet, Through mist and the midnight blue sun At the end of one chapter, effulgent, Continue reading read more »

Celebrate Memorial Day––with Gratitude

I don’t have a problem with people enjoying themselves on Memorial Day … Life is busy and fast these days, and it’s important to take time to enjoy friends and family. You shouldn’t feel guilty when you fire up the grill or head for the beach. You should also feel gratitude for the people who [] read more »

A Must See! 23 Blast DVD #Review and #Giveaway!

What a truly awesome movie! 23 Blast is on my top movies list this year! Youve got to see this! This was an incredible story of passionate living even amidst adversity! Striving to be our best and never giving up is always something worth working hard towards, right? Well in this film you will see [] read more »

SPECIAL BOOK REVIEW: Fiercely Loyal by Dov Baron

Much of the crises in leadership today is the result of a widening rift between managerial or organizational styles and the true human expression of leadership. Dov Baron’s latest book, Fiercely Loyal, is closing that gap. Striking a masterful balance between engaging stories and irrefutable research, Dov creates a template you can use immediately to [] read more »

SPECIAL POST: Grow A Pair with Larry Winget!

I join my dear friend and mentor, best selling author and The Pitbull of Personal Development, Larry Winget on his Grow A Pair TV show! As you can see, we’re having a great time- and you will too as we talk about discipline, perseverance and how to be a genuine leader… Click here to learn [] read more »

Monday Morning Motivation: Catching Kayla

This short film (13 mins) brought a tear to my eye. Kayla is a young woman with multiple sclerosis, but that has not stopped her from pursuing her dreams. If she can continue training and achieving, whats stopping you? Read more: For Runner With M.S., No Pain While Racing, No Feeling at the Finish Future [] read more »

How to Find Life’s Silver Linings

There should be no boundaries to human endeavor. We are all different. However bad life may seem, there is always something you can do, and succeed at. While theres life, there is hope. -Stephen Hawking Every day we wake up we are given a fresh start. We open our eyes to a blank slate [] read more »

SPECIAL POST: The scandal of the century! The N...

Well… …not so much the scandal of the century. There are actually several other breaking news stories that will have much more impact on our lives and on our society. Having said that; I’ve been called out Several people challenged me to comment on my beloved Patriots. They’re saying that as such a vocal champion [] read more »

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.- Excellence and Lea...

Each year I post something on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. This one was originally published in 2011. I want to share it again with you this year Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. left us so many powerful words and lessons it’s difficult to pick favorites Much of my admiration for Dr. King is based [] read more »

Doing the wrong thing is sometimes rational – d...

I was recently challenged on a social media thread in response to a post I published titled Do you have the courage to do the right thing? The comment went something like this: “If you’re desperate and broke, robbing a bank can seem like the right thing to do. So can quickly pocketing that $50 [] read more »

Moral Courage – Do you have the courage to do t...

Moral courage is your willingness to do what is right- even when it’s not comfortable, convenient, expedient or profitable I’m sure you’d like to think you’d do the right thing under any circumstances, but doing the right thing can cost you money, your reputation, your business or even your safety or your life. What are [] read more »

We don’t have enough people willing to become l...

Another preview from The Sensei Leader We dont have enough people willing to become leaders. I dont blame them! We treat celebrities like leaders, like some kind of high school popularity contest gone wild. We think somehow that because someone can act, shout or play a guitar they know something more than the rest of [] read more »

BOOK PREVIEW: The Sensei Leader

A preview of Jims next book- The Sensei Leader “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” ~ John Quincy Adams Who is The Sensei Leader? The Sensei Leader is above one who fully embraces leadership one of the fundamental expressions of human relationships. [] read more »

The Authenticity Trap

“Every decision we make in our lives, as individuals or as organizations, is a piece of communication. It’s our way of saying something about who we are, and what we believe. “This is why authenticity matters. This is why you have to say and do the things you actually believe.” That’s what Simon Sinek says [] read more »

Artistic courage and business

Writing for, Bruce Rogers highlights an address by Kevin Spacey at the SapientNitro Idea Exchange in New York City What perspective can an an actor, someone whose business is make-believe, really contribute to your life in the real world of business? Spacey hit it out of the park with his emphasis on one particular [] read more »


“We can all learn how to tap the highest potential of our lives, to create value each day, each moment. As we can’t avoid sufferings, our only choice is to overcome them and live joyfully and vigorously while we do so. No matter how unpleasant the circumstances we find ourselves in, we can transform them into hope and good fortune. The secret to leading a fulfilling life is living based on the life philosophy of Nichiren Buddhism. Resolute faith is the best means for drawing out one’s inner potential an... read more »

Why you should still teach your kids to do thei...

