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Recent blog posts on Central America

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Traveling Guatemala

Long time no see! I spent a couple weeks in Guatemala with hubby plus 12 more people that came along with us this past February. The route was amazing. We started the trip in Guatemala City (just one night which was plenty) and then we flew to Tikal the next day. Keith was leading a [] read more »

Planning, etcetera

Man I need a new job! Being in the planning stages of the Grand Escape is daunting as all hell and having next to no money after all the apartment buying and moving doesnt really help matters! So, I have to find a job that pays more, plus another way to supplement my income, and cut back on expenditure, and at the same time plan (and pay for) the initial outlays for the trip and make sure I have enough savings to be able to survive once Im out on the road. Errr, yeah...piece of cake... Read more » read more »

A “small” facelift.

You are right. This is the new face of my blog. If you are thinking that you went somewhere else, nope, stay here, this is BeesyBee Fibers Blog. I wanted to have a much cleaner look, but the earlier version of this theme didnt allow me to do much tweaking. Well, maybe it did, but [...] read more »

How to eat and prepare your Dragon fruit.

Last time I already posted about dragon fruit, I just wanted to add some more information about this wonderful healthy fruit. But first let's have a little background check of this fruit. Dragon fruit is a native of Central America, where they call it pitaya, Which literally means the fruit of the cactus.Dragon fruit is very popular in South East Asia, It comes from 3 different varieties, which are distinguished by the color of the flesh inside. These are white, pink and magenta. Now, there is really no ... read more »

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