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The "Canada Bowl"

The Gardiner Museum, located at 111 Queen's Park in Toronto is Canada's national ceramics museum. The museum houses an impressive collection of fine porcelain and ceramics that spans centuries and civilizations - from the Ancient Americas to modern and contemporary ceramics.On the first floor of the museum, by the entrance into the European Procelain of Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Centuries Collection, the "Canada Bowl" is on display. The "Canada Bowl" - front view It is a Meissen porcelain bowl... read more »

The "Canada Bowl" - A Porcelain Treasure

The Gardiner Museum, located at 111 Queen's Park in Toronto is Canada's national ceramics museum. The museum houses an impressive collection of fine porcelain and ceramics that spans centuries and civilizations - from the Ancient Americas to modern and contemporary ceramics.On the first floor of the museum, by the entrance into the European Procelain of Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Centuries Collection, the "Canada Bowl" is on display. The "Canada Bowl" - front view It is a Meissen porcelain bowl... read more »

Google Search by Image

Louis Caron (1848-1917) founded an architectural dynasty that contributed more than 150 residences and ecclesiastical buildings to the Bois-Francs region of Qubec, designed primarily in the Neo-Gothic style. Gothic Revival architecture in Canada was imported from Britain and endured until the 1930s. Victorian eclecticism, with its mansard roofs and fancy embellishments, also influenced the appearance of many towns, and can still be seen today. [...] read more »

What Is On Your Bucket List?

Someone asked me one day what is on my bucket list. To those who may not know, a bucket list is a list of things you want to accomplishbefore you die. I had to think about what is on my bucket list. Some things were common sense to me and I didn't have to blink to know what I wanted. Others I had to put some thought into it. Here's my 'Bucket List' 1. To see my children grow up, finish high school and make something of themselves - My oldest son is already started a family. He has a 2 yr old son. He... read more »

Comemorarea masacrului de la Montreal

„Draga mea, erau de vîrsta ta. … Oh, Doamne! Mamele lor… Nici nu vreau să-mi imaginez! Sunt distrusă. …Dulceață, le-a ucis doar pentru că erau femei…” Astăzi se împlinesc 27 de ani de la ziua cînd în unul din cel mai mari orașe francofone din lume s-a întîmplat o tragedie de nedescris, ce a căpătat Continuă să citești Comemorarea masacrului de laMontreal read more »

PassportCanada Philippines Assistance Inc. Info...

Want to go to Canada? They are here in Cagayan de Oro City to help Kagayanons go to Canada! They have low fees which you will be surprised.  Dont miss this opportunity in your hands. PassportCanada Philippines Assistance Inc. will be coming here in Cagayan de Oro for an Information Session/Seminar this coming December 3, 2016 [] The post PassportCanada Philippines Assistance Inc. Information Seminar in CDO appeared first on CDO Info. read more »

November giveaway! GPS-guided travel article

It's hard to say what came first, traveling or travel documenting. There are accounts of travelogues dating to the Song Dynasty in China (960-1279) through Medieval times and into recent history. The Italian poet Petrarch described in personal terms his experience of climbing Mount Ventoux in 1336. A few years later, Moroccan world traveller Ibn Battuta wrote Rihla (The Journey), A Gift to Those Who Contemplate the Wonders of Cities and the Marve [...] read more »

Tips on how not to overspend on holiday

When it comes to going on holiday we each have different ideas to organize the departure perfect. Whether you choose to go to the sea or to visit some tourist attractions, all have one thing in common when we want to travel: we spend more than we intended. Business Insider has some tips that saves [] read more »

#HipHopȘ-AșaFest v.2.0

Deși în opinia unora este doar o simplă modalitate de distracţie şi relaxare, totuși, hip-hop-ul poate deveni, prin muncă, inspiraţie şi talent, unul dintre cele mai expresive curente muzicale… Cu pași grăbiți ne apropiem de ziua în care Chișinăul va deveni gazda celui mai așteptat festival muzical din toamna aceasta – ediția a II-a a Continue reading #HipHopȘ-AșaFest v.2.0 read more »

How social is revealing a brand new internation...

In case you’re beginning to see fewer and less holiday pix on your social streams, you’re not by myself. Due to the fact the summer winds down, so does the busiest time of the year for vacationers, airlines and accommodations. Exchange Tour (Exchange Biz) [...] read more »

Five places on Earth where human access is forb...

