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Get the Picture: Mental Imaging

Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE What the mind of man can conceive and believe, he can a... read more »

5 Motivational Podcasts to Help You Achieve You...

I love setting goals, but they can be so darn challenging to follow through on! The definition of goal setting is the process of identifying something that you want to accomplish and establishing measurable objectives and timeframes. It’s good to set goals as it helps you organize your time, your resources and your knowledge to improve The post 5 Motivational Podcasts to Help You Achieve Your Goals appeared first on Possess Your Success. read more »

“You meet the master in a side street” Can thro...

“You meet the master in a side street. The mind meets with clear insight. A short dialog before embarking on the main road.” ~I Ching I still “throw” the I Ching from time to time. For those who don’t know about that ancient practice, the I Ching, or “Book of Changes,” is an oracle dating [] read more »

The True Meaning of Life––and it’s up to you

Years ago one of my martial arts students, Paul and I were discussing the age old question: “What, exactly, is the meaning of life?” He had an interesting response that I’d forgotten about until today. He said: “The meaning of life is to pick something to do––and do it well.” That simple idea sums up [] read more »

The truth about trophies

This may surprise you, but I really don’t have a problem with participation awards, especially for kids. It does no harm to recognize a kid for “just showing up.” However––that participation trophy shouldn’t be 3 feet high and it shouldn’t be the same as the champion’s. If you want to cultivate a certain behavior, reward [] read more »

How to be successful––guaranteed

Today I have the honor of talking to a group of aspiring entrepreneurs at Southern Maine Community College. This is part of an amazing program in business studies lead by my dear friend and mentor Michelle Neujahr. She makes it a point to expose these students to real people doing real business. The subject of [] read more »

From School Teacher to Insurance Mogul: Lee Lea...

Lee Leans life of struggles began when she was just 3 months old, she lost her father then leaving her mother and other siblings bereft. Poverty and unfortunate experiences governed their early life. Her mother found it hard to make... The post From School Teacher to Insurance Mogul: Lee Leans struggle from poverty to her success with APPS Sdn Bhd
 appeared first on The Bag Investigator. read more »

TBT: Top 5 Lies About Personal Power…What That ...

Power: Your ability or capacity to act or perform effectively… The Black Belt is all about Power- whether you’re an actual kicking and punching Black Belt, or you just want to think like one! There are people ready to feed you all kinds of crap about power or tell you why you can’t have it [] read more »

I’m a very lucky guy

I like it when people challenge my ideas and opinions. If I can’t defend my position, then I need to re-evaluate and modify … or just plain change my mind! After my presentation at a recent conference, someone challenged me on the role of luck in my life … During THE SENSEI LEADER keynote, I [] read more »

The Anti-Success Movement

What is our problem with success? Why, more than ever, is it a liability to be wealthy––particularly if you earned it? Why do so many successful people feel the need to downplay and hide their achievements? In the dojo it’s customary to show respect and deference to those who have earned the Black Belt and [] read more »

Excellence is not for the chosen few

Weve been doing a lot of sneak previews for Jims upcoming book, THE SENSEI LEADER. Lets not forget his powerful book on personal and professional Mastery- THINK Like a BLACK BELTheres a sample: Too many people think excellence is for the chosen few. That’s just dead wrong. You might think that you’re average and that [] O read more »

SPECIAL BOOK REVIEW: Fiercely Loyal by Dov Baron

Much of the crises in leadership today is the result of a widening rift between managerial or organizational styles and the true human expression of leadership. Dov Baron’s latest book, Fiercely Loyal, is closing that gap. Striking a masterful balance between engaging stories and irrefutable research, Dov creates a template you can use immediately to [] read more »

SPECIAL POST: Grow A Pair with Larry Winget!

I join my dear friend and mentor, best selling author and The Pitbull of Personal Development, Larry Winget on his Grow A Pair TV show! As you can see, we’re having a great time- and you will too as we talk about discipline, perseverance and how to be a genuine leader… Click here to learn [] read more »


I had been looking forward to sharing this post with you earlier, then the New England Patriots’ “Deflate-Gate” scandal blew up… or, well, we’ve heard enough bad puns- I’ll refrain. I am a devoted Patriots fan. I have been since I was a kid. Unlike so many who climbed onto the Patriots bandwagon in the [] read more »

Leadership Strategy #7: Be a dedicated teacher,...

