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The most dangerous hotel in the world

A hotel located practically in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean is considered one of the most dangerous in the world but constantly attract tourists. The Most Dangerous Hotel In The World (laying on over 300m of the Oct 18, 2013 [...] read more »

17 cheapest holiday destinations outside Europe

The latest series of recommendations of a financial planning site reveals popular tourist destinations outside Europe where tourists pay the least for a day of vacation. Top comprises the idyllic beaches of Southeast Asia, the big names of cities in North America. 12 of [...] read more »

Why company visitors like writing inn reviews

Who knew? UN agency would have thought that company travellers were thus desperate to write studies of their inns once on the street? however they are of course amongst probably} the foremost prolific sources of visitant reports, supported a up to date verify with [...] read more »

How to avoid unpleasant surprises when you chec...

Few tourists can say that never had unpleasant surprises when they stayed at a hotel. Often the photo that advertises the hotel are modified, so the place look much nicer than it really is. Therefore, without knowing come to buy stays in hotels which are very different from what we thought. Oyster travel site Business Continue reading How to avoid unpleasant surprises when you check in to a hotel read more »

Top 10 best airports in Europe

Every year, the consultancy firm Skytrax, specializing in air transport, given the most prestigious awards in the aviation industry, including the categories Best Airport in the World and Best Airport in Europe. The Honest Guide to Europes Best and Worst Airports wait for your flight and the helpfulness of staff. Being one of the [] read more »

Nice a good reason to visit France this summer

The beautiful seaside resort of Nice in the Mediterranean has recently enjoyed a resurgence in tourism. Its a dynamic, cosmopolitan and historical city which attracts travellers from around the world. With an all year round sunny climate and exceptional location, Nice appeals to visitors of all ages. From backpackers to romance seeking couples, families and [] read more »

The 15 most expensive holiday destinations

To make ITS ranking, Hoppa added up the total of six travel expenses Including a 3-kilometer taxi journey, a nights stay at the hotel per person, and the meal to find the average cost per person for a day trip in each destination . The cost of a pint of beer, a cup [] read more »

Cities covered in floating aromas like beer and...

Each city with his scent. Here is a top of the most interesting spices existing in different cities of the world have already become characteristic odor respective city. Wine Producer : Domaine Christophe NEWMAN Côte de Beaune jam / Palate : finely woven silky texture belies the density of this wine – a [] read more »

Cheap guide to visit Venice, enigmatic city of ...

Most people who visited Venice say they want to return. Irresistible attraction can be resolved relatively quickly and cheaply nowadays: the time of booking a flight to Italy, spending prioritized and wrapped luggage. It would be better to avoid holiday period July-August for a trip to Venice, and February, when the famous carnival takes place locally. And expensive are the busiest times of the year. Tourists complain about the unbearable smell of water in summer. May-June and September-October are reaso... read more »

A castle in Romania is one of 14 most impressiv...

How we can spend the entire holiday visiting or even sleeping in every castle in Europe, here are the 14 most spectacular locations of its kind in the old continent. Following in Draculas Footsteps Bran Castle is the number one tourist destination in Romania as well as a minor disappointment if youre looking for vampire stereotypes. Its scary-looking enough from the outside as it rises on a jagged cliff, but its interior is, well, less than According to the site, among the most impressive... read more »

The best all-inclusive hotels in the world

Huffington Post publication presents some of the finest all-inclusive hotel complexes in the world. Besides excellent accommodation services, food and entertainment offered to tourists, these hotels are located in scenic spots, unique in the world. 8 Tips to Save on Spring Break Travel All-inclusive hotels can also be a great way for families to keep costs in check. Before booking a package deal, run the numbers to be sure you are actually saving by making the purchase that way rather than a la carte. St... read more »

Seven wonders of the world, less known to tourists

We all know about attractions such as the Colosseum, the Great Wall and the Taj Mahal.But in the world there are other grandiose objectives that have never heard about the most passionate travelers in the world.And they are worthy of our attention. Seven Wonders of the World (film) Seven Wonders of the World is a 1956 film in Cinerama about the Wonders of the World. List of American films of 1956 All Time Domestic Champs, Variety Great Mosque in Mali Djen Djen Mosque is the largest building in the world... read more »

The cleanest cities in the world

The cleanest cities in the world. The cleanliness of a city often show the degree of civilization of its inhabitants. Moreover, an infrastructure friendly environment has the ability to attract thousands of tourists annually. We present below a top of the cleanest cities in the world. 1. The cleanest cities in the world: Calgary, Canada Considered in many charts as the cleanest city in the world, primarily Calgary offers its residents an exceptional view. The city is located at an altitude of 1,000 meter... read more »

Poiana Brasov included in top of the most attra...

