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Next | Travels to Australia

Travel Post by Blog With Love: Next Travels to Australia holiday... The post Next | Travels to Australia appeared first on Pick A Blogger Elites. read more »

HamDog – invenţie culinară patentată de un aust...

Deşi a fost inventat încă în anul 2005, de către Chandler Goff, fiind pus în vînzare abia în anul 2006, recent, Mark Murray, locuitor al orăşelului Petrh din Australia, a patentat hibridul de hamburger şi hot-dog, adică HamDog-ul. De fapt, Murray şi-a prezentat invenţia încă în anul trecut, în cadrul emisiunii televizate „Shark Tank”. Atunci Continue reading HamDog – invenţie culinară patentată de unaustralian read more »

A Gift From Australia

Hello Beauties, When I woke up this morning I didn't realise I would be writing this post but I woke up to a surprise package in my letterbox they are always the best kind of surprises aren't they? I was planning on writing about the last couple of Products that I got when I went to Sephora which I will write about in my next post.My best friend lives in Australia and loves make-up and beauty as much as I do and I can remember talking to her a long time ago about the brand Australis which I have just wan... read more »

El origen de las lenguas.

La primera parte delvídeoel Origen de las lenguas habla de un caso real y espeluznante acaecido en Australia. Entre otros datos muy reveladores destacar que se considera que hay unas 6000 lenguas en todo el mundo y que en Australia se pasaron de 700 a 70 lenguas indígenas por culpa de la colonización. El Origen de las lenguas Comentario de texto sobre el Origen de las lenguas. El lenguaje humano Lo que nos hace humanos es el lenguaje, de hecho, ningún ser vivo, ningún animal es capaz de comunicar por ... read more »

Sydney Harbour Bridge, Icon Sydney dan Australia

Berkunjung ke kota Sydney, serasa belum lengkap tanpa berfoto dengan latar belakang jembatan Sydney Harbour Bridge dan Sydney Opera House. Kedua bangunan ini saling berdekatan dan termasuk dua bangunan icon Australia yang paling banyak menjadi objek foto didunia. Jembatan ini punya nama sebutan khas bagi warga Sydney, yaitu “The Coat Hanger” atau gantungan baju karena bentuknya yang menyerupai gantungan baju dilemari (hanger). Jembatan Sydney Harbour Bridge adalah jembatan raksasa yang menghubungkan a... read more »

The cleanest cities in the world

The cleanest cities in the world. The cleanliness of a city often show the degree of civilization of its inhabitants. Moreover, an infrastructure friendly environment has the ability to attract thousands of tourists annually. We present below a top of the cleanest cities in the world. 1. The cleanest cities in the world: Calgary, Canada Considered in many charts as the cleanest city in the world, primarily Calgary offers its residents an exceptional view. The city is located at an altitude of 1,000 meter... read more »

Londres homenajea a Eva Gonzalo.

Eva María Gonzalo Torrellas viajó con su amiga australiana Kirralee a Perú en agosto de 2005 a disfrutar de unas vacaciones, aparte de ser colegas eran compañeras de trabajo y decidieron recorrer este país latinoamericano (Perú)junto a una tercera amiga y también compañera de trabajo Maria, británica de Irlanda del Norte. Ellas 3 ya habían recorrido otros países europeos(como Austria o República Checa)cuando su trabajo se lo permitía pero esta vez era toda una travesía en el sentido de que viajaban a otr... read more »

Old travel story : from London to Perth in a box

An Australian, Reg Spiers, spent three days in a wooden box to get home in the city of Perth, after he woke up in the situation of being alone and penniless in London. Spiers, an aspiring athlete to participate in the 1964 Olympics in Tokyo arrived in London to recover from an injury. The verdict [] read more »

L’installazione luminosa ‘Field Of Light’ ad Ay...

