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Wizz Air introduces the Fare Lock service

Wizz Air launches a new service for its customers called Fare Lock, which will allow passengers to block the price and package for the selected flight for 48 hours. read more »

The best and opulent airline in the world

Not everyone can travel first class by plane. Emirates offers one of the most luxurious treatments for those traveling in first class. One such passenger fortunate have documented a trip to the best and opulent airline in the world. Best First Class Airline [...] read more »

Best jokes about stewardesses

Come Fly with Me Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Come Fly with Me may refer to: In music: Come Fly with Me (1957 song), a popular song Come Fly with Me (film), a 1963 comedy about stewardesses; Come Fly with Me (1976 film), [...] read more »

Best disclosures hotel porter in the world

A backup job which always surprises, so the man describes his work this year named the best hotel porter in the world of hotel, in a competition organized by British Airways. Among the strangest things that had to make Michael Wigman, who currently works for a [...] read more »

What you can do and what is not allowed when yo...

As in any situation, there are rules of etiquette which is good to keep in mind during plane flights not only to get a more comfortable ride, but also to not disrupt or disturb others. Be careful how you use the airplane toilet Do not spend a lot of time and do not leave a [] read more »

Confession of a stewardess

flight attendant With aircrafts that fancy, its no surprise that being an Emirates flight attendant looks like a pretty glamorous gig . The airline hires about 5,500 cabin crew per year, from more than 200,000 applicants who vie for a spot, according to Emirates Potential terrorist on board, passengers racist or incapacitation of action are some of the challenges they may encounter on every flight attendants. Mandy Smith, a stewardess who worked for 12 years for Virgin Atlantic, told how he was thrown f... read more »

What happens during the turmoil and how dangero...

For many of those traveling by air turbulences are a cause for dismay. To help them understand what happens at such times, an airline pilot from known airline British Airways, along with two other specialists, explained what happens during turmoil and how dangerous they are. The pilot and author of "Cockpit Confidential" Patrick Smith, the airline British Airways pilot Steve Allright and flight safety specialist from the Association of British Drivers, Steve Landells, commented and explained the problem ... read more »

Top 10 most beautiful stewardesses in the world!

For most of the flight, flight attendants are the incarnation of beauty, elegance and sensuality. Wonderlist has compiled a top ten most attractive flight attendants on airlines worldwide, along with flight through the clouds really is a memorable experience. Caviar in coach class? Heathrow introduces the on-board picnic Fed up with airline food? Here's a way [] read more »

The things you can get for free on flights

Steep price of a ticket includes case basis, services offered to passengers by way of gratuity. Few know, however, that travelers may require certain services without being charged extra. Who Says There Are No More Freebies on Flights? A flight attendant with a U.S. legacy carrier once told me, "I wish more passengers would say [] read more »

The Secret Life of the stewardesses: “The abuse...

hashtag sites #crewlife, #passengershaming or # flyingfeet, flight attendants on aircraft reveals unusual experiences, meetings with celebrities and other unique experiences, reports the Daily Mail. Secret language of pilots and flight attendants English: Garuda Indonesia's flight attendants serving refreshments during domestic flight from Yogyakarta to Jakarta. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Pilots and flight attendants in the [] read more »

Airlines should pay compensation if flights are...

The case was brought before the Court of Justice of the European Union by a couple from Holland, whose flight from Quito, Ecuador, to Amsterdam, suffered a delay of 29 hours. The airline refused to pay compensation on the ground that unforeseen technical problems that have imposed this delay constitutes exceptional circumstances. According to EU [] read more »

Secret language of pilots and flight attendants

Pilots and flight attendants in the UK use a coded language to indicate various objects or actions on the plane. Although normal words, they have no meaning when you hear them used by the crew of the plane. The Things You Should Never Say To A Flight Attendant ... Our flight attendant says he's been asked [] read more »

