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I managed a sprint tri in the space of a week

I really thought that I was going to get back into a routine of work, training and blogging with M starting nursery but three weeks in and her attendance is 25% 😦 The poor thing has picked up every illness going and shared it with the household, so Ive not had a lot of free [] read more »

I wish I were as Brave…

2016 was the year of celebrity deaths. 2017 seems to be the year where our formally favourite celebrities have become dead to us. Numerous allegations of sexual misconduct (to say the least) have dominated headlines over the past few weeks and I have found myself devastated, shocked and furious all at once. From discussing the Continue reading I wish I were asBrave read more »

My Fab Four

Well hello there friends! I am just back from a fabulous break with my best friend and I feel equal parts exhausted and exhilarated. We ate, we laughed and of course, we drank. A little. Ahem. Anyway, as I mentioned in a previous post, Ive been practicing acknowledging all the things Im grateful for each Continue reading My Fab Four read more »

So what’s new with you?

Happy Halloween my dears 🎃👻 I am finding it insanely difficult to type because of these so if I make some typos you guys will know why. worth it though. Im officially on midterm break, woo! I have Gatsby lying next to me.. and I have the worst head cold ever. Typical, isnt it? I Continue reading So whats new with you? read more »

Advice on a Sunday Night

Why, hello there. Fancy meeting you here. Here in Ireland, its Sunday night which means that the majority of us are doing two things: Sobbing over a takeaway while watching trash TV Freaking out over the coming week For a long time, that was exactly what I would have been doing (give or take a Continue reading Advice on a Sunday Night read more »

Please vote for me…

Fat Girl to Ironman has been nominated in The 2018 Running Awards and Id love it if you would vote for me. Vote for Fat Girl to Ironman. If you vote in 5 different categories you’ll receive a 10% discount with the top Online Running Retailer of 2017! Thank you 🙂 read more »

Judge Not lest ye be Judged

I have often wondered about the root causes of my anxiety. It is, of course, a very personal thing; it is difficult to explain to anyone why you feel worried or agitated. Sometimes I dont even know the answer myself. For the past few weeks, I have been trying to reflect on my anxious moments Continue reading Judge Not lest ye beJudged read more »

Well Colour Me Surprised

Hello my dears! Today, I received the news that my humble little blog was a silver medal winner in the lifestyle category at the Irish Blog Awards (theres an actual ceremony with booze and dress up and food so its basically the Oscars). I am totally blown away. I really wasnt expecting this at all! Continue reading Well Colour Me Surprised read more »

Celebration time!!

Sooo my big news? Dioneia and myself have been working together to manifest this beautiful sacred space. It's been challenging and it's been magical how it ended up to be. We've both learned a lot and are STILL learning along the way. :)We've felt the call to create a sacred space, not a business center. This space serves the higher source, the divine Mother, the Father, the I Am, the highest Source of truth. This is a temple where all can come for healing, empowerment and to find their voice again. It i... read more »

I am thankful for…

Hi guyssss! Ive been back at work for the last three weeks and absolutely LOVING IT! Yes, Ive had espresso. All the espresso. But Im also happy. I love teaching and I love having a routine established in my life once more (and yes, theres still time for cat Zumba). I had been struggling with Continue reading I am thankfulfor read more »

Thanks for your patience!

Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE Good afternoon! It is a glorious day. :) Even though I... read more »


Loved Death by Grammar? I do, too. And I’m launching something better for you on a different server: See you there! Thank you! read more »

How things are doing at the moment…

Meanwhile  Twas a good weather, the sun is up and smiling, and I was a little drenched in sweat because it was too humid, despite riding an airconditioned bus.  Been contemplating a lot about organizing my home. Its too barren at the moment. I also need to change to a new comforter, blankets, pillows [] read more »

The woes of aging…

Meanwhile  We had a very good weather today, it was a little humid, and my wet clothes finally dried.  The wheels in my mind kept on swirling and swirling.  I bought cooked ulam and heated my steamed rice for lunch. I had a craving for cold choco drink. So I shaked Milo with ice.  I [] read more »

How I’m Learning to Say No

Hello there! Ive been a little busy as I just went back to work teaching and I have more subjects than ever this year. Its great and all but I only have two handsfor now, at least. I wanted to share something with you all, however, because its something that has really changed my life Continue reading How Im Learning to Say No read more »

Today’s thread: Society & Culture: On being con...

I have a whole essay written for this topic: What one thing have you not done that you really want to do? What’s holding you back? However, I decided to just park the whole thing as I hate to jinx myself for posting it publicly. Experience taught me that not a lot of people will [] read more »

Today’s thread: Society & Culture | On being co...

I have a whole essay written for this topic: What one thing have you not done that you really want to do? What’s holding you back? However, I decided to just park the whole thing as I hate to jinx myself for posting it publicly. Experience taught me that not a lot of people will [] read more »

A guilty pleasure: Home brewed coffee, my crime...

