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Greetings and welcome fromArtsieladie!♥"Be sure your closet is spotless with no mistakes to claim,Before you condemn another's, just to cause them shame."~ Artsieladie Quote ©2017-05-20♥ PNG link: "People who, others' closets, clean,Do so because their own are so obscene.Cleaning the closets of others much better kept,Is so much e... read more »

How to deal with stinky cycling shoes

Spring is finally here with longer daylight and sunny days hurray! For me, Im hoping this means that there will be more opportunities for cycling (certainly by the end of April when my baby will be old enough to go in a bike trailer). However, Ive just got out my neglected cycling shoes and [] read more »

Feeling Lighter

Photo By Me, Cheryl Larkin Well a lot has sure happened in the last month for me. I lost my job as did my daughters boyfriend so in one swell swoop our household lost all of its income. I could totally be freaking out, but I am not. I am taking it one day at a time and trusting that the Universe has my back and all will work out as it should. In order to get some money we Continue reading read more »

Quality Marina Services!

A Shout Out to our good friend Jeffrey Boyd, owner of Boat Works Detailing!He does quality work and will treat you right! Call Jeff for all of your boat service/detailing needs including: Barnacle/Coral Removal Boat Hull Cleaning Hull Painting Boat Detail Zinc Replacement Lost Item Recovery Gelcoat RepairJeff works in all of the local marinas and boatyards in Daytona Beach and surrounding areas.Check out/like his Facebook PageJeffrey Boyd Boat Works and DetailingSome of his incredible work is shown be... read more »

Bedroom Cleaning Checklist for Kids

A messy home is a nightmare to all mothers. There's something about a clean house that makes us feel in a perfect world. So a bedroom cleaning checklist is perfect to get our kids clean at least their rooms. I've been recently working with my daughter to get her helping with chores more consistently and independently. However I realized that she doesn't know what I need her to do in order to consider her room clean. So, the idea of a checklist was born.I did a two parts cleaning procedure, a daily and a ... read more »

2015 Challenge

Pirate's Divot So I have been very busy these past few weeks. Pirate and I worked on disengaging the hindquarters. Pirate gave me a divot yay! We also worked on standing at the mounting block. Come on people I need that mounting block. Pirate may be only 14-2hh but I'm getting old. Pirate modeling his new Mustang Rope Bit Less Bridle We also tried out a Dr Cook cross under bit less bridle. Pirate responded well to it, but I felt that it did not release the pressure. It seemed to get hung up on somet... read more »

A healthy way to clean!

Jordan Essentials Essential Oils are just what you need to naturally support your body, but perfect for keeping your home clean & healthy too! Try making your own chemical-free toilet bowl cleanser: Gather your ingredients: ½ cup baking soda, 10 drops JE Tea Tree Essential Oil, and a ½ cup distilled white vinegar. To get a sparkling, clean bowl: pour baking soda directly into the toilet bowl, add oil, then vinegar—in that order. Let water effervesce for several minutes, then scrub bowl with brush. Flush... read more »

Clean fan at home

To clean a fan in apartment when the Winter is coming, North Point District, Hong Kong. read more »

Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Glove Dupe/Alternative

Hello Beauties!! I just wanted to show the way I clean my makeup brushes. I have seen a few people using the sigma spa glove and also seen some people using regular silicon oven mitts. So I thought I would... read more »

Product Review: Kids N Pets Stain and Odor Remover

My sister, Brittany, bought a "new" used car this week. It's a 2006 Honda Civic. This is her first car out of college that she purchased specifically for the amazing Honda quality and excellent gas mileage. Her new job is about an hour drive from the house, so she needed something that'll make a dependable commuter car.Little Brother and I have spent the week detailing it and getting it ready for Brit to drive. The previous owner bought it brand new and drove it daily to and from school and work. She own... read more »

When Did I Teach My Sons How To Peel a Potato?

