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The country with the cheapest flight tickets pe...

Flight rates depend on the countries that the airplane and the aviation company with which we choose to travel. The Flight Price Index 2017, produced by the portal and read more »

Find a travel buddy with ease and make solo tra...

Traveling solo as a woman has so many advantages. You can go where you wish, keep to your own schedule and spend some times really getting to know yourself. At read more »

Essential things to take with you when you travel

Every time we go on holiday, we think about what we should put in our luggage to ensure comfort during the journey. Starting from this idea, Business Insider magazine asked read more »

The cheapest beach holiday destinations in Europe

To help tourists thinking about where to spend their summer holidays, Post Office Travel Money has compiled the list of the cheapest beach holiday destinations in Europe, taking into account read more »

Mistakes made by those flying for the first time

Flight plane is one of the sweetest, fastest and safest ways to transport over long distances. If you have to experience this for the first time, take care to avoid the most common mistakes. What are the things that someone whos flying for the [...] read more »

Cheapest holiday destinations according to each...

No need to break your bank account to get the holiday of your dreams in the coming year. If you know when prices fall, you can organize your holiday wanted a reasonable budget. 12 of the worlds cheapest holiday destinations for 2017 Jul 6, 2016 From Hungary to Honduras, you could spend as little as £10 a day in these bargain holiday destinations. Here are 12 of the cheapest countries portal has made the list of holiday destinations that can be visited during certain months of the year at low p... read more »

7 most accessible destinations of 2017

Travel experts have made the list of most interesting but accessible destinations recommended for holidays in 2017. Remembering that a cheap ticket is purchased in advance, they recommended destinations such as Chile, Morocco or Crete. To qualify for cheaper packages, must choose in advance which destinations you want to visit in 2017. Next year will be favorable to tourists is based on a low budget, according to a report American Express Global Business Travel plane slips prices will fall. Buzzy, Newl... read more »

Travel agents reveal the easiest ways in which ...

Whether you choose to travel on a Tuesday, when airfares are very cheap, or take into account the fact that not all countries are offered a tip, there are some things that can help travelers to reduce expenses. International Association of Travel Agents Network international travel network with international suppliers. American Society of Travel Agents IATA airport code International Air Transport Association List of airports Travel expenses include much more than the airfare and accommodation in a hote... read more »

17 cheapest holiday destinations outside Europe

The latest series of recommendations of a financial planning site reveals popular tourist destinations outside Europe where tourists pay the least for a day of vacation. Top comprises the idyllic beaches of Southeast Asia, the big names of cities in North America. 12 of [...] read more »

The week’s best travel deals around the globe

The weeks best travel deals around the globe The weeks best travel deals around the globe The Washington Post Apr 28, 2016 This weeks best travel bargains around the globe. Land. Topnotch Resort in Stowe, Vt., has a tennis and pet package [...] read more »

Best jokes about stewardesses

Come Fly with Me Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Come Fly with Me may refer to: In music: Come Fly with Me (1957 song), a popular song Come Fly with Me (film), a 1963 comedy about stewardesses; Come Fly with Me (1976 film), [...] read more »

Have your own resort on a tropical island for o...

Before you think that to become the owner of a resort on a tropical island you have to win the lottery, you can find that dream come true for only 49 dollars.  The current owners, a family in Australia will not make Ilha da Queimada [...] read more »

Five invasion beaches away from the tourists sh...

Even if a beach holiday seems most relaxing way to spend a few days off, there are beaches famous thanks to their beauty, but overrun by tourists, in which case their charm decreases. The alternative may be represented by lesser known beaches, but meeting all [...] read more »

Top 5 most beautiful beaches in Greece

Greece, with its islands remains a popular destination for travelers and is one of the most popular Greek islands of Rhodes in 2015, Crete and Santorini are purchased in the top holiday destinations for summer this year. The reasons are many: short way away (in Geecia mainland) or plane (2-3 hours to any island), good service, [] read more »

60 fun things about Romania, found by a Brazilian

A young man from Brazil who spent more time in our country and wrote on his Facebook account and impressions about Romania Romanian.   12 Things You Didnt Know About Romania Travel Away florin. November 1st 2013, 9:46 AM. this list is too short,there are many other interesting things about Romania 🙂 still big [] read more »

Cheap guide to visit Venice, enigmatic city of ...

Most people who visited Venice say they want to return. Irresistible attraction can be resolved relatively quickly and cheaply nowadays: the time of booking a flight to Italy, spending prioritized and wrapped luggage. It would be better to avoid holiday period July-August for a trip to Venice, and February, when the famous carnival takes place locally. And expensive are the busiest times of the year. Tourists complain about the unbearable smell of water in summer. May-June and September-October are reaso... read more »

Couple who retired at 30 years and now travels ...

