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Música DATA: 30/jun/2017 HORÁRIO: 20h LOCAL: Casa Municipal da Juventude, Ponto de Encontro   Vem assistir a uma grande noite de fados e ajudar os voluntários da GAStagus a irem a Africa a ajudar quem mais precisa. Os jovens voluntários do GAStagus, sediados na FCT, querem organizar numa missão internacional de solidariedade em Moçambique e precisam do nosso apoio. Para isso vão realizar uma Noite de Fados Solidária no Ponto de Encontro, em Cacilhas, no dia 30 de junho a partir das 20 horas... read more »

The most dangerous tourist countries in the world

The World Economic Forum recently launched the report on tourism competitiveness in 136 countries. It includes a safety ranking based on the prevalence of violence and terrorism. Planning A read more »

Cultura | As Tradições e a Arte de um Povo

A Cultura é uma daquelas palavras cujo conceito é infinitamente menor que suas definições, tamanha a abrangência que podemos encontrar através dela. As ações que envolvem o conhecimento, as crenças, as tradições e costumes de um povo são a sua cultura. O conjunto destas ações formam a riqueza cultural do mundo e dão origem ás suas memórias. É possível afirmarmos que todas as ações humanas relevantes que traduzem algum costume, crença ou conhecimento geram capítulos da História do homem. Dentro deste conc... read more »

Confissões | Minha Paixão pela África.

Eu já revelei em várias matérias minhas sobre o meu encanto pela cultura dos Europeus, de como as tradições, a Arte e a diversidade do povo da Europa me encantam, mas pela África o que sinto é amor mesmo. Amor de uma forma inexplicável, um carinho que vem não sei de onde, mas que me leva a uma empatia sem dimensões. Talvez pelo fato de acreditar nas minhas raízes afros, pela minha raça ou mesmo pelo meu próprio sofrimento eu me identifique tanto com os africanos. Se isoladamente as pessoas sofrem com o r... read more »

The 7 wonders of Oxford University City

As the oldest University in the  English speaking world, Oxford is a unique and historic institution. Tradition plays a great role in Oxford. The architecture in the University City testifies its great haritage. Oxford lives and breaths education. Oxford is a unique institution which [...] read more »

Best disclosures hotel porter in the world

A backup job which always surprises, so the man describes his work this year named the best hotel porter in the world of hotel, in a competition organized by British Airways. Among the strangest things that had to make Michael Wigman, who currently works for a [...] read more »

How to visit 50 countries with only $ 8 per day

They bought an old van with $ 600, painted it and then managed to visit more than 50 countries on five continents. Its about a group of bloggers from Poland, passionate travelers who do not have much money, but want to see the world. Modi to publish a book on “50 places to visit before you die” My Jul 10, 2015 India should look at his achievements and be inspired as an ordinary tea boy is now almost halfway done with his dream to visit 50 countries. Polish bloggers told Bored Panda website that one read more »

A Rant on Single Stories

About a week ago, my class commenced by watching a ted talk video of Chimamanda Adichie’s “The Danger of a Single Story”. She happens to be one of the most inspiring writers whose work I have always had the pleasure of indulging my frontal lobe. When I watched this video, I felt myself remembering and reliving my childhood. It was like she was telling my story, except for that Mariah Carey album lol. Although, I have had experience in a similar situation where people would ask me if I understood the Afri... read more »

A Bantu Knotted Week

Photo by Jaclin Paul There's this issue that has been brewing in my mind for some time now. This issue is on certain African hairstyles, such as, Bantu knots or plaiting (cornrows). Lately I've been noticing that I don't see a lot of women wearing these hairstyles with pride. It seems like the only time we do these hairstyles is when we're either trying to curl, crochet or weave hair in. Bantu knots are known especially for curling the hair, while the plaited hair is used for curling, crochet or weaves... read more »

My Poem Got Published on Brittle Paper!!!!

