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Agility Corroios 2017

Sábado 22 abril 2017 10h Domingo 23 abril 2017 9h Parque Urbano Quinta da Marialva     IN: read more »

Party Animal Dog Food Recall

The company Party Animal has issued a recall of two of their can dog food. As they have tested positive for pentobarbital, a euthanasia drug. The Products Affected Are Cocolicious Beef and Turkey 12 ounce can.Lot number 0136E15204 04Best used by July 2019 Cocolicious Chicken and Beef 12 ounce can.Lot number 0134E15 237 13Best used by August 2019 Party Animal issued a statement to the public on their website explaining more in detail how they found out about the issue -Party Animal Public Statemen... read more »

Blue Buffalo Is Voluntarily Recalling 17 Variet...

There are quality issues with the foil seals on top of the cups. Which has Blue Buffalo issuing a voluntary recall of seventeen different varieties of Blue Divine Delights and Blue Wilderness Trail Trays. The following products have been recalled - BLUE Divine Delights Filet Mignon Flavor in Gravy 3.5 oz cup -84024312035 BLUE Divine Delights New York Strip Flavor in Gravy 3.5 oz cup -84024312037 BLUE Divine Delights Prime Rib Flavor in Gravy 3.5 oz cup -84024312039 BLUE Divine Delights Rotis... read more »

Mournful Sphinx Moth - Wordless Wednesday

For this week's edition of Wordless Wednesday, I am sharing a few photos of the "Mournful Sphinx Moth". This mothlooks like an airplane. This photo is a little blurry. It is thebest I could trying to get a different view. Even at a different view this month still looks like your looking at a miniature airplane. From this view, you can see the moth has a little hump like feature. Which reminds you more of a fish out of thewater. This moth was found and photographed in Southern Texas. It was seen ... read more »

Important Dog Food Recall - Evanger's Hunk Of B...

Have you heard there has been another dog food recall? Oh! This time it is Evanger's Big Hunk Dog Food. That can be bought in cans. Evanger's is recalling three different types of it's canned pet food. One comes in a 12 ounce can under the #776155, asecond one is Evanger's flavor braised beef under the #776150, the third and last flavor is the Against The Grain Pulled Beef under the number #776107. The sad part is thesehave been made between December 2015 and last month January 2017. That is a long t... read more »

Photo Session With Rascal For Wordless Wednesday

Oh picture time!! Time to pose!! I am looking at the camera mom! Standing tall - Is this better? Nope, I am not going to look Rascal was born almost completely white. he had a little bit of brown on his. Now he has brown spots, where it was white. Have you seen spotted Chihuahua before? Photobomb - Mom I want my picture taken too. Photos ©SandyKs aka rusty2rusty read more »

This Is What Happens When You Feed Birds

Rascal barks "Hey! Mom did you feed the birds again? You got to come look at the mess they made." "Mess, what mess. The bird feeder looks full. I see the squirrels has taken the squash seeds I left out." replies Mom. "Look, Mom how dare they left a mess like this on the ground for you to clean up. Next time I come outside I will get them for you." Mom exclaims," Oh my what a mess indeed! You do know the squirrels are behind this. They take the big seeds and scatter the rest." "Mom let's go inside b... read more »

11 Trick Or Treating Safety Tips For Your Pets

Many people enjoy taking their dogs trick or treating with them. Other will have their dogs with them as they pass out trick or treat candy. I have compiled safety tips that will help keep your dogs safe while trick or treating or handing out candy to trick or treaters. 1. Keep Candy Out Of Pets Reach Trick or treat candy is never for your pets. As chocolate can make your pet deathly ill or kill them. If you are taking your dog with you trick or treating. Bring along a couple of your dogs treat to giv... read more »

Addiction Dog Food Recall

Addiction Foods out of Seattle has issued a voluntary dog food recall, on it's canned New Zealand Brushtail New Zealand Venison and Apple dog foods. You can find if yours is in the recall by looking at the UPC codes on the label. Both have expired dates of December 2018. The following UPC codes are effected : 8 885004 070028, 8 885004 070462 New Zealand Brushtail WHY THE RECALL? The company found high traces of vitamin A and calcium ratio. Which does not meet the quality of standard. No complain... read more »

