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HEAT waves will keep a third of aircrafts from ...

Frequent heat waves and rising temperatures due to global warming could keep the ground up to one third of the planes around the world in the coming decades, and some read more »

Landlord Lien Rights in Arizona

. Subject: Fwd: Landlord Lien Rights on Tenant’s Personal PropertyLandlord Lien Rights on Tenant’s Personal PropertyThere are three primary forms of security used for tenant’s payment of rent: a security deposit (in the form of cash or a letter of credit), a personal or corporate guaranty, and landlord lien rights on the tenant’s personal property located within the leased premises.  Most tenants incorrectly negotiate the landlord lien rights provisions in commercial leases.Standard landlord form leases ... read more »

Seven cities in the world where people are paye...

Few people know that there are places in the world where, for some reason, people are paying to dwell. In these places there is a shortage in the number of inhabitants and try to attract them with money. Detroit, Michigan, USA Paris of the West [...] read more »

Slay The Dragons!

It's been five months to the day since I've written a word. Guess what I've been up to! And, it's not what you think. read more »

Trail Difficult to Find Beyond this Point

I've never seen myself as a city mouse, used to think quite the opposite, in fact. My ideal was to get as faraway from the noise, the pollution,the frenzied mass of raw humanity, aspossible.Lengthy wilderness backpacking excursionsseemeda kind of training for a time when any trips I took would be in theopposite direction,some untrammeled (except by me and maybe a fewselect friends) regionmy home. I still see the appeal in that. Yet, I've come to realize that extremes of isolation aren't actually all th... read more »

The Summer Bubble

"Everything was beautiful, and nothing hurt." - Kurt Vonnegut That's how the summer bubble feels. No school, work, going out a lot and spending a ton of time with your favorite people because you can. My summer bubble was a golden two months (it started in finals week, if we're being honest), filled with all of those things. So much laughing. And I am sad to see it end, with friends parting ways this week until we come back in August.Of course, it's not endingper say. How could one say that going to Eur... read more »

Becca Boo (in Arizona)

Guuuuuuuys. Finally, right? I don't know, I just haven't felt like whatever-ing, but here is the much anticipated (by my mother) blog post.Rebecca came to visit. She got here late at night, tired and hangry AF, and the airline misplaced her bag (we picked up the next morning no problem, but still). She had, by far, the best reaction walking into my house, seeing where I live, and meeting Baby Cat. Oh my god, did she love the Baby Cat. Anyway, it was hilarious. I often forgot that she didn't really have a... read more »

Sister, Sister

You may be aware, but Rebecca is here! (yes, that is her real hair) Her first time here since I moved. Finally seeing where I live, meeting my friends, and most importantly, Joon. She flew in last week and leaves later this week--8 days of sister time! Pretty sure she's already sick of me.I've been trying to take her to all the places around town I like to go; where I like to eat, some touristy stuff, a lot of shopping. Turns out that I don't get out much, so we've been trying to get creative. It's worki... read more »

Uk listed as second most expensive countries to...

Ireland according to the report, Ireland is ranked 20th among the most expensive countries to visit, and the main attraction is the capital, Dublin. One night accommodation in a 4 star hotel costs on average $ 126 and taxes added services is 10% higher than in the United States. Seychelles Island favorite of Prince [] read more »

Pray 4 Me

Not literally, calm down. I'm so tired. Over the weekend I finally had my last solo performance of the semester (wut!?) and I'm spending this week strung out over work and the last week of classes and writing three papers (1.5 down, 1.5 to go). I'm trying not to think about being halfway done with this degree. I'm trying not to think about how some of my dearest friends are graduating and/or leaving Tempe. I'm trying not to think about how much my back has been hurting for the past week (chiropra... read more »

Preventing Child Abuse in Arizona

PHOTO: Reporting suspected child abuse and raising awareness of services available to help victims of abuse and neglect are the goals of National Child Abuse Prevention Month. Photo courtesy of Catawba County, NC. April 8, 2015 PHOENIX - Raising awareness about the services available to help victims of child abuse in Arizona and around the nation is one goal of a national campaign. National Child Abuse Prevention Month encourages victims and others to report cases of suspected child abuse, said Rebecca... read more »

