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Is Organic Food Worth It?

When you head to the grocery store, shopping for products like eggs, meat, fish, milk, and produce can be very tricky. Signs are posted everywhere labeling food as natural, organic, and a number of other things—but what’s the difference, really? Learning what specific names mean can help you decide if you should shell out extra [] The post Is Organic Food Worth It? appeared first on Well Fit News Spot. read more »

New Cell Phone Radiation Study: Should We Be Co...

Smartphones have become such an integral part of not only our lives, but the lives of our children. We have become addicted to texting, chatting, and playing games on phones, increasing our exposure to radiation thats harming our health. (And now, these phones are setting cars on fire.) Cell phone radiation has been an ongoing topic for [] The post New Cell Phone Radiation Study: Should We Be Concerned? appeared first on read more »

Say No to These Chemicals in Eye Makeup

Makeup is powerful because it allows us to express ourselves in so many ways. But makeup is also powerful in another sense, many brands carry makeup made from harmful chemicals that are making their way into our eyes (and blood streams), causing irritation and possibly contributing to cancer, lung disease, and reproductive issues. So before you pick up your [] The post Say No to These Chemicals in Eye Makeup appeared first on read more »

Removing Chemicals From Your Dogs' Coat

When Gilby was pulled out of the dog pound, his coat looked groomed but it had been brushed only on top leaving a mass of matted coat underneath, his tail had dreadlocks and a couple friends suggested shaving him down and starting over If you have read this blog for any time you know I am against shaving down dogs, not only does it put them at risk of skin cancer but most dogs don't like it either. Gilby had suffered enough trauma. His jaw had been broken, his side teeth had been filed to nubs to help... read more »

Make an Effort to Green Your Dogs' Lifestyle

Part of the appeal of dog ownership is that loving and caring for a dog brings us closer to nature. It just makes sense to give your dog a more natural and eco-friendly lifestyle.Everyday, millions of dogs come in contact with harmful chemicals that their owners don't even think about.Chemicals like formaldehyde in those cute t-shirts and bandannas (it takes multiple washings to remove the formaldehyde). Dioxins in plastic dog dishes that once ingested, stay in the body forever,tap water that contains tr... read more »

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