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5 Reasons Mothers Should Want Their Own Space i...

It can be difficult to find time for yourself when you have a house full of children. As difficult as it may seem, it can play a vital role in helping you keep your wits. Everyone could benefit from having a nice quite place to recuperate from the day. As a mother, it can be one of those things that could impact how your day unfolds. Here are five reasons why you should want your own little piece of the house to call your sanctuary.PrivacyEveryone loves to have some kind of privacy at one point or anothe... read more »

The Hymn Of Axciom

Today, I was looking again at another runaway data leak, which I am pretty sure originates within Bell Canada, but in order to know that for certain, I have been tracing the source of the data through many different links in the chain through the usual methods of poking privacy departments, legal teams, etc, for the better part of the last month.Today, that chain exited Canada as the last privacy team handed over the name of the next team I would be talking to. This turned out into Axciom, in North Littl... read more »

La Normativa sulla Privacy Policy

Normal 0 14 false false false IT X-NONE X-NONE Il Garante della Privacy ha recepito unadirettiva europeache impone agli amministratori delle pagine web di mostrare ai visitatori un banner che li informa di quale sia lo politica dei cookie del sito che stanno consultando e di subordinare la sua accettazione al proseguimento della navigazione. A tale proposito se hai bisogno di ulteriori informazioni o se hai domande sulla politica della privacy di questo sito ti preghiam... read more »

Industry Standards

As you might guess, I spend a lot of time looking at specifications and requirements. A phrase I see very frequently in these is "industry standards" - usually attached to requirements in sentences like "We would like security to meet industry standards" or "this widget needs to behave according to whatever the industry standards are".There's something that bothers me about this: People often think that Industry Standards are a good thing or that Industry Standards mean high quality. I think this is actu... read more »

FF – I Said I Want My Privacy

bethere2day - FF This weeks Feline Friday is "I Said I Want My Privacy 2" post yours and link up. FF I Said I Want My Privacy read more »

FF – I Want My Privacy 2

bethere2day - FF This weeks Feline Friday is "I Want My Privacy 2" post yours and link up. FF I Want My Privacy 2 read more »

Tesco's Facial Recognition Elephant

The new advertising system proposed at the UK supermarket Tesco has generated a very good discussion on privacy.Whilst the wheels publicly fell off the transparency wagon on twitter when Tesco claimed they could answer certain questions about certain operation aspects, it does raise a number of important questions.From what little is known, they are using AVA, or "Anonymous Video Advertising". The concept being it analyses your facial features to determine gender, age, etc. The questions start with what ... read more »

Lack of Privacy Leads To Abundance of Accountab...

Today on the news was a story in the FT that the Wall St bods are now ditching Blackberry devices and switching to alternatives, further underscoring the problems at Blackberry.This isn't a surprise as it's only saving grace was it was more secure than the competition, but that argument has a fatal flaw: security is only as strong as the weakest link. Therefore, if your secure Blackberry is sending an email to a phone that is not a Blackberry (so that's now most of us) that security has multiple places t... read more »

Privacy Facebook? Ecco come gestirla

Salvaguardare la propria privacy su Facebook è diventata unesigenza e una necessità per moltissimi utenti, da quando le informazioni condivise sul famoso social network sono sempre più personali ed in numero crescente. Con pochi semplici passi, si può evitare di Continua a leggere The post Privacy Facebook? Ecco come gestirla appeared first on read more »

Bell Canada and Yellow Pages Data Issue Is Fixed!

Sometimes, it's very hard to look back on an experience and be able to draw a solid set of conclusions and lessons from it. This is especially true, after this experience with Bell Canada ("Bell") and Yellow Pages Group ("YPG"). The nutshell of the problem is this: When you have a Bell Canada phone account, the implied act of Bell putting your number in their phone book isn't just what's going to happen, so your data leaves Bell Canada and heads to third parties like YPG, and possibly other places. Aft... read more »

Metadata, dragnet approaches and the law.