My First Masters Recital

I'm really behind. My first recital of my Masters degree was last weekend! And I'm so busy that I haven't had time to post about it. Moving on, my Mom and my beautiful Rachels got me the most gorgeous flowers, all of my friends were there, so many people watched online. I have never felt so special. And I'm quite proud of that performance. I am the luckiest. If you fancy, or you're bored, or something, you can watch/listen to my recital HERE! xx read more »

Spring Break 2015

Hello again. I shoved all of my photos from over Spring Break into this one post. I know, I'm sorry, but it just didn't feel necessary to split up, after Harry Potter World. And there are a lot of photos of my face because Rebecca had my camera for a while. As you know, Spring Training is a family tradition. I was lucky enough to make it to THREE games in my four days at home! Haha! Rebecca had a photo assignment for a class, and made me her subject. Some of the shots are pretty great *hair flip* All ... read more »

Galentine's Day

If you do not know what Galentine's Day is, I suggest you educate yo'self because it really is the best day of the year. Mintsy helped me put together a pizza party for our girlfriends (funded by my extremely gracious mother, hey Momma, love you). It was soooo fun. We ate way too much and played silly games and put Wen's dragon cat costume on Joonbug, and everything was pink. She was not pleased, if you can't tell. She stayed in the costume for even less time than she did last time I put it on her. I'... read more »


It was a doozy of a week. Are you tired of me saying that? And saying how I just haven't really been doing much? IT'S TRUE! But I know, I know. I did have a couple of photography gigs in the past couple of weeks that I'll share a bit from soon, but otherwise I just really haven't taken many photos (something that I hope will change very soon) (taking photos/blogging is oddly therapeutic).On the other hand, the weather in Tempe is so beautiful that it's really a shame I don't often leave the music buildin... read more »

My People = Best People

Frankly I haven't done much lately worth blogging about, because it's mostly school and work, but I wanted to say thank you to everyone who messaged me or commented with recommendations for dealing with stress and just general words of encouragement. Time and time again I worry about posting such personal things on here, and I am always rewarded. I mean how lucky am I to have such beautiful people in my life, who respond to my narcissism with such kindness?! ;) Anyway, I'm good. Honestly! I complain a ... read more »

On Beginning a Semester from Hell

If I listed the amount of commitments I made for this semester, the amount of music I'm playing, of hours I spend at school and work, of assignments I have to do, you would probably cringe. You would ask, "why? why are you doing that to yourself? why don't you drop something? why don't you just say no?"I don't have an answer for you. I just kept saying yes. Yes, I'll play on that recital. Yes, I want to submit recordings for these competitions. Yes, I want to take this time-consuming class. Yes, I want t... read more »

In Pursuit of Exercise

I'm attempting to make life changes and start exercising. But the thing is that I hate exercising. So it's been a slow process. Fortunately, I now live in a state that has--you guessed it--mountains! For climbing and being beautiful and such. So I've been trying to hike more (and run, but that's another story ugh). This time we went up to the Superstition Mountains on the Hieroglyphics Trail and YES there were in fact real hieroglyphics which is bad ass. It was a relatively easy hike, and it was so bea... read more »


AZ AUTO SHOW HIGHLIGHTS!!! Thanksgiving in Phoenix is traditionally turkey, dressing, dessert and cars. Cars? Yes, the annual Arizona International Auto Show The post AZ AUTO SHOW HIGHLIGHTS!!! appeared first on The News Channel. read more »

Arizona State Fair

I hadn't been to a state fair since maybe middle school? The main points are: fair people are strange, everything is overpriced, but fried food is awesome. It was a fun time. Apologies for this woefully belated post. This week has been, and will be for the rest of it, insane (in a mostly good way).xx read more »

vroom vroom (surprise!)

I got a car! If you've known me for a long time, then you know this is a big deal. I am basking in the ability to go basically anywhere, basically anytime. That, and being able to be the chauffeur for once ;) It is a 2013 Toyota Corolla LE. In it's previous life, it was a rental car. It's in great condition (I got it checked out, per Mom's request). Obvious and huge thanks to my parents, because they are the best (even when we argue about things) and I couldn't have done it without them.And now I am kin... read more »

When I Leave Arizona

This past weekend, I spent my twenty-fifth birthday in New York City with my best friends. It was a pretty bitchin’ way to reach the quarter-century mark of my life. While I was off, living the high life on the... The post When I Leave Arizona appeared first on Somehow Chaotic. Tags: Facebook TweetThis Digg StumbleUpon Comments:0 (Zero), Be the first to leave a reply! You might be interested in this: Olive and Ivy's Blogiversary Giveaway. SIX THINGS I AM LOVING: WEEKLY ROUN... read more »