Jeremy Jacobson and Winnie Tseng lived frugally for ten years to retire early and have time and financial opportunities to explore the world. How to Travel Around the World: 14 Steps (with Pictures) How to Travel Around the World. Traveling around the world at once is often a cheaper option than breaking it down into segments. The secret is to plan carefully Jeremy Jacobson and his partner Winnie Tseng life with their older son Julian eight years, traveling around the world, having lived frugally for ten... read more »

How to visit 50 countries with only $ 8 per day

They bought an old van with $ 600, painted it and then managed to visit more than 50 countries on five continents. Its about a group of bloggers from Poland, passionate travelers who do not have much money, but want to see the world. Modi to publish a book on “50 places to visit before you die” My Jul 10, 2015 India should look at his achievements and be inspired as an ordinary tea boy is now almost halfway done with his dream to visit 50 countries. Polish bloggers told Bored Panda website that one read more »

Why Andalucian Spain is a Treat to Travel on Wo...

Spain’s southernmost territory, Andalucía evokes a smorgasborard of images. From flamenco dancers and music, to fragrant orange blossoms, bone dry sherry, bullfights, craggy hilltops atop which small villages flourish and Moor castle ruins, Spain has something to offer the discerning holidayer, whether visiting on business or pleasure. You can make the most out of your [] read more »

The things you can get for free on flights

Steep price of a ticket includes case basis, services offered to passengers by way of gratuity. Few know, however, that travelers may require certain services without being charged extra. Who Says There Are No More Freebies on Flights? A flight attendant with a U.S. legacy carrier once told me, "I wish more passengers would say [] read more »

The narrowest street in Prague has installed tr...

The narrow street in Prague is a challenge for tourists who want to sneak through space with a width of only 49 centimeters. Provided, the City Hall lights installed for visitors to enter the place and not in place similar Stada block Rope in Brasov. Travel Diary: Prague streets, statues and structures With a tourist [] read more »

Samantha Fox was evacuated under escort from an...

Samantha Fox, a star of the disco music of the 80s, was evacuated under escort of security agents from an airplane in the UK Luton Airport because of an abuse of the artist, who seemed to be intoxicated, informs British star was once off the plane after several passengers had accused her was drunk [] read more »

Samantha Fox evacuated from an airplane (her si...

Samantha Fox, a star of the disco music of the 80s, was evacuated under escort of security agents from an airplane in the UK Luton Airport because of an abuse of the artist, who seemed to be intoxicated, informs Her side of the story : This story is total bullshit !!! I took this [] read more »

6 steps that you need to follow to avoid losing...

The error is serious reason to stress luggage for many tourists, because if you end up in this situation can not fully enjoy the holidays. Anybody can happen even Brad Tilden, Alaska Airlines CEO, who admitted that his own airline checked baggage sent to another airport. Skyscanner flights portal has published a list of useful [] read more »

The company that probably have not heard, but t...

In a world once dominated by the United States and Europe, Middle East companies today have become the benchmark for luxury and quality. After Qatar, Emirates and Etihad, a new company prepares to dominate airlines.   Magazine vote: Virgin America, Singapore Air are top airlines There are no shortage of lists attempting to rank the world's [] read more »

The best city break destinations for autumn, in...

We do not have to leave the country to escape quiet we have a few days. Romanians have become increasingly interested in a city break on domestic places, and autumn is the perfect season for such miniholiday thanks to lower prices charged by hoteliers and numerous festivals in this period. Weekend tourism has become a [] read more »

Quitting job and starting a journey around the ...

Chanel Cartella and Stevo Dirnberger, couple who went on a journey around the globe, wrote in an online article about the less pleasant aspects of their adventure. Earlier this year, the couple gave up stable jobs and ventured into an unforgettable trip. The two tourists write about their adventures on a blog entitled "How Far From Home", []u read more »

They opened a bottle of champagne on the plane ...

A company lowcost Easyjet flight from London to Turkey, filled with tourists going on holiday, was forced to deviate from the original route after oxygen masks fall from the ceiling started a surprising reason.   The plane flew from Gatwick to Dalaman, Turkey, when it fired a flight attendant opened a bottle of champagne whose cork [] read more »

The most beautiful rivers in the world

Beauties of nature are sometimes neglected by people who seek to go on holiday to relax by the prolonged rest or fun resort where the party starts in the first days of June and ends just fall. And amateur travel in nature can visit some of the most beautiful rivers in the world. The most [] read more »

Story of a Romanian driver who, in his travels,...

In the last 10 years, the novel "Viktor Talic" (so called to be named in the article) conducted a minibus in Europe, transporting goods and people. His travels, sometimes spanning almost 50 hours without sleep, supra part of the "heart of Europe", writes the German newspaper Der Spiegel. Talic is 34, but looks older. It has strong [] read more »

A young man discovered how to travel for free a...