Hello friends, I hope all is well in your world. Sometimes I used to wish that there was a manual with chapters that could answer questions about raising my sons, questions like when was it a good time to teach them the basics.  When do we teach them how to cook and clean or manage Continue reading The post When Did I Teach My Sons How To Peel a Potato? appeared first on Fashion and Fun after Fifty. read more »

Tonic water and it’s importance

Portuguese/english Hi hi hi, hoje decidi falar-vos sobre a água tónica e como pode ser importante para a vossa pele, ainda para mais quando é algo que já começa a [] read more »

Spring Cleaning and IT

Now that spring is almost here, it’s time to do spring cleaning. What does this mean from an IT standpoint? Depending on what areas of IT you’re in, this could mean anything from cleaning physical hardware like grungy keyboards and screens, to finding files that no longer have to be kept around for compliancy reasons. Cleaning hardware is easy. There’s a myriad of solutions from dust blowers and vacuums to solutions, so it doesn’t take long to find out what needs to be done for each individual piece o... read more »

Purge & Merge

Back for more? Woo hoo! Lets clean! Yesterday I told you about my Purge Merge method. Getting rid of unwanted items and grouping like things together. I use it when approaching any project from packing up a whole house for a move to tackling the pantry. Lets use the latter as a for instance. [] read more »

Spring… err… Still Winter Cleaning

Its no secret that I love to clean. And I know Im not alone in wanting this damn winter to be over. I know its not quite spring, but that doesnt stop me from wanting to get a jump start on spring cleaning. Any takers? Eh? Well even if you dont love cleaning and organizing [] read more »

Swiffer/Bissel Steam Mop

I am loving this little Swiffer/Bissel Steam mop! I've been wanting a steam mop and looking at various options and on impulse a few weeks back bought this. Loved that I could get it at the grocery store. It is very easy to use. Leaves the floor feeling very clean and makes quick work of sticky spills and stubborn dirt. I really like the little light on the front that lights up the shadow areas in the corners. It will make neat nick's heart go pitter patter and for those who procrastinate and dread cleani... read more »

iRobot, Do You?

So I know most women would be pretty upset with their husband getting them a vacuum for their birthday but in this case I basically shrieked for joy and did a pretty elaborate happy dance that involved a lot of clapping and jumping. But this isnt just any cleaning tool- this is an iRobot. [] read more »

Just Don't Call Me Mrs. Clean -- I Hate Housework

I have looked at a million crazy, smiley, I-love-to-clean posts and articles, and if you are anything like me, these articles produce only one logical reaction -- the need to shudder in horror. Of course, as a single mother, that lets out the Stepford Wife identity, but even when I did play the role of stay-at-home mom, I made it clear to everyone that I was staying home to take care of my child, not to play maid. I think people who claim that cleaning relieves stress and makes them happy are the most ba... read more »

My Toddler Clears the Table

My Toddler Clears the Table No joke! After every meal he takes his plate, fork, and cup to the kitchen and sets them on the counter. If he was using ketchup or ranch, he puts them back in the fridge where he found them... yes, where HE found them. If he asks for ketchup I usually tell him to get it out of the fridge and he does! He also helps himself to the water from the fridge tap after he has finished his juice. How did I train this perfect robot child? Simple: Monkey See, Monkey Do. It ... read more »

Homemade Laundry Detergent (Not Soap!)

Last year, in an effort to be frugal and "green" I decided to make my own laundry soap. If you've googled it, you know that pretty much everyone uses the same recipe and they all work wonderfully! Until... dun dun dun, you notice that your microfiber towels are smearing water across your counters instead of absorbing it (and condemning it to hell!) I heart my microfiber towels. I went through pains finding them again after I destroyed my first batch and ended up buying them in bulk and getting enough t... read more »

HowTo Clean a Stainless Steel Grill

I love finding a great deal. I love getting something old and dirty, applying a little elbow grease, and finding something beautiful underneath. Big Man and I decided that it was time for a bigger grill. We've been BBQing at a friend's house lately and I'd like to be able to return the favor, but our little grill just wouldn't handle enough meat for 2-3 families. This is our "new" $75 grill after I cleaned it. I wish I had taken a before picture. It was filthy and probably hadn't been used in over a ... read more »

Seasonal Dresser Cleaning

Up here in the Far North, seasonal clothing is a strict requirement. At least twice a year I have to rip through every dresser, closet, and storage box we own to find the proper attire for FOUR people! This year, I put Big Sister in charge of her own room. These are the instructions I made for her. ** WARNING: Printed instructions are not sufficient. Hands On Training is required. Big Sister and I have been going through her seasonal clothes together for a few years. This is the first time she ha... read more »

