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These Broken Stars – Book Review

These Broken Stars by Amie Kaufman Meagan Spooner Summary by Amie Kaufman Meagan Spooner: Its a night like any other on board the Icarus. Then, catastrophe strikes: the massive luxury spaceliner is yanked out of hyperspace and plummets into the nearest planet. Lilac LaRoux and Tarver Merendsen survive. And they seem to be [] read more »

Neil Blomkamp shares new info on upcoming "Alie...

Director Neil Blomkamp (District 9) has recently sat down on Empire´s podcast and shared a bit of info on the upcoming and announced Alien sequel which he is helming.Blomkamp who is very enthusiastic about his new project talked about the way the film was conceived:"2014 was a really weird year for me because I usually know quite decisively what I want to do, and in the process of post-production on Chappie, I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do. I had a bunch of different ideas for different films. ... read more »

Alien: Isolation

Morgen Dienstag den 07.10. erscheint Alien: Isolation und wir zeigen euch wie ihr euch darauf vorbereiten könnt. Bereit für den Horror? Dann kommt am 07.10. auf ab 18:30 UhrDas Spiel Mit Alien Isolation kann man die wahre Bedeutung von Angst kennenlernen und selbst entscheiden wie man versuchen möchte zu überleben. Alien: Isolation, Alien, Aliens, Alien 3 TM © 2014 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All rights reserved. Seid ihr bereit oder übermannt euch die Angst?Alien... read more »

Alien Isolation - exklusive Inhalte nicht nur f...

Am 07. Oktober 2014 erscheint #AlienIsolation von #Saga für #PC, #XboxOne, #Xbox360, #PlayStation 4 und #PlayStation 3. Alien: Isolation, Alien, Aliens, Alien 3 TM © 2014 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All rights reserved. Doch nicht nur Vorbesteller können sich auf 2 exklusive Missionen zu freuen, den auch frühe Käufer erhalten die Chance dazu.In 2 exklusiven Missionen kann man als Ellen Ripley oder eines der anderen alten Crew-Miglieder aus dem Alien Film von 1979 spielen: Besonderes High... read more »

Angst liegt in der Luft mit Alien Isolation

Mit Alien Isolation kann man die wahre Bedeutung von Angst kennenlernen und selbst entscheiden wie man versuchen möchte zu überleben. Alien: Isolation, Alien, Aliens, Alien 3 TM © 2014 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All rights reserved.Seid ihr bereit oder übermannt euch die Angst?GeschichteAlien Isolation spielt 15 Jahre nach den Ereignissen von Alien. Ellen Ripleys Tochter, Amanda macht sich auf die Mission die Wahrheit zum Verschwinden ihrer Mutter herauszufinden. Doch dabei gerät sie in ... read more »

'Don't Trust the Fairies - Lore, Legends, & Mod...

I have written a new feature for All About Occult. This is the introduction, follow the link below for the rest.Don't Trust the Fairies - Lore, Legends, Modern MysteriesFrom around the world in our remote past, tales of small people with magical abilities have been passed on for generations. Sometimes they are viewed near a hill or in a clearing, often dancing, feasting and having a grand ‘ole time. The human visitor who encounters the strange, beguiling scene, cannot pull themselves away and is often i... read more »


EPISODE NINE: ABDUCTIONS As we continue revisiting episodes of Season One, we now present the ninth episode. The organization examines reports of alien abductions. read more »


As we continue to move toward production of season 3 of CUPIC: Diary of an Investigator, we continue our countdown to the season premiere starting with season one! EPISODE 5: In this episode we take a historical look at X-planes... read more »

Virus (1999)

Virus (1999) Stars: Jamie Lee Curtis, Donald Sutherland, William Baldwin. Director: John Bruno Spoiled spoilers It was late Friday night and I was about to turn off the television and toddle off to bed, when I heard the fateful words Alien Horror, so the tv stayed on. I settled down and made no assumptions about [] The post Virus (1999) appeared first on Darkness Beckons.. read more »

Ohio Man blames aliens for losing car

Joe MizerPosted Jun 05, 2013 TimesReporterTuscarawas County Sheriff’s deputies believe an Akron man’s car might still be somewhere in Stark County after he reported a strange incident involving “subjects not of this world” early Tuesday.The 28-year-old man called the Sheriff’s Office from the Crossroads Marathon station on Route 800 NE, Magnolia, at 1:36 a.m. stating that he began having vehicle problems, and didn’t know where he left his car.The man told deputies that he was instructed by “subjects not... read more »

Alien or ghost entity photographed: Melborne Fl...

Hoax or the real thing? Either way, it's pretty darn creepy. Sources:Stephen Hannard ADGUK Before Its News.comRelated stories . . .Nurses Tell Their True Ghost StoriesMiley Cyrus recalls ghostly apartment The Haunted Radio Station - My First Encounter with a Ghost Ghost Girls - TheTrue Story of an Ohio HauntingGhosts of Harper's Ferry, Ghosts of Antietam The Ghost that Communicates through TVAmy Winehouse Joins The 27 Club - The List of Rock's Cursed Legends Mark J Turner read more »

When dogs bite…

(SOURCE: of all, NO! Your dog is not a bad dog just because he bites. Unlike us, dogs cannot express their concerns, troubles and even anger with verbal communication and because of that, they show their feelings through various signs but it is up to us to observe and interpret.But you may ask, why did my dog suddenly attacked without any reason at all. You are wrong, your dog wouldn’t bite without any reason, you may have ju... read more »

Breed Bits: Philippine Aso

EPANG, grabbed from the Philippine Aso Organization FB Group(SOURCE:’s breed bits is a little different since Blogger Bark is featuring a breed that is yet to be recognized by distinct associations but hopefully, soon it will. The Philippine Aso projects aims to promote and protect the native dogs in the country most popularly called as Askal (Asong Kalye) or preferably Aspin (Asong Pinoy). Although it is ... read more »

Strange Creature Found In Thailand . . .

I was surfing through web when I got through this, and found it worth sharing with my friends. So, I am here with this interesting and strange creature on my blog. Check it out . . . I don’t think these photos requires any special comment. These are fantastic world news worthy of headlining any newspaper around the world. This creature, was found on Thailand, its strangely shaped body leaves a lot of mastery around it . The photographer has captured with his camera a truly unique and amazing moment, and... read more »

Hoping to Contact Extraterrestrials? Think Again!

Astronomers who have been searching for extraterrestrial intelligence for decades are suddenly saying such an encounter might not be a happy one. Aliens might destroy life on Earth or plan to eat or enslave humans if they sense our civilization was expanding too rapidly and could harm others, according to a latest study. The scenario was brought up in a joint study by Seth Baum, Jacob Haqq-Misra and Shawn Domagal-Goldman. (Photo: Cheryl Ravelo / REUTERS) O Alien, Where Art Thou? Researchers say ... read more »

NASA scientist finds evidence of alien life

Aliens exist, and we have proof.That astonishingly awesome claim comes from Dr. Richard B. Hoover, an astrobiologist at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center, who says he has found conclusive evidence of alien life — fossils of bacteria found in an extremely rare class of meteorite called CI1 carbonaceous chondrites. (There are only nine such meteorites on planet Earth.) Hoover’s findings were published late Friday night in the Journal of Cosmology, a peer-reviewed scientific journal.“I interpret it as ind... read more »

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