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Три достойных горящих тура: из Москвы на Хайнан...

Времени нет, некоторые туры стартуют прямо завтра! Вот вам, дорогие мои читатели и подписчики 3 очень достойных тура для Питера и Москвы. Начнем с тура на море из Москвы в Китай. На 7 дней. Вылет 30 ноября. Проживание в делюксе с завтраками. А вот и... Подробности на сайте busparty.rue read more »

De la Hutong la Marele Zid

ricșe în Hutong, Beijing În a doua zi de vizitare propriu-zisă din China am mers într- unul din cartierele sărace ale Beijingului, în Hutong. Acum, am înţeles că denumirea asta înseamnă mahalale,... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] read more »

Beijing, temple, perle si jad

Templul Cerului - exteriorDupă masa de prânz, în prima zi completă de vizită la Beijing am mers la Templul Cerului, un complex de pagode cu rol religios situate în zona de sud-est a centrului... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] read more »

Beijing, chinezii si traficul in care nimeni nu...

În prima zi a excursiei, după un zbor Bucureşti-Beijing cu escală la Amsterdam de cca 12 ore în total, fără timpii de așteptare, şi după vreo 30 de ore de nesomn, ne-am îmbarcat în autocarul... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] read more »

Cum am slabit 6 kg in 9 zile cu Interra Travel

Mai întâi, înainte cu vreo 6 luni de la data plecării în excursie, mi-am ales circuitul Splendorile Chinei (4-12 iulie, ghidă Andreea Manoliu) şi am plătit jumătate din bani. Apoi am început să... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] read more »

#RAKAN KONGSI ~ Syarikat China sah beli Proton?

Kilang pengeluar kereta Proton di Tanjung Malim akan menjadi milik Geely sekiranya Proton sah dibeli oleh syarikat China. SYARIKAT Proton Holdings Bhd (Proton) telah lama mencari rakan kongsi dari syarikat negara asing bagi meneruskan perniagaan ketika kedudukan kewangannya mencatatkan kerugian setiap tahun.Berita Proton untuk mencari rakan niaga sebenarnya bukan rahsia lagi kepada sesiapa yang sentiasa mengikut perkemba-ngan urus niaganya. Namun sehingga hari ini, masih belum ada perjanjian hitam putih... read more »

10 metode originale de luptă contra corupției

În contextul ultimelor rețineri a mai multor funcționari de stat, dar și altor persoane, printre care: aleși locali, polițiști, vameși, avocați, cadre didactice, cu toții bănuiți că ar fi implicați în cazuri de corupției, stau și mă gîndesc: „Poate nu facem ceea ce trebuie?”. Cert este că pentru majoritatea populației din Republica Moldova, toate programele [] read more »

Couple who retired at 30 years and now travels ...

Jeremy Jacobson and Winnie Tseng lived frugally for ten years to retire early and have time and financial opportunities to explore the world. How to Travel Around the World: 14 Steps (with Pictures) How to Travel Around the World. Traveling around the world at once is often a cheaper option than breaking it down into segments. The secret is to plan carefully Jeremy Jacobson and his partner Winnie Tseng life with their older son Julian eight years, traveling around the world, having lived frugally for ten... read more »

Youngest world traveler: the girl who accompani...

Esme tiny traveled in its first year more than others in life. From the age of two months, the youngest world traveler accompanied his parents hiking along and across several countries. 27 Multicultural Books For Kids No Time For Flash Cards Jul 17, 2013 The rhyming text will enchant even the youngest world traveler , this is a must for any jet setting family! Greenapple One Green Apple by Eve When nurse Karen Edwards, aged 31, and her partner, Shaun Bayes, have announced theyll take little Esme, aged... read more »

News-Übersichten zu Griechenland & zur Ukraine ..., das unabhängige News-Portal, bietet als Spezialität regionale News-Übersichten u.a. zu Griechenland zur Ukraine: Nachrichten aus Politik, Wirtschaft, Kultur und Natur! read more »

National Sovereignty VS Globalization: A confli...

The two terms which will give a conflicting thesis will always result to a debatable subject in an academic view. Recently the countries in the Pacific for example are the best model of globalization and national sovereignty conflict. ASEAN member countries are long been formulating programs in all areas of governmental faculties to unite the 10 countries and other additional interested nations outside the ASEAN region. But the vision of globalization is still far from reality considering the national in... read more »

Billion contract for 30 airliners. Aircraft man...

European Which brings us to Canada-based Bombardier (BDRBF) , a mid-sized aircraft manufacturer thats going toe-to-toe with its larger rivals Boeing and Airbus Group. Airline passenger growth in emerging markets, combined with the need for fuel-efficient Germany and China signed during the visit of Chancellor Angela Merkel in Beijing, an agreement whereby Chinese [] read more »

The first large airliner Chinese design

China introduced the first large airliner own conception, after several years of delays, making another step towards the objective of developing an aircraft to compete with Boeing and Airbus, reported CNN. China arrives in 'big jet club' with homegrown passenger plane ... unveiling of the 158-seat C919. Xinhua, China's official news agency, posted a celebratory [] read more »

The old Silk Road is at Risk?

