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Imaginary Garden With Real ToadsI.Let me put it to you this way(or maybe put it to you that other way)if you send a donationI will send you backa picture of adirty looking childI cut out of a magazineto give you awarm and fuzzy feelingwhile my hand is groping aroundinside your pocket(And she's slippingand slidinglend her a handcuz she's slipping backinto burger land)II.I don't swat fliesI give them namesI'll admit it's sometimesdifficult to tell themapart, but you lookfor little distinguishingthings, bir... read more »

The Burger Hub Philippines

I visited The Burger Hub Philippines for my dinner tonight. They are located in #10 Chuaquico Street, Hulo, Mandaluyong City. (Just in front of Hulo Elementary School) A tumbling away from my home. The Burger Hub is a small burger joint which is literally inside the house of the owners. Before The Burger Hub, it was [] The post The Burger Hub Philippines appeared first on The Lifestyle Avenue. read more »

Two Popular Affordable Eats In Eastwood

deep fried bacon wrapped burger There's two food joints in Eastwood City that are constantly being frequented by people working in the area, mostly by call center agents like me. And the food joints that I'm referring to are Zark's Burgers and Kanto Freestyle Breakfast. The popularity of the two are based on affordability while also taking into consideration the amount of food offered. Making sure that you're really getting what you paid for. Elegant Plating For A Carinderia Priced Food Kanto Freest... read more »

Black and Blue Burgers ~ Friday Foodie Feature

Hello friends and Happy Fri-Yay!   The weekend is here and the weather is good so put away the take-out menus and fire up the grill. Tonight try making these Black and Blue Burgers! I made these during the Labor Day holiday weekend and they are so simple to make using either Blue or Goat Continue reading The post Black and Blue Burgers ~ Friday Foodie Feature appeared first on Fashion and Fun after Fifty. read more »

BBQ 101

BBQ 101 It's BBQ time so when I ran across these tips I decided to share. (From May 2012 - Chicken Grill boneless, skinless breasts for 8-12 minutes on direct medium heat, covered, turning once. Drumsticks or bone-in thighs take 36-40 minutes (6-10 minutes on direct heat, plus 30 on indirect heat). All chicken should be cooked to an internal temperature of 165 degrees F. Tomatoes Slice in half, then brush the cut sides with a little olive oil. Grill for 6-8 minutes over direct me... read more »

Make Your Burgers, But Try This Too!

Everyone can make a good hamburger, but sometimes there is more to a great burger. For it is what you put on it, that makes it an even better burger. Now, I'm not talking about seasoning, I'm talking about toppings or better, the condiments. Now, I'm not talking about ketchup and mustard. They are far too common, but what I am talking about has flavor and brings a whole new meaning to the world of burgers. So, without further ado, here are two recipes to make your good burgers into first class great burg... read more »

Remembering Good Meals Eaten In A Not Too Dista...

juicy lucy burger at 2nd's Good meals should always be remembered with reverence, I'd say. Don't worry, I'll try to make this list a short as possible and will try to cut the needless babble so as not to bore you, I hope. =) A Burger Meal To Go Back For SecondsPictured above is a meal that I had at 2nd's Restaurant. I just couldn't contain my excitement once my buns hit the cozy chair of the said restaurant. I've been meaning to try 2nd's for quite sometime now. And once you reached the second floor of... read more »

Of Pink Hamburger, Carbonara For Adults & A Big...

desserts at The Cake Club From the moment that I step inside this restaurant and settled on a table in one corner, a feeling of unrestrained glee envelops me. Who couldn't possibly help to feel that way especially when all the finest desserts and sweets were all at your fingertips? Just ask and the server will give to you in a jiffy. And you might ask where could this be? The restaurant I'm referring to is The Cake Club by The Diamond Hotel and is currently one of the string of restaurants that occupies... read more »

Burger Utopia

food at Burger Bar It all started with a burger order that I had at Jollibee. Their trademark Champ burger. To think I'm not all too crazy with it since I'm not into burgers on this side sweet. But something in me tick the moment I bite into it. A craving was awakened. A longing for a good sized burger, thick and juicy. Goodness amplified even more with the addition of cheese, lettuce and all the necessary trimmings. It's that kind of craving that could never be abated until I get what I want. Jolli... read more »

The centre of the Horse Meat scandal

The horse meat scandal is something that I've stayed away from commenting properly on until now. The problem has a number of issues and flaws though, that make it interesting to watch. First, there's the issue of trust. If there's horse meat in a product, this should be declared. Everyone agrees to at least that much of the situation. From here, it gets murky. Ask anyone what is in a Free Range, Hand-Reared, 100% Angus Beef Burger and you'd expect the answer to be ONLY beef. Ask any sane person what'... read more »

Anchors Away, Army Navy!

Libertea, Freedom Fries Starving Sailor There's no doubt that Army Navy Burger Burrito is the most popular fastfood chain in the metro today. It's the current "it" burger place, evident with a number of its stores that sprouted on strategic geographical locations last year. Most of my friends prefer Army Navy as their go to place whenever they crave for a good sized burger, partnered of course with some Freedom Fries and Libertea. But Army Navy offers more than just burgers, fries and their famous ice... read more »

Feel The New York Vibe At The Heart Of Ortigas

chicken burger at Borough Soft, muted lighting. Earth tone colors. A restaurant that's very masculine in appearance with a very laid back vibe but the ladies were not put off with a dash of floral accents thrown into the picture. They said Borough tries to imbibe the look and feel of a typical New York diner. I'm wont to believe that even if I haven't been to New York. So, imagine my profound excitement when I finally set foot here together with my friends, Pam and Harris, to try out what they call "New... read more »

Of Burgers, Floats & Milkshakes

my order at Charlie's Grind Grill I was first introduced to Charlie's Grind Grill by my friend and former colleague Grace when me and my other friends (Ofie and Livy) were searching for a good hang out place that offers good burgers. I'm still not that versed with where the good grubs are at that time. She very much recommended the Black Angus Beef Burger of Charlie's saying it's the best burger she had thus far. She also told us it could be quite of a stretch to finish this burger because it was big.... read more »

Wedding update (and some really Ugly Christmas ...

Today we finally met with the photographer for our wedding (hooray!). The lovely Philip Bourke of Philip Bourke Photography met us in Cork City to talk through what we wanted for the day. So excited about seeing what sort of shots he comes up with on the day now! Read more » read more »

A New Burger In Town!

When someone asks for a burger, it is usually the same old burger that is made the same every day. Why not try something different and new?Adding this sandwich to your menus or for your final days of Barbecuing, will make your meal memorable.General Tso Burger1 hamburger bun, toasted2 tbsp. of Broccoli Slaw (see recipe below)2 ½ oz. panko breaded chicken breast, cooked2 slices mild jalapeno cheese2 tbsp. general tso sauce (see recipe below)Top toasted bun heel with broccoli slaw.Top with cooked breaded c... read more »

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