Una nuova prima assoluta a Uluru, nel Northern TerritoryL'installazione luminosa 'Field Of Light' ad Ayers Rock ResortIl Northern Territory continua a emozionare i suoi visitatori: dopo la prima mondiale a Uluru della Darwin Symphony Orchestra nell'ottobre del 2013, Ayers Rock Resort, il complesso alberghiero situato nel parco di Uluru/Kata Tjuta, ospiterà dall'1 aprile 2016 al 31 marzo 2017 un'altra eccezionale esperienza: Field of Light, esclusiva installazione realizzata dal celebre artista Bruce Munr... read more »

500 attractions recommended by Lonely Planet

Daily Mail newspaper has obtained the entire list of 500 attractions recommended by the Lonely Planet guide. These include unusual destinations such as North Korea's demilitarized zone and Chernobyl. Romania listed in the monasteries in Bucovina and the Danube Delta and the thermal baths in Budapest Hungary. Unfortunately, the Daily Mail published list is in [] read more »

The Johnny Rocco Band — Rocco 1975 (Australia, ...

Исполнитель: The Johnny Rocco Band Откуда: Australia Альбом: Rocco Год выхода: 1975 Жанр: Soul/Funk Формат: MP3 CBR 320 Размер архива: 71.1 MB Никого из участников этой группы не звали Johnny Rocco и, предположительно, они назвались так после просмотра фильма Эдварда Г. Робинсона Key Largo 1948 года, про одного плохого парня. Группа образовалась в феврале 1974 года в Сиднее, а объединил нескольких джазовых и фанк музыкантов для записи пары синглов и только одного LP уроженец Новой Зеландии, представител... read more »


Melbourne, 29 June, 2015 Australia’s most iconic and trusted denim experts, Just Jeans, are thrilled to announce Australian born model Ashley Hart as their new brand ambassador. With a strong history of supporting Australian talent, Ashley Hart joins the... The post JUST JEANS ANNOUNCES ASHLEY HART AS NEW BRAND AMBASSADOR appeared first on The Bag Investigator. read more »

Jamberry is going down under!!

It's Party Time! Jamberry is expanding to the lower hemispher! Australia and New Zealand, your wait for Jamberry products will soon be over. Jamberry will be launching 1 October 2015! Never tried Jamberry?You can sign up for a sample and informational updates: Australia New Zealand On the sign up page there is a link for an online preview session occurring this Friday, 31 July 2015.I'll be happy to sponsor you on your Jamberry journey once the opportunity is officially open. read more »

How to stay hydrated in style: spectacular pool...

In summer, water basins are true havens refreshing, but the meaning of this phrase is placed really worth swimming famous worldwide for their beauty. In the hot days of summer, a cold clear water pool can be considered a true corner of heaven. If it counts among the most famous pools in the world, which [] read more »

Bran Castle, upgraded with one million euros

Bran Castle will be modernized with over one million euros, writes visiting the castle will follow the path we traversed the royal family when they wanted to go, shortcut, in the castle. The sum of one million euros will be used for work at Queen Mary Tea House and achieve a time tunnel, cabin lift [] read more »

El Consejo Australiano de Sindicatos pide a Aus...

Melbourne (Australia).- El Consejo Australiano de Sindicatos, ha solicitado este jueves al Gobierno de Australia el reconocimiento de la República Árabe Saharaui Democrática, RASD, reconocida por más de 80 países de África y el mundo. En una resolución sobre el Sáhara Occidental, aprobada en el marco de su congreso, el Consejo Australiano de Sindicatos asegura que "la solución justa y definitiva del conflicto en el Sáhara Occidental, es poner fin a la ocupación ilegal marroquí y permitir al pueblo sa... read more »

Windchase — Symphinity 1977 (Australia, Symphon...

Исполнитель: Windchase Откуда: Australia Альбом: Symphinity Год выхода: 1977 Жанр: Symphonic Progressive Rock Формат: MP3 CBR 320 Размер архива: 141.4 MB Единственный альбом группы под названием “Windchase”. Но есть еще два альбома группы под названием “Sebastian Hardie”, которая была создана в 1967 году в Сиднее (“Sebastian Hardie Blues Band”). “Blues Band” затем отбросили, так как [] Запись Windchase Symphinity 1977 (Australia, Symphonic Progressive Rock) впервые появилась Rock Archeologia 60-70.? read more »

Aleph — Surface Tension 1977 (Australia, Sympho...