The Asian region is the most lucrative region for International Business today, the focus of the military might of Russia and America run down to the regions of middle east and the Asian region. The old Silk road is rekindled as the new road of wealth and world economic prosperity. Among the regions covered by the old Silk Road Economy is China. As of today China and the neighboring countries like the ASEAN countries, Japan, Korea, and Hongkong are the frontline of the revived silk economy region. Thoug... read more »

Two Zhongshan's foods, Mong Kok

Fried shrimp-roll and Home fried-dishes are Zhongshan (City in Guangdong Province) style traditional foods, in one historic Zhongshan style Lai-fun shop, Ki Lung Street, Mong Kok District, Kowloon, Hong Kong. read more »

Most beautiful places in China

Enigmatic for many, the country with the largest population in the world offers tourists some of the most beautiful natural landscapes on Earth. Whether we speak of "the mountains rainbow" of Zhangye, lakes and plains of multicolored Wuyuan's Jiuzhaigou, one thing is clear - China is also experiencing an idyllic natural beauty. 9 Places to [] read more »

She did not want to give up on her 200$ cognac ...

A Chinese fleeting, that airport security officers in Beijing did not let her board with a bottle of expensive cognac, did not want to waste precious liquor and decided to drink entirely. But after drinking the contents, the passenger got drunk so bad that he could not take the plane. Louis XIII de Rémy Martin Louis [] read more »

¿Qué Opinas Sobre la Explotación de Apple en Ch...

Hace unos días este vídeo sobre la explotación de la empresa multinacional Apple en China, me pareció tan interesante que lo compartí en mis redes sociales, es un tema con mucha relevancia social, porque vemos como las grandes empresas van hacia donde hay posibilidades de explotación, las comunidades chinas y japonesas se han creado por si mismos la fama de ser pueblos muy disciplinados y robotizados. Vídeo sobre Explotación de Apple en China Una ventaja competitiva de un pueblo que es aprovechada p... read more »

A young man discovered how to travel for free a...

A couple of 25-year US discovered '' secret '' almost free trips around the world: hunt for the best deals, accumulate loyalty points which turns into thousands of miles you can fly free, first class. At 13, Ben Schlappig discovered a forum dedicated to those who are looking for a hobby. Most talked about travel, but [] read more »

A car operated only with mind power, performed ...

A car is handled only with mind power was tested Wednesday China news agency Xinhua, stating that this kind of vehicle will target especially people with motor disabilities and that will occur when the market is still distant. Conducted by researchers at Nankai University in Tianjin (Northeast China) in collaboration with car manufacturer Great Wall [] read more »

Travel Blog: Übelsetzung – “Life is a City of L...

Hallo liebe Leute, in der Nähe meiner Wohnung habe ich dieses besondere Straßenschild entdeckt: Der englische Text Life is a city of love ist definitiv keine korrekte  Übersetzung der Schriftzeichen darüber. Die Zeichen bedeuten ungefähr: Verbindung zum Zentrum * Offizielle Berg Partnerstadt. Die Worte Liebe oder Leben kommen nicht vor. Daher glaube ich nicht, More Travel Blog: Übelsetzung Life is a City ofLove read more »

Travel Blog: Wunderschöne Lotosblüte

Hallo liebe Leute, die Lotosblume gilt in China als Symbol der Reinheit und Schönheit. Auch im Buddhismus spielt sie eine wichtige Rolle. Letztes Wochenende konnte ich Zeugin der wunderbaren Lotosblüte in einem nahe gelegenen Park werden. Ich habe euch ein paar Bilder von dort mitgebracht: Die zauberhaften Lotospflanzen sind wesentlich größer als die deutschen Seerosen. More Travel Blog: WunderschöneLotosblüte read more »

माओत्से तुंग का काव्य-संसार--दिनेश कुमार माली

सिल्क मुखौटे के पीछे छुपी डरावनी शक्ति लेखक दिनेश कुमार माली जब मैंने थियानमेन चौक पर माओत्से तुंग की बहुत बड़ी तस्वीर देखी, उसी समय मेरा ध्यान भारत के ओड़िशा,बिहार,बंगाल और आन्ध्रप्रदेश के कोयलांचल में व्याप्त माओवाद की ओर जाने लगा। वह माओवाद जिसका सत्ता-परिवर्तन का सिद्धान्त बंदूक की नोक से प्रारम्भ होता है, वह माओवाद जो रेल की पटरिया उखाड़कर देश में अराजकता फैलाता है, वह माओवाद जो किसी कंपनी के डायरेक्टर के जीप की आगे की सिर में बांधकर केरोसिन छिड़क कर जला देता है, वह माओवाद जो किसी लाल रंग वाले क... read more »

Os chineses… que se estão a ver gregos!

