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Recent blog posts on Climate Change

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HEAT waves will keep a third of aircrafts from ...

Frequent heat waves and rising temperatures due to global warming could keep the ground up to one third of the planes around the world in the coming decades, and some read more »

Just been to the Mall of Music

Yesterday was quit awesome since I spend roaming around the mall with my two cutie and handsome nephews. They bought portable pool since summer is here and the climate is a bit off and on but more on the heat prevail. Then we run into an open viewing of a musical instruments while Elvis Presley [] read more »

March for Science on April 22nd, Earth Day Move...

In My Own Opinion March for Science – What is the Matter? I’m not going to go marching anywhere at the moment, but I will voice an opinion on the matter. The plan that is going forward at this time is a massive march on Washington D.C. on April 22 which is Earth [] read more »

Climate Change and its Economic Shift

Many national and international regulations related to climate change has been moved from congress to senate in many states and countries around the world to impose the rapid change of laws related to climate change. The urgency of this laws are necessary in a sense that it will affect the humanity's survival. From the concepts of the biological scientist to the improvement of laws by the legislatures and its effect to the economic and business sector, climate change not only change the environment but a... read more »

Earth Hour Philippines 2015 #EarthHour2015 #Giv...

For 38 years in my life, living here in Davao City, electricity has been a luxury and I can't remember that my parents struggle in preparing food and get household chores using electricity. Though I never forget that there comes a time, that was on May 21, 1990 as far as I can remember that we need to minimize the use of electricity to conserve power---called DST or Daylight Saving Time. DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME, when clock was turned forward 1 hour. When I have to wake up early because my school time is 7 ... read more »

Climate Change may take US back to the year 1200

Friends, Back in 1200, the USA endured a major climate event Global Warming. BBC predicts Climate Change may take US back to the year 1200. Article here. With more than 10 times as many people, I guess this global Continue reading read more »

Nature Bats Last to Premiere on the Radio

Nature Bats Last to Premiere on the Radio Dr. Guy McPhersons controversial yet renowned climate change blog Nature Bats Last will now have a radio show by the same name. Since August of 2007 the professor Emeritus from the University... read more »

Mirror Reflections – Togo & Russia

When I started this particular post I had the thought it would be interesting to talk about the open markets of different countries. But that changed! Its more about everyday life, the headaches, pains, sufferings, and everything else. Its about one mans family journey in Africa and another gals fascinating story about being in Russia [] read more »

Why Environmental Sustainability?

We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children. ~Native American proverb What do credit card debt, hoarding and obesity have in common? They value present consumption over future consumption. They also provide a snapshot of the convenience-riddled modern day lifestyles that we have embraced, with blatant disregard for the consequences. The question that naturally springs up is: Is the current lifestyle sustainable in the long term? Humans have consumed natural resou... read more »

The Perfect Orchid

I had a dream I was with a group of people searching for a perfect orchid. We found it after days of searching. Once we found it, it was our job to propagate them in the wild. Weo were to find the best way to have it propagate naturally so it would spread through the world. (I have very demanding dreams.) Raising orchids is very difficult. As part of my dream house, I wanted a greenhouse, perhaps with only orchids. How you would propagate them in the wild, I haven't a clue. The people I was with in the ... read more »

Dawn of a New Ice Age?

Mark TurnerMysterious World4/28/14Authors note: I am not ascientistnor am I a profit. This is only wild speculation based on various 'clues' andassumptions. I hope none of this is accurate because I really hate winter. A Vision of White After reading recent news reports like; "60 percent of Lake Superior remains under ice"and "Great Pine Island Glacier Breaks Away from Antarctica beingclosely monitored by NASA", I must admit that I could not help but to give into some wild, if not nervous speculation. ... read more »

Earth: This is Our One Shot, Don’t Blow It

Tomorrow morning, early tomorrow morning, my wife and I are heading to the hospital for a scheduled C-section. Im going to meet my son. Over the next 20 years or so, my duty as a father is to mould and... The post Earth: This is Our One Shot, Dont Blow It appeared first on Just Science. read more »

Jumping on the Carl Sagan Bandwagon (And Follow...

Embarrassingly, I have to admit something. Despite my overwhelming love of science and passion for teaching science to others, I grew up not knowing whom Carl Sagan was. Back story: I grew up in East Tennessee, the son of a... The post Jumping on the Carl Sagan Bandwagon (And Following the Laws of Physics) appeared first on Just Science. read more »

Car enthusiasts are pure evil

That is how I feel nowadays, when I commit that I am a car enthusiast. According to them I am personally responsible for killing dolphins, cutting down rain forests, heating up continents, scaring monkeys and polluting the moon. I do believe that car emissions change the climate; but, I also know that the earth goes through climate cycles. These are caused by changes in the earths orbit around the sun, and the sun is currently heating up itself which results in climate change. So should the human race no... read more »

Mother Nature’s Chuckle: The Language of the Un...

There it is. Our home. To us it seems like such a huge place where we will never meet all our neighbors. A place where we live our daily lives consumed with news and opinions from all directions. We work. We play. We do silly stuff like fight wars or think we are the [] read more »

Having second thought traveling because of the ...

I am suppose to travel by bus going to my parents place in General Santos City. It was last years plan to visit them and spend Christmas and New year with them but I was not able to go because of my pets, no ones going to watch them while I am away for a [] read more »

The Globalization That Resulted to Climate Change

After the disastrous scenario brought by Super Typhoon Yolanda (a.k.a Haiyan), a drastic measures pertaining to environmental concern should be implemented. As we all know, Philippines is often visited with more than 20 typhoons every year and many believed that this is caused by climate change. TheGlobalizationand the Climate Change The drastic change that was brought by the industrialization of our economy causes greater impacts in the changes of our society and ecology. Along with the industrializ... read more »

Where Have All the Wild Things Gone?

0 0 1 854 4871 Stuart Aken 40 11 5714 14.0 Normal 0 false false false EN-GB JA X-NONE Here in UK we’re celebrating the arrival of summer at long last. Several days of hot sunshine and dry weather, for most of the country. It’s a welcome change from a cold winter and a cool, wet spring. Yesterday, my wife and I went for a walk... read more »

Magnetic Drive Generator

For years I have been working on designig a magnetic drive generator that actually works. The difficulity has been in getting the magnetic drive strong enough to power a generator that is useful because it requires a 20 horsepower desiel to drive a 10 KW generator.But after testing hundereds of configurations, hundereds of designs, i [...] read more »

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