A preview of Jims soon to be released book: The Sensei Leader... 7. Be a dedicated teacher, coach and mentor… …Know when to encourage and when to correct. Bring out the best in others and confidently train others to surpass you talent, skill and ability. Tom Peters wrote, “Leaders don’t create followers- they create more [] read more »

Der Winter zieht in die Spielewelt ein

Viele Games bieten ab und an Specials an wie z.B. zu Halloween und immer beliebter wird auch die #Winter und Weihnachtszeit in Spielen zu feiern. Wir haben uns die #Winterfreuden aus #LeagueofLegends und den #Wintertag aus #GuildWars2 genauer angesehen und verraten euch was es zu entdecken gibt.Heute wollen wir euch den Wintertag aus #GW2 näher bringen und morgen gibt es was zum neuen Spielmodus aus League of Legends und was das Ganze mit dem #KingPoro zu tun hat.Der Wintertag bei Guild Wars 2 Tixx is... read more »

The Sensei Leader

In advance of my next book, The Sensei Leader, Ive launched a blog by the same title. Within the next few days, well also be launching The Sensei Leader Club- a special membership community dedicated to the human elements of leadership at all levels in business, family life and society. As a reader of the [] read more »

Straight A’s #GetHappy Treats at Pancake House

Woo-hoo! I was finally able to take the kids to Pancake House for their #GetHappy treats! Promo started a couple of months ago but our scheds been swamped and there just wasnt any time to swing by PH. Since they were given their Honors Certificates for the Second Quarter last Thursday, we brought those along [] The post Straight As #GetHappy Treats at Pancake House appeared first on The Tottering Mama. read more »

Being Grateful

I am grateful that I have a roof over my head.I am grateful that I have good health.I am grateful that my family members are healthy.I am grateful that I live in a peaceful community.Being grateful is an easy thing to do. As well as being thankful and appreciative.Too many times have I heard of people complaining of things that happened or did not happen in their lives.I believe we should live in the moment and take time to appreciate people around us.Gratitude will put things into perspective. Always co... read more »

18 months into my 5 year challenge… what have I...

18 months ago, I laid out my plans: A year ago, I reported back on my progress: So its now time to check up on whether Ive made any progress in the last year. Heres a recap of my goals. Year Swimming Cycling Running Triathlon 2013 800m swim 42k cycletta or 82k Marathon Novice [] read more »

The Sensei Leader – 8 Steps to Effective Mentoring

A teacher concerned only with his own accomplishments teaches to a class of one. You become the Sensei by focusing mentoring and training others- by developing the talent and potential of the people under your responsibility. This is how the Sensei becomes an effective coach and mentor- in the dojo or in the C-Suite: #1- [] read more »

BACK TO SCHOOL: Why I dropped out of college- a...

This article was first published in March, 2014just as important today! About 6 in 10 high school graduates go on to college. That’s good- but only 40% who go for a 4 year degree will get one and only about 25% of those who try for a 2 year degree. I dropped out twice… The [] read more »

Mapping out goals is crucial to personal & prof...

Do you have desires but find yourself self-sabotaging your success by not going through with plans to achieve these goals? The main 2 reasons goals are not realised are: 1) no clear roadmap for success 2) no commitment to the roadmap Designing a roadmap to achieve your desires is extremely important, yet is often not undertaken, because it takes time. Let's take a common goal: weightloss/fitness. Most people think they want to get fit, but do not take the time to map out exactly what they have to d... read more »

BLOG-OLAN : Why Blog

{Image:Pixabay} I have mentioned before that this blog isn't my first attempt at writing.I could never maintain my previous blogs because I did not have a focus and reason to blog.I am in a quest to find myself and to see the extent of my capabilities in terms ofwriting articles with good, meaningful content.I grew up with not English as my first language. So to blog in a language that is never on the tip of my tongue is not easy.I think in a different language, and I have to translate my thoughts into... read more »

Meeting the Mayor (Walikota) and Chief of Polic...