8 Things To Think About When Buying A Dog Bed

Since both my dogs are crate trained. Plus, the crates sit there not being used. I have put the crates up to make clear up the spaces. The dog beds were removed from the crates. I gave my bigger dog, Moose bed to a friend who needed onefor her dog. I bought a new bed for Moose to sleep in. One that was bigger where he could lay stretched out. When I first got the new dog bed, I placed it in the livingroom where Moose lays the most on the floor. I know winter is coming, he will not be happy on the floor.... read more »

Meet My New Pets, Arya and Lucas

Two weeks ago, me and my buddies bought puppies from our colleague at Villaba, Leyte. The puppies parents are a Labrador and a Goldador (cross of Labrador and Golden Retriever). I bought one male and one female and named Lucas and Arya, respectively. Lucas was named by my girlfriend and I named the female Arya because Arya Stark is one of my favorite character in Game of Thrones. So, right now, you will all be probably seeing a lot of posts about my puppies since I am fond of taking photos of them both. ... read more »

How Did A Chicken Get In My Backyard?

Yesterday morning wasn’t good at all. My (special needs) daughter had one of her episodes. For some reason she took it upon herself to wake everyone in the household up. Stand in the hallway and scream at the top of her lungs. (She has an uncontrollable anger issue we are working on.) After she wason her Ipad instead of getting ready for school or taking her daily medications. I am sure she woke the neighbors. After the kids left for school,I started playing a Facebook game Royal Story in order toode-st... read more »

Rascal And Moose Visit The Independence Dam

Yesterday, I had another chance to work with Rascal to get him closer to a large body of water. A couple days ago I wrote about Rascal having aquaphobia. It means he is afraid of water. I have decided to slowly work with him to overcome his fear. Or at least work with him to the point he doesn't freak out walking next to it. The first thing I did was drive to the local Petco. As Rascal and Moose needed to be fit for a new harness. Rascal was shaking in the store. However, he did great working with the ... read more »

Flea and Tick Control With 3 Tick Remover Twist...

I bought the "Flea and Tick Control With 3 Tick Remover Twister Tool and Flea Comb For Dogs" through Amazon to try out on my dogs. Mainly for my long haired chihuahua/ wired terrier mix. The first thing I did was give my dog a bath. I shampooed him for fleas. That way it would be easier combating the fleas. Any dog owner who has treated their dogs for fleas, knows giving a bath does kill them all, nor get rid of them all. With the way my dogs hair is. I had to brush him out with a different comb that... read more »

Dog Treat Pouch Bag Review

I like to re-enforce training with my dogs from time to time. As I want the dogs to listen to the same commands by everyone in the family. I bought the "Dog Treat Pouch Bag" by Fit Pup. That way whomever takes the dogs for a walk can have treats, dog poo bags, and toys all in one place if needed. The dog treat pouch bag comes with two sets of straps as you can see in the photograph. The shoulder strap is attached by two metal hooks. Which are removable. The other set of straps are sewn to the bag.... read more »

9 Reasons Your Dog Should Be On A leash

I have had dogs almost my entire life. From the time I was born til now. I currently have two dogs. I enjoy walking with my dogs as much as any dog owner. Even I am aware they have limits when walking off a leash. Sure it is nice to watch them walk beside me with no leash. I make sure when that does happens. I am in a pet friendly area to make it happen. Like my fenced in back yard, or the dog run located by the town reservoir. As I believe it is my responsibility to keep them safe. You Should Keep You... read more »

Lucky Dog Grain Free Roast Duck Treats

I was lucky enough to be selected to review a treat for my dogs that is grain free roast duck recipe with carrots and oranges. Made by Lucky Dog. It came in 12 ounces.On the back of the box it claims the recipes only contain quality ingredients. Such as flax seed to promote healthy skin etc. With the six other flavors listed below. Which is great except this particular recipe does not have flax seed in the ingredients. It would led the consumer to believe this products has it in it. Unless they actually ... read more »