Normal 0 21 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Enquanto andamos todos mais ou menos entretidos no acompanhamento da situação grega, a economia mundial parece estar prestes a ser afectada por mais um choque adverso, desta feita com epicentro na China. A história não é inédita, tratando-se de mais um rebentamento de uma bolha especulativa. Durante os últimos anos e num clima de prosperidade económica na China, o fácil acesso ao crédito espoletou a formação de uma bolha especulativ... read more »

Most expensive cities in the world

European Cities, African and Asian cities dominate the most expensive for expats, according to a study by Mercer. In 2015, Bucharest ranks 178, compared to 169 last year. In Bucharest, currency fluctuations caused by political and economic turmoil adds to the cost of employee mobility programs from organizations that are in the process of globalization to become [] read more »

Travel Blog: Staubig grauer Tag – Strahlend hel...

Hallo liebe Leute, es ist 22:00 Uhr abends in Qingdao, China. Die Sonne ist vor etwa zwei Stunden unter gegangen. Von der leichten Anhöhe aus, auf der mein Wohnheim liegt, habe ich einen guten Blick auf den Nachthimmel. Ich sollte jetzt die Sterne sehen können. Sollte. Statt einzelner kleiner Lichtpunkte auf Dunkelblau glimmt um mich [] read more »

10 countries you can visit with just $ 10 per day

Many exotic destinations seem inaccessible because of the large distance and pretty steep price to be paid for airfare. In reality, these countries are quite cheap, because once arrived on tourist does not have to spend too much. The list is made by publication Huffington Post, so the states of Eastern Europe are incorporated herein [] read more »

The longest bridge of glass in the world will b...

The longest and highest bridge of glass in the world will be inaugurated in July in China, Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, which is said to have been the inspiration for the planet Pandora in the movie Avatar, directed by James Cameron, inform CNN. Glass bridge will connect two peaks in the area known as Zhangjiajie [] read more »

Travel Blog: Im Tempel der Meeresgöttin

Hallo liebe Leute, Neben buddhistischen Tempeln gibt es China auch Tempel, die dem altertümlichen Volksglauben geweiht sind. Dieser ist in etwa zu vergleichen mit dem Kult um die germanischen Göttern in unseren Breitengraden. Einen dieser Orte, den Tian Hou Tempel, habe ich hier in Qingdao besucht. Er ist der Göttin Ma Zu gewidmet. Der Legende [] read more »

Uk listed as second most expensive countries to...

Ireland according to the report, Ireland is ranked 20th among the most expensive countries to visit, and the main attraction is the capital, Dublin. One night accommodation in a 4 star hotel costs on average $ 126 and taxes added services is 10% higher than in the United States. Seychelles Island favorite of Prince [] read more »

Travel Blog: Magerwahn – Noch schlank oder scho...

Hallo liebe Leute, was wir als schön empfinden, hängt bekanntlich stark von dem Kulturkreis ab, indem wir aufgewachsen sind. Was ist schön in Ost und West? Das chinesische Schönheitsideal unterscheidet sich dem entsprechend deutlich vom deutschen. Hier gilt blasse Haut noch als schick, während du bei uns leicht als Stubenhocker verschrien ist, solltest du dir [] read more »

Travel Blog: China zwischen Umweltschutz & Umwe...

Hallo liebe Leser, dass China unter Umweltverschmutzung leidet, wird fűr die meisten von euch nichts Neues sein. Nur allzu bekannt sind die Bilder der Smogwolken aus Peking. Qingdao jedoch gilt allgemein als „grűne Insel“ – davon leitet sich sogar der Name der Stadt ab (青岛 – blaugrűne Insel). Die Stadt granzt direkt ans Meer und [] read more »

Travel Blog: Buddhismus – Wie ich im Tempel Ruh...

Hallo liebe Leser, Auf meiner Erkundungstour durch Qingdao darf natűrlich der Besuch eines Tempels nicht fehlen. Als Buddhistin interessieren mich diese spirituellen Stätten besonders. Ich hatte das Glűck gleich eine andere Buddhistin kennenzulernen. Das ist nicht so wahrscheinlich, da nur 18% der Chinesen Buddhisten sind. Die anderen sind Taoisten, Christen, Muslime oder (mit dem grössten [] read more »

"China, megapotencia financiera" por Ignacio Ra...

