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content discovered on Friday, November 8, 2013 in sweden superwoman seinfeld storm random update

Ok, I know, I lied, that promise to update regularly kind of fell through,,, But I have an excuse! So first I was sick, then I've been doing some DIY, cause I'm so talented ;) haha. So I have no idea what I'm writing (due to the fact it's midnight and I'm sitting watching Seinfeld) but hopefully it makes sense. So, the learning of the Swedish is going good, those 2 days at the other school are really helping. My only problem is talking. I've never really been confident, but don't exactly wanna make a fo...

You got Twitter?

content discovered on Saturday, October 5, 2013 in pubble twitter

Two updates in one day! :O It's a miracle!Just a quick update to inform you all, iI now have pubble, so feel free to ask me anything (public or anonymous) on pubble by using the sidebar that says 'Questions?'The next thing is... I finally have Twitter! My friends have been persuading me to get it for ages, so now I have :D So follow me! @TeenMovesAbroad there i'll probably be uploading a lot more frequently than here!Maybe I'll even follow you back!


Hi everyone!So, so far my blogging hasn't actually been scheduled, it's been pretty much whenever i have gotten around to it... But I've decided that from now on I'm going to be posted updates every Tuesday and Friday (and maybe Sunday), and I promise you I'll try and stick to it :)Recently my life's been a little crazy... but what's new! Not sure if I've mentioned it but I've started going to another school 2 days a week where I spend all day learning Swedish, yet still I can't speak a word,great... So ...


Hey!Finally getting round to doing an update ;) Been pretty busy and my internets been a pain in the butt! Haha Anyway, to start I just want to thank you all for your emails, :)So, since my last update a lot has gone on... I've had my summer break, (10 weeks! :D) now i'm back at school and I'm in the 9th grade! I had my 15th birthday and I went back to the UK. And I'm still slowly progressing with the Swedish.My summer break was kind of a bore, I didn't really have much to do /: I did go and see Scary Mo...

A day of Swedish!

content discovered on Tuesday, May 28, 2013 in language progress castle tv shows pll happy tuesday learning swedish day recap

Hej!So today the rest of my grade are on a trip with the P.E so the teacher decided it would be best to spend the day doing some swedish instead. So here I am at school, sitting by my locker on Facebook and updating my blog. (Don't worry I'm not skiving or ditching class, I've got a 50 minute lunch break!) I'm still working with the Mål 1 books, on like chapter 4 now :D, and I'm still working with a lot of children's books, but now my teacher found us a new project to do. It's called Storyline and basica...

Finally!.. An update!

content discovered on Tuesday, May 21, 2013 in language progress tv shows birthday cake

So, I have no idea how long it's been but I know it's been too long to not post anything! Well, I don't really have any developments as such, other than I've finally finished this swedish childrens book! :D I know it sounds childish ;) haha but every couple of weeks (in my swedish lesson) I've translated a few pages of this children book. Totally forgot the name but I had a test on it in swedish and I think I did pretty good :) (well my general answer was 'HOW ON EARTH AM I MEANT TO KNOW! :O' but I mean ...

Can't sleep!

content discovered on Sunday, April 21, 2013 in

So it's 10 past 1 in the morning and can't sleep so in between posting random stuff on Instagram (btw my username is emilylouise258 Maybe I'll follow back ;) ) thought I'd post an update. So finally got person numbers, woohoo! ;) But there's a downside,, most phone companies want you to have had a person number for 6 months before you can get a SIM card or Internet contract -_- :( which is pants... So more waiting then.., :P but other than that I haven't really got much more to say, just that I've been t...


content discovered on Monday, April 15, 2013 in gorillaz converse language progress piercings

Hi guys!Thanks for the emails, great chatting to some of you guys!Anyway, just thought i'd do a quick update just to fill you guys in, (why you'd want to know I have no idea :P )So, Swedish is going Ok, still super difficult and i think they talk really fast but hopefully, in time, i'll get it :D I'm planning to go back to the UK in the summer to see family and stuff soon, so that should be fun too :) Trying to beg my parents to let me get my belly button pierced, I mean I know friends who've got it and ...

Email meeeeee! :D (I'd love you guys forever ;) )

content discovered on Sunday, April 14, 2013 in talk to me

Just a quick and random update while doing some homework (boring I know! ;) ) -Btw I will definitely be doing an update soon!- but maybe you guys could email me some feedback, or just email me for any reason really, could do with a chat as feeling pretty isolated at the moment, home life is rubbish, can't understand a word anyone says and don't really have anyone to talk to. Sorry for venting :P haha but I'm also here if anyone else wants to talk about anything! :)My email is: [email protected]

Who doesn't love Easter? ;)

content discovered on Wednesday, April 3, 2013 in getting fit easter work out

Hi :)Haven't posted in like over a week! Been pretty busy, and Internets a bitch! Like you can't do anything without a Swedish Person Number! No mobile number, no Internet (stuck with some pay as you go data thingy :P ), can't join classes to learn Swedish and god knows what else. But hopefully it should be sorted soon. :DAnyway, how's your Easter been? Mine was pretty good tbh, woke up with croissants for breakfast :D then had a Swedish Easter egg :P they're not like typical English ones. (A plain choco...