The Top 10 Ski Resorts In North America For 2016 Does skiing change year to year? Of course it does. So, too, do the best ski resort rankings in the world. We've again worked most of the summer and fall to add information, statistics, formulas, programming, inputs and outputs to make our ski resort ... The best ski resorts in Eastern Europe In 2011 alone, €25m was spent on revamping Poiana Brasov with a major increase in the size of the ski area and the introduction of new, modern lifts. Poiana Brasov bo... read more »

What happens during the turmoil and how dangero...

For many of those traveling by air turbulences are a cause for dismay. To help them understand what happens at such times, an airline pilot from known airline British Airways, along with two other specialists, explained what happens during turmoil and how dangerous they are. The pilot and author of "Cockpit Confidential" Patrick Smith, the airline British Airways pilot Steve Allright and flight safety specialist from the Association of British Drivers, Steve Landells, commented and explained the problem ... read more »

The first large airliner Chinese design

China introduced the first large airliner own conception, after several years of delays, making another step towards the objective of developing an aircraft to compete with Boeing and Airbus, reported CNN. China arrives in 'big jet club' with homegrown passenger plane ... unveiling of the 158-seat C919. Xinhua, China's official news agency, posted a celebratory [] read more »

Why Andalucian Spain is a Treat to Travel on Wo...

Spain’s southernmost territory, Andalucía evokes a smorgasborard of images. From flamenco dancers and music, to fragrant orange blossoms, bone dry sherry, bullfights, craggy hilltops atop which small villages flourish and Moor castle ruins, Spain has something to offer the discerning holidayer, whether visiting on business or pleasure. You can make the most out of your [] read more »

The things you can get for free on flights

Steep price of a ticket includes case basis, services offered to passengers by way of gratuity. Few know, however, that travelers may require certain services without being charged extra. Who Says There Are No More Freebies on Flights? A flight attendant with a U.S. legacy carrier once told me, "I wish more passengers would say [] read more »

Top 30 places you must see in Romania

Certainly, there are many beautiful places in Romania which have not yet discovered them. Some ideas you can find in a top made travel most popular website in the world. Fairytale sceneries and folklore legends in Romania The legends of the most beautiful places in Romania were preserved over the years and when locals share them [] read more »

Boston bombing survivor’s charity gives 1st art...

Boston bombing survivor’s charity gives 1st artificial limb read more »

The story of Mary, the young PhDs who restores ...

For three decades, an old Soviet plane had lain abandoned in a modest airfield in Siberia. Years of ignorance turned Aeroflot Tupolev Tu-104A aircraft in a wreck. Karmanova Maria, a young history buffs Soviet aviation, and has pledged to restore the disgraced Tupolev. Karmanova, aged 31, holds a doctorate in mathematics and is working on Sobolev Institute [] read more »

Winners in tourism “World Travel Awards”

The 22nd edition of the annual World Travel Awards prizes, some of the most prestigious awards in the tourism industry, held recently in Sardinia, Italy. The winners were selected by thousands of passengers and hundreds of professionals working in the tourism industry. This year St. Petersburg, Russia, was chosen best tourist destination in Europe, but [] read more »

The most beautiful places in Finland

Finland, called "land of a thousand lakes", is located in Northern Europe and the Baltic Sea has through the Gulf of Bothnia to the west and south of the Gulf of Finland. This country, played for centuries by Sweden and Russian Empire until independence in 1917, attracts many tourists because of troubled history, cultural wealth [] read more »

The most unwelcoming cities in the world

Every year, tourism publications realized charts showing the most beautiful destinations in the world. This year, however, Travel and Leisure has designed a top most unusual: in addition to receiving the list of tourist destinations, the publication achieved a top of the most inhospitable cities in the world. The 25 Best Value Cities in the [] read more »

This is the best hotel in the world

Hotel Oberoi Udaivilas in Udaipur (Rajasthan Indian state) was named the best hotel in the world by the readers of Travel + Leisure US., With an almost perfect score: he got 99 points out of 100, reported Wednesday . What it's like to stay in the world's best hotel, where guests ... Travel + [] read more »

Most wanted adventure books of all time

Suspense The Three Musketeers, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Game of Thrones is listed among the most popular stories that keep you breathless. Pirates, mysterious islands, travel full of dangers, pricole everywhere, dark, vampires, fight, swords, spectacular escapes, testing of all kinds, other realms, all part of the [] read more »

Five facts about Norway

Hints from Norway. It is certainly one of the most attractive countries in the world. Its natural landscape dominated by mountains and endless fjords, high living standards and how they behave amaze Norwegians worldwide. Hints from Norway. Royal Family Casa Royal Norwegian princely family comes from Glucksburg, Schleswig-Holstein region in northern Germany. Duties King Harald [] read more »

