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Managed to cross the Black Sea in 11 days, 6 ho...

HIT THE STORM Bad weather has hit since starting on June 16. A heavy storm ponit even when fishing operations and have lost brig that would have to accompany them read more »

What is the number one attraction in Constanta ...

Over 70,000 people are expected to arrive in the port of Constanta to fall on different cruise ships. Tourists will meet the old city from the Black Sea, but will be able to visit the Danube Delta and the capital. 83 cruise ships are scheduled to arrive this year in Port Con-stamps. Although there are [] read more »

The most beautiful vacation spot in every count...

Have you ever wondered what places to visit in Europe, but did not manage to decide? The following list may help you. Big movie locations make memorable vacation spots ... From the Mediterranean Sea to the streets of Compton, actors travel near and far to film their movies. But which spots do they enjoy most? Theresa [] read more »

Romania ranked first in the list of recommendat...

The following countries from the list of 12 destinations worth visiting are: Madagascar, Iceland, Vietnam, Kyrgyztan, Kiribati, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Sierra Leone Dominican Republic, Norway, Uruguay. Norwegian Gunnar Garfors, which is new media consultant, officially became the youngest passenger who managed to visit during free all the 198 countries by the age of 37 years. [] read more »

The love story that revived the old lighthouse

One of the most beautiful buildings on the seafront in Constanta, Genovese Lighthouse, has a story lost in the 1300s historians have not come to a clear conclusion: if the lighthouse was built by the Genoese and his name was given by the Turks, who called Constance Genoese fortress impressed by the way encountered thick [] read more »

Five Black Sea beaches less known

Bolata, Balgarevo, Durankulak are just some of the beaches on the Black Sea which still retains its wild beauty. NISP is fine, clear water, and everything is shrouded in silence.   Fine sand, clear water and quietly for many, it should look perfect beach. Many of the places that have these qualities have become, however, very [] read more »

A Fascinating Journey to Abkhazia – Part VII – ...

A Fascinating Journey to Abkhazia Ive discovered on this fascinating journey to Abkhazia a land rich in beauty, I felt the heart of the people and warmth of the Abkhaz sun. Yet in everything that Ive shared none of it can compare with the experience, the things that touch the heart, mind, and soul that [] read more »

Photogenic New Athos – Part VI – The Mystically...

New Athos the most photogenic of them all Each place we visited while in Abkhazia was unique, New Athos wasnt any different. New Athosjust happened to be the most photogenic of them all. Here in this photo above I caught the reflection of the restaurant on the water, plus Novy Afons spires balancing with [] read more »

Five great train journeys of sleeping

If youre not yet where you want to go on vacation, you want to cross several countries in leisure and do not want to travel by car or by plane, your best option may be a train ride sleeper.   Conditions for travel with trains that have sleepers luxury rivals often from the hotel, and [] read more »

The longest road in the world to travel

The longest road in the world to travel, whether it comes from highways or railways, impresses with it story and how it connects countries that have histories and cultures. The longest road in the world to travel Pan-American Highways Pan-American Highway is the longest road in the world today. This is the starting point in Fairbanks (Alaska) [] read more »

Top 30 most beautiful destinations in Romania

Many different places, from parks to castles, art galleries or even a shopping mall are in the top 30 destinations of Romania recommended the site, the most popular platform worldwide travel. The first 30 goals of the Top things to do in Romania are, according to , the following: Art Gallery of Sighisoara [] read more »

What Lies Within the Beautiful Danube?

The breathtakingly blue Danube River which flows from its source in the German Black Forest to its immense Delta in Romania’s Black Sea extends over ten European countries. The Danube Delta reservation is home to 7,000+ known species of plants and animals, and contains the world’s third-richest biodiversity after Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and Ecuador’s [] read more »

New Releases – December 5th

St Vincent A young boy whose parents have just divorced finds an unlikely friend and mentor in the misanthropic, bawdy, hedonistic war veteran who lives next door. My Guess for Rating – 60% My Anticipation Rating – 50% Will Continue reading read more »

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