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Managed to cross the Black Sea in 11 days, 6 ho...

HIT THE STORM Bad weather has hit since starting on June 16. A heavy storm ponit even when fishing operations and have lost brig that would have to accompany them read more »

It cost over 1 billion and is the largest cruis...

The biggest cruise ship in the world, built in shipyards in Saint Nazaire French town, was launched on water and started shipping samples. Harmony of the Seas can accommodate 5,500 passengers and weighs 230 tons.Its actually a true floating resort. List of the worlds largest cruise ships The following is a list of the worlds largest cruise ships over 100,000 gross tonnes, including ships that are in service, under construction, and out The ship with a length of 360 meters will sail in two months.For star... read more »

The best all-inclusive hotels in the world

Huffington Post publication presents some of the finest all-inclusive hotel complexes in the world. Besides excellent accommodation services, food and entertainment offered to tourists, these hotels are located in scenic spots, unique in the world. 8 Tips to Save on Spring Break Travel All-inclusive hotels can also be a great way for families to keep costs in check. Before booking a package deal, run the numbers to be sure you are actually saving by making the purchase that way rather than a la carte. St... read more »

The place where planes land over the heads of t...

Most tourists who choose Maho beach in the Caribbean not for clean water, or because the place is exotic, but for the extraordinary experience theyget when they see landing planes overt heir heads. Maho Beach, Saint Martin, Caribbean, is recognized for being very close to the airplanes landing over sand beaches that are often inhabited by people. Daily Mail writes that although almost daily by landing a plane very close to people, tourists that are the beach are excited about this and do not miss an oppo... read more »

9 Reasons Why I Need to Live in Jamaica

Mangoes Jelly Coconut Mr. Barnett Bread (Albert Town, Trelawny) Yellow Yam Glorias Fish and Bammy Coronation Market Sugar Cane Real Mint Tea Sweet Guinep read more »

Featured Foto Friday - The Rockhouse

Imagine waking up or preparing to go to bed each night being able to enjoy the fantastic view all around you, as the crystal clear waters gently lap at the rocks beneath your private bungalow. It's possible, in Jamaica! The Rockhouse, Negril, Jamaica [...] read more »

Sunday Spotlight - The Rockhouse

The Rockhouse, located in Negril, Jamaica, is ideal for a romantic escape, wedding destination or health and wellness retreat celebrating the abundant culture and resources of Jamaica. It is a casually chic boutique hotel perched upon the scenic cliffs of Negrils Pristine Cove in Jamaica, overlooking the serene waters of the Caribbean sea, combining natural beauty, local materials and craftsmanship with strong architectural design and features, originally developed in 1972, and was [...] read more »

Where in the World Wednesdays - Aruba

Who wouldnt be content on an island known for 82 degree weather year round with refreshing trade winds and low humidity? Aruba is a treasure trove of delight and a perfect getaway in the Caribbean. Water FunIts no surprise that Arubas beaches are a draw for those seeking wide shaded areas, quiet, reflective retreats, and all kinds ofwater sports. Every beach is open to the public, so youll see many beachgoers swimming, snork [...] read more »

Featured Foto Friday - The Beach is Calling

The beach is calling you. Are you ready to answer the call? There are plenty of chairs, and lots of room to lay out a towel. But if you don't like this particular stretch of sand, there's a lot more on the private island just half a mile off shore, with launches transferring guests between mainland and island every half hour. Can you identify this resort? [...] read more »

Mirror Reflections – St. Kitts and Nevis & Russia

Life in St. Kitts and Nevis The recorded history of St. Kitts begins with the second voyage in 1493 of Christopher Columbus who sailed past the island but did not land. There is some doubt as to whether he named the island after himself, or after the patron saint of travelers, St. Christopher.  From a [] read more »

across the bay…

Ahh, the view of lovely and iconic Trunk Bay and Trunk Cay from Jumbie Bay.  Jumbie Bay is a secluded little beach (its amazing how much a short 1/4 mile path deters beach-goers) that is a bit different.  There is some beach rock, as well as slightly choppier water that is fun to bob [] read more »