Playing With New Pet Toys

I picked up a few toys for the dogs and cat. I figure since I tend to spoil the dogs by always picking up a new toy or treat from the stores. It is time I start doing the same with the cat. I picked up a few tennis balls that were made for dogs for Rascal and Moose. I tossed out one at a time and off the dogs went after them. Rascal decided to hide the balls he grabbed in the blanket on the couch. that didn't last long before he moved them somewhere else. As the cat was trying to get them. Kit Kat di... read more »

Whale Shark Watching at Oslob, Cebu

One of the fun activities you can do when visiting Cebu is the Whale Shark Watching at Oslob, Cebu. Whale Shark are the gentle giants that resides in tropical waters like the Philippines. Luckily, we have this chance of watching over them here in the Philippines. The Whale Sharks of Oslob are protected by the Local Government Unit and are permanently monitored by the Oslob Bantay Dagat. I and my family was able to visit the place last weekend and good thing the weather was cooperative. When going to Oslo... read more »

Horse - Vall D'Incles - Andorra

Art PhotoAnimalsBy J.M.Zamora Art PhotoHorse - Vall D'Incles - Canillo -Andorra - Pyrenees - Europe The Art Of read more »


ArapahoeBy J.M.Zamora Art Dog PortraitsALBUM HERE Mushing Dog Sled VISIT: read more »

Dog Potraits-Sled Dog

Dog PotraitsBy J.M.Zamora Art Dog PortraitsALBUM HERE Mushing Dog Sled VISIT: read more »


Art Photowww.joanmanelzamora.comAll Works (dog sledportraithere)MUSHING ANDORRA - Mushing El Tarter (Andorra-Pyrenees-Europe) ORIGINAL SIZE: 6000X4000PIXELS ------------------------------------------------------------------------THE LITTLE ART PROJECT HERE FRAMES 100% HAND MADE WITH OLD WOOD FROM PALLETSJoan Manel Zamora ©-----------------------------------------------------------------------PANORAMICSHERE read more »


Art Photowww.joanmanelzamora.comAll Works (mushing-dog sled more photoshere)MUSHING ANDORRA - Mushing El Tarter (Andorra-Pyrenees-Europe) ORIGINAL SIZE: 6000X4000PIXELS MUSHING ANDORRA-EL TARTER ------------------------------------------------------------------------THE LITTLE ART PROJECT HERE FRAMES 100% HAND MADE WITH OLD WOOD FROM PALLETSJoan Manel Zamora ©-----------------------------------------------------------------------PANORAMICSHERE read more »


Art Photowww.joanmanelzamora.comAll Works (mushing-dog sled more photoshere)MUSHING ANDORRA - Mushing El Tarter (Andorra-Pyrenees-Europe) ORIGINAL SIZE: 6000X4000PIXELS ------------------------------------------------------------------------THE LITTLE ART PROJECT HERE FRAMES 100% HAND MADE WITH OLD WOOD FROM PALLETSJoan Manel Zamora ©-----------------------------------------------------------------------PANORAMICSHERE read more »

Mushing Andorra-El Tarter

Art Photowww.joanmanelzamora.comAll Works (mushing-dog sled more photoshere)MUSHING ANDORRA - Mushing El Tarter (Andorra-Pyrenees-Europe) ORIGINAL SIZE: 6000X4000PIXELS ------------------------------------------------------------------------THE LITTLE ART PROJECT HERE FRAMES 100% HAND MADE WITH OLD WOOD FROM PALLETSJoan Manel Zamora ©------------------------------------------------------------------------PANORAMICSHERE read more »

Little dog

Art Photowww.joanmanelzamora.comAll Works (mushing-dog sled more photoshere)MUSHING ANDORRA - Mushing El Tarter(Andorra-Pyrenees-Europe) ORIGINAL SIZE: 6000X4000PIXELS ------------------------------------------------------------------------THE LITTLE ART PROJECT HERE FRAMES 100% HAND MADE WITH OLD WOOD FROM PALLETSJoan Manel Zamora ©------------------------------------------------------------------------PANORAMICSHERE read more »

MUshing el Tarter

Art Photowww.joanmanelzamora.comAll Works (mushing-dog sled more photoshere)MUSHING ANDORRA - Mushing El Tarter(Andorra-Pyrenees-Europe) ORIGINAL SIZE: 6000X4000PIXELS ------------------------------------------------------------------------THE LITTLE ART PROJECT HERE FRAMES 100% HAND MADE WITH OLD WOOD FROM PALLETSJoan Manel Zamora ©-----------------------------------------------------------------------PANORAMICSHERE read more »

