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Recent blog posts on Aircraft

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Wizz Air introduces the Fare Lock service

Wizz Air launches a new service for its customers called Fare Lock, which will allow passengers to block the price and package for the selected flight for 48 hours. read more »

Safest place in the plane, according to studies...

A large number of travelers using the plane as a means of transport are always wondering which is the safest place in the aircraft in the event of an incident. read more »

The place where planes land over the heads of t...

Most tourists who choose Maho beach in the Caribbean not for clean water, or because the place is exotic, but for the extraordinary experience theyget when they see landing planes overt heir heads. Maho Beach, Saint Martin, Caribbean, is recognized for being very close to the airplanes landing over sand beaches that are often inhabited by people. Daily Mail writes that although almost daily by landing a plane very close to people, tourists that are the beach are excited about this and do not miss an oppo... read more »

Remembering Two Deceased Great Uncles and Their...

An aircraft has been a real fascination to me right from my childhood. It remains so even now. Becoming a pilot was one of my childhood dreams. Unfortunately, it did not materialize. Sitting by the window seat of a commercial aircraft and viewing the aerial geography still remains as a fascination for me. A couple of years ago, I wrote a blog in my mother tongue Malayalam that highlighted my fascination with air crafts and their adorable pilots! In continuation to what I wrote yesterday, I was thinki... read more »


TRACKING AND IDENTIFYING! With our latest entry into our series, What Did You See, we briefly examine lights in the sky. What are those lights in the sky? Most of the times they are identifiable. What if you cant easily... read more »


One question that is frequently asked in aviation circles about piloting issue is as to why a go-around was not carried out when the approach was unstable. Looking at the data that is out there, the stats point out that only 2-3% of the unstabilised approaches end in a go-around.Well then, the questions that are being asked about go-arounds seem justified and needs an in-depth look at various facets as to why it is so. What is it that makes a well trained and proficient crew shy away from conducting... read more »


Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has directed its investigators and staff to pursue stiffer penalties for individuals who purposefully point laser devices at aircraft.This comes against the backdrop of increased laser pointing incidents. “Shining a laser at an airplane is not a laughing matter. It’s dangerous for both pilots and passengers, and we will not tolerate it,” said U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood. “We will pursue the toughest penalties against anyone caught putting the safety of ... read more »

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