Weekly To-Do List

While I was in designer-mode working on my household binder, I made up this little beauty. I put it in a sheet protector and used wet-erase markers to fill in my weekly schedule and reminders. I actually printed two of them and use one for This Week and one for Next Week, so I could stay on top of things. read more »

Quarterly Cleaning Schedule

My other chores lists have been pretty popular, so here is the Quarterly list as well. read more »

Monthly Cleaning Schedule

Apparently, my Weekly Chores chart was a bit of a hit, so here's a peek at my Monthly Chores chart. read more »

Weekly Cleaning Schedule

This little beauty recently won me the title of "Most OCD Mom on the Block". The previous title-holder graciously bowed down and relinquished said title when I told her that I clean on a schedule. She was completely awed and amazed. Apparently, "Ex-Most OCD Mom on the Block" just cleans whatever, whenever... I can't wrap my brain around that. *shrug* I clean on a strictly regimented schedule complete with mnemonics-type memory aids to help me remember what I'm supposed to be cleaning when I am instead: ... read more »

House Cleaning To-Do List (Free Printable)

Ive been trying to get into a house cleaning routine throughout the week that will keep me from trying to cram it all into one day. A friend of mine... Read The Rest read more »

The Little Helper

After the fun outside, its time to clean the lawn.  This cute kid is my helper. He is eager to help me in my house choirs and shopping escapade. read more »

Take Spring Cleaning to the Streets!

Spring has sprung! Its time to clean out that clutter! Dont know where to start? Start small clean out your car! Heres my advice on how to get your car in shape for those days when driving with the Continuereading read more »

Here Be Dragons

I should be embarrassed to say what I am about to tell you... but fact is, I just am not. Which in and of it self is a little embarrassing.Today was a clean my room day. I've been cleaning the whole house lately and not so subtly "forgot" to clean my room. I just don't like cleaning my room. Probably because I have so much crap in it that it really is just more trouble than it is worth. Also, there is something about a little chaos that calms me down. But finally, I decided it is time and I need to clean... read more »

This Pantry is Delerious

Sometimes I worry about my family. Probably not in the sense you're thinking about. I mean, I do worry that, you know, I'll get a call saying that they were found in a ditch somewhere (Obviously, I hope this never actually happens). But to worry about things like that is exhausting and quite frankly stupid. I mean, if they were going to get in a freak accident, it would be horrible. I would cry. I'd probably lock myself in my room. I'd curse them for never making a will because I would probably end up ho... read more »

My #1 Must Have!!!

I recently ordered a lenspen from amazon and it arrived this past weekend. Up until I got this item I have been cleaning my lenses and such with a microfiber cloth- eeeek!!! It worked okay but i was starting to notice that it was just moving the dirt around the lens and creating tiny scratches- enter the lenspen!! This thing is AMAZING!!! It was only like $6 on (they have them at Swanlunds if you wanna go local but its around $20 there) and arrived within a week of placing the order. Looks f... read more »

That Feeling of Contentment

I’ve been feeling a bit weird lately. I can’t explain it, but like something isn’t quite right. I couldn’t put my finger on it and so could do nothing about it. All is ok with me and the girls and although Dad is back on the scene now after his 3 months away, there are [...] read more »

I didn’t know Wilkinson’s did Baby Products!!

I received an email last week asking me to try out a new range of baby products, from Wilkinson’s! I must admit I was a little dubious. Thing is, Wilko’s to me is for cleaning products, and garden items. That’s because when I was younger that was what my parents and Grandparents bought there! Oh [...] read more »

Affordable Carpet Cleaning

Most of us have problems when it comes to spring cleaning. Especially our carpets. To prove to us that cleaning is really not that easy. There are so many products out there in the market promising that would make carpet/floor cleaning a breeze. I have used some of these products before and i know they worked. But there are just some things that are meant to be cleaned only by the professionals. or let me say good quality cleaning service is far better than just an ordinary bottle of spray cleaner.Atlant... read more »

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