I just recently started liking beer so when I found out Oktoberfest in Tempe coincided with fall break, I knew I'd be going. I met up with a big group of friends there for a really really fun night. Like a fair, but the focus was beer! (so, way better than a regular fair). There was even a band playing German music in leiderhosen and the female equivalent to leiderhosen that someone told me the word for but I can't remember, which was pretty cool. Can we all agree that the front-facing camera may have b... read more »

A Monday

Have I ever shown you my office? Well, this is essentially it. The view from the desk, anyway (which is home to a shiny new iMac, I am very lucky, and maybe shouldn't have posted that on the internet but oh well). I share this office with two other guys but somedays I feel like I live today. Today was very long.First thing this morning I spilled coffee in my fridge, yes IN my fridge, and then later in the day my right-hand pinky actually cramped up in the midst of my practicing?! If that is ... read more »


Snaps from around my place on the first day of favorite month of the year, eeeeee! Oh, October...Halloween season, guys I can't get enough of Halloween season!!! The weather has already started making an upwards turn and cool morning bike rides to school are just the best, and will only get better. AND this October is especially near and dear to my heart because Gilmore Girls is now on Netflix and, well, that's a big deal because come on. I want to be the Gilmore Girls. With the beginnin... read more »

Scenes From Living Alone

In case anyone needs a reminder that the behind-the-scenes is usually a mess... ...okay well yeah, that's just The Baby being adorable. Although, as you can see below, her new project is climbing up the cabinets, so. ...and yeah I'm not proud of this, but it happens. In my defense, Joon is constantly uprooting my rug like this. So this one's not really my fault. She lies in wait to attack your ankles as you walk past. Don't worry, I deep cleaned my apartment just a few days ago (I do about every ot... read more »

Cheers to a Sweet New Year

One of my best friends here in Tempe (Rachel) (now I have two bests named Rachel, it's fine) is also Jewish, so we decided to ring in the new year with apple pie! Fortunately for me, Rachel is great with baking. I am hoping that I will begin absorbing some of her domesticity by osmosis. We decided to forgo homemade pie crust, but we did make an oatmeal crumble! It was mostly Rachel, I really can hardly take credit for it. Although I did slice most of the apples. It turned out beautifully, deliciously p... read more »

On My First Concert As A Graduate Student

Celeste, Kelly, me, and Abby Last night I played in Gammage Auditorium for the first time, for my first concert at ASU. Oh man, it was so fun! We played a couple of pieces with choir, I played principal on two pieces (not as cool as it sounds--don't get too hyped over it), and we finished it off with Til Eulenspiegel's Merry Pranks(I played 2nd) (p.s. my friend Celeste killed it on Eb clarinet). I have very fond memories of learning these clarinet excerpts for class with Dr. Kowalsky back in my junior ... read more »

Things Often Taken for Granted

Sleepy mornings staying in bed too long, only getting up because you. need. coffee.Getting donuts on a whim.Snuggles from a kitten who has played herself OUT.A look and a smile across a crowded table.Sleepy mumblings.A reminder that someone is thinking of you.FaceTiming with people far away, feeling like you never left.Unexpected sweetness.Blushing. Or rather, having a reason to blush.Laughing until your stomach hurts. The funny thing about making friends as an "adult" is that you're already a fully for... read more »


I bought myself a handsome littleukulelewith Amazon rewards money last week. So far what I've learned is that I don't understand string instruments at all. We're off to a great start! I've been letting it get acclimated to Arizona for a few days (I was pretty busy over the weekend anyway...and every day, really...) so I'm hoping that'll help with the tuning, which is prettttty bad right now. But I'll figure it out. I'm excited!...and also so confused.Any ukulele-related tips are appreciated :) xx read more »

Lazy Sunday // Kitten Spam

Lazy afternoons with my Bug are some of the best afternoons. She's been driving me crazy this week, but she's making up for it in snuggles and cuteness.In other news, I had the best weekend celebrating some friends' birthdays!... xx read more »