Anywhere in the world can be visited if you have money and desire to see, but there are places on earth where no man is allowed.   Surtsey island   In 1963, an underwater volcano in Iceland waters erupted. Soon a new island formed by 2,7km [...] read more »

OSG Mississauga 2016

I recently had the pleasure to be the coach once again for the Ontario Summer Games (OSGs), this year was held in Mississauga Ontario. This year was special for the athletes because it was the largest Ontario Summer games in Continue reading read more »

Comprando ropa en Black Market Clothing.Toronto.

Una mañana que tuve libre en Toronto anduve por el centro y descubrí una tienda que pasa desapercibida a simple vista,Black Market Clothing, recordaba a esas tiendas de Camden, Londres en el sentido de que era un edificio antiguo y para visitar la tienda tenías que bajar al sótano. La ropa estaba muy bien y todo era especialmente barato, había prendas de primeras marcas, pantalones Levis, Lee, camisetas muy originales con diseños imaginativos y ropa de todo tipo. Tal y como pueden ver acontinuación,compr... read more »

Comiendo en City Kitchen, Restaurant and Bar Do...

Después de unos días en Toronto probando diferentes restaurantes y aclimatándonos al estado de Ontario y al país Canadá, por fin encontramos el que iba a ser nuestro destino alimenticio diario, City Kitchen, Restaurant and Bar en el centro de Toronto y es queteníamosque trabajar todos los días en el Eaton Centre,enel mismo corazón de la ciudad mas importante de Canadá, la cena ya la teníamosasignadaen otrorestaurantecerca de nuestro hotel y después de conocer a una simpática camarera que nos explicó las ... read more »

Confession of a stewardess

flight attendant With aircrafts that fancy, its no surprise that being an Emirates flight attendant looks like a pretty glamorous gig . The airline hires about 5,500 cabin crew per year, from more than 200,000 applicants who vie for a spot, according to Emirates Potential terrorist on board, passengers racist or incapacitation of action are some of the challenges they may encounter on every flight attendants. Mandy Smith, a stewardess who worked for 12 years for Virgin Atlantic, told how he was thrown f... read more »

Top 10 most beautiful stewardesses in the world!

For most of the flight, flight attendants are the incarnation of beauty, elegance and sensuality. Wonderlist has compiled a top ten most attractive flight attendants on airlines worldwide, along with flight through the clouds really is a memorable experience. Caviar in coach class? Heathrow introduces the on-board picnic Fed up with airline food? Here's a way [] read more »

The story of Mary, the young PhDs who restores ...

For three decades, an old Soviet plane had lain abandoned in a modest airfield in Siberia. Years of ignorance turned Aeroflot Tupolev Tu-104A aircraft in a wreck. Karmanova Maria, a young history buffs Soviet aviation, and has pledged to restore the disgraced Tupolev. Karmanova, aged 31, holds a doctorate in mathematics and is working on Sobolev Institute [] read more »

Airlines should pay compensation if flights are...

The case was brought before the Court of Justice of the European Union by a couple from Holland, whose flight from Quito, Ecuador, to Amsterdam, suffered a delay of 29 hours. The airline refused to pay compensation on the ground that unforeseen technical problems that have imposed this delay constitutes exceptional circumstances. According to EU [] read more »

Danube legends: the mystery of ancient tunnels ...

Most legends say that the Moldavian boyars had dug a tunnel under the Danube in order to protect the wealth of Turkish and Tatar invasions. Entering the tunnel they are in a sacred place inaccessible "civilians" under the altar of the Virgin historic church on the Danube. Experts reject the idea that there is such [] read more »

Adventure Hitchbot robot smiling and hitchhikin...

