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IVR Security Hole Redux with CIBC

In January, I was dealing with the bank CIBC over an issue with their IVR system.To recap, there was a problem with their automated system, where it would call and ask the person who picked up my phone to "press 1" if they were me. If someone presses 1, the bank would then fail to verify if I'm actually me, or the cleaner, the child-care assistant or the robber that just stole my phone and would rattle off what I consider to be personal information.Obviously, I wasn't happy about that security hole as I ... read more »

CIBC Reference Number Logic - An Update

Last Saturday, I had a show down with CIBC staff over a situation that got out of hand and today I'd like to present an update. You can read about it in full here, but the core point of the story is that CIBC were trying to harass me for money that I had every reason to believe they already had in their possession, and their tactic was to try and put the burden of proof on the customer to prove it. They even tried to get information about other bank accounts, which I'm pretty sure is overstepping the pro... read more »

CIBC and Reference Numbers Logic

Had an interesting run-inwithCIBC today. The phone rings at 4pm on Saturday afternoon, just as I’m getting the kids down for an afternoon nap. I’m sitting next to the kids, and thanks to the wonders of iOS 8, even though the phone has been silenced, the laptop I’m using suddenly rings. The kids wake up and I swear like a sailor. I call back the number after re-settling the kids. It’s CIBC. Their phone system says it doesn’t know my phone number and so I have to punch it in. After a wait of about 3 ... read more »

Another security worry at CIBC...

Today I was a confused CIBC customer because I have a letter telling me I "still have time" to activate my Visa credit card. What do you mean "still"? The slightly more paranoid side of my brain tells me that the bank is implying that they have previously asked me to activate a new card. Just to royally mess with my head, there's a new card sitting in front of me with the word "Visa" on it... Naturally, that one is not a credit card because now CIBC debit cards have "Visa" on them too... You know, just t... read more »

The CIBC Canary

Following on from my post last month where CIBC finally opened up a dialog, it's time to post a quick update on the results. In short, the first item that I had raised (See here for backstory) has been addressed in that sort of way only a bank could deal with it: Having raised a number of scenarios where it can be shown they've no idea who's on the phone system talking to their credit card system, they agreed to remove me from that system and put me back to paper. Whilst that solves my problem, in my o... read more »

The CIBC dialogue opens up.

Most people who read my blog know that I have traditionally had a horrible time dealing with CIBC. It does appear however that after the recent issue with the IVR system raising it's head again, we finally have a form of ongoing dialogue. This past week I dropped them a 7 page PDF of issues, and followed that up with an email containing some more items to do with server issues, footholds and such. Already, I've had confirmation that these more recent items will be corrected. That's good news.The flip sid... read more »

CIBC Customer Communications Fails After Data B...

The news over recent years has become increasingly peppered with stories about large scale data breaches. Notable examples include: Adobe - 152,000,000 records. EBay - 145,000,000 records. Target - 70,000,000 records. JCPenny/Dow Jones/JeyBlue/etc - 160,000 records. Sony PSN - 77,000,000 records. Heartland Payments - 130,000,000 records. TJ / TK Maxx - 94,000,000 records. AOL (2014) - 2,400,000 records. AOL (2006) - 20,000,000 records. AOL (2005) - 92,000,000 records. As you can see, these aren't small ... read more »

CIBC Security vs A Labrador Dog

Anyone that follows me will know that I have some long running gripes with one of my banks, CIBC. Normally, I'm just complaining about run-of-the-mill stuff at CIBC, like bad customer service, the odd occasion of lying software, or people at the bank doing stuff they shouldn't with my records (that spawned an investigation, so details are not being made public). All of that stuff, though, pales in comparison to security. I take my security rather seriously. Given how low the customer/bank trust has falle... read more »

