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Greetings and welcome!♥Loving another is not about changing another but is about seeing their best qualities and encouraging them to use their best qualities, attributes, to represent and accentuate the best version of themselves.♥ PNG url:"Pursuing a notion to change another,Is not ever the way to Love.Instead, encourage one to be themselves... read more »


Howdy folks!♥"Be the best of who you are and your reflection will speakVolumes for your character, wonderfully unique."~ Artsieladie Quote♥"Be" Full Size PNG: bold enough without insulting,To make for yourself the choice,To speak out against the wrongsAnd for good, to use your voice.BE brave enough, with honesty,To listen and to follow your heart,To BE ... read more »

3 Key Weight Loss For Ultimate Weight Loss Success

So youve made the resolution that THIS is the year youre going to lose weight and get in the best shape of your life.  Youre not going to settle for second best youre going to achieve that dream body youve always wanted. Great news this is actually the best time to make that [] The post 3 Key Weight Loss For Ultimate Weight Loss Success appeared first on Well Fit News Spot. read more »

Twins Mike and Matt Nieto opens SBP and Passere...

Batang Gilas twins Mike and Matt Nieto led the opening of the 30th Small Basketeers of the Philippines (SBP) and Passerelle Twin Tournament, the country’s largest and most prestigious interschool basketball competition for basketball players aged 9 to 14 years... The post Twins Mike and Matt Nieto opens SBP and Passerelle Tournament 2015 appeared first on The Bag Investigator. read more »

Лучшая косметика 2014 года

Все же решила написать этот пост:) Как и за предыдущие 2 года: 2014 часть 1 и часть 2, 2013 . Большинством косметики из прошлогодних списков я до сих пор пользуюсь, но повторно включать не буду хоть и хочется) P.S. В предыдущем посте ссылки на все мои обзоры 2014 года. MISSHA Fresh aloe mask Самая классная успокаивающая маска для лица! Была моим настоящим спасением! К сожалению ее перестали выпускать, что мне сильно расстраивает( MISSHA Super Aqua Moisture Deep Cleansing Cream Отличный крем для сн... read more »

2014 race awards

For this post, Ive linked up with Montana at Pretty Lil Mudder  and a few other fab fitness bloggers be sure to check out their posts. Here are my 2014 race awards drum roll, please Most Scenic Course For me this award has to go to Lanhydrock parkrun Its in a beautiful location, but [] read more »


The phrase “best of intentions” is one weve heard and will express many times throughout our life. “We had”, “They had”, You had”, “I had” those are usually the prefixes that come before. The words will shadow us all throughout life. But good intentions are not the only outcome. Consequences Intentions have consequences. The problem [] read more »

Preschool Aquarium, The New Top Children’s App

Parents love learning apps and children adore them. Preschool Aquarium is the new release by Fairytale Studios and features educational gameplay that has never been seen before on a mobile device. Available on iOS, Google Play and the Amazon App Store, Preschool Aquarium incorporates unique learning games designed by award winning preschool teachers and early learning psychologists. This sets Preschool Aquarium apart from the competition, it is a game designed for children by the experts. read more »

Why Portable Apps are the best

Portable Apps have become the lastest in our generation as well as a few other tech devices such as 3D and online videos to name a few but Im going to stay on the subject of portable apps. For me it took a while to get use to the whole portable apps idea. This is [] The post Why Portable Apps are the best appeared first on The Cheapsters Blog. read more »


If you are taking a trip to Las Vegas, do not skip a trip to ROSE. RABBIT. LIE. The post ROSE. RABBIT. LIE. appeared first on Shh!! Mommas Writing!. read more »

Best Tweets of 2013

So, Im checking this lady out. Her total is 21.39. She hands me a 20. I repeat her total back to her. She says, oh, I dont pay tax, baby — JayDUH (@Jada_Bean) December 11, 2013 read more »

Panna Cotta ( Cooked Cream )

Panna Cotta ( Cooked Cream ) INGREDIENTS for 4 servings400 ml of cream80 g sugar1 teaspoon of vanilla extract2 sheets of gelatin. PREPARATIONPut in cold water sheets of gelatin and leave for about 10 minutes. Meanwhile, put the cream in a small saucepan with sugar and vanilla and cook over low heat. When the cream is hot, turn off the heat, put the sheets of gelatin, that will now be very soft, and turn until they have melted. Take the molds and pour in them the cream. Refrigerate for at least 5 hours... read more »

#qoutes #sayings #inspiration be the #best that...

#qoutes #sayings #inspiration be the #best that you can be! read more »

Castagnaccio - Chestnut Flour Cake

Castagnaccio - Chestnut Flour Cake INGREDIENTS300 grams of chestnut flour500 ml of waterA pinch of salt2 tablespoons sugar250 grams of raisinsA handful of pine nutsTwo sprigs of rosemaryExtra virgin olive oil PREPARATIONIn a bowl, mix the flour with water, bisognafare careful not to leave any lumps of flour. Meanwhile, place the raisins in a bit 'of warm water and soften lascviarla. Then squeeze and incorporala in the compound. Grease a baking dish with the oil well is not too large, then pour the mi... read more »

Chocolate Cake ( Torta Cioccolato )

CHOCOLATE CAKE INGREDIENTS 250g dark chocolate100g butter5 eggs150g sugar PREPARATIONIn a saucepan, melt the chocolate with the butter. Meanwhile, in a saucepan, mix the sugar with the egg yolks. When the chocolate has melted, do it cool and then add it to the mixture.In another saucepan mount the four egg withes until stiff and then add them to the mixture. Stir the mixture up and down, being careful not to remove the compound. Put the mixture into a buttered pan or, if you prefer, cover the pan w... read more »

Baked rabbit in his sauce - Coniglio alla cacci...