Bedrooms secret resting flight attendants

Most aircraft Boeing 777 and 787 have a secret staircase that leads to several small bedrooms with no windows, for flight attendants. They need sleep, especially during very long distance races, writes Business Insider. How to Get a Job as a Flight Attendant - JobUnlocker flight attendant jobs. Be personable! Previous customer service experience is also [] read more »

How not to pay more luggage when you fly

A Scottish singer became famous worldwide after order not to pay more to checked baggage, dressed in 12 layers of clothes, and then got sick on the plane.   If you put clothes on hold, James McElvar, member of the band Rewind, had to pay 64 euros more, send . An airline employee told me that one [] read more »


(English text at the bottom) Fly bransjen er ikke det det en gang var. Som flyselskap må man kjempe med nebb og klør for å kunne overleve i et strekt presset marked. Spørsmålet er vel hvor langt er man villig til å gå, både som ansatt og som selskap før man sier nok er nok. Utrolig mange flyselskaper i hele verden har de siste årene gjennomgått store forandringer og de har måtte omorganisere seg for å i det hele tatt kunne drive videre. Når vi ser på fly selskapene her i Norge så er det ingen hemmelig... read more »

Flying from Stavanger to Houston

Normally I would not write a whole blogpost about a flight I have been on, however this one is quite special and is so worth to mention. It is without a doubt the best flight I have ever been on , it is nothing like a normal flight experience and this is why......... I am talking about the business flight from Stavanger, Norway to Houston, Texas, yes it is an all business flight from SAS (Scandinavian Airlines) in co operation with Privat Air. The Boeing 737-700 is custom made to transport 44 passeng... read more »

Police try to blow woman up.

Friends, Have you noticed how weird our world has become? A 300 pound man attacks a cop, and we are told to believe he was a kid. I wish the cop had not shot him, but a 300 pound man Continue reading read more »

Etihad to buy 49% stake in Alitalia

from TTG Digital Etihad Airways has confirmed that it has agreed the principal terms and conditions to acquire a 49% equity stake in Alitalia. The move is likely to be the Abu Dhabi airline’s biggest investment in a foreign airline to date. It follows the announcement earlier this month, in which Etihad said it would invest in the debt-laden Alitalia if a number of conditions were met. The Italian carrier was bailed out by the government last year. In a joint statement issued today, the joint airl... read more »

Special price for you!

Lufthansa har spesialtilbud på utvalgte destinasjoner kun i dag, 29 april, i tillegg til dette gir deg en rabatt kode som kan brukes på bestillinger helt frem til 15 mai 2014! Lufthansa have these great offers on chosen destinations, only today 29th of April, in addition they will give discount code you can use on your next purchase, valid until 15th of May 2014. Chosen destinations on offer today: New York from 4745 NOK Washington from 5145 NOK Boston from 5695 NOK Toront... read more »

See Some Of The World’s Craziest Tattoos

Some  tattoos are nice. Some tattoos their bodies for fame, while some tattoo their bodies to show who they are or where they come from. These tattoos you are about to see are the crazies tattoos youve ever seen. They may maybe nice, they maybe cool, but some are wild and scary! Take a look read more »

Michael Porter and Loyalty Programs

Michael Porter five forces apply everywhere. Santa was early to the airport. As usual Santa walked to the Privilege counter avoiding the long queue and asked for his favorite aisle seat in the first row. Counter girl sweetly fulfilled the request and Santa was all set for a comfortable journey. This has been strategy of Santa, to reach early and pick up the seat of choice and spend the extra time at the airport lounge enjoying a subsidized drink. More than a drink, Santa valued the quality time to think ... read more »

Airline Mottoparty

Unter einer Airline Mottoparty versteht man eine Party, bei der die Gäste wie Piloten und Flugbegleiter gekleidet sind. Piloten und Flugbegleiter tragen meist sehr schicke Uniformen und präsentieren damit die Airline. In diesen Uniformen servieren die Stewardessen und Stewards den Gästen Getränke und kleinere Snacks. Vor jedem Abflug werden natürlich auch die Sicherheitsinstruktionen genaustens erläutert. [...] read more »

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