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Find a travel buddy with ease and make solo tra...

Traveling solo as a woman has so many advantages. You can go where you wish, keep to your own schedule and spend some times really getting to know yourself. At read more »

Wish list del nuovo anno su SheIn

Anno nuovo, armadio nuovo!Questo sarà il mio mantra per il 2017, così voglio dare il benvenuto a questo nuovo anno con una frizzantissima wish list sempre firmata SheIn, approfittando di sconti imperdibili che vanno dal 40% al 50%. Inizio da questo morbidissimo maglione con scollo a barca e inserti in pizzo, disponibile in bianco e nero, per dare un tocco di malizia e raffinatezza anche con temperature rigide. Da abbinare sotto questa giacca in eco-pelliccia degradé bianca e nera, così calda ed avvolge... read more »

Steeler’s Backpack

My eldest son is an avid fan of football and his favorite team in the NFL is the Pittsburgh Steelers, so theres no surprised when he told me he wanted this backpack from NFL shop where I bought it online. He also bought another bookbag though (not in the picture). He actually wanted to buy [...] read more »

Greeks want to put higher entrance fees to the ...

The Greek government's attempts to cover the huge debt of the country will be felt next year in the pockets of tourists eager to visit historical and cultural interest objectives in Greece. The price of tickets may be 2016, and four times higher than they are today. Mainland Greece's top stops Mycenae is the ruined [] read more »

Best Lightweight Water Resistant Backpack from ...

I was fortunate to have been given the opportunity to try and review another of Swift-n-Snug awesome products. So on todays review, it will be on their Best Lightweight Water Resistant Backpack . This backpack comes with a pretty large packing capacity of... read more »

Green + Red.

Dress - VILA Backpack - Newdress Інколи хочеться звичайних і таких приємних речей. Одягнути свою улюблену легеньку сукню і накинути на плечі зручний рюкзачок. Просто прогулятися з хорошою людиною по знайомих, але не менші цікавих від того вуличках. Помовчати удвох. І знати, що тим самим ти отримуєш більше сил і енергії аніж від пустих розмов. Літо завершується, і воно залишає по собі багато чесних вечорів та заряд позитивом на весь наступний рік. translate Иногда хочется обычных и таких приятных ве... read more »

Archery Back Pack Bow Case

Last year, I wrote a blog about archery cases to discuss the various types and their uses. One of my subscribers commented “No rucksack-style cases … great for public transport (being a city person). john”. Backpack style bow Continue reading read more »

Targus® 推出 Geo 系列 15.6″ Roll Top Backpack 捲頂背包

今時今日,電腦可算是大家不可分割的工作夥伴之一,由於現時手提電腦的設計都越來越輕巧,所以大家都開始習慣及願意將它帶在身邊,無論工作好,出外飲咖啡好,都可以隨時使用。這個原因下,一個手提電腦保護袋就重要了,但是電腦袋一向給人的感覺都是黑沉沉,而且設計都是笨笨的,令到很多人都不太願意帶它出街,不過今次為大家介紹的 Targus® 嶄新 Geo 系列手提電腦保護袋,必可打破大家這個想法。 Targus® Geo 全新系列共有四款選擇,包括捲頂背包(Roll Top Backpack)、背包(Backpack)、斜挎包(Messenger)及輕薄側背包(Slim Case)。而今次筆者手中的正是 Geo 15.6 捲頂背包,這系列的重點都放在新穎外形及實用設計上,讓用家無論是工作日、休閒日也一樣大派用場,不失禮。 Geo 15.6 捲頂背包最吸引相信是其捲頂外型,一看也未必知這是電腦專用背包,也設有側開設計,電腦就可以更方便拿取。背包頂部設有闊開口磁性設計,同時亦可捲起,並使用套索釘封口,背包內的物品絕不會掉出。整體 Geo 15.6 捲頂背包內在及外在的非常滿意,而電腦保護上也做得足夠。現時建議零售價為港幣$... read more »

Krabi Island Getaway

I am looking forward to go Krabi Island so I need to make arrangement of go airport by taxi. I am not sure how much the fee but estimated RM80 I think to KLIA.So need to pack for my three days two nights tour, yeah nice vacation for me to learn cooking and yoga class. Oh not to forget my first time experience in snorkerling.We'll be taking speed boat to Phi Phi Island. My first time to go vacation, I am hoping to bring back lots of good memories. read more »

Total Stranger in Mall

Today after the event then it was night so I hanging out at the Sam Deli to have my coffee, then came a stranger with backpack and hand with a bag too. He told me that he needs money to go back Johor Bharu. That's strange, if he's in trouble he should proceed to shopping mall security or the information counter, why come forward to me. I didn't bother him as it's very strange so many people in the area and he chooses to talk with me.Well, there's alot scam in the mall so better avoid such people. If he's... read more »

hello there! :) #thankyou #chicnova for this ub...

hello there! :) #thankyou #chicnova for this uber #cute #backpack me #likey! read more »

Do you really need a diaper bag?

Short answer. No.Diaper bags are very cute. Tempting to drop a lot of money into a stylish brand-name diaper bag with hundreds of pockets specially designed for stuff you bring around with you when baby is in tow. If you're a slave to baby shopping, it is easy to find yourself at the check-out counter charging 4,000 on your credit card for a bag that will not find any use after baby is 8 months old. Don't do it, unless of course you are ok with spending that money. In which case, I envy you. But if like ... read more »

Club Rules - Aspie style

OK, I found these when emptying DD's backpack. Funny stuff (unintentional though it may be) from a 7y/o. Misspellings are hers. No homework bring - snack No boys allowed We meet at 8 p.m. in the afternoon Wear your clothes Only 1 boy allowed Sleepovers are allowed Bring cookies sometimes for snak. We meet after school Bring toys Bring candy. Bring sleeping bags Bring drinks No dirty + stinky peapole allowed Only peaple 60 poands and below can be in the club No squirming at slumber partys No snoring at s... read more »

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