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[31DC15] Graculus superbus et pavo

When I was a little girl I deeply loved Aesop's and Phaedrus' tales because all the characters were animals. One of my favorite tale was about a crow and a peacock. The crow find peacock's plumage on the ground and wear it over her black feathers. Then, she makes fun of his crows companions and goes to join the peacocks. But when the peacocks see the crow, they bite her and peck at her untill she doesn't come back to the crows. But the crows throws her out the flock because her silly pride.This tales ins... read more »

Stamping with my new BPS silicone stamper

Hi everyone! Today I am back to holos although weather is expected to chance later in the evening. I did this stamping over China Glaze TMI and I quite liked it. Stamping polish is Colour Alike Black Saint. Ciao a tutti! Oggi si torna ad uno smalto olografico anche se il tempo dovrebbe cambiare più tardi. Ho fatto questa stampa sul China Glaze TMI usando lo smalto Colour Alike Black Saint e ne sono abbastanza contenta. For this stamping attempt I tested my new double sided silicone stamper from Bo... read more »

HBP presents Neon Roses

Happy Saturday, ladies!Today I'm going to show you a nail art I've made for a Facebook group called Hobby Polish Bloggers (HPB for shot). Every month the group choose a theme, and this month the theme was Neon. Are you ready to rumble? Ciao a tutte e buon sabato!Oggi voglio mostrarvi una nail art che ho relaizzato per un gruppo di Facebook, Hobby Polish Bloggers (HBP per gli amici). Ogni mese viene proposto un tema, e quello per Agosto era il neon.Pronte a darci dentro? I've made a reverse stamping usi... read more »

HBP presents: Neon (Roses)

Happy Saturday, ladies!Today I'm going to show you a nail art I've made for a Facebook group called Hobby Polish Bloggers (HPB for shot). Every month the group choose a theme, and this month the theme was Neon. Are you ready to rumble? Ciao a tutte e buon sabato!Oggi voglio mostrarvi una nail art che ho realizzato per un gruppo di Facebook, Hobby Polish Bloggers (HBP per gli amici). Ogni mese viene proposto un tema, e quello per Agosto era il neon.Pronte a darci dentro? I've made a reverse stamping usi... read more »

BornPrettyStore Color-change Polish n. 110

Hi everyone! Today I am gonna show you a polish that I actually wore a while ago and never made it to the blog until now. Some months ago BornPrettyStore launched a new thermal polish collection and after some thinking I decided to purchase one. My pick was no. 110 and it’s a turquoise to denim blue thermal polish with a foil finish that dries matte. Application was easy and it’s perfectly opaque in two coats. Ciao a tutti! Oggi vi mostro uno smalto che ho indossato qualche tempo fa ma che non ha m... read more »


Happy Monday, mates!Today it's raining cats and dogs, but don't worry: I have a sunny nail art to share with you.Every crew needs someone to look after the ship and fixes it up. Franky is the ship's carpenter, he's a naff guy who looks like Ace Ventura (but he doesn't talk with animals), he's the Franky Family boss and he's a self-made cyborg...Franky's story is a little bit complicated and I'll try to cut a long story short. He was raised by Tom, ashipwright who secretly holds the plans for a devastatin... read more »

NYC Fancy Dotty NY Lady + Born Pretty Store BP67

Hi ladies,in this hot hot Summer I'm discovering I like finishes and colours I usually don't. See the picture above? I'm thinking I was nightly abducted by aliens, because I do not wear crelly with sesquins, but I was looking for sometingh nice and I stumbled upon this lovely nail polish collection from NYC, called Fancy Dotty. I picked up a nude, called NY Lady and I wear it for few days. Buongiorno, Signore e Signorine,in questa estate rovente sto scoprendo che mi piacciono finish e colori inusuali pe... read more »