Your son comes to you and says, “Someday, I’m going to play in the NFL.” What do you tell him? According to the NCAA, about 1 out of every 17 high school players will go on to play in college. From those, 1 of 50 will be drafted to an NFL team. That means that [] read more »

Why you should do your best anyway

I’ve said it myself “Why should I even try? I’m doing the best I can and nothing is happening anyway.” Have you found yourself in any of these situations?
 You prepped for a very promising job interview. In your mind- it was the perfect job and you were the perfect candidate. You even maxed your [] read more »

Ebola and The Truth – A serious disconnect

This is not a post on how to stop the spread of Ebola. I’ll leave that to the medical experts. There are some very important leadership lessons to be learned from the way we are dealing with the fears and facts surrounding the Ebola epidemic. #1 Trust and Transparency… Would you kill and burn your [] read more »

Letting Go to Move Ahead

Today’s post is inspired by an old friend… One of the first people I encountered when I started speaking and writing was Joan Sotkin, the founder of and author of Build Your Money Muscles. Joan is a terrific teacher and coach who helps people focus on their true potential. I haven’t spoken with Joan [] read more »

5 Things You Have to Do EVERY Damn Day…if you w...

Discipline is about developing meaningful and purposeful habits. If you want to accomplish something meaningful, you need to create meaningful disciplines I’ll admit that a couple of these things show up on every insipid self-help list there is- but that doesn’t mean you should ignore them! They work! At any rate, you might just find [] read more »

The Confidence Imperative

Confidence is one of the most important qualities you must develop if you want to accomplish anything meaningful. For leaders, confidence is an essential ingredient if you want others to follow you willingly. Still- confidence is one of the most poorly understood characteristics of human behavior, and that makes it hard to get a grip [] read more »

SPECIAL POST: The Sensei Leader

In advance of his new book, The Sensei Leader, Jim has launched a new blog by the same title! The Sensei Leader features advice, articles and interviews highlighting the human elements of effective leadership through Courage, Compassion and Wisdom. CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE NEW BLOG! Meanwhile, heres a sample One of the challenges of [] read more »

The Shortest…

There’s a nasty little section of every high school yearbook ironically called the “Superlatives.” It’s nasty because sometimes seldom if ever are these labels accurate even months after graduation and sometimes not even by the time you’re scrambling to have everyone you might never see again sign your yearbook. Nasty also because sometimes these labels [] read more »

THE SENSEI LEADER: The Reluctant Leader

Do you remember an old children’s story called The Reluctant Dragon? Disney later turned it into a cartoon. In it you have a dragon that really doesn’t want to be a dragon- at least in the classic mold of an angry, fire-breathing monster. It’s the same story with many small business operators… When you start [] read more »

Wayne’s World Moments and What You Can Do About...

No- this isn’t a fan page piece or a top 10 list of funny lines from Wayne’s World Have you ever had one of these moments? You’re about to start a new task or job…or you’re about to step in front of an audience to do a presentation or performance…or you’re up for a promotion… [] read more »

How to Pick a Leader

Elections will soon be slapping us in the face. Well, the slapping has already started I don’t know about you, but I’m seeing the same tired ads featuring the same truckloads of crap we see every election cycle. You know what I’m talking about… First there’s that melodramatic concerned, slightly sarcastic, accusatory voice highlighting all [] read more »

What does it take to THINK Like a BLACK BELT? J...

I  was interviewed recently for the JenningsWire World of Success podcast. This program features noted authors, speakers and thought leaders from around the world in a wide variety of topics. Some of the items we talk about… Don’t you need to kick and punch to THINK Like a BLACK BELT? Or to actually be one? [] read more »

Monday Morning Motivation – What makes a triath...

The combination of powerful images, stirring music and emotive words in this video make it really inspirational. Ive told Stuart that when Ive completed Challenge Weymouth 70.3, Im expecting a montage that is just as powerful! Strength Endurance Determination Speed Risks Limits Power Preparation Pride Perseverance Courage Persistence Dedication Attitude Glory There is no cant, [] read more »


“Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.” Ben Franklin hangs on a peg board near my desk. That is, my Ben Franklin mint-in-box action figure- with kite and key! No Western philosopher has influenced my thought more than the American original, Ben Franklin. Franklin practically invented what [] read more »

POWER QUOTE WEEK: Leadership ~ Lao Tzu

A recent Facebook post ranted, Arent you sick of all these stupid quotes on social media? What good is this endless stream of one-liners considering the real challenges and problems we all face every day? I wanted to agree and almost hit the “Like” button- but I stopped myself. I don’t agree- these words and [] read more »

POWER QUOTE WEEK: “Leadership is not Just for L...

“Leadership is not just for leaders.” ~ Jim Bouchard OK- I’m not trying to make myself more important by quoting my own words. (Well, maybe a little.) I just find it strange that when I’m talking about the importance of “leadership at all levels”, I sometimes instigate an argument with folks who say no- not [], read more »

SENSEI LEADERSHIP: Your Small Business Needs Le...

The smaller your business, the more important it is to develop leadership skills at all levels. Why? Because there is no one else to lead!!! First lets make sure we’re talking the same language. I’m not talking about position, authority or titles. That’s not what Sensei Leadership is all about. I’m talking about people who [] read more »

SENSEI LEADERSHIP: Necessary Conditions for Lea...

For effective leadership at all levels you’ve got to assure two conditions: #1 Make sure people understand what autonomy and discretion they have in their roles.

 #2 Support their autonomy with continual training and by standing behind them when they act independently. Make sure you train leadership continually. This means cultivating leadership skills and providing [] read more »

SENSEI LEADERSHIP: Leadership Skills Even MORE ...

If you run a small business, you’re shoulder to shoulder with the troops. You know everyone who works for you and even if you don’t, rest assured, they know you… Leadership is essential to any successful business, but when you run a small or micro-business, you can’t delegate leadership to someone else. You’ve got to [] read more »

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