Traditionally, Metadata is descriptive data that is added to data, in order to categorise and identify it. So a database of crime records might be tagged as "shooting" to start with, then extra descriptive data is added to indicate the type of firearms being used. Twitter uses metadata where you have the original data (the tweet) and embedded in it are hashtags to help you categorize that tweet so others can find it. In Facebook, you have status updates and photos that are data in themselves, but you can... read more »

Social Media and The Future Winds of Change

There's two aspects to social media that I want to highlight today. The first is something that some people will already have thought about, especially those with a technically minded outlook on the future. The second is something that likely hasn't shown up on corporate radars yet - but will have to be confronted at some point in the next five years or so. First is Respect and Social Media. To some it may be common sense that corporations need to respect social media. Given that the masses have a vo... read more »

Bell Canada and the Privacy Fiasco

My battle with Bell Canada over privacy questions is still continuing. We're now into the third month.You may remember that I recently I found a breached customer of Bell's and took the initiative to substitute their personal details and turned it into the Bell Canada account ID before reporting it on Twitter, because obviously nobody can tell who a person is by their account ID. As you can guess, given Bell's propensity to make a bad situation worse, they cautioned me against taking that initiative agai... read more »

Google Glass And The Media

One of the recurring arguments I've seen a lot of media attention around recently is Google Glass, Google's first public foray into wearable computing. Those who have followed for years the likes of Professor Steve Mann and his "witnessential" program will recognise immediately that media is hyping something for all the wrong reasons. The primary argument is that it will create a loss of privacy because people will be monitored and recorded. This implies that right now you can go into a restaurant, for... read more »

Online Privacy

The whole concept of privacy is a myth, even in our own homes. Telephone lines can be bugged and at one time it was possible to listen in on conversations on cell phones. If your mail is delivered to your home, it is possible for some of it to go missing and while it is illegal to tamper with mail, it doesn't stop mail theft from happening. If you have curbside waste collection and put anything of a personal nature (eg. empty prescription bottles, personal papers, etc) in the garbage. Even items like clo... read more »

COLLABORA A QUESTO BLOG seguendo lo schema!

Se vuoi inserire tue pagine di "diario del mangiar fuori" in Eat Out Diary Italia, chiedi di diventare collaboratore e poi posta seguendo queste istruzioni. Chi scrive resta comunque responsabile di ciò che pubblica, e in particolare di fornire dati esatti, rispettare la privacy altrui, non fare pubblicità né offese gratuite!Lo schema però serve a mentenere il blog ordinato e con uno stile unitario, ed è basato sull'esempio del post sulla Pizzeria Galilei che puoi esaminare al link http://eatoutdiaryital... read more »

It's so easy to laugh, it's so easy to hate...

*photo from I don’t want to talk about Tyler Clementi’s suicide, at least not exclusively, or, not as the main focus. This all could have gone differently. If Clementi had been in a slightly better place, if he had a better support system or had been better equipped to handle the situation, or had a better sense of self worth he might still be with us and the story of the roommate who spied on him would have become one of those crazy roommate stories we tell at parties, always ... read more »

Quick Question

Can you write when someone is sitting next to you? I think Ive talked about this before but I forgot. I can write if the person is a stranger or if I know him/her very well. If s/he is only an acquaintance/someone I know but not very well, forget about it. Yes or no? Filed [...] read more »

The Other Privacy Matters of Facebook

"My father has cancer." "John Doe's relationship status has changed." "I got soooo drunk last night." In Dunsmuir, where I was reared, there were certainmatters people talked about and subjects we simply didn't. If someone was inebriated, one did not share that with the entire town. It was sometimes weeks before our familylearned that a couple was having serious difficulties. It was months beforewe learned of someone's illness. Oh, there was gossip, of course, not unlike Norman Rockwell's print (right)... read more »

Terms and Policies. Not the Least Important to ...

We've published the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy related to BlogUpp! service. These are not the kind of terms you wouldn't want to read. They contain important considerations, and possibly the answers to some of your questions. In there you'll find out: • why some blogs get approved, while others don't; • what might delay the approval, and • what could even lead to disapproval; • read more »

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