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Master Creative Lettering #books

Links for purchases included at the end. Read the disclosure for more information. I am a sucker for all things creative and I get extra excited when it's something that I can share with my children. We write stories together, make art collages, paint, draw, and do crafts together. When I received the books Hand Lettering A to Z and The Art of Drawing Dangles, I made quick work of sitting down with two of my children to start practicing. We started with The Art of Drawing Dangles: Creating Decorative... read more »


Por cada hora de trabalho, o ergonomista Alan Hedge, da Cornell University,aconselha estar de pé 40 minutos e sentado 6 minutos. Mas porquê só optar por duas posições ou não trabalhar deitado? Para responder a esta questão, designers de uma start-up californiana criaram a Altwork Station, um posto de trabalho, com assento e mesa, que permite trabalhar de pé, sentado e em posição horizontal, com o visor do computador por cima da cabeça. Segundo explica Che Voigt, da Artwork, o essencial não é trabalhar d... read more »

Less words, more art!

Hey there, although I always have a lot to say. Today I wanted to keep it simple and share some of my latest journal pages... Believe. The little girl I nanny said... "It just needs a face"... however I choose to leave it. ;) I've been having a lot of fun painting and creating all types of things lately. Thanks for stopping by to check out my art, hope you are all doing amazing! Until next time, think creatively God Bless! -Kara Beth read more »

Father’s Day Art!

Its Fathers Day on Sunday and I have no idea what to buy Adam. Its his first Fathers Day so I want it to be something meaningful and special. I trawled Pinterest to find some inspiration and I decided on a combination of Evelyn artwork and pictures. I also managed to create something mess less!!! [] read more »

Art Journal + Society6!

Hi there! I just wanted to update you on where I am with the art journal challenge. 365 pages is a lot! I am quite a bit behind but I am getting there slowly. ;) I just finished my 80th page, I believe. I haven't shared any pages here for awhile so I thought I would give ya a little glimpse, enjoy. Acrylic. Hand painted zebra (acrylics and watercolor pencils) Do Art. <3 Just a reminder that my society6 shop is up and running! I have not added anything new recently, however I hope to soon!! I also d... read more »

Updates from the kitchen table(Winner announced!)

Hey everyone! Thanks for entering the giveaway and all the sweet comments on my 1 year blogging! I wanted to bring you up to speed on where I am, and things going on with me. It's practically summer around here, and that will most likely mean that I won't be blogging a whole lot. I will try my best to keep you up to date with my art, and the journal but truthfully I rather be outside or on the go in the summer and sitting around making art isn't on the top of my list right now! I'm here, and I'll be here... read more »

Artist Feature: Vicki Ross (Wicki)

Ah, this artist feature thing is going so well! I'm thankful for all who have stopped to check out these wonderful artists and I hope you jump on over to their sites/social media to find more from them! Today it's Vicki's turn, she's sharing a few pieces of art and answering a few questions, enjoy! Name: Vicki Neil Ross Location: Bentonville, AR, home of Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. A destination location, for sure. Plan a trip and I'll tour you through this amazing museum! What are your ... read more »

Artist Feature: Shel C

I wanted to showcase a few of the great people that are part of mygoogle+ communityso that exactly what I am doing with this Artist Feature post! I am kicking it off today with a super creative girl named Shel C! I asked her a few questions, and here's what she had to say... What are your favorite art supplies?: Collage papers, matte gel medium, 2" soft rubber brayer, acrylic gesso, caran de' ache neocolor crayons, Posca paint pens, Gelli plate, Aquash water brushes... I could go on but I think I cou... read more »

NEW Art and random ramblings....

Hi! Sometimes I wish I would gain the courage to make a video because I love to talk, and some days I just don't feel like typing! That being said, I have an idea that I'd like to bring to the blog later this year and am trying to work through the details and involves me making videos!!! ;) Anyway, I thought I'd share my recent rambling and annoyance... I ordered from last week for the very first time and my stuff never shipped, so I called, and waited, then called again. I'm sad to say I have... read more »

Mass Effect 4 - noch größer als Dragen Age Inqu...