Contrariamente a lo que muchos piensan, China se halla aún lejos de representar un auténtico rival para Washington. En 2015, Estados Unidos sigue ejerciendo una indiscutible dominación hegemónica sobre el planeta. Tanto en el dominio militar (fundamental) como en varios otros sectores determinantes, en particular el tecnológico (Internet) y elsoft power(cultura de masas). Lo cual no significa que China no haya realizado prodigiosos avances en los últimos treinta años. Nunca en la historia, ningún ­país c... read more »

Travel Blog: Wie Du als Vegetarier in China übe...

Hallo liebe Leute, wenn ich einem Chinesen erzähle, dass ich kein Fleisch esse, ist die erste Frage grundsätzlich: „Isst du Hühnchen?“ oder „Isst du Fisch/Meeresfrüchte?“. Wenn ich dann antworte, dass ich garkeine Tiere – ob zu Land, zu Wasser oder in der Luft – esse, ist die Reaktion meisten ein überrascht-mitleidiges „Oh.“. In etwa so, [] read more »

Travel Blog: China – Schönheit vs Tierleid

Hallo liebe Leute, heute habe ich eine schwerwiegende Entscheidung getroffen. Ich habe in China Kosmetik gekauft. Manche von euch werden sich vielleicht fragen, was daran so schlimm ist? Nun, jede Art von Kosmetika, die man in China kauft ist potentiell an Tieren getestet worden. Das gilt auch für Naturkosmetik. Die genaue Gesetzeslage dazu ist für [] read more »

Travel Blog: China – Meine ersten Eindrücke

Hallo liebe Leute, endlich kann ich mich aus dem fernen China bei euch melden! Die Einrichtung der Verbindung hier hat leider eine Weile gedauert. Hier in Qingdao bin ich sehr freundlich aufgenommen worden. Einige Kolleginnen haben mich gleich am ersten Wochenende eingeladen, die Gegend zu erkunden. Ohne weitere Umschweife möchte ich euch die ersten Fotos [] read more »

stopher's stuff - There and BaCK and Around the...

April 6th is a very special day to me, so Ill take a moment right at the beginning to say Happy Birthday to my sweet pea! Its my daughters birthday, and the excitement in our household is bubbling up like crazy. When I walked down the stairs this morning, there she was at the bottom, jumping up and down, smiling and giggling. Overnight our living room had been transformed to represent her current favorite book film series, The [...] read more »

Auf nach China! – Meine Reisepläne

Hallo liebe Leute, nach Ostern geht ein lange gehegter Wunsch von mir in Erfüllung. Ich fliege nach China! Für ein halbes Jahr. Das Reiseziel heißt Qingdao, eine (für chinesische Verhältnisse) kleine Stadt direkt an der Ostküste. Bei Qingdao handelt es sich um eine ehemalige deutsche Kolonie. Kein sehr ruhmreicher Teil unserer Geschichte, aber anderseits der [] read more »

China produces twice the greenhouse gases US does

Friends, Deep down in this article, you will find a current chart of emissions. The frist chart shows US following China by about 25%. But, it is not current. The next chart shows last year. China has blown past US. Continue reading read more »

inspired by Dior

While living in China once I had a chance to work with a talented team of designer and photographer. It is one of my favorite shootings that I had in Asia.All the cloths created by chinese designer Wait are inspired by Christian Dior. A siluhette of the dresses, puffy skirts and grotesque hats accompained with Dior style makeup arrows, red juicy lips and high cheekbones created a complete look of 50th century.Actually the idea of the shooting was to show the live of Cinderella and one of her cruel sister... read more »


I must admit that I consider myself to be very meticulous tourist, the nightmare of gides and slow taxi-drivers. That’s because in every new city I try to visit as many places as possible (and if even it seems impossible.. well, you know impossible is nothing:). I was in Hong Kong several times. I fell in love with this city from the first sight for sure (sorry, New York for this betrayal). The city was a beginning of my great and long-termed living and traveling around Asia. Hong Kong set the tone of my... read more »

Russian government commits funding to Moscow-Ka...

The Future is Here Russia’s federal government has set aside RUB 6 billion (€81.2 million) in 2015 to design its planned high-speed railway between Moscow and Kazan. Russian Railways (RZD) is planning to issue a tender in 2015 to select a partner to conduct surveying and project design work for the 770-kilometre Russian-gauge railway. The [] read more »

Hi,See U Again

From summer to winter,different season,differen people,the same place.Let's go and have a look. 似乎,不如当时。。。 read more »

Un Villancico en Chino. ¡Felices Fiestas!

Para demostrar (mejor dicho convencerme) de que mis clases de chino sirven para algo, quiero felicitar la Navidad y desear un próspero feliz año a todos los que están leyendo este post con un villancico en chino, no dibujo los caracteres solamente escribo su transcripción tampoco escribo los acentos. Lo que leen es el pinyin, tal y como se leería. Se canta tal y como lo harían con el villancico en inglés We wish you a Merry Christmas, We wish you a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!! VILLANCICO EN... read more »

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