Ah, the joys of having multiple blogs! If you’ve been or a reader and confused why I have too many blogs scattered all over the interwebs, it’s simply because I am a fickle minded blogger. If you’re thinking that I’m trying to earn blogging money again, well, that’s beside the point. I write impulsively and [] read more »

Has it been four years?

Hey blogger! It’s a good Saturday morning here in my side of the world and Mr. Sunshine is up and smiling, hopefully the weather stays that way for it has been raining a lot the whole week. After four years of pushing this blog at the back burner, I still hasn’t the idea what to use it for. I do not want to delete the blog just yet. I’d like to pitch a lame excuse that life has occupied most of my time, aside from the fact that I am just fickle with my blogging. I have both WordPress and Blogger to play ... read more »

Today’s thread: If the average human life span ...

Forty years is a very short life span which means you only have few chances and little time to spend. There may be a lot of options to choose from and I hope to grab the productive ones as well as the profitable options. After all, I only have forty years to spend, might as [] read more »


I have been thinking about this blog of mine as I have not been able to produce more than 250 words and I feel like I’m just posting nonsense because all I write about are personal things about me and my sedentary life. I guess I am having a writer’s block, lazy or simply uninspired. [] read more »

Is it time to put up my tiny Christmas tree yet?

The “ber” months are here and the Christmas countdown begins! I know this is a worn out phrase that Christmas is just around the corner, and who doesn’t feel the excitement of joyful and longest celebrations?! I know I do! Should I put up my tiny Christmas tree now? Cue Christmas carols Early Christmas Shopping. [] read more »

Today’s thread: If life is so short, why do we ...

I guess it takes a really adjusted person to be focused and firm in reaching his goal in life. It’s easy to get sidetracked when you fill your mind with too many irrelevant ideas, or if you let yourself be affected by outside forces. It can also be incredibly difficult to master your mind when [] read more »

All set!

As I type this entry I am multi-tasking watching Criminal Minds at the same time. The episode is about a guy who abducts women because he has problems with his manhood and so to gain confidence, he demonstrate dominance over the helpless victim and murders them. Too disturbing, I know. Anywho, Real Riza is now all [] read more »

Perseverance - The Invaluable Tool For Successf...

"The most difficult thing is the decision to act. The rest is merely tenacity”. -Amelia Earhart, first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. Warning: This post also recounts a real professional journey. Read at the risk of being encouraged, inspired or prodded into action.Perseverance is an endangered attribute in today's insatiable drive for instant gratification.We want instant food, faster service and overnight successes. Technology has made many things effortless. Our gadgets thus boast... read more »

Gavee Gold – A Gem in Skin Care World

A few weeks back Buzzingtales received a beautiful review pack of Gavee Gold products from Boost Global. The product made The post Gavee Gold A Gem in Skin Care World appeared first on BUZZINGTALES . read more »

My current relationship and how it’s going. (An...

“Healing takes time and I know that by the end of it all, I will come out a better woman/person.” A lot of people are surprised when they learn that I have two grown kids and (still) single. They give me confused expressions and ask how I could have my children without having a husband. [] read more »

Insomnia List

Anyone whos ever suffered from insomnia will agree with me when I say that it is just Girngunrrfndfjjenfj (that incoherent word is me internally screaming). There is nothing more frustrating than lying awake for hours on end, willing your mind to relent and justrest. As bad as it can get, I do find myself thinking Continue reading Insomnia List read more »

Why I don’t want to be a ‘Girl Boss’

Chances are, if youve given your social media newsfeeds even a cursory glance over the last year, youll have noticed terms like girl boss, boss babe and boss bitch pop up from time to time. On the surface these expressions seem to describe a woman who is confident, successful and empowered by her feminity. One Continue reading Why I dont want to be a Girl Boss read more »

Extracts from my Teenage Diary

Hello darlings! Lately, I was cleaning out our attic space (which was so messy Im surprised I didnt come across a family of raccoons living in there) and I found a couple of diaries I had kept during my teenage years. My initial reaction was delight; I had completely forgotten about them. After reading only Continue reading Extracts from my Teenage Diary read more »

COMPETITION ❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️

Hello my lovelies! I have decided to host a competition on my Instagram account to celebratewell, books! Roald Dahl has always been one of my favourite authors and I have two lovely sets of his best works (winner gets BOTH!) to give away to one lucky follower. Winner will be chosen at random! All you Continue reading COMPETITION ❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️ read more »

My Blogging Dilemma

Hi everyone! I have a little bit of a dilemma in terms of my blog and I would really appreciate any advice or opinions you guys can offer. After all, youre all so wise and learned (see how Im buttering you up, eh? *hands you plate of chocolate chip cookies*). I began this blog four Continue reading My Blogging Dilemma read more »

Nobody Else is You

Heres a silly little poem I jotted down one day waiting for a bus. Hope you guys like it: Continue reading Nobody Else is You read more »

A Love Letter to Anxiety

Dear Anxiety, Should I name you something? Maybe it would make you a little less intimidating and a little more human. I used to picture you as a fuzzy black shapeless entity that I couldnt quite make sense of, clinging to my body and pulling me back from moving forward. Im seeing you more clearly Continue reading A Love Letter to Anxiety read more »

