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Silly Sunday – His Scottish Buddy

bethere2day - Silly Sunday - His Scottish Buddy - Sunday is the place to come for weekly laughs. The rules are simple, just have fun. Silly Sunday His Scottish Buddy read more »

Os 8 animais de estimação mais conhecidos na in...

Um dos maiores sucessos da internet são os animais: vídeos e fotos dos mais diversos tipos de bichinhos ganham bastante destaque nas redes sociais e em serviços de compartilhamento como o Reddit. Os gatos, por exemplo, dominam o YouTube — sempre existe mais um vídeo de gatinho para ser assistido, mesmo depois de horas vendo apenas isso.Mas, mesmo com essa imensidão de bichinhos, alguns deles conseguem se destacar e acabam fazendo muito mais sucesso do que os outros, conquistando milhares de fãs, assinant... read more »

Buddy Valdez.

I talk a lot about Lucie my big, red dog. I talk about her antics, training, and endearing qualities. I have another pet that I do not talk about as much as the 63 pound red dog that shares my home. Why? I guess because this pet does not seem to stand out quite as [...] read more »

Bedtime Conversations.

Me: Hey Lucie whats up? Lucie: Nothing. Im tired. Me: You look pretty comfortable there. Lucie: I am. Me: Lucie. Oh Lucie Lucie: ZZZZZZZZZZZZ. Me: Lucie Lucie Lucie girl. I see you. Lucie: ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!! Me: I know your not asleep. Lucie: GO AWAY! Me: Hey, whats up Buddy? Buddy: Dont even think about it! Me: [...] read more »

Dog & Human Training Update.

Yes, I do believe that Lucie my big, red dog and Buddy have the easy tasks in school. They only work about 10 minutes to learn new behaviors. Me on the other hand, I have to spend time thinking about what I need to do and when. It is work but I do not think [...] read more »

Buddy Jumping the Pole.

Sort of short post but if you can check out Buddy jumping a pole. He took a bit of a spill but he is a trooper. Next week I will take my camera and get some more photos of these two and me of course. Oh, please excuse my butt at the end. I did [...] read more »

Lucie, Buddy and Juliannah Go Back To School.

*Update* If you go here you can see Lucie in action. I would have never believed that I could spend one training session with my dogs and have them turn around so much. On Saturday me, Lucie my big, red dog and Buddy went for our first training class. I thought it would be a [...] read more »

Update on the Dog Situation.

Well, I took Buddy to his new home on Saturday. I explained about his meds and the diaper. I even demonstrated how to put it on and off. I said put it on him before bedtime and then there will not be puddles in the morning. Buddy is nine years old, sixty-three in people years. [...] read more »

Want the Good News or the Bad News.

This is starting to become a theme around here. Well. I will start with the good news. I won a prize at the Ultimate Blog Party! I could not believe it. I never win anything. Maybe I should start playing the lottery. Anyway, I won an American Express Visa Card worth $100.00. Yes and just [...] read more »

Can It Get Worse?

I came home on Friday expecting to have a nice weekend at home relaxing and staying warm with my dogs because a cold front was coming through and luckily I have an electric fireplace and space heater since they shut down my furnace and started up the cooler. I sat on the couch and ate [...] read more »

So You Think You Can Diaper Your Dog? You Betcha!

I wrote about trying to get a dog diaper on my Chihuahua, Buddy. Needless to say it was not pretty. So, when the lovely people from Peekeeper contacted me and wanted to send me a Peekeeper Dog Diaper to try out I thought well why not. The Peekeeper Dog Diaper is basically  made of cloth [...] read more »

So You Think You Can Diaper A Dog.

Yea, I had the bright idea of putting a doggie diaper on my Chihuahua, Buddy. He has been leaving puddles everywhere and quite frankly I am sick of cleaning it up. I used puppy pads for awhile but he still had a thing for the coffee table leg and corner. So, yesterday I stopped at [...] read more »

Dogs and Guts.

I wrote about Thanksgiving Day over here. But now I have to write about Thanksgiving night. You see I thought I was being real nice to Lucie, my big red dog, Buddy and Angelina. I got the neck and heart and guts from my mom and proceeded to boil them. After they were done I [...] read more »

You Capture – Animals

I like this subject. I love, love, love animals. If I could, I would have more than the three that I currently have. I thought about going to our local zoo and taking some photos, but that did just not happen so I just took photos of my animals. This is Lucie, my big red [...] read more »

Dream, Dream, Dream. Dream, Dream, Dream…

I had a real crazy dream last night, or actually early this morning. My dog Buddy woke me up around 4:00 to go outside. Small dog, small bladder. Anyhow, after he got done doing his business I thought about staying up and watching some news or something because I get up at 5:00 and usually [...] read more »

See How My Garden Grows – Time For Some Harvest...

As we get to fall, I wonder how long this garden will last. The aparagus plants continues to mystify me. It is now basically drying up, so I do not know what to think. One the other hand, my peppers are really starting to take off as are the cucumbers. I harvested three this week. [...] read more »

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