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parkrun Challenges

I love attending parkrun every week, so Ive decided to set myself a number of parkrun related challenges for the next year. Most of them are teeny tiny goals, but I thought they might add some fun. Achieve my 250 club (17 parkruns to go) Qualify for a cow cowl (I need to do 1 [] read more »

2017 July Ultimate Blog Challenge

Photo from a free photo sharing website.I accepted a Blogging challenge to write a new post every day for the month of July. Even on the weekends when I mainly give up. Today July 1st is thevery first day of the blogging challenge. I signed up for the last challenge but was unable to complete it due to a personal issue that I have written a few posts about. It was something that affected me so much, I could not write. For the first time in my life, I had writer's block because I was feeling... read more »

I Am Joining The Ultimate Blog Challenge Again

I have joined 'The Ultimate Blog Challenge' again. What you haven't heard of 'The Ultimate Blog Challenge'? Well, let me explain a little bit about it. 'The Ultimate Blog Challenge' is a challenge to blog an entire month (30 -31 days). You write a blog post on your blog. It can be a free blog or self-hosted blog. You can write about anything as long as it falls within the rules. If you wish to join in the challenge, make sure to sign up at the'Ultimate Blog Challenge' website. You will receivea daily e... read more »

What Is In Your Medicine Cabinet?

I have decided to create a writing - photo challenge called "What's in my medicine cabinet?" Basically, what you do is take a photo ofthe inside of your medicine cabinet. You write about the things you keep in your medicine. Describe the item, why do you have it, etc. I would love to see others take this challenge. Top shelf 1. Nail polish remover - I use to paint my nails all the time and change the color per outfit. I still paint my nails. Not as elaborate.2. Fish Oil - Fish oil has many health benef... read more »

March Goals and February Review

If People Are Not Laughing At Your Goals, Your Goals Are Too Small. The post March Goals and February Review appeared first on Those Positive Thoughts. read more »

February Goals and January Review

I hope by sharing my goals I will inspire you to set your own! The post February Goals and January Review appeared first on Those Positive Thoughts. read more »

28 Writing Ideas For February 2017

Towards the last day of each month, I come up with writing ideas, prompts or challenges to do for the entire following month. I do this for those who get 'writers block' or enjoy looking at lists to come up with a blog post of their own. I do this because I enjoy helping others. February 2017 Writing List~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1. Write about National Freedom day. It is a day to celebrate freedom without slavery. 2. Groundhog day 3. Feed your birds, share pictures. Or write about the day the music di... read more »

What Boosts My Determination In The Blogging World

I have been participating in a month-long blogging challenge which encourages bloggers to blog once a day. I receive an email daily that gives a suggested topic for those who struggle to come up with a topic of their own. I usuallydo my own topics. As I keep a never ending list of topics to write on in a notebook. Yet, I liked the topic that was suggested today.The top is "What motivates you to stay bloggingand boost your determination?" It wasn't those exact words but the same meaning behind them. To... read more »

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Facing Your Fears

Episode 63: BombedMargaret: [Standing at the operating table] Major, your hands are shaking.Frank: Well, it has nothing to do with the shelling. It’s,uh…my sinus condition.Henry: If anybody’s scared, just let yourself be scared. “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.” Eleanor Roosevelt. The 4077th is pinned down by friendly fire with the compound being bombarded by shelling. The doctors and nurses continue to operate while the OR is shaken by all the explosions a... read more »

January Goals

I have a feeling that this year will be a good one. Why? Because this year I'm going to approach a couple of things in my life slightly differently. I hope you can join me on my journey! The post January Goals appeared first on Those Positive Thoughts. read more »

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If I Were A Pumpkin Poem

Here's a Halloween poem I wrote : If I were a pumpkin... I would taste creamy I would be full of guts and seeds I would like to jiggle when I wiggle I'd want orange as my color If I were a pumpkin... I would sit for a spell I would wish upon the stars at night I would love the midnight air I would listen to the wind blow I would sing a song at the moon -The End. Have you wrote a Halloween poem? If so, please share your link in the comments below where you have shared it. That way I can re... read more »

My Town Is Banning Halloween

On the list of October Challenges to write about today is "The mayor of your town wants to ban Halloween. Write a letterto the mayor telling why you agree or disagree with him." I think this is a good writing challenge. During the last election, trick or treating day was changed due to a politician wanting to visit the area I lived in. It does make one wonder if this helped get Obama elected for a second time. A couple people got together in my area to create a parody video about the moving of the trick... read more »

Pumpkin Rolls

One of the things to write about in the October writing challenges is your favorite Halloween treat. My favorite Halloween treat are pumpkin rolls. I discover this sweet treat years ago at a work related get together. A lady made one of these and brought it in. She offered to make them for anyone willing to pay. Many people grabbed the opportunity at buying a homemade treat. As her prices were cheaper than the stores. She continued to offer this service offering to make different types of rolls depending... read more »

Homemade Pumpkin Pancakes

One of the things I enjoy making each October is Pumpkin pancakes for my family. When I first started making pumpkin pancakes for my family, my children would come in to the kitchen when I was cooking. They would ask me what the orange color was in the mixing bowl. I wouldn't tell them til they tasted the pancakes. My teenagers tried them. They both loved them. I did come out and tell them it was made with pumpkin. We all had a good laugh. I was surprised they did not figure out pumpkin was use by the ... read more »