Well, well . . . this is little bit old news but I haven't posted in couple months since I met the Mayor and Chief of Police, West Chester-PA face to face in March 2014. It was the most interesting interview and experiences in my whole life in looking for a new job. Why did I mention it? Because I never thought before if I was going to meet the governemnt leaders face to face. I got a phone call regarding my application. I was very nervous since I knew I was going to meet the first person of West Chester... read more »

The Spirit Of Excellence And You

This morning I was laying in bed following a dream. I was thinking of the phrase “all things with excellence”. As a child there was always the potential for an “E” or an Excellent grade. It was something to work towards. Something to desire. To be excellent. Many years later I entered into the Kingdom [] read more »

100,000 Readers! THANK YOU!

Today at 2:22 PM ET, the THINK Like a BLACK BELT blog surpassed 100,000 readers! Blogs Directory Blog Folders Blog Directory Promote blog aFiled under: Business Life, Inspiration Motivation, Leadership, Mastery, Mindset, Personal Power Tagged: achievement, Black Belt Mindset, book, books, business, conference speaker, engagement, entrepreneurship, Jim Bouchard, management, Mastery, motivational speaker, personal development, [] read more »

What happens if you invest in developing your p...

I found this on my LinkedIn home feed- thanks James Sale CFO asks CEO, “What happens if we invest in developing our people and then they leave us?” CEO: “What happens if we don’t, and they stay?”  ~Peter Baeklund

 BAM! If and when some people leave your organization- does that mean you wasted your training [] read more »

Work/Life Balance? Seriously?

TODAY: A mash-up of my posts on Work/Life Balance What do Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, ET and work/life balance all have in common? Lot’s of people believe in them- but so far, nobody has provided any credible evidence that any of them exist! The first problem with work/life balance is the idea that it [] read more »

How Eating Hot Dogs Will Make You More Productive

It’s Memorial Day Weekend. Many of you will spend time with family and friends around the grill eating, among other delicacies, the good old American hot dog. That hot dog could just teach you a thing or two! One of my favorite YouTube subscriptions is Big Think. They feature a collection of videos and articles [] read more »

Does Dan Pink Really Know What the Hell He’s Ta...

Does Dan Pink really know what the hell hes talking about? Well… …yes. He does. I was soaking in the tub watching one of Dan Pink’s TED Talks on “The Puzzle of Motivation.” Ya- that’s how I spend my tub time…YouTube University! Anyway- Mr. Pink was talking about the three major factors that motivate us: [] read more »

How I’ll Save You $2,000 a Year per Employee an...

I’ll save you AT LEAST $2,000 per year per employee… …and this is NOT a commercial! (Just the facts!) OK- what gives me the brass clanging ones to make a claim like that? It’s not that complicated. First… The average American worker is wasting 2.09 hours per day What is it worth to you if [] read more »

National Small Business Week: Personal Developm...

This meme is viral all over social media: “Hire character Train skills.” This is especially true in a small business where youll be working shoulder to shoulder with the people you hire. Skills are important, but there’s a deep truth in this statement. Good people can learn to do just about anything- and they’re [] read more »

National Small Business Week: You may be wastin...

An oft quoted Gallup report shows that 70% of the American workforce is disengaged. That’s a very expensive problem. No business can afford that level of waste- and small businesses are especially vulnerable. Who’s to blame? You are. Seriously! If you’re an employee, it’s time to get yourself engaged in your job. Your performance today [] read more »

National Small Business Week: Why 8 of 10 small...

In the Art of War, Sun Tzu says: “Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.” This means planning, preparation and training- before you set off to battle. The two biggest mistakes I see small entrepreneurs make are: Starting without a plan [] read more »

Simple. Not Easy!

All this week Im sharing excerpts from one of my favorite booksTHINK Like a BLACK BELT! (Click here to find out WHY its one of my favoritesthe answer might surprise you!) I say this a lot: Simple. Not easy! What the hell does THAT mean? From THINK Like a BLACK BELT A Black Belt is [] read more »

Blame the Teacher

All this week Im sharing excerpts from one of my favorite booksTHINK Like a BLACK BELT! (Click here to find out WHY its one of my favoritesthe answer might surprise you!) Theres a dangerous trend today we blame the teacher for the failure of the student. Failure is a warning sign- in school, in your [] read more »

It’s not about “perfect.” It’s about “perfection.”