Adventure hitchBOT robot hitchhiker who tried to see if he could trust the people, ended Philadeplhia sad, eastern US, on a street where he was found dismembered and beheaded by vandals, according to AFP and CNN. HitchBOT Finds Its Way Into Our Cars and Our Hearts HitchBOT Finds Its Way Into Our Cars and Our [] read more »


Entonces la puerta del corredor se cierra otra vez y el ruido desapareceEn el esfuerzo que uno hace por hallar su camino entre los contenidos de la memoria(insiste Aristóteles)es útil el principio de asociación:«pasar rápidamente de un punto al siguiente.Por ejemplo de leche a blanco,de blanco a aire,de aire a húmedo,tras lo cual uno recuerda el otoño en el supuesto de que esté tratando de recordaresa estación».O suponiendo,amable lector,que no estés tratando de recordar el otoño sino la libertad,un prin... read more »

Writing on Stone

Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park in Alberta, Canada, is a place where history, belief, and art merge into an extraordinary landscape. It is a culturally important place to the Kainai, or Blood Tribe, who have existed in the region for thousands of years. This article is a first person account of Writing-on-Stone and the questions it inspires about place, history, art, and nature. read more »

The Jamberry Opportunity, the time is nigh!

I'm asking you, my reader, do you want to join the Jamberry family? I can sponsor both US and Canadian citizens in this fun endeavor ! If you want to see what life on my team is like, you can experience a taste of it here.Come October 1st, those in Australia and New Zealand will be able to do so as well!! So exciting! Jamberry gives you everything you need to launch a successful business in your starter kit! $99/C$119 Starter kit This kit contains more than $199/C$240 worth of product and business s... read more »

Ce sont quoi, les Jamberry Nail Wraps?

This post is en français! Bonjour mes lecteurs, connaissez-vous les Jamberry Nail Wraps? Je vais vous les montrer et expliquer comment les mettres sur vos ongles. Si j'ai fait des erreurs d'orthographe ou de grammaire corrigez moi, SVP! Aprèsavoir découvert les Jamberry Nail Wraps, je n'utilise plus de vernis à ongles! Les Jamberry Nail Wraps sont des 'emballages' qui se collent sur vos ongles avec de la chaleur et de la pression. Si vous déjà faites vos ongles chez vous, vous avez tous les outils néc... read more »


El corazón es aceite Si un hombre se ve en un sueño viendo su rostro En un espejo, cuidado: significa otra mujer. —Papyrus Chester Beatty III,Museo Británico (Tebas, dinastía XIX) Si un hombre sueña y se ve a sí mismo soñando un sueño en el que se ve a sí mismo en un espejo viendo que el corazón es aceite que cabalga la sangre, como una cubierta hacia la cual se aproxima, sus huesos como un barco y su estómago tensado en una vela en la corriente de su aliento, si éste es su ojo en el ... read more »

Getting Live Environment Canada Weather Using PHP

The other day a little project I had running at home required some live weather data... Nothing fancy, just the current temptation, condition and a quick blurb for the forecast.I had a number of ways I could've done this, but I chose to do this in PHP (for me, it was just a process that would run and put these three items somewhere else, so nothing major necessary).The PHP code is here, just in case anyone else needs to do more »

The Plastic Cloud — The Plastic Cloud 1968 (Can...

Исполнитель: The Plastic Cloud Откуда: Canada Альбом: The Plastic Cloud Год выхода: 1968 Жанр: Garage/Psychedelic Rock Формат: MP3 CBR 320 Размер архива: 100.5 MB Единственный альбом группы из Кингстона (провинция Онтарио). Сформирована в 1967 году. West Coast-вокалы (в стиле “The Byrds”) с fuzz-гитарой Автор – гитарист/вокалист Don Brewer (полный тезка барабанщика “Grand Funk”). Oдин из [] Запись The Plastic Cloud The Plastic Cloud 1968 (Canada, Garage/ Psychedelic Rock) впервые появилась Rock Archeol... read more »

When Calls The Heart Season 2 Premiere #Review ...

Can you believe it #hearties? Its almost time to see the Season 2 Premiere for When Calls The Heart — which airs this Saturday, April 25th at 8pm EST on the Hallmark Channel!  It has been an amazing experience getting to watch the Season 2 Premiere early for this review and getting to be a [] read more »

Witness Inc. ‎- The Singles 2009 (Canada, Garag...