Yes!! My title is correct!My poem got published on one of my favorite literary websites calledBrittle Paper!!I'm very passionate on the topic of my childhood and how I adjusted to the western culture.I'm just soooo happy!! We "poets" or "writers" pray for the day someone would think our work was good enough!Thank you soo muchAinehi Edoro!!Check out the poem atWhy I Check Other | Victoria Songonuga | African Poetry Odabọ (bye for now), Oluwanitori read more »

Follow Me by Glory Glory

Today, I’d like to introduce to you a very talented artist I have had the pleasure of knowing and being blessed by way back when I was a youth. Her name is Glory Attaochu and I may not know her personally, but I have had the opportunity to be blessed by her music especially during worship at church events. Glory plays the guitar, piano, AND the violin and so I’m sure you can imagine how beautiful her music must be. From what I’m hearing in her music, she’s definitely adding her African heritage to the ... read more »


The sun is always amazing but sooner or later I start missing the cold weather where by I get to wear my jackets and trench's. Don't get me wrong a little rain isn't bad since it clears up the pathways from dust and you get cool air but so much rain on the other hand scares the s**t out of me. Who wouldn't want to snuggle up at home during the cold season and watch Empire or Scandal... I know I would love that.Due to the mix weather we are having (one time its raining plus cold and the other moment is su... read more »

El Parlamento Africano: “Debemos obligar a nues...

Solicita “prohibir la participación de Marruecos en las competiciones deportivas” del continente africano. El Parlamento Africano no se esconde en edulcorantes retóricas a la hora de criticar a Marruecos en cuanto a la cuestión del Sahara Occidental. En última reunión celebrada ayer domingo en su sede en Sudáfrica, publicó un duro comunicado, donde insta a los gobiernos del continente a “cerrar todos las embajadas de Marruecos en los diferentes países africanos”, ya que el Gobierno de este país “pone... read more »


When it comes to my wardrobe life we all know am a fairly casual guy but at times I suit up like a boss. During my weekdays you will find me in fitted official pants and printed shirts but sometimes I let the feet do the breathing and that's when fitting denim jeans, shirts and sandals come out to play. Of late the weather has been sooo confusing that sometimes I do know what to wear. This lives me in a dilemma but a man gotta do what a man gotta do so I just hope and pray that whatever I wear is fit for... read more »

Constituyen un Comité de apoyo al pueblo sahara...

Midrand (Sudáfrica).- Un grupo de miembros del Parlamento Panafricano (PAP) anunció la creación, en la sede del Parlamento, de un Comité Parlamentario de Apoyo al Pueblo Saharaui, según informaron fuentes de la Embajada en Pretoria. Este Comité está constituido por miembros del PAP de países como Níger, Senegal, Nigeria, Malí, Burkina Faso, Uganda, Guinea, Mozambique, Argelia, Túnez y Sudáfrica. Según los integrantes de este Comité, su objetivo principal es “difundir y sensibilizar sobre el confl... read more »


Have you ever thought how much time we put into something all year round? Sometimes all I think about is how am going to push the bar from 60% to 101% and make it all count. Maybe am all about perfection and evolution but of course we are not all perfect but I believe if we push for perfection we can achieve greatness. But this post is all about taking a tiny break and reflecting. We all get sooo busy that we forget that life is about enjoying the whole process and making each moment count.Taking a relax... read more »

Immigrants attacked tourist near Calais

Calais migrant crisis: Over half of Brits put off from bank holiday trip to France More than half the number of Britons who were planning to travel to France via Calais over the bank holiday weekend have been put off from making the trip because of migrant activity, according to a new study. A [] read more »


On Wednesday we wear red...... That is if I were presiding over "Tyrant" (which is a series am into this season". Its a colour that should get much appreciation if worn right. I never knew that I at my age would love red. To me it seemed like such a cliche colour (don't hate on me Valentine lovers). Thankfully I got over that ridiculous idea quickly.As per now you should know that Lucia Musau from The Kenyan Fashionado is a regular face on the blog as we get along very well and of course her style is alw... read more »

Featured Foto Friday - Giraffe in the Mara

Today we feature both a photo and a short video from safari in the Maasai Mara Game Preserve in south western Kenya, along the border with Tanzania. We were there during October, and the tail-end of the annual migration. What an amazing experience it was to see so many creatures up close and personal, in their natural habitat. Here is just one of many reticulated Giraffes that we saw and enjoyed. #wsite-video-container-5008389 [...] read more »


Am I the only one who loves fitting trousers and long sleeved shirts?....... I find it vibrant always. Its not that my choice of dressing is losing touch No!.. Its because of late I have been aiming for comfort-comfort and more comfort. As I mentioned earlier slim fitting trousers are a staple of my dressing and (most) of the time my style builds up from their.I paired the azure blue fitting trousers fromASOS with a quilted golden brown long sleeved shirt and navy blue boat shoes fromJumia Kenya which yo... read more »

A Greek postman crossed 58,000 kilometers to de...

