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Safest place in the plane, according to studies...

A large number of travelers using the plane as a means of transport are always wondering which is the safest place in the aircraft in the event of an incident. read more »

Opinion Battles Round Three – Best Disaster Films

Opinion Battles Round 3 Disaster Movies To celebrate the release of the Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson latest film San Andreas we are going to see what the most popular disaster film really is. We have seen the world destroyed with Continue reading read more »

Stress-Free Travel Essentials!

Summer is just around the bend and, judging by the weather in NYC lately, it may even be coming a little early this year! Im going to be out of NYC this summer and while Im excited for a change of pace, Im sad that Ill have to leave NYC (temporarily) soon. Im going to be traveling by train (to Boston, for the month of June) and by airplane (to Germany, for the month of July), so here are my travel essentials for any kind of travel - land, air, or even sea! Read more » read more »

The Runway Of God 2014 – 10 Fresh Realities

I live fairly close to our local airport. I love airports. As a child I would go to East Haven Connecticut’s Tweed New Haven Airport, lie on the roof of my parent’s car and watch them take off and land. I enjoy going over to the Keene airport here where I live just to watch [] read more »

NAIA's Busy Ground Crew

The Hardworking Ground Crew are All SMILES Bags are my main business Eat My Dust? Cebu Pacific Getting Ready for Takeoff Pushing AirPhil Express Plane Ground CrewRefuelinga Cebu Pacific Plane read more »

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