Beauty in the Caribbean

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of St. Kitts Marriott Resort Royal Beach Casino for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. The Caribbean has been on my travel radar for a while with its tropical atmosphere and pleasant temperatures. The landscape has been made popular by movies like Swiss Family [] The post Beauty in the Caribbean appeared first on Central Minnesota Mom. read more »

Two Sites you MUST Check Before Vacation

Before leaving for vacation, I always make it a point to check two sites before leaving. If you have not joined Groupon or Living Social, do it now. I have found buy one/get one meals, show deals for Vegas and other great opportunities to add to the enjoyment of our vacation. Heck, Living Social even led to [] The post Two Sites you MUST Check Before Vacation appeared first on Shh!! Mommas Writing!. read more »

seaside swinging…

Ah, yes.  Gibney Beach.  I already extolled its wonders in the previous post, so Ill be brief this time. Gibney = Paradise. Here is a rare shot of the photographerjust swinging on the beach As usual, pics were taken with the Canon Powershot G12. Stay tuned for more St. John, USVI! [] read more »

Caribbean Paradise

Whenever I hear the word Caribbean , I close my eyes and I can picture a burst of colours from the rainbow. Caribbean colours consist of the primary colours as well as the beach themed blues and sunset oranges. You could check out theMardi Gras, where everyone wears amazing brightly coloured costumes and dazzling accessories. Glisten Jewel was inspired by the vibrant extravagant theme of the Caribbean and brought you accessories that reminded us of the beautiful beaches and amazing celebrations. Co... read more »

birdie bath time…

Rub a dub dub!!!  Thirteen seagulls in the ocean tub!  This photo was taken on Trunk Bay in the late afternoon.  I was thoroughly enjoying the birds splashing around, in all of their frenzied excitement in the shallow surf.  I love that this pic captures all of that movement and activity! Of course, the [] read more »

all the stars in the sea…

I see a sea star!!!!  And a whole school of tiny fishies!!!  I mean, seriously.  Could those fish have swum by at a better time?!?  This lovely (largeapproximately 12 inches across!) starfish was spotted at Maho Bay on St. John, USVI.  Super stoked to take this photo because I received an underwater housing for [] read more »

hello hawksnest…

Welcome to Hawksnest Beach!!  I love this silhouetted portal to the sea!  This was one of my first glimpses of the splendor of St. John.  Upon our arrival to the island, it was a torrential downpour, making checking out the beaches a little less than desirable after a full day of traveling.  We settled into [] read more »

cruz bay sunset…

Its Cruz Bay, St. John, USVI!  Lovely sunset, eh?  Well, heres the very special partsunsets over St. John are very often silvery sunsets, rather than flame-hued.  Well, on this evening, the sky was shocking shades of pink and orangeand the entire town took notice!  Everyone was packing the streets and balconies to gaze at [] read more »

a trunk bay classic…

Welcome to the beautiful St. John of the US Virgin Islands!!!!!!!!!!!!  Lets just say that this place is my paradise.  So many wonderful memories, so many amazing experiences, so much serious relaxation.  To kick off the USVI photos, we have THE classic shot of Trunk Bay on St. John.  It was a beautifully sunny [] read more »

Cruisin Vacation

First nightLast week my husband and I with my sister, Connie and her husband Russ went on a Carnival Cruise. The destination was Nassau and Stirrup Cay Island. The weather was perfect and so was the company. We had a lot of fun on and off the ship! The name of the ship was Fascination. The picture above is from the first night with a beautiful sunset! It was so nice to be pampered, no dishes to do and no beds to make. Just a lovely, lovely week. Pretty pool water!Some pictures around the ship. At nigh... read more »

Beating the winter blues

There is no real cure for the winter blues except maybe some good ol' fashioned sunshine and warmth, so here are a few suggestions for my savvy readers who might just be buried under a foot of snow for the... read more »

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