Исполнитель: Witness Inc. Откуда: Canada Альбом: The Singles Год выхода: 2009 (recorded in 1966-69) Жанр: Garage/Psychedelic Rock Формат: MP3 CBR 320 Размер архива: 96.7 МB Канадская группа из города Саскатун (провинция Саскачеван), образованная школьными друзьями в 1965 году. Состав группы неоднократно менялся. На диске представлены синглы, записанные в период 1966-69 г.г. Почитать о группе можно [] Запись Witness Inc. ‎- The Singles 2009 (Canada, Garage/Psychedelic Rock) впервые появилась Rock Archeo... read more »

Dark Place

Alberta is currently undergoing a massive economic collapse as oil prices decline. Recent research shows that suicides increase in middle-aged adults when economies collapse. Austerity measures could lead to limited healthcare resources for this at risk population in Alberta. read more »

La Mayor Mentira del Siglo XXI

Cuando en un futuro nuestros descendientes miren hacia atrás y lean sobre el miedo que causó el calentamiento global, lo que les causará sorpresa no será la enorme campaña mediática y política al respecto, sino la increíble manipulación de los registros oficiales sobre los que en definitiva se basa toda esta oleada de pánico y [] read more »

Thoughts On Canada Interest Rates at 0.75%

Today, the Bank of Canada dropped it's official rate from 1% to 0.75%. This is just the day after Obama stepped up to the plate and announced"Tonight, we turn the page," and following on with "The shadow of crisis has passed, and the State of the Union is strong."If the shadow of crisis has passed and the Bank is dropping it's rates, what's going on? Quite simply, it's all a game of media posturing;There's an old Indian phrase that runs along the lines of "If everyone tells you that you're sick, go and l... read more »

Edsa Woolworth Press Conference

Star Cinema opens 2015 with Edsa Woolworth. The film was produced by the The Filipino Channel (TFC) in line with its 20th anniversary. Playing the title role of Edsa Woolworth is Pokwang, reuniting with her director... The post Edsa Woolworth Press Conference appeared first on The Lifestyle Avenue. read more »

Epitaphs, by Anthological Poets, Reviewed.

As just one of the seventy-two poets featured in this remarkable volume, I clearly have to declare my interest. Amongst those bards you’ll find university professors, a prince, engineers, social workers, technicians, scientists, teachers and a good number of professional writers and poets. Many of the contributors have won awards for their writing and a most have published in many different forms. They hail from lands as diverse as India, Africa, USA, Canada and the UK. So, this international collection ... read more »

“Fuego y Cenizas. Éxito y Fracaso en Política”

Michael Ignatieff es un politólogo canadiense que, tras años de profesor en Harvard, decidió dar el salto a la política en su país en 2006. Imagen procedente de Wikipedia Tras dejar la política escribió un librotitulado“Fuego y Cenizas. Éxito y Fracaso en Política”sobre los cinco años y medio que estuvo dedicado a la misma en Canadá. El libro cuenta, desde un punto de vista autocrítico, como fue su ascenso en el liderazgo del Partido Liberal Canadiense, desde la obtención de su escaño en la Cámara ... read more »

Randuri de citit in weekend (#21)

Pentru ca e weekend si vremea un pic trista afara, am gasit un moment tocmai bun pentru o lista noua cu idei proaspete culese din locuri alese de pe internet, desigur. 1. Sa visam la o vacanta romantica la Paris pentru la iarna, acum in mijloc de vara LINK 2. Departe peste mari si [] read more »

Canadian Bigfoot captured on Video in British C...

A screen capture of the Bigfoot sighting from British Columbia April 26, 2014. Image: M. Lamont Though its very far away and of course, hard to make out, this video from a remote location of British Columbia is certainly interesting. Though it could be a hiker, or even a friend of the people making the video, the distance of the figure in such a strange and forbidding location makes it even more compelling.One spooky thing about this video; as the figure approaches the incline, it does seem to move up t... read more »

Os 10 lugares mais felizes do Mundo!! Venha con...

Qual é o segredo para tornar um lugar o mais feliz do mundo? A ONU escolheu20 de março como o Dia Internacional da Felicidade e reconheceu o estado de espírito e bem-estar como metas universais. Os países mais felizes estão, a maior parte, na Escandinávia, de acordo com o último Relatório Mundial da Felicidade. As informações são da CNN. As nações selecionadas combinam maiorexpectativa de vida, PIB per capita elevado, assistência social, generosidade, liberdade e baixas taxas de corrupção. Veja a segui... read more »

A Government Rant

As most people know, I live in Canada as a "Permanent Resident", but I'm actually still British and not a Canadian. What this means is I have a British Passport, but I live in Canada and have every obligation that a Canadian has, such as paying taxes and abiding by all laws without exemption, but I have have the added benefit in that I can't be blamed for anything the government does, because taxpaying residents aren'teligible to vote. Unlike governments, I'm a product of the modern era. It was through h... read more »

[NEW #Mixtape] @DjAkuaa presents AfroDiaspora H...