All this week Im going to share some excerpts from one of my favorite booksTHINK Like a BLACK BELT! Believe it or not, THINK is not one of my favorite books because I wrote it. Its one of my favorites because writing it changed my life. Writing THINK Like a BLACK BELT was a painfully [] read more »

Become a C-Suite Sensei – 8 Steps to Effective ...

So how do you become a C-Suite Sensei? A teacher concerned only with his own accomplishments teaches to a class of one. You become the Sensei by focusing mentoring and training others- by developing the talent and potential of the people under your responsibility. This is how the Sensei becomes an effective coach and mentor- [] read more »

Sensei in the C-Suite – When the student surpas...

A Stanford University study cited by the Institute of Organization Development revealed that: “Another critical area of development for CEOs was ‘mentoring skills/developing internal talent…’” Another critical area? This may just be your most important role as a leader This is the role of the Sensei. Mentoring, teaching and developing the skills of the people [] read more »

Sensei in the C-Suite…

Be a Sensei in the C-Suite… I just came across a mind boggling revelation in an article by Nancy Zentis, PhD writing for the Institute of Organization Development: “A recent study of 200 companies conducted by Stanford University found:   “Nearly 66% of CEOs do not receive coaching or leadership advice from outside consultants or [] read more »


Every golfer loves to talk about power. It’s sexy! Face it, you probably get more emotional satisfaction, and certainly more bragging rights, from out driving your golf mates by 20 yards than by sinking that 3 footer. Spoiler: there’s just as much power in that 3 foot putt as there is in a 300 yard [] read more »

GOLF Like a BLACK BELT: Playing Out of Trouble!

“Frustration is the well from which all wisdom springs!” It’s frustrating when you think you just hit the drive of your life only to see it drift inexorably into the timberland on the right of the fairway. Now you’ve got to play out of trouble… Once in trouble, whether it’s on the golf course or [] read more »


What does Black Belt Mindset, personal and professional Mastery- and GOLF all have in common? Two years ago if you asked me to play golf I would have told you to go jump in the nearest water hazard. I crapped all over golf… …until I tried it! With the benefit of my rookie year under [] read more »

Deliberately Developmental – Respect and the cu...

Honesty, transparency, compassion- a number of terms can go under the heading “Respect.” Respect is essential to the process of deliberate development Years ago I did a presentation on “Respect and Responsibility” to group of elementary school students. I give the same talk today for businesses from the front lines to the C-suite- and I [] read more »

Deliberately Developmental – Growth through cha...

“Ordinarily, in an effort to protect ourselves, we allow gaps to form—between plans and actions, between ourselves and others, between who we are at work and our ‘real selves,’ between what we say at the coffee machine and what we say in the meeting room. These gaps are most often created by the conversations we [] read more »

Deliberately Developmental – Closing the gap be...

There is an emerging model for business success: the Deliberately Developmental Organization. From Harvard Business Review: These companies operate on the foundational assumptions that adults can grow; that not only is attention to the bottom line and the personal growth of all employees desirable, but the two are interdependent; that both profitability and individual development [] read more »

Getting Through the Toughest Times: “How Do YOU...

A lot of people, after hearing about my past lives, ask me how I keep going after so many setbacks, challenges, failures and acts of sheer stupidity! You might not like my answer… First of all, it’s important to note that most of the adversity I’ve faced in my life was completely self-imposed. I am [] read more »

Getting Through the Toughest Times: Drop the La...

I am not a drug addict… …anymore. I know the convention- though it’s now changing in some circles, is that once a drug addict, always a drug addict…or alcoholic, or criminal, or liar, or any other type of personality type you might have been. I don’t agree. With best intentions experts concluded that by accepting [] read more »

Getting Through the Toughest Times: “I just wan...

Suicide rates have increased nearly 30% over the past ten years- in people over age 35. From the New York Times: “The most pronounced increases were seen among men in their 50s, a group in which suicide rates jumped by nearly 50 percent, to about 30 per 100,000. For women, the largest increase was seen [] read more »

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