Исполнитель: Aleph Откуда: Australia Альбом: Surface Tension Год выхода: 1977 Жанр: Symphonic Progressive Rock Формат: MP3 CBR 320 Размер архива: 94.8 MB Единственный лонгплей симфо-группы из Сиднея. В 1970 году в крохотном австралийском городишке Armidale (на северо-востоке провинции Новый Южный Уэльс) три студента местного Университета Новой Англии (UNE) образовали блюз-рок группу с подозрительно славянским названием [] Запись Aleph Surface Tension 1977 (Australia, Symphonic Progressive Rock) впервые... read more »

Atlas – Atlas 1973 (Australia, Hard Rock)

Исполнитель: Atlas Откуда: Australia Альбом: Atlas Год выхода: 1973 Жанр: Hard Rock Формат: MP3 CBR 320 Размер архива: 106.1 MB Единственный альбом группы из Мельбурна. После распада австралийской «The Groop», её лидер Ronnie Charles выпустил 2 сольных сингла, выступил с ними на фестивале в Мельбурне и сформировал новую группу «Captain Australia The Honky Tonk». [] Запись Atlas – Atlas 1973 (Australia, Hard Rock) впервые появилась Rock Archeologia 60-70. read more »


Se vivere in Australia è il sogno di tanti italiani, c'è chi li aiuta a realizzare questo sogno.Ilaria e Stefano aprono il primo infopoint gratuito a Melbourne per accogliere coloro che vogliono trasferirsi in Australia ma non sanno come fare e da dove iniziare.Con JustAustralia sarà più facile avere una visione di questa fantastica terra. Vivere in Australia sta diventando il sogno di tanti italiani, per imparare l'inglese, vivere un'avventura, costruirsi un futuro migliore all'estero. Spesso la diffic... read more »

La Mayor Mentira del Siglo XXI

Cuando en un futuro nuestros descendientes miren hacia atrás y lean sobre el miedo que causó el calentamiento global, lo que les causará sorpresa no será la enorme campaña mediática y política al respecto, sino la increíble manipulación de los registros oficiales sobre los que en definitiva se basa toda esta oleada de pánico y [] read more »

A Cup of Flat White

Since this is my first entry of the year, I thought I would start with an easy going post.I have always been a tea lover for as long as I could remember. I don't drink coffee because of a long standing belief of my elders that drinking coffee will make my nose bleed, because random nose bleed has always been my affliction since I was small.When I was in pre-Uni, I tried drinking instant coffee. After a week of drinking it every morning, I stopped because it was causing me migraine every time after consum... read more »

Melbourne - A city of happiness

Mentioned below are some amazing places and facts about Melbourne: State Library of Victoria The State Library has been the forefront of Melbourne's literary scene since it opened in 1854. The library has several exhibitions on display, providing a fascinating story to Melbourne's history. Royal Botanic Gardens The Royal Botanical Gardens are one of Melbourne’s most glorious attractions. Sprawling beside the Yarra River, the beautifully designed gardens feature a global selection of plantings a... read more »

Sleeping in Sydney Airport

Sleeping in Sydney airport wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. I almost thought I would have to sneak around the airport hiding from the guards and keep finding a windbreak or someplace warm and somehow safe at the same time. Sleeping at Sydney Airport So they lock down the airport or shut down which is weird for I have never heard of an airport closing before especially one in a big city like Sydney. From 1130 pm till 3 am they close the airport and all of us overnighters were technically outs... read more »