Baked rabbit in his sauce - Coniglio alla cacciatora INGREDIENTS400g minced meat2 cloves ofgarlica sprig ofrosemaryAbouut 400gr Rabbit300g Chopped tomatoesextra virgin olive oilsaltpepperPREPARATIONIn a pan, brown the garlic with the rosemary. After add the pieces of conoglio, salt and cook for about 15 minutes. Then add the chopped tomatoes, salt and cook for about 30 minutes, or at least until thetomatoes you will not be clotted. Serve hot. Tuscany in a Nutshell E-mail: tuscanyinanutshell.blogspot(a... read more »

Tuscan meatballs - Polpette Toscane

TUSCAN MEATBALLS (POLPETTE TOSCANE)SERVES: 4 INGREDIENTS400g minced meat1 egg1 potatoA handful of parsleyBreadcrumbsExtra virgin oilSaltnutmeg PREPARATION Boil the potato. In a medium bowl, put minced meat and egg and mix. Chop the parsley and put it in the bowl. Put potato in a ricer instead of mashing it makes it perfectly fluffy. Add salt and nutmeg and mix well. Make balls not very big and pass them in the breadcrumbs. Meanwhile, preheat the oil in a pan and when the oil is hot put the meatballs... read more »

Eungdaphara 1997 is the Best

Eungdaphara 1997 is one of the most famous drama on TVN, a program on cable TV starring Seo In Gook and Jeong Eun Ji. I wasn't interested on the drama before but when they guessed at GO SHOW I decided to watch the last part of it. It was by chance when the last part was shown while I was changing the channel looking for an interesting program. The last part was so romantic. What I like the best is that it has an happy ending unlike Korean dramas or movies that usually end with sad ending. And luckily, th... read more »

Fried zucchini flowers ( Fiori di zucca fritti )

Fried zucchini flowers (Fiori di zucca fritti) INGREDIENTSSERVES 420 zucchini flowers200g flour2 eggssaltoil for fryingPREPARATION.Ina bowlput the eggswith the flourand salt.Addenough water tomake asmooth batterand nottoo thick.Let it standfor about an hour.In the meantime cleanthe flowersby removingthe pistilinsideand possiblythe stems.Put theoil in a panand when it is hotfryflowerspreviously passedin thebatter.Fryuntil golden, add saltand servehot. Tuscany in a Nutshell E-mail: tuscanyinanutshell.b... read more »

Crostini con paté di olive

Crostini con paté di olive INGREDIENTS ( Serves 4 ) • Tuscan bread • 180g black olives without stones • 200g green olives without stones • 120g melted butter • 3 pickled onions • Salt • water PREPARATION: In a medium bowl put black olives, green olives and onions. Add melted butter stilo hot. Put SALT and mix the ingredients with mixer. If it is necessary, you can add a bit of water. Mix well and Spread on bread, better if it is toasted. Tuscany in a Nutshell E-mail: tuscanyinanutshell... read more »

Tomato paste (conserva di pomodoro)

Tomato paste (conserva di pomodoro) INGREDIENTS 2-3 kg ripe tomatoes San Marzano some basil leaves 2-3 onions, 2-3 stalks of celery, 2-3 carrots salt PREPARATION Wash the tomatoes, removing, or even their black spots. Put them in a large pot along with the onions, carrots and celery. Cook over low heat without adding water and a lid, until the tomatoes are not mushy. Now pass it to the mill. If the tomato sauce seems the right density you can bottle it, otherwise let it cook over low heat, until the de... read more »

The Best Things in the World…

Filed under: Graphics Tagged: best, cute, Fun, girls, girly, Graphics, lists, the best things in the world, women read more »

Best VPN Service Website Review

Here is your free website review from The Website Doctor! 1: You could make this a bit bigger, so it stands out more than the advert. 2: You should include and other box, where people can write their own reason. This means if their reason isnt listed then you wont loose a vote. If [...] read more »

The Best Way to Express Your Love to That Speci...

St. Valentines Day – a day of celebrating that wonderful warm fuzzy feeling, called love. On this day, you’re supposed to buy your special someone flowers; you’re supposed to write cheesy messages into corny greeting cards and send them by couriers dressed up as guerrillas. (I wouldn’t recommend using a real guerrilla – they tend [...] read more »

The Best Way To Tell Someone You Love Them

Do you find it difficult to tell someone you love them Many people dont know how to express themselves well, and if they want to tell someone that they love them, arent sure how to do it. The truth is that there is no magic recipe, there is no right way to do it. You should pick an [...] read more »

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