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Ecologicamente indoor and outdoor con i prodott...

Ciao ben ritrovati, Ritorno a parlare dell’ argomento a me caro ossia campeggio, trekking, outdoor, ecc., sono sempre entusiasta, il contatto con la natura e tutto ciò che ne comporta mi mette serenità e positività. E tutto ciò che mi richiama la natura è sempre un sinonimo di positivo. Oggi vi mostro due prodotti che richiamano appunto la natura e l’outdoor, e questi due prodotti sono venduti su Amazon e precisamente ad Green0232 un e-store leader nella vendita di prodotti tecnologici ed hi-tech e... read more »

Musica e suono ad alto livello con le casse acu...

Normal 0 14 false false false IT X-NONE X-NONE Queste casse altoparlante sono veramente (come vi dicevo prima) possenti sono alte ben oltre 63 cm e pesano quella passiva quasi 8,5 kg, mentre quella attiva quasi 10 kg, pur avendo questo peso notevole sono facilmente trasportabili per via delle comode maniglie laterali (vedi foto), hanno... read more »

oneConcept Bamboost 3G Radio altoparlante Bambù...

Normal 0 14 false false false IT X-NONE X-NONE Le mie considerazioni su questa radio, dalle dimensioni e design eccezionali, sono molto soddisfatta per la qualità del suono molto pulito e ben definito, una buona performance acustica. La cassa in legno di bambù e i materiali sono ben realizzati, da ciò si denota l’ottima qualità dei com... read more »

Atum luxury Handmade Accessories

La passione per la grande tradizione italiana, la voglia di rinnovarla inventando, sperimentando, sorprendendo. Ecco come nascono gli accessori ATUM. Accessori belli, unici e originali!! Utilizziamo prevalentemente pelle di bovini destinati all’industria alimentare, nessun animale viene abbattuto direttamente per la concia delle sue pelli. Le pelli vengono trattate principalmente con concia al vegetale , la quale ha origine nella preistoria, e in Toscana ha conosciuto il suo massimo splendore…. La con... read more »

Holding onto spring with Echo Verde

Hey you! Nice to have you back. How are you liking this fall weather lately? I absolutely love this time of year, with the exception of not being able to find a ton of colour in the seasonal attire. Don't get me wrong, I love basic black (doesn't every girl?!) but finding something other than a dreary palette, or wine red, is always a nice surprise. That's why, for this post, I am holding onto spring colours and fashion with the Echo Verde line. I recently reviewed some fall garb by the company, which y... read more »

Muse Clothing Company; Dress Review

Coming across Muse Clothing Company and their exceptionally comfortable, yet elegant, clothing line was like coming home, eyeing up a well-loved chair and perusing the shelves for a favourite book. The entire collection gives that same sense of visual familiarity due to the overall classic look to every dress; They're ones that would be expected in a wardrobe, yet are not so often found. Each dress has a look that would appeal to any variety of tastes, as they lend themselves to personalisation, while st... read more »

Lucky bamboo in Apartment

Lucky bamboos (Dracaena) are in apartment, "It is believed that the plant can improve feng shui : three stalks would bring happiness, wealth and longevity". Apartment, North Point District, Hong Kong. read more »

Giulioguidotti art t-shirt

La ricerca artistica in campo pittorico di Giuglio Guidotti Artist si è sviluppata su direttive che mirano a scardinare l’espressione creativa dalle maglie del linguaggio verbale, orientandosi verso un astrattismo primordiale e istintivo, che esula dal figurativo tout court. Le forme espressive si esplicitano in manifestazioni formali di flussi magmatici, nervature radicali, raggiature e meandri che il medium acrilico incendia di contrasti caldi e nebulosi, carichi di suggestioni microscopiche e vampe i... read more »

"Original Brands"

Fashion Stylist, Grafic Designer, Street arter, Tailor, Painter, Sculptor Grazie alla sinergiaprofessionale,Manuel Maidanon solo crea capi di abbigliamento, macrede inuna scuola di pensiero improntata sulla continua ricerca di nuove tendenze e all'utilizzo di materiali pregiatiper offrirecollezioni di qualità e originalità, legate tra di loro da uno stile unico nel suo genere. Thanks to theprofessional synergy, ManuelMaidadoes not only createclothes, but believes ina school of thoughtguided bythecont... read more »

Can we not think of a more environmentally frie...

Today we're getting some new panda's in Toronto. Behind the usual hyperbole of news media hype, special relations speeches, research funding and all the other trappings that surround a panda loan, there's a commitment from Fedex to ship 900KG of Bamboo three times a week, from Memphis to Toronto, for the duration of their stay. That stuck out like a sore thumb… This is supposed to be an environmental cause, no? Let's just take a closer look at that… The distance from MEM to YYZ is about 1300KM. Acc... read more »

Some shopping (and a doppleganger)

Happy Sunday everyone! This post is a bit late in coming to you, Ive actually had it lined up for the last week and kept forgetting to put it up so apologies. Anyway, when we went shopping for paint testers there were a few lovely bits and pieces that I spotted whilst I was out and about and I wanted to share them with you guys. First up was our trip to BQ to get the paint. Naturally enough I cant resist a trip around the entire store when Im there (though the Big Guy was relieved that he managed to kee... read more »

Midsummer Garden Report

So, Summer Solstice is nearly upon us.  This evening, at 7:09 p.m., Summer will officially begin and well have our longest day. Sort of a shame its Wednesday and thus a workday.   I always feel, somehow, like it ought to be a lazy day spent wandering dancing, cavorting barefoot through some wildflower meadow.   [...] read more »

Core Bamboo – One Kings Lane

Here is one more amazing One Kings Lane sale for you this week! Core Bamboo is a company that offers organic bamboo kitchenware and tableware. They have a variety of... Read The Rest read more »


From Wikipedia:Bamboo has also long been used as scaffolding; the practice has been banned in China for buildings over six storeys but is still in continuous use for skyscrapers inHong Kong. I was amazed that bamboo is used as scaffolding in skyscrapers in HongKong. Maybe, because of its innate strength, endurance and pliability. In Chinese cultures, the bamboo is the symbol of the gentleman with features of being upright, with tenacity and a hollow heart, meaning with an open heart and without arrog... read more »

More spinning

Taxes! I cant think of a better way of waste my time! Due to some travel and sickness at the beginning of the year we were unable to get it all together on time. But finally it is done! And the first thing I wanted to do is to get back to my spinning wheel. [...] read more »

Shop update… kind of late

I got my shop updated last week with a few new items. I was thinking that I would blog about it the day after. Well, it has been almost a week! Better later that never! The colors are deep and intense. As Bette Midler sings in The showgirl must go on: There’s a lesson that I [...] read more »

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