If You Could Create A Monster

If I could create a monster. I would create something that would blend into theearth. It would seem to people, it was not from earth. There would be severalspeciesof my monster. It would be living in secluded areas. As it would avoid human contact. As it is a gentle monster, unless it is provoked. What Does The Monster Look Like? Each monsterwould have ahumanoidappearance that blends into theenvironment.Males would have scales to look like the bark of a tree. A tail that would easily detach if grabb... read more »

How To Carve A Pumpkin

Carving pumpkins has been a family tradition that I past down to my children and grandchildren. That was past down to me by my family. The earliest memory I have of carving pumpkins was when I was around three years old. My dad, Uncles and mom helped my two sisters and I carve pumpkins in the kitchen. I remember putting newspaper on the kitchen tablet and scooping the pumpkin seeds out. Carving pumpkins comes easy to me throughout the years. I enjoy watching others craved pumpkins as much as I enjoy cr... read more »

Costumes Are A Tradition On Halloween

Today is the seventh day in the writing challenge. I am writing every day this month something that pertains to Halloween. I choose to write about Halloween costumes. Halloween costumes are worn during Halloween festivals, parties, parades, and trick or treating. The original idea for costumes predates anything like we do today. The oldest date I can find on anything about Halloween costumes was back in Scotland in the 1500's. Basically they were worn due to beliefs in the supernatural, folklore's, ... read more »

Forecast Calling For Snow

The weather in my area (NW OH) has been crazy. We have had rain all week. Now we have a leak above the front door. I do have a bucket and towels catching the rain. If the front door is closed and it rains. The rain will leak in under the front door. Taken by and © belongs to Sandy KS aka rusty2rusty The landlord is aware of the leak. He did ask my boyfriend to see if there is a hole, missing shingles or if he could see any damage. He says he has to let it dry out before fixing it. My boyfriend clim... read more »

What October Means To Me

October has many special meanings to me. As I was growing up it meant trick or treating was near when the weather turned colder and the leaves started turning colors. As I grew older october meant my favorite fall flavors were becoming available again. Pumpkin, turkey, vanilla are a few. When I started having children of my own, October meant I was able to go trick or treating once again. Now my kids are too old to go trick or treating I look forward to passing out candy to trick or treaters. I lov... read more »

October 2016 Writing Challenges

I am going to compile a list of different ideas or themes to write about in the month of October. I am doing this to help out those who need help in coming up with different ideas to write about. You may use as many or as little of the ideas and writing themes as you would like. October 2016 Writing Challenges 1. What does October mean for you? 2. What is the weather like in your area? ( I ask because it is calling for snow in a couple days in my area already.) 3. Write about October festivals and f... read more »

Give Yourself An Interview

I was reading where a blogger asked their readers to interview themselves as a start of the New Year. To give yourself an interview. I thought that sounds like fun. I don't want to wait til thebegining of the year. As I know I will forget all about it. So, I am taking it on myself to do it now. I want to add more to this interview by asking my readers to ask me anything in the comments area. I will answer honestly.Interviewing Myself : If I was being interviewed. I would like to be asked the following qu... read more »

10 Things To Think About When Crossing Bridges

When it comes to something personal happening in your life, you must choose which bridge to cross. It may not be what you want or even like. Either way a decision has to be made.You can’t teeter by standing in the middle or the at one end and hoping for the best outcome. Otherwise nothing will change. It really doesn’t matter what the issue is. All personal issues seem to come to ahead where you must make the decision to cross or not.When crossing bridges you need to :1. Think about what is best for you2... read more »

Is This A Genie’s Lamp?

I was walking along the canal trail with a couple of friends. As we were talking, joking, having a good time. I stopped when I noticed something half sticking out of the dirt, along the water. With leaves all around. I grabbed a hold and pulled it from the ground. It has dirt, mud and leaves all over it. It was some type of metal. My friends noticed I stopped and turned around to see what I was doing. Jaycee noticed I had something in my hand. This drew her curiosity as she walked closer to investigate.... read more »

Let Your Creative Writing Out

I have decided towrite this blog. As I wanta place to display all my creative writing. From poems, photography, quotography, prompts, challenges, and more. This blog has got away from that idea. I am going to bring it back around with my creativity. This blog will explain different ways to bring your creative in the light. Everybody has a creative side. It can be creating arts andcrafts,knittingandcrocheting.Needlework, cooking,baking a creative theme cake.Writing a book, short story or poem. Creativi... read more »

September Writing Challenges

I am going to compile a list of different ideas or themes to write about in the month of September. I am doing this to help out those who need help in coming up with different ideas to write about. You may use as many or as little of the ideas and writing themes as you would like. 1. New Moon, What September means to you? 2. Back to School, school supplies 3. Campfires, favorite fall flavors 4. Newspaper, newspaper carrier 5. Canada, Labor day, be late for something day 6. Harvest, wilted, leaves ... read more »

How Did A Chicken Get In My Backyard?

Yesterday morning wasn’t good at all. My (special needs) daughter had one of her episodes. For some reason she took it upon herself to wake everyone in the household up. Stand in the hallway and scream at the top of her lungs. (She has an uncontrollable anger issue we are working on.) After she wason her Ipad instead of getting ready for school or taking her daily medications. I am sure she woke the neighbors. After the kids left for school,I started playing a Facebook game Royal Story in order toode-st... read more »

From Goodreads’ Mouth to God’s Ear

Goodreads knows how to make an author feel loved.  :)  I accept your challenge Goodreads! read more »

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