Buying a New Phone on the Road

Townsville is the largest town in northern Queensland and yet no one mention about it other than it’s a town and the gateway to Magnetic Island. I decided to give Magnetic Island a miss and stay in Townsville instead for 2 night and explore something that is not sold to me by hungry travel agency. Townsville reminded me of the dead city I stumble a lot across USA. Large but empty where you barely see anyone around and yet all the shops are standing there with a lady inside smacking a mosquito. The place... read more »

The Hunt for a Taste of Kangaroo

One of my to-do list ever since I decided to visit Australia was to hunt down a place where I could order and try the mystical Kangaroo meet. Of course I visited the zoo first to see how cute they were and every time I spot one in the while I would awe and shout like a little boy KANGAROO, and a small part of me will wonder …. How do you taste like ….. Sad to say I thought it would be as easy as walking into any pub / restaurant and just ordering it off the menu. That was the plan, for the locals to pr... read more »

Last Minute Hostels & Wit-Sundays Island on Con...

Wit-Sundays of the Airlie Beach. I hate to be on one of the pre-packaged guided or herded tours where all the tourist despite having no booking with any tour agency ended up being softly but undeniably herded along the tourist path. Somehow without knowing I was on the guided path. Backpackers please fall in line and next stop shall be Airlie beach. Locals are spared our plague as we are silently guided by an invisible hand through the east coast of Australia. All I could do is just be a tourist at th... read more »

Tre italiani tra gli 80 "food influencers" pres...

GLI INFLUENCER INTERNAZIONALI ALLA SCOPERTA DELLE DELIZIE CULINARIE AUSTRALIANEcredit Instagram @Rubiochef Oltre 80 dei più influenti e rispettati VIP internazionali in ambito enogastronomico sono arrivati in Australia a inizio novembre per prendere parte a un’esperienza enogastronomica a una cena di gala, con l’obiettivo di incrementare l’interesse dei viaggiatori internazionali verso la destinazione. Gli influencer internazionali arrivano da 16 differenti paesi – i principali mercati– chef di fama mon... read more »

Planning, etcetera

Man I need a new job! Being in the planning stages of the Grand Escape is daunting as all hell and having next to no money after all the apartment buying and moving doesnt really help matters! So, I have to find a job that pays more, plus another way to supplement my income, and cut back on expenditure, and at the same time plan (and pay for) the initial outlays for the trip and make sure I have enough savings to be able to survive once Im out on the road. Errr, yeah...piece of cake... Read more » read more »

Rainbow Beach , Fraser Island of Lovely Nature,...

Rainbow beach Pippies hostel was a unique one which I stayed in a permanent built tent hut which had two bunk beds in it making it a 4 bed tent. It was a nice spot to chill especially just outside the tent where there was a small table and chair which I could sit and was nicely secluded from the group of people in the common area yet while I was hidden I could see everything. It was relaxing as well. Food as I was starting to get combatable in cooking in hostel I was starting to buy proper food, hot do... read more »

Lonely Brisbane

This has been the loneliest trip ever backpacking. Unlike the last bout I was always surrounded by new friends and it was good bond too. This round it has been quiet. Every effort to say Hi ends up with a brief short lived conversation before silence kicks in. In a way I have also started becoming the solo backpacker. Lone and alone and always walking. Somehow the flame is beginning to die I guess but although I think I might be homesick that is not the case either. It’s like trying to figure out a new w... read more »

Racing Day at Surfers Paradise Gold Coast

So I totally skipped Byron Bay … looks crowded but I won’t know what I was skipping. I gotta skip something right, can’t do everything and every place in just 4 weeks. I am now in surfer paradise backpackers resort. Kinda starting to come into terms with traveling alone quietly since most people that do travel Australia are on an express train of full moon party. It’s rare to see one that is just at a place for no reason other than its marked on the map.Surfers is actually located at the gold coast. Not ... read more »

Travel 2015, hit skal du reise

Skal vi følge Lonely Planet sine råd om de destinasjonene vi burde reise til i 2015 havner på alt fra Nord Norge til Tasmania. Altså nesten så langt nord du kommer og heltpå stikk motsatt side av verden til den Australske øya nesten helt i sør. Selve listen til Lonely Planet er på 10 forskjellige steder i 10 forskjellige land steder og jeg må innrømme at de frister like mye alle sammen. /If you want to travel to alle the destination that Lonely Planet reccomend you to in 2015 you will have to og all arou... read more »

Opinon: Should Australians celebrate Halloween?