Hotels “adults only” opened on Romanian seaside

Holiday concept meant only adults can spark imagination, but does not hide than an oasis for tourists past 18 years. It has already been tested abroad, on the beaches of Turkey or exotic islands worldwide. We were brought by a young daring. Where else than in Vama Veche, the realm of absolute freedom. Although only open hotel adults [] read more »

Fascinating records about cars

Regardless of the decade, the machines remain as fascinating to people. Carmakers are trying to keep up with fashion and cars evolves from one year to another. Here are 10 records about cars.   . The car with the highest mileage of 4,890,993 km run. It is a 1800s Volvo manufactured in 1966. 2. Kate Lawer is record [] read more »

What are the cheapest islands on sale in Greece

Greece has around 6,000 islands, both private and public, and some of them are available on the market, priced from 3 million, emerges from an analysis of British real estate consulting agency Knight Frank, quoted by Business Insider. Here are the cheapest Greek islands: 11. Omfori Island is in the Ionian Sea, has 4 and [] read more »

The most beautiful caves in Romania

Shrouded in mystery, peppered with elements unique in Europe or even the world, which attracts researchers, or with endless mazes and winding. So we expect most beautiful caves in Romania, not to be missed this summer. Some of the most beautiful and interesting caves in Romania, which necessarily have to visit this summer, especially since [] read more »

How much does a night of accommodation in a rom...

Castle and palace words remind us of a luxurious residence, belonging to kings and princesses, a place where the common man can only take a look timid. In Romania there are residences but a unique beauty, where we can spend a weekend or stay affordable. Many of the former princely residences or boyars of Romania [] read more »

The car that will try to travel around Europe o...

In 2014, the Audi A3 TDI has traveled 1324 km on a single tank of diesel. Now, the Germans from Audi want to travel 1609 km on a single tank of fuel, choosing the A6 TDI Ultra, which would cross ten different countries without fuel. Audi roadside assistance company RAC and want to secure a [] read more »

Holidays (almost) perfect – last-minute offers,...

Since you have not decided when and where to go on holiday? Want something cheaper? You can always opt for a last-minute holiday, an offer which everyone wins. The number of tourists in recent years have chosen a last minute holiday destination has increased from 700,000 in 2012 to nearly one million in 2013, and then to [] read more »

Concerts in Vaasa and Pietarsaari has gained mo...

The concerts are expected to attract large audiences and now hotels in both cities almost fully booked. On August plays the German rock group Scorpions in Pietarsaari. When the concert was announced in March, the hope was that between 6000 and 10 000 tickets were sold.According to Juha Hytti, CEO of the company Eastway Live, [] read more »

Plot That pushed Michelangelo to paint the Sist...

Arrived at 33, Michelangelo Buonarroti painted before a single painting. Pope Julius II assumes the risk and entrusts the chapel ceiling. In 1506, after it found the state of degradation of the frescoes on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, painted twenty years before Julius II is considering ordering new ones. But Papa, megalomaniac by nature, is [] read more »

The most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean

Although not as impressive as exotic beaches in Asia or Hawaii, the Mediterranean Sea are very picturesque and offers tourists an unforgettable vacation opportunity. Huffington Post has achieved a top ten most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean. Some beaches are wild presented in list, small oases of tranquility with fine sand and crystal clear water. [] read more »

Uk listed as second most expensive countries to...

Ireland according to the report, Ireland is ranked 20th among the most expensive countries to visit, and the main attraction is the capital, Dublin. One night accommodation in a 4 star hotel costs on average $ 126 and taxes added services is 10% higher than in the United States. Seychelles Island favorite of Prince [] read more »

The largest underwater museum in the world

The sculptures signed by Briton Jason DeCaires Taylor, though famous, can not be seen on the streets no matter how you search for them. Thats because underwater museums are scattered around the world. In Europe, ecologist sculptor creations that combine art with fauna and flora, you can see the underwater museum in the Spanish island [] read more »

The most beautiful roads in Austria

A drive through Austria will not be pleasant only because many roads but also landscapes of incredible beauty. The most beautiful roads in Austria may be subject to a four-wheel holidays with stops at scenic locations. The most beautiful roads in Austria: Grossglockner-Hochalpenstrasse No wonder this alpine route of 48 kilometers is called Heaven Cyclists [] read more »

Turkeys Left Uncooked

I’m so thankful that we were exempt from the Thanksgiving Snow Storm power outage of 2014. With the exception of a few power flickers, ours remained on the whole entire time. The only thing we lost was the internet and our phone. The cable was also out for a few hours on Thanksgiving Day, but [] read more »

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