A couple of 25-year US discovered '' secret '' almost free trips around the world: hunt for the best deals, accumulate loyalty points which turns into thousands of miles you can fly free, first class. At 13, Ben Schlappig discovered a forum dedicated to those who are looking for a hobby. Most talked about travel, but [] read more »

Brit pays huge mobile bill for holiday photos

A British 19, who works as a nurse, woke up that has to pay a huge bill for mobile phone, after using traffic data to post on Facebook about during the holidays in Kusadasi, Turkey. Shannon Mills spent several wonderful days of vacation in Turkey, along with her family. Because he wanted to use your [] read more »

How not to pay more luggage when you fly

A Scottish singer became famous worldwide after order not to pay more to checked baggage, dressed in 12 layers of clothes, and then got sick on the plane.   If you put clothes on hold, James McElvar, member of the band Rewind, had to pay 64 euros more, send . An airline employee told me that one [] read more »

The New Zealand fuel based on beer

Are you passionate about cars, but you love beer? In New Zealand there was an innovation that mix, according DB Export Beer Factory in New Zealand has developed a new bio fuel containing residues of the fermentation process. The fuel was called Brewtroleum and is a mixture of 10% ethanol and 90% gasoline premium, according . The [] read more »

Five Black Sea beaches less known

Bolata, Balgarevo, Durankulak are just some of the beaches on the Black Sea which still retains its wild beauty. NISP is fine, clear water, and everything is shrouded in silence.   Fine sand, clear water and quietly for many, it should look perfect beach. Many of the places that have these qualities have become, however, very [] read more »

The most beautiful canyon in Romania

Maybe you are looking for a place that takes your breath away. Or just admire the forms it can take water is trickling, infiltrating falling to the huge waterfalls. Or, who knows, you test your limits and measure tremuriciul back in the face of serious challenges. If the answer is yes to all this, you [] read more »

Top 30 most beautiful destinations in Romania

Many different places, from parks to castles, art galleries or even a shopping mall are in the top 30 destinations of Romania recommended the site, the most popular platform worldwide travel. The first 30 goals of the Top things to do in Romania are, according to , the following: Art Gallery of Sighisoara [] read more »

Three journalists who went on a trip to Cuba an...

Careful questioning at the airport, but an exotic atmosphere, as you will not find elsewhere. That trip is limited to three American journalists in Havana. How much was that bumpy trip and passed them, are the following material. While political system affect international relations, Cuba still draw many tourists curious to discover the beauty of exotic island [] read more »

Les Stroud, the hero of the documentary “Surviv...

Adventure Canadian Les Stroud in Fagaras ended well. Bold famous producer of the documentary Survivorman is ready to show others how to survive the wilds massif, without any supplies. The episode filmed in Fagaras Mountains will air on Discovery Channel in December this year. Les Stroud, the hero of the documentary Survivorman aired on the [] read more »

The car that will try to travel around Europe o...

In 2014, the Audi A3 TDI has traveled 1324 km on a single tank of diesel. Now, the Germans from Audi want to travel 1609 km on a single tank of fuel, choosing the A6 TDI Ultra, which would cross ten different countries without fuel. Audi roadside assistance company RAC and want to secure a [] read more »

How much it costs to travel from Oslo to London...

Tesla is working hard to spread around the world Supercharger network that offers free uploads owners Tesla models. Robert Llewelyn, TV presenter Fully Charged (you may know him and the scrapheap Challenge television show), took a Tesla Model S and has his heart set on going with electric sedan from Oslo to London. Said and done. After more than [] read more »

10 countries you can visit with just $ 10 per day

Many exotic destinations seem inaccessible because of the large distance and pretty steep price to be paid for airfare. In reality, these countries are quite cheap, because once arrived on tourist does not have to spend too much. The list is made by publication Huffington Post, so the states of Eastern Europe are incorporated herein [] read more »

Things you can do for free in Berlin

The German capital was highlighted in recent years by promoting freedom that attracts investors and artists alike. Recently become one of the most interesting European destinations, Berlin offers many activities for tourists extremely cheap or free. Daily Secret site presents nine options for travelers who want to enjoy a holiday here without having to pay [] read more »

The beauty of the end of the world

He traveled through Norway 12 years and captured the magic of nature in spectacular images. He traveled through Norway for 12 years and has explored Nordic countrys spectacular scenery. Stunned by the beauty of Norway, Paul Edmundson decided to capture it in pictures. I have seen first-class views on each hillside and I was left [] read more »

The most beautiful roads in Austria

A drive through Austria will not be pleasant only because many roads but also landscapes of incredible beauty. The most beautiful roads in Austria may be subject to a four-wheel holidays with stops at scenic locations. The most beautiful roads in Austria: Grossglockner-Hochalpenstrasse No wonder this alpine route of 48 kilometers is called Heaven Cyclists [] read more »

Tired of cycling, an artist from Boston found a...

Kevin Cyr, an artist from Boston, invented a novel means of transport: a tricycle-trailer. Although it is small compared to a normal caravan, it can accommodate a person. A Boston artist invented a novel means of transport, dedicated especially those who like to travel. Kevin Cyr made ​​a tricycle-trailer, write . Although it is small, cabin can accommodate one person. So, after a full day of riding, the owner can rest in peace, without even worrying about accommodation. Inside the mini-car... read more »

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