Ein selbsternannter Industrie-Insider berichtet, dass Mass Effect 4 umfangreicher als Dragon Age Inquisition werden soll. Außerdem soll es 2016 released werden. Mass Effect 4 ArtworkDer sich hinter dem Nickname Shinobi602 befindende selbsternannter Industrie-Insider berichtet im Gaming-Szene-Forum über Mass Effect 4. Da sich der Großteil seiner veröffentlichten Branchengeheimnisse als wahr herausstellten, sind seine Aussagen als überwiegend glaubwürdig zu bewerten. Mass Effect 4: Neu... read more »

A freebie + updates

Iphone 5 and 6 (gelli print) wallpaperfreebie-- A fun and festive fall gelli print that I turned into wallpaper for your Iphone 5, or 6! Top photo is for Iphone 5, and below photo is for iphone 6 Save image to phone, and then set as wallpaper. It's that easy! Updates:I am currently working on artwork for a little project! The hint: online store! I am also looking for testimonials/reviews from customers, so for those who haven't purchased from me can see what people say about my work and custom piece... read more »

Just Because

Ever feel like writing about totally random things, just because? Well because I do, today. So that's what I am doing. I lost my papers with blog topics, and planning written on it. Seriously, I can't find it. Because I love Lisa from Studio Jeweland because I love her jewelry I had to share with you a couple of her amazing pieces... This leather mom bracelet is so adorable! photo source. I mean come on! How cute is this horsehoe ring? Get you some of that luck. Check out more of her beautiful jewelr... read more »

League of Legends Skin Flut im September

Der September ist nur einige Tage alt und trotzdem gibt es schon mehrere neue Skins die von Riot veröffentlicht wurden. Kopfjäger-Caitlyn / Headhunter Caitlyn © 2013 Riot Games, Inc. All rights reserved. Normal 0 21 false false false DE X-NONE X-NONE Dieser Skin wird ab heute für 975 RP im League of Legends Shop erhältlich sein.Was u... read more »

Deep Ellum Arts Festival 2014: Review with pics!

Every year I plan to go to the Deep Ellum Arts Festival and I normally get there, but this year it didnt look like it was going to happen. Thankfully a friend of mine made it possible for me to go and we had a wonderful time! When we first got there, we entered off [] read more »

Deep Ellum Outdoor Market 12/16: Let’s Go!

There is an interesting event coming up in the Dallas area that I thought I might mention. Im gonna be honest: I hate Winter. And my not having a car makes me hate it even more! Its hard for me to convince myself to get out and do alot in the cold! Lord, you know! [] read more »

Neues Update: Erstes Artwork zu Fallout 4

Auf der Teaser-Website zu Fallout 4 nur ein Scherz eines Unbekannten. Screenshot von Update 8.Dezember: Nachdem nun der Countdown aus dem letzten Update abgelaufen ist, ist klar das es sich um keine Taeser zu Fallout 4 handelt, es handelt sich hierbei um ein Hoax, auch die angeblich eingetragenen Markenrechte haben sich als Fälschung herausgestellt. Viele Fallout-Fans sind enttäuscht und sind wütend auf den Betreiber, dieser antwortet nur mit einem "Fuck You" au... read more »

Update: Erstes Artwork zu Fallout 4

Auf der Teaser-Website zu Fallout 4 werden jeden Tag neue Hinweise veröffentlicht. Ein Countdown deutet darauf hin das am Wochenende ein erstes Artwork veröffentlicht werden wird. Screenshot von thesurvivor.comUpdate: Nachdem nun der 1. Countdown abgelaufen ist finden wir einen neuen wohl täglich wechselnden Countdown mit neuen Informationen. Gestern am 1. Dezember war folgende Meldung zu sehen: Calling all stations, this is Vault Overseer 119, anybody near Quabbin? SOS Vault do... read more »

Added New Perk To My Crowdfunding Campaign

Added this new art piece to my perks on my page. Hurry and order your print of my work today! Click Here. read more »

Personalized caricature print of guitar player

Guitar Personalized Caricature Print The Ultimate Gift! Have a caricature of the guitarist in your life professionally drawn by one of the countrys leading cartoonists. Every hand drawn caricature is unique and will have slightly varying backgrounds. Comes professionally packaged in a black matte, sealed in cellophane and ready for framing. Watch their face [hellip Related Posts: Drum Gifts: Personalized drumsticks make it clear whose Guitar Gifts: Guitar pick pendant with music note Guitar Toilet Seat... read more »