Rainbow angels with BP69

As I shown you in my facebook page, in the past few days I stumbled upon this tutorial of Beaching Nails, and it was love at the very first sight! I badly wanted replicate this gorgeous idea, so I took off any nail polish, I picked my markers up and I let the magic started! Se vi è capitato di fare un salto sulla mia pagina facebook, vi sarete accorte di come io mi sia innamorata di questa tecnica. Sono incappata in questo tutorial della bravissima Beaching Nails e non ho sapute resistere alla tentazion... read more »

Delicate Print with BP#66

Hi guys!According to weather forecast, today should be July's hottest day. I want to share something fresh with you, like this stamping I've made a couple of week ago (do you remember my post about Pupa Holographic, do you?) with Born Pretty Store plateBP#66. Ciao a tutti!Siccome secondo il meteo oggi dovrebbe essere la giornata più calda di Luglio, ho deciso di condividere uno stamping fresco e delicato che ho realizzato un paio di settimane fa (ricordate il mio post sul Pupa Holographic, vero?) con la... read more »

Larkspur reloaded

Gradients are fabulous background for stamping. When you're bored or you nail art is chipped, you could easily reloaded your manicure in few minutes. Last month I purchased some plates from Born Pretty Store, and I've tried how this pattern looks. Una gradient è uno sfondo favoloso per le nailart. Quando ti ha scocciato, oppure si è rovinata, puoi sistemarla in un attimo e hai una manicure nuova di zecca. Lo scorso mese ho comprato delle plate di Born Pretty Store e non vedevo l'ora di provarle, così...... read more »

Stamping with plate BP-75

Hi everyone! I introduced you IsaDora Atlantis in my last post and today I’m gonna show you the subtle stamping I did over it. For stamping I used a feathers’ pattern from BornPrettyStore’s plate BP-75 and IsaDora French Tip. I’ll have the swatches of this one later on for you. For now you can see that it works for stamping, too ;) Ciao a tutti! Nel mio ultimo post vi ho mostrato lo smalto IsaDora Atlantis e oggi tocca alla semplice nail art che ho creato usandolo come base. Per lo stamping ho usat... read more »

Happy 4th of July ... with BP#66!!

Do you remember the fish-y nail art I've shown you last Wednesday? I made it with a stamping plate Born Pretty Store has sent to me, the BP#66, which is a four pattern plate. I'm also trying if my usual brands are good for stamping purposes, so I picked up a couple of KIKO's nail polishes. Because today it's 4th of July, I thought it could be a nice idea to use a navy blue shimmer and a deep red crème over a silver holo base. Ricordate la nail art marina che vi ho mostrato mercoledì scorso? L'ho realizz... read more »

Blue Dream

Good morning, my lovely mermaids!Today I'm super excited because I'll joining the swimming pool! I swam for few years, and now it's time to start again with good habits! This morning while I was sipping my first coffee, I found myself staring at my backpack (with my towelling robe, my swimming suit, my swim cap, my rubber slippers etc), like if I was Nanase Haruka from Free! I'm really looking forward for this evening! Buongiorno, sirenette!Sto friggendo all'idea che stasera, dopo uno iato di tredici an... read more »

Playing with Faby Music and BP-L015 stamping plate

Hi everyone! If you think you’ve already seen this mani you are only half right. A couple days ago I showed you these colours in a horizontal gradient. Unfortunately I failed a white stamping over that gradient and I had to remove it. But I loved those colours so much together that I decided to re-use them, this time in a vertical gradient. It’s my first time doing a vertical gradient and I am not sure if I prefer it over the most usual one. What do you think? Once again the polishes I used are Faby De... read more »

Tutorial Art nail sticker

Oggi vi mostro una nuova nail art particolare e semplice da realizzare con dei art nail sticker, semplici e veloci da applicare sull'unghia con un grazioso decoro su sfondo nero. La prima cosa che bisogna fare e tagliare il cartoncino per singola unghia e prendere le misure per ogni dito. La confezione art nail sticker contiene 14 sticker per adattarsi al meglio alle vostre unghie. Disponibili in tre modelli. In questo momento sono in offerta a 0.99$ potete acquistarliQUI Applicare una base alle ... read more »

Absolute by Douglas Summer Affair 38 and QGirl ...