Sally-mushing Tarter

Art Photowww.joanmanelzamora.comAll Works (mushing-dog sled more photoshere)MUSHING ANDORRA - Mushing El Tarter (Andorra-Pyrenees-Europe) ORIGINAL SIZE: 6000X4000PIXELS ------------------------------------------------------------------------THE LITTLE ART PROJECT HERE FRAMES 100% HAND MADE WITH OLD WOOD FROM PALLETSJoan Manel Zamora ©-----------------------------------------------------------------------PANORAMICSHERE read more »

Belize City

/Belize or British Honduras as it was called untill 1973 is a small charming country right by the Caribbean in Central-America. The official Language is English but they also speak Spanish and Creol. The biggest city is Belize City, and this is where we were./ Belize eller Britisk Honduras som det het frem til 1973 er et lite land ved det Karibiske hav i Mellom-Amerika. Dette er også det eneste landet i området hvor engelsk er det offisielle språket, men de prater også spansk og kreolsk. Den største b... read more »

Halloween Costume For Dogs Compilation Video

This Is The Halloween Costume For Dogs Compilation VideoSee the video at: my channel: read more »

Relax Video With Fish And Bird Song

This video i make in my pond in my home, feels the relaxing when watching this video. read more »

7 Unique Fact About Orangutan

1. Sumatran orangutan is one of its own species, known as Pongo abelii, while the Borneo Orangutan divided into 3 sub-species, namely Pongo pygmaeus pygmaeus-, wurmbi Pongo pygmaeus and Pongo pygmaeus morio.2. Sumatran Orangutan species is included in the endangered category.3. Compared close relative Sumatran orangutans to spend more time moving between the trees rather than move to move along the ground.4. Sumatran Orangutan today can only be found naturally in the northern part of Sumatra Island, alth... read more »

Summer Brief: Chameleon and Fish

Chameleon and Fish I started out another topic to draw from by illustrating some of the animals they had at the pet shop when I went to buy my rabbit. I took the opportunity while waiting around there to take photos of each of the animals, and while most were too blurry to draw from, some were okay. I began with the fish, using a Molotow Paint Pen (2mm). I was thinking more of a larger composition constructed with several objects rather than a study of a single fish. Bonus Photo: My Bunny read more »

Florais para cães e gatos

Realizada no Centro de Exposições SulAmérica, no Rio de Janeiro (RJ), a terceira edição da PET Rio Expo reúne fornecedores e profissionais do universo pet, apresentando as novidades dos mais variados segmentos do setor. Focada em ajudar proprietários de pets com algum tipo de hábito prejudicial ou desvio comportamental, a empresa Bio Florais é uma das expositoras do evento, e mostrou um pouco mais ao Cachorro Gato sobre os seus novos produtos durante a feira.No mercado há oito anos, a empresa começou a a... read more »

Por que os gatos sempre caem de pé?

Isso ocorre porque a transmissão das mensagens nervosas entre os olhos, os ouvidos, os músculos e as articulações do gato ocorre tão rapidamente que faz com que o animal tenha um grande equilíbrio. Porém, para que ele caia em pé, é necessário que a queda lhe dê tempo suficiente para retomar o equilíbrio.Quando o gato cai, os olhos e os ouvidos enviam ao cérebro uma mensagem sobre a posição da cabeça em relação ao solo. O cérebro responde com comandos para os músculos, que corrigem a postura da cabeça e a... read more »

Esqueça os gatinhos, essas galinhas são mais fofas

Está na hora de conhecer esse animal fofo (literalmente).As sedosas, também conhecidas como “galinhas silkie”, são de uma raça com plumagem macia atípica, parecida com seda – daí a denominação “galinha sedosa”, ou “silkie”, em inglês. A silkie é basicamente a supermodelo entre as galinhas domesticadas. Estas aves ornamentais são mais do que apenas um rostinho bonito – também são muito dóceis e atenciosas. Além da textura incrível de suas penas, as sedosas são famosas por crescerem uma crista estilo “mo... read more »

Osteossarcoma em cães - Causas, sintomas e trat...

