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Cornwall Halloween Exhibition 2014 - (Witchcraf...

Well we thought it was a good idea!See videoMore of the items in the collection may be found HEREPlease visit theproject platform via crowdfunder which can be found HERE read more »

MP3: Kazy D – “We Keep It Turned Up” – @kazydbl...

Listen to the hit banging loud in your hood. Yeah, We Keep It Turned Up and watch how it goes down. He is KAZY D with We Keep It Turned Up. Listen to the jam. read more »

Success in Breeding Rare Cornish Coppermine Nau...

Rare Cornish Coppermine Nautilus nowsuccessfully breed in captivity by Boffins Bunker Laboratory Success in Breeding Rare Cornish Crypto-zoological Steampunk Coppermine Nautilus CephalopodWith so many species on the CITES endangered species list it is always good news when a crypto-zoologicalcreature is saved frombrink of extinction. That's what has happened in Cornwall (UK) thanks tobrilliant work of Professor Boffins Bunker (me). The incredibly rare seldom before seen Cornish Coppermine Nautilu... read more »

How to Create a not-so Antique Anatomical Figur...

Anatomical other 'Cabinet of Curiosities' pieces on sale in specialist London shop. 'Cabinet of Curiosities' Creating not-so Antique Anatomical Figure Pieces or High PricesThe sterility of minimalist interior fashion decorating has dominated UK homes in recent years, but there is a quiet counter move going on. The good news is the'Cabinet of Curiosities' roomis back in favour with some (including some within the Steampunk movement). Collecting of interesting objects artefacts has also been made far... read more »

Steampunk Cornwall Information Test Card #1

Unfortunately Boffin has to be doing something else today. So here is a picture of a poster of a STEAMPUNK EVENT (Steampunk in Springtime) taking place in Cornwall (UK) on May 11th 2013. Further details can be found via this Steampunk Cornwall link read more »

Get sticky fingers, glue on gears & call it Ste...

Dear Boffin Laboratory journal readersNow please don't get me wrong, I think the video below is very clever, really funny, both accuratealso skewed in equal degrees. Perhapsone thing the Boffinliked drew me tosteampunk ismy 'theory' it encourages people to personal creativity at many different levels. The 'theory' that anyone can join in and have a go at 'steampunk'. ...and for some that may mean simply 'Gluing some gears on' something.That includes the Boffin to a greater or lesser degree, who just li... read more »

Pickle wet specimen creatures for the Steampunk...

Pickle wet specimen creatures for the Steampunk Victorian Cabinet of Curiosities(Alternative title: 'Get Wet Pickled')(Another alternative title: 'A wet specimen is for life, not just Halloween') Genuine Museum preserved Wet SpecimensEvery respectable gentleman ( some less respectable) of Victorian leisure science would have had a virtual home museum of artefacts objects intheir private collection, often housed in the library or study. Malplaquet House, London image acquiredfrom PinterestACabi... read more »

Artificial arachnid & other experimental Cornis...

Artificial arachnid other experimental Cornish steampunk insect entomologyCollecting things for the 'Cabinet of Curiosities', back-a-while the Boffin decided an entomology sectionmay be agood idea. However the 'BudgetOfNew Developments' was at the timea bit scratchy at the bottom of the barrel for a full blown South American exploratory jungle jaunt. (Have you seen the bus fare to Penzance lately?) Boffins Bunker Beetles Bugs The creation ofartificial arachnid other experimental Cornish steampunk ... read more »

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