Critics might deem Halloween in a negative light, based on its lack of cultural significance in Australia and religious ideals, but Im happy to take part in an event that unites neighbourhoods and makes children smile. Are you? Each year I seem to notice an increase in the number of local children dressed up as [] read more »

Diamond Sky - A Short Excerpt

The following is a mid story excerpt from DIAMOND SKY. A team of scientists have been experimenting into astral travelling and unknown to them, their research has produced terrifying side effects. In this scene a local poacher, Ned, is about to discover what kind of affect the technology has had on the local wildlife population... Ned turned off the main road onto a dirt trail that would take him out of sight or earshot of the town and observatory. There was a sweet spot he knew of down by the billabo... read more »

Stumbling Across Macleen

Journey from Sydney to Yamba seams easy enough. Hop onto the Greyhound bus in Sydney and it drops right in front of the YHA Yamba hostel. The YHA hostel is quite good, I guess they have a standard to maintain unlike all those self-set up hostel. Still YHA hostel are not cheap and can get quite pricy. Teddy Bear tied to a Tree .... Almost look like a Koala So with any new place starts with walking exploring. Yamba is a really really small town. I was trying to walk to the outskirts area of Yamba …. ... read more »

Visiting Sydney

Sydney was an a ok experience for me but it had the potential to be a good stop. Thing is, it was my first stop on my year long journey so I was naturally a little bit eager to move on and hit the road. Hostel and Work The hostel I stayed was at the summer house backpackers which was filled with Germans doing a work and travel holiday. Not much traveling but a lot of working from what I could tell. Common area conversation was almost asking about each other jobs and how much they get paid an hour. One... read more »

Flags of Australian States and Territories

Flags! Flags! Flags! So many flags!For the past 6 years living in Australia, the only flags that I've come to recognise are the Australian national flag and the Aboriginal flag.It wasn't until a recent trip to the Shrine of Remembrance that I realised that the Australian states and territories do have their own flags as well. So let's have a look at the flags for Australian states and territories. National flag : ABlue Ensigndefaced with theCommonwealth Starin the lower hoist quarter and the five stars... read more »

Police try to blow woman up.

Friends, Have you noticed how weird our world has become? A 300 pound man attacks a cop, and we are told to believe he was a kid. I wish the cop had not shot him, but a 300 pound man Continue reading read more »

Places to eat in Perth: Top 10

1. Kailis Bros, Fremantle Having been in business since 1928 and located at Fishing Boat Harbour in Frematle this is THE place to try the local seafood. From simple Fish Chips to top quality BBQ seafood this is a great setting to sit with a cold beer and tuck in whilst enjoying the view [] The post Places to eat in Perth: Top 10 appeared first on Taking The Scenic Route. read more »

How many countries have I been to?

/I would say I have been to 50 countries, but not everybody will agree with that. Anyway, I have travelled a lot and I will continue to travel for as long as I can, there are so many places I want to see, and I'm just getting started./Jeg vil regne det som 50 land, men det er kanskje ikke alle som er enige i det. Uansett så har jeg reise en del og jeg kommer helt klart til å forsette med det, det er så utrolig mange steder jeg vil se her i verden, men jeg er også takknemlig for det jeg allerede har opple... read more »

World Cup 2014. Previziuni meci. Chile – Australia

Clasamentul la moment este pe Google Drive. Ultimul meci al zilei de azi este Chile-Australia: Ce idei? Însemnări relevanteFIFA World Cup 2014. Previziuni meci. Spania – OlandaFIFA World Cup 2014. Previziuni meci. Mexic Camerun read more »

Three reasons why i love "Vogue Australia" ?