Having had the opportunity to know more migrants, a postman in Greece decided to make a unique gesture, meant to draw attention to the problems that people face respective. Ilias Vrochidis went on a journey that can take him home countries of migrants to meet. Riding a motorcycle and quiver full of letters. That left the way [] read more »


Am I the only one who is intrigued by the colour maroon or are you also on the same boat as I am?... Of course I have specific colours that I like and so far maroon is added to that list. I rarely wear shirts without collars and when I do I have to make sure it's way out of my box plus hitting the right marks well.I purchased the maroon Murano long sleeved mandarin collar shirt from Dillards . The shirt is greatly comfortable and the material is very good. I feel special each time I wear it. I paired it ... read more »


Quando formalizei minha viagem ao Egito, tal qual cachorro alucinado com o anúncio do passeio à rua, comecei a contar a grande novidade para algumas pessoas da minha convivência (próxima ou distante). Alguns disseram que eu era maluca de ir sozinha diante da confusão política de lá, outros disseram que eu era maluca mesmo indo com excursão, [] read more »


Quando formalizei minha viagem ao Egito, tal qual cachorro alucinado com o anúncio do passeio à rua, comecei a contar a grande novidade para algumas pessoas da minha convivência (próxima ou distante). Alguns disseram que eu era maluca de ir sozinha diante da confusão política de lá, outros disseram que eu era maluca mesmo indo com excursão, [] read more »


This past few weeks have been busy with work, meetings and tight schedules. I feel like I haven't had time to relax or do most of my posts here but today I set time to get down to the little things which brought me this far.Today is all about pushing the envelop higher in your sharp looks. Have you ever tried wearing a pastel shirt with your normal formal trousers and shoes?.... Well I tired it in this look today and it totally change how I looked. I like the softness of the shirt and how it gives me tha... read more »

La Vicepresidenta del PPA se reúne con el Presi...

Pretoria (Sudáfrica).- La Vicepresidenta del Parlamento Panafricano, Salma Beiruk, sostuvo este viernes un encuentro con el Presidente senegalés, Macky Sall, en la sede del Parlamento Panafricano en la capital sudafricana, Pretoria, informan fuentes diplomáticas saharauis. Con motivo de su participación en la XXV Cumbre de Jefes de Estado y de Gobierno de la Unión Africana, celebrada en Sudáfrica, Macky Sall, realizó una visita de cortesía al Parlamento Panafricano, durante la cual se reunió con los ... read more »

How you can exercise while on your cruise

How can you make sport into the sea? The third largest cruise ship in the world, Anthem of the Seas, has a multipurpose gym, a jogging track and swimming pools. Time proves that sport is practiced everywhere. The unconventional environments in which they occur and demonstratives fencing competitions Court, Felix Baumgartners jump from the stratosphere [] read more »

Tanzania condena enérgicamente la ocupación ile...

Dodoma (Tanzania).- El Gobierno de la Republica Unida de Tanzania reitera su fuerte oposición y condena a la ocupación ilegal del Sahara Occidental, informa en una nota de prensa la Embajada de la RASD en Tanzania. En una declaración ante el Parlamento, el día 29 de mayo 2015 en Dodoma, Su Excelencia el honorable Bernard Membe, Ministro de Asuntos Exteriores y Cooperación dijo “hemos apoyado la resolución que llama a los Estados miembros de la Unión, las instituciones civiles de África y otra organiz... read more »

Día de África. 52 años celebrando

¡Qué enigma entre las aguas! (…) Un beso, solamente un beso, separa la boca de África de los labios de Europa Liman Boicha (Poeta saharaui) Día de África, el continente de las enormes riquezas naturales y humanas; de la juventud y el futuro. El continente de la dignidad. “Tan cerca y tan lejos” es una frase tan manida como real. Han pasado 52 años desde que se instauró el 25 de mayo como el Día de África, conmemorando la formación de la Organización para la Unidad Africana, y todavía n... read more »

23 years old youngster gets paid to travel arou...

