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Ideal destinations for May Bank Holiday

As 1 Mai falls on a Monday, there is no better reason to gather your thoughts and baggage for a long weekend, and thus reward yourself for the 200 or read more »

Cheapest holiday destinations according to each...

No need to break your bank account to get the holiday of your dreams in the coming year. If you know when prices fall, you can organize your holiday wanted a reasonable budget. 12 of the worlds cheapest holiday destinations for 2017 Jul 6, 2016 From Hungary to Honduras, you could spend as little as £10 a day in these bargain holiday destinations. Here are 12 of the cheapest countries portal has made the list of holiday destinations that can be visited during certain months of the year at low p... read more »

Neil Emilfarb’s Dukley Gardens & Marina

Montenegro is a Mediterranean country located in southeastern Europe. It has a coast on the Adriatic Sea. If we had only two words to describe Montenegro, it would certainly be these words: Mountains and Sea. The country is small but has fascinating landscapes, beautiful coastline, the famous history and rich cultural heritage. The turbulent history [] read more »

Three old ships, perfectly preserved, were foun...

Two young divers from Constanta made a startling discovery at the mouth of the Danube to the Black Sea on the Sulina: the wrecks of three ships that sailed in two centuries ago. Pascale Roibu 35 years and Iulian Rusu 37 years, Constanta two divers who found the German seaplane of the Second World War [] read more »

杜布羅夫尼克 -克羅地亞的海邊古城 Dubrovnik – an old city by th...

另外一個被城牆重重包圍的小鎮,紅紅的小屋,加上蔚藍色的天空及海景,杜布羅夫尼克讓您好像去了宮崎駿的童話世界一樣!走上城牆繞著走一圈,把全個杜布羅夫尼克城以全方位360度看得清清楚楚!遇上好天氣,真的沒有一刻想把相機放下來! Another city surrounded by the city wall! In addition to the little red house, the blue sky and sea view of Dubrovnik makes you feel like entering a world of fairytale! Go up to the city wall and walk Continue reading. read more »

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