Embora seja um nome desconhecido para muitos, o osteossarcoma em cães é um problema relativamente comum no mundo animal, e que impulsiona cada vez mais estudos e pesquisas por parte dos profissionais da oncologia veterinária – sempre em busca das melhores soluções para garantir a sobrevivência e o bem estar dos cães afetados por este mal.Consistindo em um câncer ósseo, o osteossarcoma em cães é a ocorrência mais normal desse tipo de tumor maligno ósseo, sendo caracterizado por prejudicar diferentes regiõ... read more »

Luan Santana visita abrigo e faz clipe de "Cê T...

Luan Santana divulgou nesta quarta-feira seu mais novo clipe para a música "Cê Topa". Sem muita produção e encenação, o vídeo mostra o cantor em visita ao abrigo Associação MaxMello de Amparo à Vida Animal e cercado de cães..Na música canto 'eu, você, dois filhos e um cachorro' e aproveitei para falar de um assunto que está tão em alta. Tem muito cachorrinho abandonado e isso me corta o coração", declarou Luan durante participação no programa "Mais Você", onde o clipe foi exibido pela primeira vez e reen... read more »

Sal para amenizar dor em Pets

Saiba como o sal pode ajudar a amenizar dores em seu animalzinho O sulfato de magnésio, ou sal amargo, como é conhecido, pode ser um ótimo aliado para cuidar do seu pet caso ele sofra uma distensão ou contusão. Para ajudar na recuperação do animal, depois do banho você pode deixá-lo “de molho” numa bacia com água morna e ½ xícara de sal amargo por cinco minutos, duas vezes por semana. Se ele não gostar, umedeça uma toalha com água morna e sal e aplique na área afetada. Mas atenção: lembre-se de levar o ... read more »

Thailand. Часть 2. ZOO

Пока у меня получается не оттягивать написание каждого поста. спасибо многочисленным занятиям, которые надо делать и надо делать вовремя. я будто выкраиваю полчасика и бегом сюда! Сложно было удержаться и не посвятить великому зоопарку Паттайи целое сообщение. я вообще фанат зоопарков, считаю своим долгом посетить его в каждом городе. на сегодня на первом месте вот этот зоопарк ( предупреждаю, тут очень много фотографий, а на самом деле их еще больше), а сразу после идет зоопарк в Будапеште, который мы ... read more »

Examine seu Animal, todos os dias...

Seguindo o roteiro abaixo, você será capaz de examinar seu amigão minuciosamente. Tornando esse exame uma rotina mensal, será possível saber se é preciso recorrer a ajuda do médico veterinário. Independente desse exame, o veterinário deve ser consultado anualmente para avaliação e vacinação do animal. Se você for comprar um filhote, esse roteiro será muito útil para reconhecer um animal saudável. 1. Cabeça Comece examinando os olhos do seu amigão:- devem estar claros, sem inchaço ou secreção purulenta ... read more »

Dragonfly Close-up Shot

I just thought this picture is worth sharing with. The dragonfly was so kind enough to cooperate with me during his photoshoot. When I took this photo, I was not really happy about it at first because the flash filled in. I forgot to turn off the flash and also I thought it’s no use because I have all the light I need from the sun. Luckily, everything went fine when I viewed the result. I hope you guys will like it.a read more »

“Rosco Undercover: Quest for the Pekingese Stat...

Rosco, the retired police dog goes on adventures in "Rosco Undercover: Quest for the Pekingese Statue (B/W)" by Gabriele Phillis read more »

Como Banhar e Secar o seu cão..passo a passo,,

É muito importante dar banho em seu cachorro para livrá-lo de parasitas de pêlo ou simplesmente para eliminar a sujeira.O banho deve ser dado com água morna se estiver frio e com água quase fria se estiver calor. Água quente resseca o pêlo e tira o brilho. Além de, eventualmente, causar problemas de saúde como gripes fortes ou pneumonias em razão de uma mudança brusca de temperatura.Você deve utilizar xampu próprio para cães ou neutros, os mesmos utilizados para bebês.Antes de iniciar o banho lembre-se d... read more »

HORSE & COW Joan Manel ZAMORA© read more »

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