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Wale Not In Nigeria B’cos Ice Prince Did Not Pa...

Wale has not come to the launch of Fire Of Zamani by Ice Prince. The album launch holds 23rd November, 2013. In a tweet by Maybach Music Group on behalf of Wale, the tweets say Wale is not in Nigeria for the album launch because his air tickets were not paid for. In order to [] read more »

Mountainside Gardening

When you decide to live perched on an excavated shelf, high on a mountain in the middle of what is essentially a forest, you face a few challenges. I’ve written before about the rarity of “wired” utilities; obviously when it snows, you don’t go anywhere;and it is constantly an issue convincingdelivery menthat their vehicles really can make it up my driveway. But the one challenge I was determined to conquer on the mountain was having my very necessary fresh vegetable garden. I have gardened all of my... read more »

Chipmunks can fly?

It has always been my good fortune to rescue the quirkiest dogs. Our newest four legged child, Sebastian, is no exception. The first few weeks proved difficult, but finally he humbly agreed to assimilate into our family and immediately elected himself emperor. Besides his all too frequent escapes, our biggest problem with him is his ADHD (attention deficient, hyperactive dog). With each request to go potty, the imagined possibility of seeing/smelling another of the neighborhood dogs, frequently distra... read more »

Puppy Love?

It was about ten minutes before 2:00 AM when Sebastian sat up in bed, did a whole body shake, and said in his limited canine vocabulary, “Dad. Wake up; I have to go potty.” I made a futile attempt to reason with him, which only resulted in him getting loud and barking at me, “I’m serious! Get up; I need to go now!” I dragged myself from the soft comfort of my bed, donning my LL Bean slippers and rubbing the much needed sleep from my eyes. Sebastian was already off the bed and sprinting back and... read more »

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