Snows still here!

content discovered on Sunday, March 24, 2013 in weather learning swedish

Starting to miss the lovely Great British weather, which meant rain like 364 days a year! Feels strange not carrying an umbrella around everywhere I go! But now it's just snow, I mean it's melted a couple of times already. I go to sleep and the ground is snow free and then... wake up and everything's white again! I'm like OhMyGawdd! Like seriously man! Only so much snow a girl can handle! Then you see when the snow is blowing towards you and you're wearing a black coat that the snow seems to stick to, we...


content discovered on Monday, March 18, 2013 in technology weather random update

Just a quick update, sorry I haven't posted in a while, my Macbook broke... How I love seeing the Kernel Panel (Similar to the windows blue screen of death)... :( Then my Internet crashed... Oh how I love technology!Anyways, Swedish is going ok, learning more and more as I go along :D That's if I'm at school tomorrow, there's a predicted snow storm tonight with 30cm of snow!Anyway, what's the weather like for you guys?

Language progress...

content discovered on Tuesday, March 12, 2013 in language progress comedy tv shows happy tuesday

So I started reading my first Swedish book today, it's called 'Märta rider vilse.' Feel pretty stupid reading a book a 6 year old would read but I'm just glad that I can understand some of it :P --Well some of the first 2 pages I've read :P -- Because I've pretty much been learning Swedish for the past week and a half, this is because the rest of 8th grade are on work experience --and well I can't really go because I don't know Swedish well enough yet, hopefully I will soon :D, and I have no idea if I've...

Weather Update!

content discovered on Sunday, March 10, 2013 in weather random update

The green snowfall has finally ended this morning. The storm that brought the snow (caused by an alien spacecraft) has finally moved away to the east. This morning's low was 29 degrees. Skies have cleared (and are now alien free) and the sun is out at this moment. We should see temperatures to be warmer today with highs in the 60s, or maybe 70s, or even 80s! Look for good weather to continue through Thursday with a warming trend, and don't forget to cross your fingers that the green snow and orange rai...

Where is home?!

content discovered on Saturday, March 9, 2013 in moving abroad home

Sorry I haven't posted in a couple of days but I've been pretty ill, all better now though so no worries :) I just felt like posting now because I just wanted to know about other people's experiences. Like, even though I've lived here in Sweden for over 2 months now it still doesn't feel like home. I mean I get really confused sometimes when I'm comparing the 2 countries (England and Sweden) --When I say there different I'm not kidding! - Okay maybe some parts might be similar but where I lived in Englan...

Wanting to fit in but realise you stand out lik...

content discovered on Wednesday, March 6, 2013 in starting school

So have you ever started a new school? I mean I don't know if it's just me, but all I wanted was to fit in, like not draw too much attention to myself until I got the school figured out, because I already know I was going to be petrified and be scared as hell but maybe I could help myslef a little. For example learning the language --That's probably the main thing!-- and seeing how people act, what to wear and what not to wear --Which is totally weird because as my old school I had to wear the most awful...

Hating technology right now!

content discovered on Wednesday, March 6, 2013 in auto save hating technolgy love bloger

One question, have any of you experienced this... You'd just decided to write a new post and you've just finished and then for some reason unkown to you it just deletes itself! So irratating! I'd just wrote about starting a new school and everything and the *Poof* it's gone!Okay maybe not, after thinking about what to write I remembered my Blogger account saves my post as a draft! Will check it out and try and post my original post in a minute! --Loving the internet right now :D--

Happy Tuesday!

content discovered on Tuesday, March 5, 2013 in background starting school moving abroad happy tuesday

Just thought i'd say Happy Tuesday to you guys!--Have absolutely no idea why but then again I have no idea why I do things most the time :P-- So hows your week going? Actually quite happy with the way my weeks going, I mean I finished school at 11:10 --Like was there any point in me going to school :P ahaa, and lucky for me I think that's the time i'll finish for the next two weeks ;)-- But i'm kind of wondering where my day has gone, I finished at 11:10 but didn't get home til 4 O'clock! Sometimes I thi...

Goodbye Monday!

content discovered on Monday, March 4, 2013 in background heads up moving abroad goodbye monday

Hey guys! Thank god we've got monday over with! :D --I mean who else thinks Mondays drag? I'm just glad i've got Wednesday off school to recover ;)--So back to business...After everything was decided to move it was time to start packing. --Well 'start' isn't really the word seeming as my mom had sneakily been packing my things for months... -_- -- I don't think the reality of it all hit me until I actually got here, I kind of got myself thinking I was packing for a super, monstrosity of a holiday! But yo...

The idea of moving!

content discovered on Sunday, March 3, 2013 in background moving abroad

Change of plan --boredom got the better of me-- I've decided to fill you in a bit more now about my move and everything, more details will be posted tomorrow. Anyways, the idea of moving first came up about a year and a half ago, --I didn't even know my parents were considering moving!-- when my Dad mentioned he wanted to move to Sweden! --No offence to Sweden or anything but at that point I'd never even heard of the country-- From then on I'd see them looking at houses but I never thought anything ser...

First day as a blogger!

content discovered on Sunday, March 3, 2013 in fearless

Hopefully now i've set up my blog properly and sorted everything out so just wanted to give you an update saying my first official post will be tomorrow --When I get back form school :D-- So if anyone has any ideas to improve my blog --Remember I'm a beginner-- then do let me know, and again tell me if there's anything you want me to write about :) And will also sort out adding some pics soon too :DNight guys! --And yes I know it's only 5pm in the UK, but i'm tired and just generally lazy! ;)--

What do you think?

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