Many dream of a permanent vacation, but a young woman from Australia managed to turn this dream into a source of income. Brooke Saward, aged 23, traveling from January 2014 and turned it into a career through her blog. Saward bought a ticket to London the day he graduated and then visited six continents and almost [] read more »

Tour- sales techniques used by Spanish operators

An internal guide used by tour operators in the Spanish resort of Magaluf, published by the newspaper El Mundo reveals scandalous practices they use to lure tourists to buy tours or consume more alcohol. Spanish newspaper El Mundo published an article about practices used by tour operators of controversial Magaluf resort of Mallorca, famous for [] read more »

Where in The World Wednesday - Morocco

Morocco has fascinated travellers for centuries. The labyrinths of the imperial cities of Meknes, Fes and Marrakesh contrast with the dramatic gorges and oases of the snow-capped High Atlas Mountains and the solitude of the Saharan desert that lies beyond.Located in the old parts of town, the souks of Morocco offer a selection of objects of unsurpassed beauty and distinction. These include fabrics, spices, authentic hand carved olive wood, Berber bracelets and necklaces, pottery and ceramics, e [...] read more »

stopher's stuff - There and BaCK and Around the...

April 6th is a very special day to me, so Ill take a moment right at the beginning to say Happy Birthday to my sweet pea! Its my daughters birthday, and the excitement in our household is bubbling up like crazy. When I walked down the stairs this morning, there she was at the bottom, jumping up and down, smiling and giggling. Overnight our living room had been transformed to represent her current favorite book film series, The [...] read more »

Geography Matters To God

For many a year I have been taken with geography in the kingdom. The idea of being in the right place at the right time OR being in the wrong place at the wrong time. We relegate so much of the kingdom to serendipity rather than faith, discernment and wisdom. How did we get here? Continue reading Geography Matters To God read more »

o lado ENGARRAFADO do CAIRO | egito

Embora o Egito seja um país repleto de lugares únicos como os complexos arqueológicos com seus templos, pirâmides e colossos, devo dizer que vi lá muitas coisas semelhantes ao que conheço do Brasil. Na cidade do Cairo, por exemplo. Depois do cruzeiro, que terminou em Assuã, pegamos um avião com destino ao Cairo, onde se [] read more »


Embora o Egito seja um país repleto de lugares únicos como os complexos arqueológicos com seus templos, pirâmides e colossos, devo dizer que vi lá muitas coisas semelhantes ao que conheço do Brasil. Na cidade do Cairo, por exemplo. Depois do cruzeiro, que terminou em Assuã, pegamos um avião com destino ao Cairo, onde se [] read more »

o lado MOVIMENTADO de ABU SIMBEL | egito

Como contei em outra ocasião, os passeios diários pelo Egito, durante o cruzeiro pelo Nilo, costumavam começar pelas manhãs, bem cedinho. Logo no primeiro dia, toma! Acordar às 5h. Mas houve uma vez em que todos os meus conceitos de manhã e dormir tiveram que ser revistos. Mañana vamos a salir a las 3h. Os pongo [] read more »

Hear – Do – Enjoy

Today is the last night of my home group. For 6 weeks we have talked about engaging with God, hearing from Him. Listening. I love walking with people to help them hear from Him. Let’s be real. We all want to hear from God. Last night an friend of many years went home to be Continue reading Hear Do Enjoy read more »


2014 has been a year full of ups and downs for me as a menswear personal style blogger and a stylist. My up moments were starting this lovely website with my blog partner and friend Kyle Wahome, graduating from university, being nominated as East African Fashion Journalist of the year 2014 by Swahili Fashion Week, working with amazing people and fashion brands across Africa and gaining much more confidence in myself as a person which is very important for growth. Of course in every positive life their ne... read more »