My personal person and  fave female Dj Akuaa just released a new mixtape, if you have listened to Gidilounge, Maskjams, or been to any party with Akua on the 1s and 2s, you already know. this girl can mix! Check out her press release for this MC Hilly hosted mix below and download the mix(...) read more »

Canada, Cancer and Air Quality

This morning I heard that there is a potential ban coming on people smoking in their own homes.I'm a past smoker, and I smoked from about 15 till 37 years old. I understand what it does to you, but I also understand a bit about the figures... In Canada especially, cancer is a skewed topic where numbers and causes are concerned. For instance, BPA is recognized in Canada as a Cancer causing substance where it's concerned with food storage and packaging, but you're encouraged to by Progresso products that c... read more »

Commercial Drones In The News

You might have read about commercial drones possibly being deployed soon, delivering everything from your pizza to yourAmazon.comorder.It's a fun thing to think about, but it's just not going to happen - at least it won't here in Canada. In Canada, and most other places I can think of, non-military UAV's (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) require two things; first a special license to allow you to fly them, then second that drone must remain in your line of sight. In urban areas it gets even more restricted - in... read more »

A Visit To Ripley's Aquarium Toronto Canada

This past weekend, I went to the Ripley's Aquarium in Toronto, Canada.With me, the brand name "Ripley's" doesn't inspire thoughts of quality or educational value - I always think of tawdy, even tasteless, shows of hyperbole and stuff that is probably not there to get your brain-cells working. Some west-coast American on a studio set straight out of "Entertainment Tonight" telling you about how they're about to show you the most amazing three headed snake, that's really only 6 inches long, but they do som... read more »


Canadian Archery coach Joan McDonald (Richmond Hill, ON) was one of a number of Canada’s top coaches that were honoured at the Petro-Canada Sport Leadership Awards Gala, hosted by the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC), this past weekend in Calgary. Continue reading read more »

Why does Canada use so much OIL?

I am researching how far down American energy consumption has dropped compared to the world. And what do I find? Canada uses 10% more oil per person than the US does. OK? WHY? And I ask that seriously, why would Continue reading read more »

Silver for Canada at World Youth Archery Champi...

Canada finished the 2013 World Youth Archery Championship in Wuxi, China on a high note as the Men’s Team in the Cadet (age class) Compound Bow category won the silver medal. The Canadian Team, comprised of Hunter McGinnis (Winnipeg, MB), Logan Kupchanko (Regina, Continue reading read more »

Crispin Duenas Brings Home Bronze Medal from Wo...

In the bronze medal match, Duenas who is 27 years old, won his first-ever World Championship medal. After defeating a string of top opponents in the elimination rounds (including 2012 Olympic silver medallist Takaharu Furukawa of Japan and 2012 World Continue reading read more »

The Suburbs, Arcade Fire, 2010

Arcade Fire es uno de esos grupos que, en una década, ha pasado de ser banda de culto indie a superventas y portada de revistas musicales de primera línea. El próximo 28 de octubre lanzará su cuarto álbum, Reflektor, pero de momento, su última aportación ha sido The Suburbs, LP con el que la banda canadiense alcanzó nada menos que el número uno. El disco supuso la culminación -hasta el momento- de la carrera de este grupo establecido alrededor del matrimonio formado por Win Butler y Régine Chassagne, y... read more »

Ontario and Tasers

Today we had news in Ontario that the Police front line is going to be allowed to carry Tasers. I think this is a very bad idea for numerous reasons, which I will state here. Mis-use of the term "Non-Lethal" Taser's are mis-advertised to the public as non-lethal. This leads to two issues: 1) When it's proven to be lethal (seeński_Taser_incident as an example of a Canadian Taser deployment gone wrong), confusion arises. This confusion is then affects everyone... read more »

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