I wrote a whole long post about this tattoo, and then I realized that I really don't have to explain myself and I actually don't want to. But I will say these few things:- There is a myth that if you have a tattoo, you can not be buried in a Jewish cemetery. But it's just that: a myth.- This is a reminder. A reminder that "every flower grows through dirt". Take from that what you will, but to me it means that everything has to struggle before it is beautiful and free. And as someone who has more struggle... read more »

Roses and Thorns and Joon

Joon uses much of her cuteness when sleeping. She makes sleeping look very cute. I don't know how, but it melts my heart a little bit. I picked out my favorite iPhone snaps of her to share (there were so many that it was difficult to choose--maybe I have a problem here). Okay, so she's not sleeping in this one but as I said to my friend the other day, she looks like such a sassy alley cat. It makes me laugh. Anyway...Roses:- School starting- Free pizza- Making new friends- Phone calls and FaceTimes with... read more »

Little Apartment

HEYO! Finally some photos of my apartment, eh? It's small with very limited storage, but for me by myself it's SO MUCH SPACE. It's actually so odd having all this space to myself. Walk-in closet! Which turns out to actually be smaller than you'd expect, but still. WALK-IN! And holy counter space, amiright? **DIY Magnets** The kitchen chairs are situated like that so Joon can't jump onto the bar, just to clarify. I know it looks pretty weird, but generally it's just me in this place and I don't min... read more »

An Afternoon in Sedona, AZ

Sedona, AZ, is only about two hours away from me in Tempe, and Mom wanted to take a day trip before she left. It was far too hot to hike, but still cooler than Tempe: 93º vs 110º. Which, surprisingly, DOES make a big difference. You learn something new everyday.So we just walked in and out of cute shops, browsing jewelry we couldn't afford, eating Coldstone, and enjoying the scenery. It actually rained for a few minutes, too, which was bizarre. I was in a foul mood, not entirely uncommon for me, but it w... read more »

Quick Trip to Tempe

So Mom and I went to Tempe to look for an apartment for (hopefully) the next two years. I hate moving, so I wanted to find a place I would like enough to stay in for the duration of my Masters degree. Looking online was so difficult, so we just decided to make the trip out there in person.We spent the first two days driving around, going in and out and in and out of complexes, looking at their models, seeing what they had available, and comparing prices. It's actually a really stressful process. I didn't... read more »

(video) umadyet news: Week in review 03/30/2014

Welcome to umadyets Week in review 03/30/2014 I think by now, everybody knows about Malaysian plane that went missing three weeks ago.  There has been 24/7 news coverage without any news!?  They think they MAY have an idea when it is.  They have found trash not related to this flight.  So, there has been no news [] read more »

Gov. Jan Brewer vetoes Bill SB 1062

Friends, Gov. Jan Brewer vetoes Bill SB 1062. Where do we go from here? We know Christians have been targeted, and sued, and have lost because of their religion. What should we do? Or, do we consider Christianity doomed in Continue reading read more »

Getting High On The Absence Of Love + By And Do...

The non-feeling is a lie. But love is something else + By And Down - A Perfect Circle Soundtrack for this column: By And Down - A Perfect CircleThis column is also LIVE on iTunes. My voice is FREE, Do It! Damn, rush hour in Los Angeles! I don't know why I cried. Just a minute earlier I was swearing at the white Toyota ahead of me for not making that damn left turn before the light turned red, for the third time. The woman who was driving it was talking on the phone, of course; like the fuel-smelling ... read more »

My Little Brother came to visit

My little Bro came to visit me and was here for a week. We had so much fun and I am sad the week is over and he had to return home. We took him shooting and he had a blast. He is even thinking about moving here which would be amazing. Right now he is in Mississippi and I am inArizona. That is 1400 miles away. The kids had a blast and they love their Uncle so very much. They need family around them. Right now we live so far away from all our family that it gets pretty lonely at times not having any of the... read more »

Reality hits you hard, bro.

If only everyone were as enthusiastic as this guy. read more »

"Man, Arizona is Hot!"

I'm a legal American citizen and Imust show my IDwhen: 1. Pulled over by the police. 2. Making purchases on my department store creditcard. 3. When I show up for a doctor's appointment. 4. When filling out a credit card or loan application. 5. When applying for orrenewing a driver's license orpassport. 6. When applying for any kind of insurance. 7. When filling out college applications. 8. When donating blood. 9. When obtaining certain prescription drugs. 10. When making some debit purchases, espec... read more »

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