I hope you all had time to relax and bond with your families during the Christmas day. I think I had too much to But I am grateful for the beautiful time I had with my family, its truly a priceless moment. I have always wanted to try the graphical print and saturated colour look and that's what this post is all about. I have seen a couple of designers lean towards this look and I must say I was really interested. I finally managed to get a graphical top button shirt ( which is extremely versati... read more »


Happy Holidays people. I hope this festive season is treating all of our beautiful readers well. Am at the beautiful Rift Valley currently and am loving it as days goes by. I will be sharing my pictures of different things( including food..lool) here on the blog so be on a look out for my posts. Large strips on an outfit is totally beautiful. I have seen a lot of African designers and International designers indulge into this trend. Palse Homme is one of the African designer who has made a menswear coll... read more »

Randuri de citit in weekend (#30)

Weekend de iarna, cu gandul hai hui, departe, pe aici prin Europa si un pic prin Africa. 1. Doua opriri departe, departe, tocmai in Africa, in Zanzibar si Tanzania  LINK LINK 2. La noi in Delta Dunarii, in satul si in padurea Letea  LINK 3. 10 castele medievale din Anglia [] read more »


The Ndau Collectionis one of the best accessory brand from Zimbabwe that we have in Africa making unique fashion statements pieces each and every time. If you have been reading my posts here you will notice I have been wearing some of their pieces since they cater for both sexes. In the recently finished MBFWA2014, Ndau Collection showcased their beautiful statement pieces on the runway. They drew inspiration from the fashion themes for 2015/2016, in particular the Samurai theme. This led them to choosi... read more »

Most ‘Illegals’ are not Mexican

Friends, If you read my blog, you may have already read me assert that. But, hard data is difficult to come across. Here it is. So, why do the Liberals always talk about illegal immigration? They are distracting US from Continue reading read more »

Directrices de CDC para el uso correcto de PPE ...

Este video muestra una metodología para ponerse y quitarse el equipo de protección personal de forma segura. Los centros sanitarios pueden tener que adaptar este protocolo a sus necesidades. Los proveedores de salud deben estar bien entrenados en el protocolo que se va a seguir, la práctica rigurosa de antelación, y utilizar un observador entrenado [] read more »

Behati Prinsloo Ángel de Victoria´s Secret y es...

Behati Prinsloo puede ser el Ángel de Victoria´s Secret más exótico en el sentido de que nació en Namibia en el continente africano, Candice Swanepoel también es africana pero Sudáfrica es un país más conocido e internacional que Namibia que no aparece tanto en los medios de comunicación. Las dos son grandes amigas ya que hablan Afrikaans, idioma relacionado con el holandés que introdujeron los colonos europeos cuando llegaron al sur del continente africano. Además, Behati Prinsloo está casada con uno de... read more »

EE.UU. participa en Cuba en foro técnico region...

La Habana, 29 oct (EFE).- Más de 250 directivos y especialistas de 32 países americanos, incluido Estados Unidos, participan desde hoy en La Habana en una reunión técnica para intercambiar criterios sobre las estrategias contra el ébola y coordinar acciones que eviten la expansión del virus en la región. La cita, que se clausurará mañana [] read more »

Liberals fail US again

Friends, It keeps getting crazier. Liberals keep failing US. Ebola is attacking. One week they say there is no risk, so import more Africans with Ebola. Today, they say, Panic. The nurse made a mistake. Well, the nurse does not Continue reading read more »

Ébola y la dialéctica de clases y de Estados

Publicado en La República: Entre las cosas que más miedo nos dan en la vida está la muerte, y más la muerte posible con una agonía terrible entre medias, dolores inenarrables, sufrimiento y frustración. Realmente no hay muerte digna nunca, pues la dignidad conlleva decoro en la forma de comportarse ante las adversidades, pero este decoro depende de las circunstancias y es algo distinto al honor, asociado a la virtud, al cu... read more »


Sandstorm is known for its stylish and trendy bags which are made in Kenya. Yesterday at their Sarit Centre store I attended the launch of their Sandstorm canvas colour bags which are very different from the normal bags that you have seen at any of there 4 stores across Kenya and Dar Es Salaam. Lead by the Head of Design Louise Van Haven, Sandstorm has been able to introduce trendy bags which are very affordable than bags from the previous collections. They have used less of leather but more of canvas ma... read more »

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