Gain Attention, According to Social Media

Lets face it; we all get a little giddy thrill when those notifications light up on our social media accounts. Its almost akin to some sort of weirdly addictive drug. So wouldnt it be just swellto garner even more attention on social media? With my tried and trusted tips, youll see results in no time! Continue reading Gain Attention, According to Social Media read more »

Musings on “Words”

Musings on "Words" Today, I want to welcome a guest blogger/writer/poet, Donovan Baldwin. He has graciously decided to b we a guest blogger on... read more »

How I Got My Start In Blogging

This is the second day of the blog challenge I have accepted. A suggestion to write about is how one got started doing niche or business. That is real easy for meto answer. I have always enjoyed writing. I first started writing on a website called Gather. I learned a lotfrom writers on Gather. I am still friends on Facebook and other writings websites with many of them. I still keep in contact from time to time. One day I wish to travel and meet my online friends. When Gather closed many of the members... read more »

Lee on Solent parkrun and some info about Hants...

Southampton parkrun was cancelled today because a large event (Gung Ho!) was taking place right across the Common, so this gave Stuart and I the chance to do a bit of parkrun tourism. Id like to try the new(ish) event at Whiteley, but I knew that would be busy, then I got an invitation that [] read more »

Missing in Action

Hi! Ive not been blogging much recently for a variety of actions. Ive been desperately trying to stay afloat and Im not managing it very well. I really appreciate everyone who reads my blog and especially those of you who take the time to comment, but I need to acknowledge why I started this blog [] read more »

Mercy’s Angel

Mercys Angel Angel of Mercy sent by the Holy of Holies. She pours out Gods gifts, time and mercy. Time and mercy to the lost on earth, so they will seek His forgiveness for eternity. The Angel serves Him as protector of earth and the lost inhabitants who refuse Gods grace. She will be ... Read more read more »

De unde iei poze fara copyright pentru blogul tau

Un articol pe blog oricât ar fi de util şi de plin de conţinut pentru cititor, parcă nu e complet dacă nu are o fotografie care să ilustreze tema acestuia. Dar unii nu ne permitem un abonament plătit... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] read more »

Following Possibilities

I entered this poem in a contest on and I  won GOLD!! Enjoy. Susans Soul Following Possibities Imagination inspires. I look at life through my humanism not Gods. If I look through His eyes and follow Him, Humanity is what I see, what I see. So I chose Gods vision ... Read more read more »

MacDowell Lake Photos

These photos were taken of the MacDowell Lake in Peterborough, NH on May 20, 2017 with Lindas Alcatel a30 cellphone.Filed under: Blogging Tagged: Federal State Park, flood control, inspiration, life, MacDowell Community, MacDowell Dam, MacDowell Lake, Monadnock Region, Natural resource, nature, Peterborough New Hampshire read more »

Food Expiry Dates [Infographic]

Food Expiry Dates [Infographic] While reading, I  found Food Expiry Dates [Infographic] on another website and found the original infographic was from an ecology blog named ecogreenlove: What Food Expiry Dates Really lMean? []Infographic]ecogreenlove created the original infographic . So many of us waste tons of food products all over the world because we dont ... Read more read more »

A Face in the Darkness

Legs blocked the walkway of the bottom bleacher. The vacant dark corner across the gymnasium beckoned Allie to come hither and hide in the shadows it provided. No one knew her; she had remained as faceless now as she had on the first day at this school. Coming to this dance was a mistake. Who Read More read more »

Hearing God 5/10/17

Hearing God Do you have a longing for hearing God? I dont know about you but when I was a new Christian, I yearned to hear the voice of God. I believed by faith in Jesus and that He sacrificed Himself Read More ... read more »

Forced Healthcare can be an Accepted Policy – b...

Political parties are bickering in Washington about Healthcare coverage. The question they ask is to either reform the ACA or replace the policy. I remember a time when everyone that worked for a prominent company, big business and small business, the biggest perk offered to the employees was the health insurance. Back then it was [] read more »

My Year Flashed Before My Eyes

Where did my year go? This year has rushed by, and I can see why with being as busy as I have been with school and work. First-year terms are coming to an end. They finish up on May 13th leaving me with two years and two terms to go before acquiring that Bachelor degree. Microeconomics [] read more »

Verdant Green – for #SoCS Apr. 29/17

Verdant Green Verdant green changed overnight from brown patches. Spring performed her dance in the yard so green. Emerald jewels of grassy green delightful joy at Gods resplendency, genesis of creation til comes the cold. Winters settlement, Read More ... read more »

If We Were Having Coffee – We would talk about ...

It’s been a while since I last posted. More like a month has passed since I wrote about the coming March for Science. How did that go anyway? I didn’t see any big bangs taking place. While they marched I planted two new trees. A Cherry and a Honeycrisp Apple after which I moved those [] read more »

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