Erstes Artwork zu Fallout 4

Normal 0 21 false false false DE X-NONE X-NONE Auf der Teaser-Website zu Fallout 4 werden jeden Tag neue Hinweise veröffentlicht. Ein Countdown deutet darauf hin das am Wochenende ein erstes Artwork veröffentlicht werden wird. Während am Samstag noch der Hinweis „The Quabbin Reservoir 7 04 229“ lautete, ist zurzeit e... read more »

Help Me By Checking Out My Campaign On Fundrazr...

I am trying to raise funds to do gallery showings and I started a crowdfunding campaign on you can view it here. Thanks for your support. read more »

The Boyfriend and I

Boyfriend and I, we make it a point that every weekend we at least get to see each other and have a quality time. Because of our work, it's difficult for us to be together more often and weekend is the only chance. For this month, unfortunately our monthsary fall on a weekday which means there was no time to celebrate it. Yes, we do still celebrate our monthsary and personally it's important to me. Not to the point though that we would spend a lot of money just to have a celebration. Shirt: Artwork | Sh... read more »

New Painting Submitted "Lady In White Robe"

Don't know if I like this piece in color or without color. read more »

The baby is seven!

Happy birthday to my (not so) little guy! Bilal turns seven years old today! What an interesting seven years it's been too! Safa was remarking yesterday that she remebers so well when he was born. Of course, she was ten at the time. But she said it made her feel old. Hey, what does that make me?! I don't even want to think about it.We have a busy day today; his swim lesson from yesterday got rescheduled until today because of the weather.Zakir has a dental appointment in the morning, and then we both hav... read more »

Esse Gives Back 2013

Esse Gives Back is a one day Nature themed charity art sale event. The event encourages children all over the world to participate by creating an artwork about nature. These amazing young artists, ages from 3 to 16 years old, painted their love for nature into these artworks. The artworks are submitted from as far [...] read more »

Postponed Despicable Me

Despicable Me 2 is now showing and everyone is rushing to cinemas, including me! Sadly, yesterday when I got to SM City Cebu there was a major long line in the ticket counter, dang! Le boyf and I actually planned to spend our monthsary watching this movie but since the le boyf was not in mood already (because they lost in a basketball game + of me being late :D + the long line) we decided not to watch, hence the title. Oh well, may be next week we will and I'll be early. LOL! We just had our dinner and w... read more »

Creativity strikes again!

I know! I didn't post for Father's Day! But I still share the sentiment. Belated Happy Father's Day to all dads, including, of course, the dad of my three kids, my father, and father-in-law. I love you all!And in other news, Safa came up with yet another idea for a new pair of shoes. Have I ever mentioned how much this child loves shoes? She's nothing like her mom in that regard. But at least it wasn't an expensive pair this time! She started with a cheap pair of white canvas shoes, and 'Pollocked' them,... read more »

Deep Ellum Arts Festival 2013: Dallas

I had such a great time! It wasnt great because it was exciting (not that it wasnt)it was great because it was so RELAXING. Walking through the festival, looking at all of the wonderful works of art, tends to relax me and really make me thankful for all that God has given me. Its amazing [...] read more »

Win a 16×20 Canvas Print of Marcus Garvey Park ...

Just check out my Christians in Good Company Blog and ENTER THERE! You can find all of our artwork at Fine Art America 1 and Fine Art America 2! Or, if you have a photo that youd like us to turn into arwork for you, please just email me at [email protected] and we can get [...] read more »

The 5TH Year Blog Anniversary Celebration Conti...