Hi everyone! Summer has finally arrived, or so it seems, so I shopped my stash this past week-end and picked a pretty coral-y pink. Once again, I know! I told you I am obsessed with corals lately and I am going from through all the colours in that spectrum, from the almost peachy to the pinks. Last week I showed you Max Factor Diva Coral which was on the orange side of coral, today I have Absolute by Douglas Summer Affair n. 38 which is an almost pink coral. Absolute by Douglas Summer Affair n. 38 is ... read more »

Max Factor Diva Coral

Hi everyone! Whenever it’s sunny outside I have this thing that I need something bright and coral on my nails. I don’t know why I am so crazy with coral this year, it’s my new addiction. Couple weeks ago I noticed this bottle of Max Factor Diva Coral in a shop and I immediately decided I needed it in my life. It’s such a perfect coral shade and it’s a crelly! Woot woot, so excited to find out it’s a crelly because you know it’s a finish I really adore, plus it means even more shine! In the photos you ... read more »

HPB presents: May Flowers

Hi everyone! This month I’ve managed to jump on the Hobby Polish Bloggers’ wagon and join them with a mani themed to May Flowers! Ciao a tutti! Questo mese sono riuscita ad unirmi alle blogger del gruppo Facebook Hobby Polish Bloggers per il tema del mese: fiori di maggio! My red is Lady Lya Gel Effect 901, and the white on my accent and for stamping is Sinful Colors Snow Me White. Plate is BP-L020 from BornPrettyStore. I should have cleaned my plate after each nails because my middle finger was ... read more »

Finishpedia: toppers

Hi everyone! Today’s Finishpedia post is about toppers, or special top coats. It’s not a finish honestly, but I will be a good blogger buddy and won’t skip my post! There are several different top coats out there, from the classic glossy, fast drying top coats to basically any special effect you might think of. Top coats have no sense alone and need to be used over nail polish. I’ve picked 4 different effects today: holographic, duochrome, matte and glitter. Ciao a tutti! La puntata di oggi della ... read more »

P2 Cosy Home + BP-L018 stamping

Hi everyone! This evening I’ll show you a nail polish that deserves a better owner probably! P2 Cosy Home is a gorgeous pinkish nude. The colour itself looks great on my skintone BUT it’s glassflecked! And you know I dislike glassflecks so bad. It also has got some added matte white glitters, which are awesome. I would have totally adored it if it was a shimmer! These are two easy coats + top coat. Ciao a tutti! Oggi vi faccio vedere uno smalto che meriterebbe di stare in mani migliori. P2 Cosy Home... read more »

Tutorial Nail Art primavera con fiori secchi

Perrealizzarequesta Nail Art primavera ho utilizzato dei graziosifiorellinisecchi di duedifferentimisure,realizzarlaesemplice basta solo un po di precisionenell'applicareilfiorellinonel punto giuso. come prima cosa applicare una buona base ( io ho utilizzato Nail Therapy indurente 3 in 1 della Debby) Applicate due mani di smalto Beige Perla ( io ho utilizzato quello di Bottega Verde) Ora scegliete tra i vari colori il fiore che più vi piace e prendete delle pinzette a punta per prelevarli dalla conf... read more »

Faby Dedicated to Brigitte

Hi everyone! Yet a new brand makes its debut on my blog. And once again it’s an Italian brand. Faby Line was born in 1979 as a distributor of International brands in Italy (Trind and OPI to name a few), but in 2013 it started its own brand thus becoming producer and distributor of Faby nail lacquers. Twice a year Faby releases seasonal collections, that are not limited editions. After their release all the colours are then included in the permanent collection, that consists of 205 as of now. Spring/... read more »

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