Why I want to introduce you this popular or you can say it common magazine for fashion.Vogue is a fashion magazine and i think everyone must had read it. We don`t talk about the paper things ,we talk about the electronics online website. CONTINUE READING ⇨ read more »

My Top 10 Places To Travel

1. Paris, France Of course, who wouldn't agree with me? Every girl's dream is to visit the City of Love and the Home of High Fashion. I just love how jazzy and classy Paris is, and I don't even have enough words to describe it! Paris is just, so, BEAUTIFUL. 2. Melbourne, Australia Or anywhere in Australia! I just love how innovative this place is and for the record, Australia is one of the most livable countries in the world especially Melbourne. I dreamed of living here since birth.3. Santorini, Gree... read more »

He's Back! The Yowie resurfaces. Australia's Bi...

Artist conception ofPilliga YowieMark TurnerMysterious World04/27/14From Australia, another story of the elusive Yowie surfaces. This time, the story is told on a second hand, yet fascinating account. Annette Jeffs recounted the story to Australia's ABC Local Radio. The exact date is unclear, but the report was posted on April 24th of 2014. The encounter was at the Imbil State Forest, a night-time walk by torch light with several friends. Nearing a creek they began to smell and strong unpleasant stench. ... read more »

Parceria Transpacífico (TTP) – SOPA e PIPA roun...

Vish Tenho que relembrar o que foi a PIPA e a SOPA! Memória A Sopa pretendia introduzir duras penalidades contra qualquer site que abrigasse conteúdo considerado ilegal. Tinham o apoio de Hollywood e da indústria fonográfica. A abrangência da lei ameaçava jogar na ilegalidade até mesmo sites como Google e Facebook, que tem conteúdo gerado [] read more »

Solo Traveling (Bepergian Sendirian)

Solo Traveling berarti melakukan perjalanan seorang diri. Melakukan perjalanan kesuatu tempat tujuan wisata seorang diri, tanpa teman, sahabat, kerabat, keluarga atau kenalan. Mungkin orang akan berpikir, apa enaknya jalan jalan sendirian? Pastilah kesepian! Jalan jalan atau berkunjung ke suatu tempat dengan teman teman pastilah akan menyenangkan. Ada teman berbagi didalam perjalanan, ada teman untuk saling memotret, ada teman yang bisa diajak untuk berdiskusi tentang apa yang dilihat dan disaksikan. Ada... read more »

Passions in Australia: Faye Hall Guests

Today, I’m hosting another writer; an author of Historical Erotic Romance. Faye Hall's passion driven, mystery filled books are set in small townships of North Queensland, Australia during the late 1800's.Each of her novels bring something symbolically Australian to her readers, from Aboriginal herbal remedies, to certain gemstones naturally only found in this part of the world.Each of her books tell of a passionate connection between the hero and heroine, surrounded and threatened by deceit, scandal, ... read more »

Justin Timberlake The 20/20 Experience Australi...

Justin Timberlake is coming to Australia after 7 years! Justin Timberlake was topping the chart again late last year and keep coming up with new hit singles from the new album: 20/20 Experience and 20/20 Experience - 2 of 2. We have heard quite a selection from his album from the R B with a hip-hop twist like Suit and Tie or Take Back The Night, blues with a little bit of country on Drink You Away, to the classic pop such as Mirrors and Not A Bad Thing. Justin Timberlake is coming back to Australia... read more »

Os 10 lugares mais felizes do Mundo!! Venha con...

Qual é o segredo para tornar um lugar o mais feliz do mundo? A ONU escolheu20 de março como o Dia Internacional da Felicidade e reconheceu o estado de espírito e bem-estar como metas universais. Os países mais felizes estão, a maior parte, na Escandinávia, de acordo com o último Relatório Mundial da Felicidade. As informações são da CNN. As nações selecionadas combinam maiorexpectativa de vida, PIB per capita elevado, assistência social, generosidade, liberdade e baixas taxas de corrupção. Veja a segui... read more »

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