It seems that the month-long Bits of Rocks' 5TH Year Blog Anniversary is not enough! More fan signs from the brightest celebrities as well as video greetings were not yet posted since we gave way to my birthday celebration! :) But now that my birthday celebration is over, our 5TH Year Blog Anniversary special will resume! Here is a cool 5TH anniversary fan art created by yours truly for this year's celebration: In the next succeeding posts, get ready to see more celebrities expressing their greeti... read more »

Newest Artwork by R&M Social Media

Do you need a special picture of yours turned into artwork and put on canvas? Let us know and we can make it extra special! read more »

The oddest sight

This is what we came across en route to Atlanta this morning: Then a little research made me realize that this Little Bit of Nonsense was headed to an arts festival in Baltimore. I wonder if they'll win a prize? I hope they can see well enough through the windshield to get there safely! read more »

Youth Day 2012 Celebration

Yeah! Its weekday and its a school holiday! Thanks to whoever that thought of creating this day to celebrate the brilliance of having youth among us. I love short school holidays like this or even the one week break during March and September, but when it comes to the 1+ month long school holidays in [...] read more »

My V-card From Kendrick

Kendrick handed me this card when he got home from school; Need I say more? Happy Valentines Day,everyone!!!! read more »

Wine Art Wednesdays and the Sober Blogger

I ran across a shop the other day that was so much fun that I had to share it with you.The shop is WineArtWednesdays on Etsy and they have one of the most fun shops I've seen in a long time.The concept behind this shop is simple. A group of seven friends and artists get together once a week to enjoy a little gossip, wine, slow food, and art every Wednesday evening!Over an evening of delicious food, good wine and a night of gossip, Alex Whatton, Audrey Grice, Denise Lohr, Jen Lamie, Joan Pilarczyk, Naty C... read more »

Monday Morning Mosaics

I'd love to introduce you to a new tradition here on the Meandering Musings.... Monday Morning Mosaics! Each Monday we're going to begin introducing our readers to a handful of creative people following a theme for the day. Today's theme is Australian artists! Australia is a country that when I was growing up I imagined as a magical land filled with mystery and unique but crazy differences from weather to wildlife and more. They have unique animals and insects there that you can't find anywhere else in t... read more »

The Art of Nidhi Chanani

Today's shop is filled with beautiful artwork depicting loving moments in life with family and other loved ones. Nidhi Chanani on Etsy is a California-raised Indian-American artist who loves creating art for the pure and simple reason that it makes her happy.Many of Nidhi's works have been displayed on very well known blogs such as CNN, DailyCandy, Nesting Newbies, Sepia Mutiny, Illustration Pages, Gori Girl, BollyInstyle, Design Wali, Green Eyed Monster, The New Indian Bride and more. Quite a list right... read more »

Artwork for Hope and Charity

Today I'd like the opportunity to introduce you to a shop ran by a small woman with an especially big heart. Although Kate, the artisan behind OnBehalfOf on Etsy, proclaims herself not to be a professional artist, her artwork is truly beautiful. Kate believes in using beauty to fight back against the ugliness in our world. She uses her artwork and creations to help fight back against forces of injustice through selfless love. Ninety percent of the proceeds from each item that's sold in Kate's shop are do... read more »

Safa's latest project

A pair of canvas shoes, a few colored markers and a love of doodling. What do you get? Some very colorful, creative and unique artwork! This is a pair of shoes Safa made for her friend as a birthday present: And here is another pair that she made for herself to wear. Evident she loves colorful, silly little monsters! She has got many, many compliments since she started wearing these, and people have even requested that she make them a pair. So she is thinking of making and selling some if there is an ... read more »

Photomontages, Digital Collages and Painted Pho...

Today I'd like to introduce you to a shop that's filled with fantasy, whimsy and, most of all, beautiful images. Tons and tons of beautiful images filled with mystery and imagination.ImagineStudio on Etsy is a shop that offers much more than just regular photography. This shop is filled with Fine Art Giclee prints of a variety of photomontages, digital collages and painted photographs all from the mind of an amazing artist from Montreal, Quebec in Canada.The artist, Lyse, is full of love and emotion and ... read more »

Old Magazines

Confession time. I cant stand to throw away magazines! Thankfully thank look good on a bookshelf, so I dont feel too bad hording them. Every now and then Ill pull one out and go through it, and I did so last night. I came across some pages I had torn out to keep that Id [...] read more »

Doodling Doodle At some time I created a doodle...

Doodling Doodle At some time I created a doodle out of nothing much to do and wanted to practice my drawing skills. It happened to be that I am browsing in the internet for doodle drawings and it got me interested. I doodled on a compact disk above, the Windows 7 logo and the other stuff around it. I’ll do other more when I got some other time due to a lot of school activities and other priorities. read more »

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