A Banking Comedy

So today at around 09:45am I went to login to my bank (CIBC) and the first thing I noticed was this: Now, I know for a fact that I was not doing any online banking this morning at 04:12AM, and was definitely in bed, sleeping. My first reaction was that my CIBC account with their website was breached, so I asked their twitter team as to whether this was working or not. (As of 13:40, this still hasn't been answered)I quickly determined through repetitive logins and logouts that this login time information... read more »

Fixing another CIBC issue with Mint

In a previous post I had mentioned how my experience with CIBC went with trying to get credit card statements emailed to me. Their interpretation of "Oh, yes, we can email statements" was putting it on their website where I then had to go and log in to see it. That was not what I was asking for. Well, I finally found a solution to get around the bank.Intuit has a product called Mint. ( You create an account there, tie it back to your bank account and voila! Everything the bank says they can... read more »

Why Checking The Address Bar Is Important

If a person goes to a bank and logs in, they expect to be in the bank at all times unless they’re warned that they’re leaving the bank and going to a third party. In this day and age, people are taught to surf safely. This means you check the address bar to make sure that if you expect to be in a particular site, that you’re actually where you think you should be. Nobody wants any funny business going on with redirects and such. So today I went to order some cheques. Having logged into my bank, I n... read more »

CIBC and Interac. Yet another surprise.

Those who have been following my farce at CIBC where Interac had to finally get involved to shed light on what happened at CIBC, won't be surprised to learn that today the icing on this cake arrived.When after CIBC messed up, I was advise by Interac that rather than pay CIBC to cancel the Interac transactions, just let it expire for free. During this same conversation I also learned that Interac didn't actually have my money either, as CIBC was holding it all along - making the whole cause of this issue ... read more »

Escalating when CIBC drops the ball.

So a quick update on the Interac farce at CIBC.As you know, I pinged CIBC about this yesterday:@CIBC Can you please ask someone to address this?— Jason Coulls (@coulls) October 17, 2013Naturally, nobody at CIBC communicated acknowledgement that they were looking into it, or even considering fixing the issue. Then this morning, I get a note from the University of Toronto that they got another two invites. (Click Image for Original) Just out of curiosity, I gave the authorisation ... read more »

CIBC and Interac - It's like Laurel and Hardy, ...

People might think that I go around actually trying to be miserable at certain organisations, but the truth is that I don't. It's just that certain organisations repeatedly foul up in ways that just should not be possible, and eventually I lose my temper with them.One such organisation is CIBC.I've said this before, and I'll repeat it again... A bank should have three qualities: It should be dependable. It should never surprise you. It should be utterly pedantic.CIBC, as ever, continues to defy these qua... read more »

Why NFC in Canada is a joke

Today I spotted something in the news that proclaimed NFC was going to get hammered by Apple's iBeacon and Paypal's BLE payment system. For me, this is a good thing. I like technology, but in Canada we always see a good thing get ripped apart and shredded into "camps" and as a consumer, you're forced to be in one or the other. Anything in Canada with NFC ("Near Field Communications" - sometimes jokingly known in trade rags like the Register as "pay by bonk") as the major component is likely to subjecte... read more »

The icing on the cake with my CIBC farce

It's a good job I find this so comical. A quick recap of the situation this far: I wasn't receiving paper statements for a credit card (for like the umpteenth time). I asked CIBC to move me to electronic ones, and after years of saying it wasn't an option, it now was an option. CIBC put me over to Visa Card Services and they enabled electronic statements. I later log into and of course, they'd accidentally enabled electronic statements for my chequing account, but the requested Visa account w... read more »

Why I want to rip out my own spleen and beat CI...

There are some organizations that I have to deal with repeatedly, where I dread using their customer service because deep down I know before I even start that they're not going to be easy to deal with, and after a lot of hard work coercing them to do the job that you'd think they were installed to do, I'm likely to have to escalate the issues anyway and the whole thing is just a waste of my time and theirs. CIBC is one such organization for me. There's a litany of issues ranging over the years, rangi... read more »

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